US Traveler Fashion Zebra 4 Piece Spinner Set

Recommendation No. 1
Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage Set, Black/Pink Dot, 4-Piece (14/20/24/28)
  • Carry-on Upright: 20"x 12. 5"x 7. 5" (with wheels)
  • 24-inch Upright: 24"x16"x10"
  • 28-inch Upright: 28"x18"x12"
  • Tote: 14"x11"x5"
  • Two large front pockets
Recommendation No. 2
Rockland Impulse 4-Piece Softside Upright Luggage Set, Pucci, (14/19/24/28)
  • Carry-on Upright: 20"x 12. 5"x 7. 5" (with wheels)
  • 24-inch Upright: 24"x16"x10"
  • 28-inch Upright: 28"x18"x12"
  • Tote: 14"x11"x5"
  • Two large front pockets
Recommendation No. 3
Rockland Journey Softside Upright Luggage Set, Turquoise, 4-Piece (14/19/24/28)
  • F32 / 14" Tote & 19" 24" 28" Upright
  • Fully lined and expandable
  • Internal retractable handles
  • Skate wheels
Pros: Chic design with expansion gusset increases packing capacity by 25 percent. Two exterior zippered pockets, full interior lining with zippered lid mesh pocket, interior tie down straps, and and window id on back panel. Retractable push-button handle system and 360-degree recessed spinner wheels on 29 inch and 25 inch uprights. Reasonable price.
Cons: The material on this luggage doesn’t seem durable.

A Multifaceted Luggage Manufacturer

U.S. Traveler is a brand extension of Traveler’s Choice travel ware. Founded in 1984, Traveler’s Choice is known for manufacturing the finest quality travel goods available. Through their diverse branding, Traveler’s Choice seeks to provide a modern and practical bag for every possible scenario and need. Traveler’s Choice is comprised of six brands: Traveler’s Choice, U.S. Traveler, Pacific Gear, Travel Select, Loudmouth and Beverly Hills Country Club. Each of these brands presents a unique product line to their targeted consumer.

A Four Piece Set for the Fashion Forward – US Traveler Fashion Zebra Spinner Set

U.S. Traveler offers a series of high quality bags that could suit travelers of any stripe. From families to a single businessman, these bags can address most needs easily. Traveler’s choice has established a reputation for manufacturing durable and reliable bags. This reputation has been achieved through rigorous testing and monitoring. It is this very characteristic that sets their products apart.

U.S. Traveler is the more casual extension of Traveler’s Choice. While the bags retain the quality and durability of their parent brand, these bags are slightly more personal and less professional. None more so than the US Traveler Fashion Zebra Spinner Set. This four piece set features three upright bags and one over the shoulder tote. The bags have solid construction and good design that they share with all of their Traveler’s Choice brand-mates. However, the purple or pink zebra print fabric is uniquely U.S. Traveler.

The Fashion Zebra luggage set is made up of a polyester fabric that bears that signature zebra stripes. The purple or pink color assures that these are not pieces of luggage that will be lost on the baggage carousel. In either color, the bags are highlighted with black accents and piping. The bag distinctive look marks them as an ideal luggage accessory for the fashion forward traveler.

Fashionable and Functional

The US Traveler Fashion Zebra Spinner Set is a four piece set that will not be overlooked. The brightly colored zebra print is sure to draw the eye in almost any setting. However, after being eye catching, the luggage set is also very functional. The three upright bags come in different sizes to allow a traveler, or a few travelers, to take a combination of bags that best suit their needs. In addition, the bags are all durable and built to last.

The upright bags are in three different sizes. The largest at 29 inches high and over 17 inches wide is a big bag that will require check in on most airlines. It’s big enough to hold several changes of clothes and shoes for a long journey. The mid-sized bag is 25 inches high and 16 inches wide and would need to be checked as well. It’s a bag that could be used for a business trip or long weekend that needed several changes of clothes and equipment. The smallest of the upright bags is 20 inches high and 13 inches wide and could serve as a carry on for most domestic airlines. It is the sort of bag that would be perfect for a weekend trip or for a very experienced traveler. The smaller tote bag measures at 10 inches high and 14 inches wide and is works well in combination with any of the larger bags.

Features Leading the Way – US Traveler Fashion Zebra Spinner Set

The U.S. Traveler luggage set features three upright bags that all have “spinner” wheels recessed on every corner. These wheels, which rotate in every direction, allow the bags from smallest to largest to roll smoothly across the airport floor from the ticketing desk to the check in gate. In addition, each of the upright bags of the US Traveler Fashion Zebra Spinner Set features telescoping handles with push button locking systems. These handles extend from the top of the bag and permit the traveler to pull the bags easily behind them or alongside them as they walk from place to place. The handles and the bags combine to make these fashionable bags very functional.

Luggage That Sets the Trend

It is rare that a luggage set of four pieces can fill such a specific niche. The US Traveler Fashion Zebra Spinner Set is both a fashionable set and a group of bags that are an asset to any traveler.

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