Best Zipperless Luggage

Recommendation No. 1
Sierra Designs Frontcountry Bed: Zipperless 20 Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag, Regular Red/Black
  • Patent-pending zipperless design provides an ultra-comfortable bag
  • Oversized, integrated comforter gives all the comforts of your bed at home
  • Full-length, insulated hand/arm pockets help to seal out drafts and seal in warmth
  • Patented self-sealing foot vent provides fast and easy ventilation
  • Sleeping pad sleeve keeps pad under you for comfort and warmth
Recommendation No. 2
SERIOLAPRO Outdoor Water-Resistant Fishing Tackle Bags – Large Storage Bag for Fisherman Durable Polyester Material with NO ZIPS Closes securely with Velcro Straps. Ideal Tackle Box Bag
  • DESIGN FEATURES: Deluxe TACKLE TRAY HOLDER Stores up to (5) 3700 Large & (1) 3600 Small Fishing Tackleboxes. Multi-functional Pockets keep your Fishing Gear Organized with Internal Dry Storage Pocket for Valuables. Non-Slip Molded Water Proof Base.
  • FUNCTIONAL: Seven clever Internal and External Storage Pockets Ideal for the Avid Pro Angler or First Time Fisherman to have everything close at hand. Store your Small Fishing Tackle like Lure Boxes, Fishing Reels, Hooks, Fish Holder, Scissors with 3 Outer Mesh pockets for quick access.
  • HIGH QUALITY: The TACKLE PACK is made of High Density Strong Ripstop non-absorbent Polyester which is Tough Durable with Water-resistant Inner layer to keep your Fishing Stuff Protected from the elements. Easy access with the Internal Drawstring Water Shield. No rust or saltwater corrosion.
  • STYLE SIZE AND COMFORT: Measuring 16.9 x 12.2 x 9.8 inches this Stylish FISHING TOTE with Large Main Storage Compartment and Outside Pockets with Drainage Grommets. Carry either with the Short Handbag Handles or Padded Shoulder Sling for Heavy Loads
  • OTHER USES : Not only is the bag ideal for Fishing Gurus but is also great for Camping, Hiking, Hunting Travelling and other Outdoor Activities. Great Gift for the Fishing Enthusiast for Birthdays, Retirement, Father’s Day or other Special Occasions
Recommendation No. 3
Samsonite Leverage LTE Softside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Charcoal, Garment Bag
  • SMOOTH ROLLING in line skate wheels for effortless mobility
  • HANGER HOOK BRACKET allows for clothes to be moved right from closet to garment bag
  • TWO MESH CORNER POCKETS for small personal items
  • REMOVABLE CLOSET HOOK to hang the bag from a door or closet bar
  • INTERIOR INCUDES POCKETS for shoes, extender panel for longer garments, mesh pockets and tie down straps to secure loose items

Traveling can be a joy or a pain, and the luggage you use to tote your stuff affects that outcome. While manufacturers have made advancements in materials and design, suitcases really haven’t changed much. But luggage is finally getting smarter, and the options for zippered and zipperless luggage are beginning to take hold.

What Is A Zipperless Bag?

Explicitly, as what the name would clearly delineate, a zipperless bag doesn’t have any zipper with it to close the bag. And I know you are bothered on how the bag closes securely. The most zipperless bag has a hard sided, snap shut, and its specific lock keeps everything well protected. We have also written a complete guide about the best London fog suitcases.

And also, there are zipperless bags that have zippers that appear hidden and tucked away so in such matter the bag appears zipperless.

Why Should You Choose Non-Zippered Luggage?

Because the only tool that you need to open a zipper is a ball-point pen! It’s true!

Have you ever heard of inserting the point of the pen between the teeth of the zipper and pull against them to open the suitcase? Well, that is the matter when using a zippered luggage bag during travel for they are magnets of thieves.

And after the burglar is done stealing he can easily cover his tracks by just pulling the locked zipper over the open section to close the suitcase.

You are legally responsible for the contents of your checked and carry-on luggage. If left unattended or once your traditional zipper-sealed luggage enters the airport’s baggage handling system, anyone can open your luggage (even if it is locked), place something in/or take something out and then easily reseal your luggage so that no one knows that they were there!

The safest way to avoid being victimized is to buy luggage that does not rely on zippers to keep it closed! Some of the leading luggage manufacturers like Samsonite are aware of this security problem and now make zippered luggage where the zipper-pullers/handle are locked in place. This makes it more difficult for the “bad guys” to open the suitcase. It also makes it almost impossible for them to cover their tracks by simply closing the case by running the zipper-pullers over the zip to close it.

For latching locks rather than zippered cases are better for this situation it can minimize those stealthy tactic mentioned above. Luggage with hard side and do not have zippers that usually presents two latch locks for the primary compartment, furthermore, a combination code is useful and sometimes with a key option.

Why Smugglers And Thieves Love Zippers

It’s this simple: Any luggage that uses zippers as a method of keeping the bag closed is at risk of being opened by thieves and smugglers. All luggage with zippers can be easily opened by forcing a ball point pen between the zips. This does not damage the zipper in anyway – after all they are meant to come apart. Once the bag has been opened and your valuables removed or contraband inserted, the criminal simply pulls the zips over the open section to close the bag. This leaves no evidence of tampering and leaves you either a victim of theft or a person carrying contraband.

At this point, the thieves simply walk away with your valuables or the smuggler texts your bag details to their accomplice at your destinations airport. The accomplice will hopefully intercept your bag at the other end and use the same technique to open your bag and remove the contraband before you pick it up at the luggage carousel.

Some newer zippered suitcases allow you to lock the zip pullers to the case. With the zipper pull handles locked, there is no way to reseal the bag. This makes the bag less attractive to smugglers but has no deterrent effect on thieves trying to remove items from your bags.

What is the solution? Never buy luggage that uses zippers as the closure system. Instead, buy luggage with a tight fitting tongue and groove closure system that uses latches and locks to seal the two sides of the case securely closed. These types of cases will keep the bad guys moving past your luggage and on to one that is much easier to break into – usually one that uses zippers.

So what kind Of Luggage Should You Buy?

It’s all well and good for us to tell you about the dangers of using zippered, soft-sided luggage but we’d be wrong to not discuss the various “safe luggage” or “secure luggage” options consumers have today. Protecting yourself against theft, smugglers and damage is quite easy. All you have to do is shop around for a suitcase that:

1) Is constructed with a hard shell (not just a frame) that contains PVC, Aluminum, Polypropylene or Polycarbonate.

2) Does not have zippers anywhere on the outside of the bag. (Even outside zippered pockets can be used by smugglers).

Reasons why zipperless luggage is so good

  • You can be sure that nobody is getting inside your bag other than you
  • Non-zippered luggage has a hard shell, and is usually made from tough material such as PVC, polypropylene or aluminum. They absorb most of the impact from being tossed around, thus protecting your items better. This makes them longer lasting and durable.
  • Because non zippered luggage is manufactured from molds and then fastened together with screws or rivets, they are less likely to have fabric rips, and you won’t have to deal with annoying zipper malfunctions.
  • Most zipperless cases have handles and often have multi-directional wheels, so they are easy to pull around and maneuver.

What To Look For When Choosing Zipperless Bags


Does the bag have a telescopic handle to enable you to pull the case around easily? Does this handle lock into position? Are there side handles to help you lift the case onto the conveyor at the airport, or into the overhead locker on the plane?


What material is the case made of? We mentioned that zipperless bags are made of hard material, to enable the lock to work, but what type of material is this? Check for durability here, as cheaper hard shell cases have a habit of splitting or breaking.


What sort of lock does the case have? Does the case have other safety features? Is there a backup function in case you forget the code? These are all things you need to consider. If the case has a hidden zip, how hidden away is it? The whole point of choosing a zipperless case over a regular one is the safety side of things, so this needs to be high on your list.


How do you access the case? Is the lock a spring open mechanism, or is there some other way to get into the case? This really overlaps with the security function, but what backup is there in case you forget the code or in case the lock malfunctions? If the bag has a hidden zip, is it dual coil? How easy is it to access?

Lamentably, only a few of the manufacturers of suitcases produces the best zipperless options in the market today, that is why we have come up with a list for the top zipperless travel bags for easy enumeration. Hope this will help lots of travelers.

1.Enkloze KLASIK Aluminum Carry-On Suitcase Spinner

Travel like a celebrity with the new ENKLOZE KLASIK Aluminum Suitcase and Carry On, made of 100% Aluminum alloy with a glossy surface and classic look. It comes with eight ultra quiet dual caster Peroma wheels for 360 degree mobility, interior dividers, automatic folding handles, any-height aluminum pull rod, and dual TSA combination locks.  Simplicity, security, and durability never looked better.

Prominent features

This zipperless luggage comes with dual TSA approved combo locks. Klasik was built to keep the modern traveler secure. Don’t worry about your priceless set of clothes, jewelry, camera, or gifts when using the zipperless design. With 8 Peroma (German) ultra smooth caster wheels, glide over any terrain with style. Why put hundreds dollars worth of valuables into luggage that isn’t secure and protected? With the Enkloze Klasik, you’re not.

The Enkloze Klasik is equipped with any-height aluminum handles, meaning the pull rod adjusts to you, not the other way around. It is built from one piece 100% aluminum with aluminum frame and aluminum reinforced corners for strength and durability. It comes with a 5 year warranty.

Enjoy secure Zipperless Access. The Klasik features a zipperless dual TSA approved combo locks for the main compartment which means no keys are required. It also comes with interior X-bands and pockets to keep your valuables safe and secure.

This luggage is set on four ultra smooth Peroma wheels and a simple classic design, so you are sure to cruise through the airport in style. It has been built to withstand any airport.

You will love the slide locking mechanism instead of zippers. It makes it easy for you to grab things. The 360 degrees movement makes it very fun to spin around when your flight is delayed. The weight is so little you will find it effortless to push it around. It is sturdy, very sleek and modern.

The Enkloze Klasik is built with aluminum reinforced corners, like you asked!  It comes with auto folding handles on the top and side of the luggage for ease ability. The Enkloze Klasik embodies the perfect combination of strength and beauty.  No other luggage provides so much style and durability for the modern day traveler.


  • Imported
  • 100% aluminum thick hard shell
  • Superior durability
  • 5 year warranty
  • TSA approved locks
  • 8 x 8 wheel drive
  • Ultra smooth Peroma wheels


  • The black exterior turns to white metal when scratched

2. Coolife Luggage Aluminium Frame Suitcase 3 Piece Set

Coolife luggage insists on excellent quality to make your journey safe and enjoyable. The Coolife 3 Piece Aluminum Luggage Set that is being reviewed on this page is a sturdy and functional hot new release travel item that is built with great quality materials. It includes the three sizes of solid luggage with a sturdy, luxury aluminum frame and the hundred percent German Bayer PC material shell.

Prominent features

This Coolife set is offered in five color options of black, blue, purple, silver and wine red. It has a shining exterior and interior with the top-notch full rayon lining and luxury aluminum frame with brushed finishing, that ensure both beautiful appearance and durability. The fully aluminum frame construction provides superb durability and a lightweight case for easy handling. The aircraft grade handle system with multiple stops to ensure a comfortable roll for users of different heights. This is a TSA lock model and with the two-direction deep frame of the TSA system, you will feel more at ease and safe through your different travels.


It has internal pockets for multi-use to help you better organize and protect your clothes and other belongings – smaller essentials. It includes very good quality aircraft type double spinner wheels that rotate in all directions. And you can wheel them on any solid ground, through the parking areas and airport buildings. You have the pure metal hard aluminum corners to protect it better from any potential impact.

This is a very solid set that you can use many years even if you’re a frequent traveler. Zippers and wheels will withstand the wear and tear very well. And you’ll not be likely to see any scratches or damage on the suitcase from impact over time. The small one fits into the medium and the medium into the large suitcase and they are shipped this way.


  • Luxury aluminum frame
  • 100% German Bayer PC material
  • Rylon lining
  • Bidirectional deep frame TSA locking system
  • Adjustable 3-step aluminum telescoping handle
  • Worldwide exclusive 3 year warranty


  • The rivet that holds the locking device could be a bit stronger

3. Samsonite Cruisair DLX Hardside Spinner 21

A bold fusion of stylish construction and durability comes with Samsonite’s Cruisair DLX collection. Aluminum framed, 100% Polycarbonate construction creates a combination of strength, flexibility, and capacity. The lightweight performance of this 21″ carry-on hardside spinner is further enhanced with the near effortless mobility of sleek, smooth-rolling dual spinner wheels.

Prominent features

The Samsonite Cruisair DLX is one of a few lightweight suitcases from Samsonite that is made from 100% polycarbonate. Which means not only is it light, it’s also quite durable.

Rugged in appearance and form, this case is constructed to form a combination of strength, flexibility, and capacity. The frame is made to be secure. No zippers on this exterior, rather it’s got a tight locking frame that snaps shut. This zipperless design makes it much quicker to pop the lock on the frame than it is to unzip a typical suitcase. Also, there is a rubber seal on both the top and bottom shell, so when it’s closed it is fully protected from water.

Not having zippers, the usual TSA lock has been replaced with one more similar to those on a briefcase. This actually keeps your belongings more safe, because it’s not as easy to pry or cut open for thieves or smugglers.


The Samsonite Cruisair DLX has a smooth with raised waves. Not only does this add a stylish and rugged flare but, more importantly, the waves are crafted to enhance durability. There will be scratches, just like any hardside case, but they will likely be easier to buff out.

This hardside is properly named with “cruis” in its title as this luggage cruises with ease on its high grade spinner wheels that turn the case in 360 degrees. The two stage locking telescoping handle pops up with ease along with a top and side spring loaded handle.


  • Durable high-quality material
  • Functional and smooth gliding
  • No zipper snap closure
  • Roomy simple design
  • Lightweight and easy gliding wheels
  • Secure TSA lock and anti theft design


  • It is a little bit on the heavier side

4. Enkloze X1 Carbon Carry-On 21″ Spinner

Finding a good carry-on can be a very difficult task. You want one that is not only good looking but is functional and offers something that its competitors don’t. You want one that will last for years and can safely carry your belongings to your next destination. That’s where the Enkloze X1 Carbon Fiber carry-on comes in. It’s durable, stylish, and one of a kind.

Prominent features

The Enkloze X1 is made out of 100% polycarbonate, which means that it is durable, strong, and lightweight. The carbon fiber carry-on will fit inside of all major airlines’ overhead compartments, so you will not have to worry about it getting thrown around when it is being loaded on the plane. But, if you do end up having to check it, its aluminum shock absorbers reinforce the corners so it won’t end up coming out on the conveyor belt in pieces like some hard cases do if they aren’t handled correctly.

The Enkloze X1 carbon fiber carry-on is a durable bag that comes with features that other bags just don’t have. It is a great price compared to its competitors and the five-year warranty is hard to beat. The sleek, high-quality carbon fiber carry-on is made with the best materials and is extremely functional. If you purchase the Enkloze X1, you’re purchasing a piece of luggage that you will not only love, but you will be able to use for years.


If you’re on a budget, but looking to invest in a quality piece of luggage, the Enkloze X1 compares favorably to bags twice its price. Plus, all Enkloze products are under warranty for at least five years. If something that is covered breaks, the company will repair it. All you have to do is take photos of the issue and email it to their support team. The bottom line on value here is that you can really feel comfortable that you’re paying a premium for quality and not for just the name on the front.


  • 100% polycarbonate
  • Imported
  • Superior durability
  • Secure zipperless access
  • TSA approved locks
  • 4×4 Hinomoto (Japan) wheels


  • The zippers could be sturdier

5. MOIERG Vintage Trolley Luggage 2tone TSA

If you want to buy a luggage so beautiful that people at the airport stop you asking where you bought this gorgeous trolley luggage, then you should surely go for the MOIERG Vintage Trolley Luggage 2tone TSA.

Designed in Japan and made in China, the MOIERG Vintage Trolley Luggage 2tone TSA is one of the finest products of MOIERG. This trolley luggage is specially designed according to the requirements of its customers. It is made of pure PVC material and is strongly waterproof.

Prominent features

The MOIERG Trolley is an impressive piece of luggage that will last you a lifetime of frequent traveling. It has a TSA lock key for safety, and four wheels for effortless maneuvering. The material is also lightweight, waterproof, and extremely rugged.

This suitcase is a combination of vintage design and modern technology. With The Moierg Vintage Suitcase you really will stand out. It’s available in 16 different colors.

It is made of PU leather and it features metal connectors. The corners of the suitcase are padded, to protect it from any damage. Once you open the suitcase, there isn’t too much room for your stuff, though. The problem is that the handles protrude into the bottom part of the suitcase, which leaves you with less room for your things. In addition, the upper part features a pocket for some small items (jewelry maybe), but it cannot be completely closed.


In terms of modern technologies that the suitcase features, there’s the TSA approved lock, as well as the telescopic handle and wheels. The wheels, however, don’t turn 360 degrees each, which is somewhat disappointing. Overall, this suitcase is great for someone who doesn’t travel a lot, but wants to do so in style. If you are looking for something more practical rather than stylish, we wouldn’t suggest the Moierg Vintage Trolley.

The MOIERG Vintage Trolley Luggage 2tone TSA is available in different sizes – 17, 19 and 23 inches.


  • TSA approved lock
  • A lot of variety
  • Stylish
  • Purely waterproof
  • Durable in quality
  • Very lightweight


  • Not a lot of room for belongings
  • No spinner wheels

6. Sindermore Anti-scratch Trolley Luggage

Today’s hard-shell or hard-sided luggage is made with high-tech plastics such as ABS and polycarbonate, which are lightweight and durable. The most durable, but also the heaviest, is aluminum. The Sindermore anti-scratch trolley luggage is made of a sturdy aluminum frame which makes it very durable and visually appealing.

It has metal drawbolt latches instead of zippers. If you tend to overpack, this hard-sided piece will rein you in; there’s no chance of overstuffing it. For a carry-on, as long as you buy the right size, you’re guaranteed a no-bulge fit in your airline’s luggage sizer.

Prominent features

Most travelers choose Sindermore as one of the best suitcases for international travel. It comes in five different sizes ranging from 20” to 28” in black, silver, red, blue and gold. With eight 360 degree spinning wheels it is easy to move about and it is fitted with a TSA combination lock. It has a water- and dust-proof seal for extra protection of your belongings. The interior features stylish mesh compartments and clothing tie-down straps for superior and organized packing.

You may want to buy the Sindermore anti-scratch trolley luggage if you’ll be packing breakable items. It may offer better security than soft-sided baggage because it can’t be ripped open as easily and it usually has integrated locks.


This beautiful 100% aluminum luggage comes with spinner casters for easy maneuvering and drawbars for your ease of towing as well.  The hard sides and locks keep your personals damage free & safe.

They come in five different colors (Silver, Red, Blue, Black and Titanium) and three different sizes (20″ carry-on, 25″ or 29″ check-ins).

Of course, it scuffs and scratches easily, too. It’s also rigid, so you can’t squeeze in extras if the need arises. You’ll need a fixed storage space, which can be a challenge for apartment and small-house dwellers.


  • Imported
  • Portable grip handle design
  • Convenient to put the luggage in the top storage box
  • Aluminum frame and polycarbonate shell
  • TSA certified password locks
  • 360 ° double row mute universal wheels
  • 3 year warranty


  • The wheels could be a bit sturdier

7. Clothink Aluminum Frame Luggage, Hardside Fashion Suitcase

Clothink provides different kinds of luggage of good quality, different materials, sizes and colors, which gives you all the security durability and peace of mind that you need when traveling to your next destination. The Clothink TSA approved luggage with the efficient interior for packing allows you to pack more while avoiding excess weight surcharges imposed by most airlines. 28″ – perfect for extended trips lasting longer than a week.

Prominent features

Made of ABS and PC, the Clothink aluminum frame hardside fashion suitcase has a durable build and a sleek compact look with a glossy metallic finish. One of the best features on this case is the roomy front compartment that has a built-in padded sleeve for up to 15.6-inch laptops (which is easily accessible when going through security), as well as two zippered mesh pockets for toiletries, phone chargers and other small items.

The interior of the suitcase is lined with fabric and has two compartments, as well as elastic straps and a buckle for making sure clothes stay in place. Keeping all your valuables safe are self-repairing zippers and a three-dial TSA-approved combination lock, while the double spinner wheels make navigating the airport easy.


Durable and lightweight ABS and PC exterior allows for good resilience and maximum impact resistance. Protective hard shell reduces the appearance of scratches caused by normal wear and tear. Side-mounted TSA lock ensures security while traveling; 999 sets of passwords to make your travel more secure and reliable. Four double lightweight spinner wheels for 360 Degree effortless mobility in any direction, keep super low noise and zero weight on your arm. All the four spinner wheels are detachable, which makes it easy to maintain and replace the wearing parts, and two of the wheels have a brake device. The aluminum alloy rod is designed to contain 14 Sections of lifting height, which is suitable for all kinds of usage.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Strong and thickened aluminum alloy rod
  • Efficient interior for packing flexibility
  • High-quality double spinner wheels
  • Detachable wheels with brake device


  • Some users find it a bit shallow for its size

8. Merax Flieks Aluminum Frame Luggage TSA Approved Suitcase

We realize that searching for a new, checked suitcase means you’re presented with the usual features: your choice of hard or soft shell, a telescoping handle, rolling wheels, and organizational pockets. Especially because of airline restrictions, there aren’t too many deviations from the usual design. However, we’d argue that quality and price are often the differences. Therefore, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly, yet trustworthy suitcase, then Merax Luggage is for you!

Prominent features

Merax Luggage uses both PC and ABS materials to create their luggage. Polycarbonate can resist more scratches and dents. To help keep your belongings secure, Merax Luggage includes a quality lock. This lock doesn’t require a key, but rather is a combination lock which you can set to any series of numbers. Since TSA needs access to your luggage for the security check, this combination lock allows only you and TSA personnel to have access.

The smooth rolling wheels on the Merax Flieks Aluminum Frame Suitcase will glide through the airport. Often wheels are the “make-it-or-break-it” for a piece of luggage, since one frustrating trip through the airport will have you dropping that bag forever. You won’t face that problem with Merax Luggage.


This suitcase, as well as others in the Merax Luggage collection, features a telescoping handle. It locks at three different stages. Therefore, this is helpful for preventing the large suitcase from clipping your heels while wheeling through the airport. Additionally, the suitcase has a side handle to make it easy to pull off the baggage claim, or lift upright.

On a zippered hard shell suitcase, an inevitable weakness is often created by the zipper line. With the Merax Aluminum Frame Suitcase, you’ll find latches and hinges that keep your belongings secure. The advantage means that the suitcase is potentially stronger, since there’s no break for the soft zipper material.


  • Luxury aluminum frame
  • Highly durable PC+ABS shell
  • Two keyless aluminum Customs TSA locks
  • Fully lined interior with multi-use organizational pockets
  • Quiet dual airplane spinner wheels
  • Adjustable 3-step telescoping handle
  • Free 3-year warranty


  • Some users complain of denting and scratching

9. TravelKing Multi-size All Aluminum HardShell Luggage Case

TravelKing All Aluminum HardShell Luggage is offered with three color options of gold, gray and silver and in three sizes of 20, 24 and 28 inches. Whatever size and color you choose, they all have the hundred percent aluminum body and the nylon-lined waterproof lining with the organizer to keep your stuff organized and in place during your journey.

Prominent features

All the three suitcases have the bumper corners made of aluminum-magnesium alloy to protect the suitcase and your stuff and to help improve the durability. The interior compartments will let you put in quite a bit- depending on the size you choose but all the three have the zippered section on one side to keep your loose stuff in place and the straps on the other side for your clothes.

Whether you choose the silver, gold or gray, the Travel King luggage has a bright color so it will be difficult for you to not spot it easily on the carousel at the airport. You have the enhanced safety with the dual TSA approved combo lock which is easy to use with the clear instructions in the box, including the reset as the original is 0-0-0 and will be very easy to guess. There are no keys that you may lose and no zippers on the exterior of this luggage.


It has the 8 chrome accented spinner wheels (4 x dual blades) that rotate in all directions- 360 degrees quietly and easily through the airports and parking lots – on rough grounds with the double rubber protectors. The three-level retractable telescopic handle with the push button will also help the luggage be moved around – maneuvered easily and effortlessly in tight spaces as it will help keep the weight off your arm, whether you are short or tall.


  • 100% aluminum body
  • Waterproof luggage cover
  • Waterproof nylon-lined interior
  • Keyless and zipperless
  • 4 protective corner guards on the edge
  • 4 dual-blade quiet rubberized spinner wheels
  • TSA approved combination locks


  • The clasps can come open if you overpack

10. Samsonite Cruisair DLX Hardside Spinner 30

The Samsonite Cruisair DLX is a piece of luggage that is properly named as it cruises with ease and is light as air. Durability coupled with a smart design makes this lightweight suitcase a great buy. The zipperless snap closure along with other features allows it to live up to the Samsonite reputation for quality innovative luggage. Read on to find out why this case is worth of an A grade.

Prominent features

The Cruisair DLX can be bought in two great looking colors. Anthracite is the first color. Basically that word refers to “hard coal”. The second color is Burgundy. This also looks trendy, but with a sort of classic mature flare. Either way, both colors are noticeable but in an understated way. They aren’t too loud.

The Samsonite Cruisair DLX 30″ is ideal for 4-7 day trips. It’s got plenty of space internally, with a simple split opening case design. 50/50 packing space allows for even weight distribution.

One side is equipped with a pocketed divider which is excellent for separating dirty or damp clothes. The pocket on the divider runs the width of the case and is a great place to store small things, or shoes. Opposite to that is a side with compression straps that snap together with ease keeping your goods nice and taut.


Samsonite has really created a superior suitcase by removing the zipper exteriorly. Along with making it wobble less than standard clam-shell suitcases held together with a zipper, it most importantly keeps all of your valuables completely dry in the rain. And even if you have never been caught in the rain with your luggage, you have probably had it arrive in baggage claim wet from when it was unloaded in the rain. Inside the Samsonite Cruisair DLX you’ll find your clothing and contents, safe, sound and dry.


  • Durable high-quality material
  • Fully-lined interiors with zippered compartments
  • Roomy simple design
  • Ultra-protective TSA lock
  • No zipper snap closure
  • Retractable handle
  • Functional and smooth gliding


  • Comes only in 2 color options

11. Ambassador Luggage Designer 19 Inch Carry On Luggage

There are stories of innocent travelers facing the consequences for items found in luggage on arrival at various destinations around the world. Or finding that items have disappeared from luggage during transit. So how can you protect your luggage against this kind of intrusion? The solution is pretty simple. Buy a zipperless luggage set. This is where the Ambassador Luggage Designer 19 Inch Carry On Luggage comes to your rescue.

Prominent features

This one is a great choice to transport your travel essentials effortlessly and stylishly. This finely designed premium polycarbonate zipperless luggage is a 19 inch carry on luggage. It’s lightweight, durable and fashionable.

19 inches is the size that’s accepted as carry-on for all international and domestic flights. The Ambassador Luggage Designer 19 Inch Carry On Luggage is 100 percent Germany Bayer polycarbonate material construction. It features a protective classic vertical wave texture hard shell for strength and peace of mind when it comes to knowing that your stored items won’t be crushed en route.


The hard shell’s durable glossy finish offers added strength, helping to keep the luggage looking like new even after rough and tumble travel conditions. Its characteristic frame structure makes it a no zipper luggage. It’s not only fashionable, but also safer for your travel essentials. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, lightweight yet strong. The fully-lined interior has cross-straps, a privacy curtain with zippered organizational pockets.

Eight chromed silent-running rubber wheels provide supreme maneuverability and keep weight off your arm. For added convenience, this carry-on luggage comes equipped with ergonomically designed telescoping handle and alloy pulling rod. You also have a TSA approved combination lock for security and peace of mind. Quality is guaranteed with 3 years global limited warranty.


  • Certified 100% pure Bayer polycarbonate material
  • Integrated TSA accepted combination locking system
  • Dual compartment storage with a pocketed divider
  • Four spinner wheel and a telescoping handle
  • Zipperless frame closure


  • It’s a little on the heavier side

12. Unitravel Vintage Suitcase Retro Luggage

Those in search of a suitcase that combines modern spinner technology with retro aesthetics may prefer the Unitravel Vintage Suitcase. Modern luggage is just so boring – the suitcases are almost always comprised of one single color, with no personality whatsoever. That’s where the Unitravel Vintage Suitcase comes in; it’s inexpensive luggage that will not only stand out from all the rest, it’ll also last.

Prominent features

This retro luggage — available in 22-inch carry-on and 26-inch checked sizes — is accented with brassy hardware and a paisley-printed interior lining. It features quality microfiber leather stretched over reinforced fiberboard and accented with leather strapping, giving the case structure while maintaining that stylish old-school look. There is no zipper – instead, two metal luggage clasps are protected by customizable combination locks.

Place heavy items (hairdryer, shoes) near the wheels and lighter ones (socks, T-shirts) near the top handle. When the bag is upright, contents will stay in place. Opt for stretchy garments like knits with spandex. Limit woven fabrics (cotton chinos, oxford shirts), which are prone to wrinkling. Rolling up clothing also prevents wrinkles.


The interior of the case is lined with printed polyester fabric and features a zippered mesh compartment in the lid as well as a pair of cross-straps. Use the top and side carry handles to maneuver the bag in and out of your car; and the quadruple spinner wheels to glide through the airport with minimal effort. The extendable pull handle is made from strong, lightweight aluminum alloy and has a choice of height settings. The case comes in four different sizes and a variety of color options, from pastel pink to navy blue.

It’s tempting to save room for souvenirs, but extra space means items may shift around and wrinkle or break. But don’t overstuff, either — it’s a surefire way to create crease marks.


  • Ultra light-weight construction
  • Sturdy ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle
  • Features textured finish to prevent against scratches
  • Fully-lined interior with handy divider
  • Zippered pocket for easy organizing
  • 4-Wheel Spinners allow for full 360 degree mobility
  • Side mounted TSA lock


  • The wheels are not detachable

13. Andiamo Luggage Aluminum Frame 20″ Carry On Zipperless Suitcase

Andiamo Luggage Aluminum Frame 20″ Carry On Zipperless Suitcase is an impressive hard-side shell crafted of 100% polycarbonate with an exclusive alloy metallic finish. Its high tech aluminum magnesium frame is lightweight, strong and completes the sleek profile. The luggage comes with integrated TSA locks to protect your belongings safely when travelling. Covered by a 5 year warranty, you can keep your body and mind at ease with this fashion and high-standard luggage.

Prominent features

This Andiamo luggage has a very thoughtful interior design for storage. First of all, it is a 30/70 split design which is a big step up from the clamshell 50/50 split that most other hardcase luggage offers. This not only allows for easier arrangement of items inside, and also makes it easier to close the lid when you are fully packed. The computer and accessories sleeves come in handy when you are not carrying an extra laptop bag, and it is completely removable in case you need more room.

It is built from very high end material. The shell is 100% German polycarbonate and the aluminum handle and frame are both aircraft grade material. With an 8 wheel spinner system, this luggage is built to last and will withstand the roughing of airport handlers.


The most convenient feature on this Andiamo luggage is probably the USB port which is linked to an internal pocket where you can put a power bank. This allows you to charge your phone from your luggage while you are waiting at the airport.

It also comes with an aluminum frame structure and two TSA locks, both adding to the durability and security of the case. One of the inside pockets is lined with a protective layer of RFID blocking material which prevents your personal information from being stolen.


  • Integrated TSA locks
  • Easy gliding 8 wheel spinner system that
  • Aluminum frame structure
  • Plush signature jacquard lining
  • Top and side carry streamlined handles


  • Some users find the handle a bit shaky

14. Ambassador Luggage ABS 20 Inch Carry On Luggage

The Ambassador Luggage ABS 20 Inch Carry On Luggage, like many pieces these days, is made with polycarbonate, a softer material that actually flexes a little bit to absorb impact when dropped or thrown onto hard surfaces. It’s a material so flexible it is commonly used to make contact lenses. Polycarbonate luggage is scratch resistant and lighter than plastic or aluminum cases, and can be even lighter than some soft luggage.

Prominent features

The polycarbonate hardcase will bend and flex without fracturing. It is ideal for transporting items that should not be subjected to being squeezed. The polycarbonate used is from the German company Bayer. Underneath the polycarbonate casing is an aluminum and magnesium alloy frame. The same material is used for the pull rod. This alloy provides a strong structure for the suitcase and is lighter than a steel frame or a 100% aluminum frame. That said, the robust construction of this suitcase still has it weighing around 10 lbs. when empty.

There are no zippers on this suitcase. What it does have is latches instead of zippers. The suitcase has an integrated TSA combination lock. There are two compartments with a divider. The divider has two mesh zippered pockets. There are tie-down straps on each of those two compartments. The telescoping handles and spinner wheels allow effortless upright movement.


Polycarbonate is a molded type of thermoplastic polymers and is a very popular material for hard luggage. It is lighter than aluminum but still very durable and offers more style choices, for example in colors and patterns.

Another important benefit of polycarbonate as luggage material is how impact resistant it is. Upon impact, the material flexes to absorb the impact and then flexes back to its original shape, making polycarbonate luggage extremely resilient to rough handling.


  • Latches instead of zippers
  • Bayer polycarbonate hardcase
  • Dual compartment suitcase with a pocketed divider
  • Four spinners and a telescoping handle


  • Some users find the shell prone to damage

15. AOKING Aluminum Frame Hardside Carry On Luggage

After a long flight, who would want to spend an extra half hour waiting for each luggage to arrive?  With the AOKING Aluminum Frame Hardside Carry On Luggage, you just pick it out of the overhead compartment and you’re on your way. Many times, especially during long flights, you might find yourself looking for something that might be in your luggage (i.e. book, iPad, toiletries, anything).  This carry-on gives you the flexibility of having everything with you, and within easy access.  This is also great when you have long layovers at the airport and are really bored.

Prominent features

Most international connections will require you to pick up your checked-in luggage on baggage claim after the first flight and re-check it on your new flight.  If you have a tight layover or if your first flight delays, you might not have time to re-check your luggage.  A carry-on makes international connections much easier and faster.

This bold and refined luggage collection will have heads turning as you stroll through the airport. The AOKING Aluminum Frame Hardside Carry On Luggage features include a fully lined interior, tie-down straps, a large view mesh storage pocket and a snap secured divider panel, allowing for optimal organization.


Made of a polycarbonate construction, the case is equipped with a premium aluminum telescoping locking handle and eight 360-degree spinner wheels for seamless turns and lightweight construction for the ultimate in hassle-free maneuverability. Designed for the frequent traveler, this exquisite luggage comes with molded carry handles for superior durability and twin closure buckles with built-in TSA approved combination locks for security without the fear that the locks may be broken off by TSA staff.

It comes with twin latch-clasp closure buckles with built-in TSA locks for added strength and peace of mind. Elastic, adjustable tie-down clothing straps help prevent shifting of contents.


  • Aluminum frame
  • Multi-directional spinner wheels
  • Double TSA approved locks
  • Multi pockets and compartments
  • Top and side sponge aluminum handle


  • The lock is not aligned properly

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