Best Wood Splitting Axes for Hunting, Camping and Farm Use

Recommendation No. 1
Fiskars 378841-1002 X27 Super (36") Splitting Axe
  • Ideal for taller users splitting medium- to large-sized logs
  • Designed for maximum efficiency to give you more one-strike splits. Textured non-slip grip reduces hand strain and improves control
  • Perfected balance and power-to-weight ratio increases swing speed to multiply power, much like an aluminum baseball bat
  • Advanced bevel convex blade geometry adds power and makes the blade easier to remove from wood
  • Lifetime warranty. Item weight: 5.85 pounds
Recommendation No. 2
Fiskars IsoCore Maul, 36-Inch (751110-1003)
  • Ideal for splitting wood (splitting face) or driving wedges and stakes (driving face)
  • Optimized blade geometry offers better penetration and blasts tough logs apart
  • Patented IsoCore Shock Control System absorbs strike shock and vibration to reduce the punishment your body takes, transferring 2X less shock and vibration than wood handles
  • Inseparable riveted head will not slide down or snap off, even when swinging with maximum force
  • Full lifetime . Forged, heat-treated steel is finished with a rust-resistant coating. Softgrip handle features a sculpted profile to fit the natural shape of your hand
Recommendation No. 3
Hooyman Splitting Maul with Heavy Duty Construction, Convex Grind Blade and Ergonomic Non-Slip Handle for Felling, Hunting, Landscaping and Outdoor
  • DIMENSIONS: 36 inches L x 8 inches W x 2.5 inches D and weighs 8 lbs
  • SPECS: 1045 high strength forged steel with a convex grind and an HRC of 45-60
  • RELIABLE: Features the new, no-slip, H-Grip on the ergonomic handle that turns tacky when wet to ensure a secure grip in all conditions
  • DURABLE: Handle is interlocked and epoxy sealed into the eye of the head and features a solid fiberglass core for added strength making quick work of splitting wood
  • VERSATILITY: Features a flat poll for starting cracks in the wood or driving a wedge as well as a v shape head for splitting wood

A wood splitting axe is an item you can use to cut wood. The type of wood and the size is dependent on the kind of wood splitting axe you buy. When the time comes to purchase one for yourself, it’s crucial to pay attention to the quality. Do your research to determine which type of wood splitting axe is going to be right for you?

Because axe types can vary – depending on whether you’re cutting full logs or kindling, keywords and reading the manufacturer’s listing information means a lot. There could be nothing worse than buying a splitting axe to prepare your winter stockpile, only to find it’s just okay for kindling at most. Take the time to check out these options below and find out if any are right for you.

9. Fiskars x27 Super Wood Splitting Axe

Whether you’re felling old storm trees or you’re looking to replace your old wood splitting axe, this one from Fiskars might be an excellent option for you. While it doesn’t quite cut through wood like a knife through butter, it’s about to take care of most trees and timber with relative ease.

It also offers forged steel and coated blades to avoid it becoming stuck in wood, and a FiberComp handle which is as tough as steel. Thanks to the beneficial power-to-weight ratio and convex bevel blade, it’s also one of the more streamlined and effective options on the market. It can be too long for short people, but if you’re relatively handy with a wood splitting axe, this one is going to tick all the boxes.

The first standout feature is being able to buy it in many sizes. Choose from 17, 23.5, 28 and 36-inch options. With the 36-inch option, you can buy it with or without a new hatchet. As far as a wood splitting axe goes, this one is fairly good. It’s affordable, comes with a lifetime warranty, and allows you to tackle medium to large logs.


  • 17, 23.5, 28, and 36-inch options
  • Buy with or without a hatchet
  • Medium to large size log capacity
  • Power to weight ratio
  • Advanced bevel convex blade geometry
  • Lifetime warranty
  • FiberComp handle
  • Forged steel blade
  • Blade coating


  • It comes with a generous warranty
  • Comfortable handle
  • Ideal for large logs
  • The blade doesn’t get stuck in the logs
  • Lightweight
  • Plenty of size options
  • Affordable
  • Splits wood well


  • Too long for short people
  • Doesn’t cut through hardwood well

8. Estwing E45A Camper’s Splitting Axe

While you would only use this wood splitting axe for small logs and camping trips, you are still going to enjoy all the features it has to offer. What’s more, if you’re not that competent with an axe, or you only need to cut small pieces of wood, this is the wood splitting axe to achieve that goal.

It’s 26 inches in length, features robust steel, and even has a shock-reducing grip. Therefore, when you go to cut through wood, you won’t feel the vibration badly in your hand. However, this hand-sanded and lacquered handle does not feel solid.

When you buy it, you receive a blue or black ballistic nylon sheath, which helps to make this wood splitting axe more portable than most others on the market. It’s also made in the USA which matters to many people and cuts through wood quickly and without any hassles.

While it won’t win any awards for log cutting competitions, it’s an excellent option for around the home for the pot belly fire and for out on camping trips.


  • 26 inches
  • Steel construction
  • Shock-reduction grip
  • Black or blue cover choice
  • Ballistic nylon sheath
  • Hand-sanded and lacquered handle
  • Leather grip
  • Made in the USA


  • You get to choose the sheath cover
  • It’s ideal for camping
  • It’s made in the USA which matters to some people
  • It’s durable and effortless to use
  • Comfortable handle
  • Cuts through wood quickly
  • Lasts a long time


  • The handle is not solid
  • Only suitable for smaller logs

7. Helko Werk Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter

If you like your wood splitting axe to be a showpiece as well as a functioning tool, then take a look at this log splitting axe from Helko Werk Germany. Not only does it meet the mark for cutting through large logs, but it’s exquisitely designed to look attractive while you do it.

It has a beautiful German steel head that doesn’t come off, while the handle is made in Switzerland with American Hickory wood. A lot of effort has gone into making sure this handle is comfortable and robust to use. While, for the most part, it is, there are some issues surrounding durability after a few uses.

In saying that, when you try out this wood splitting axe for the first time, the difference to inferior quality products will be noticeable. It’s lightweight but durable, and cuts through wood well – no matter the type. You can also use this wood splitting axe for large logs and become less fatigued because it’s lightweight.

Finally, this wood axe comes with a bottle of Axe Guard to regenerate the handle, as well as a vegetable-tanned leather sheath for the axe head. This cover will come in handy for transporting the axe around your property. With so many convenient features, it’s clear to see this wood splitting axe is one to sit at the top of your wish list.


  • German-made
  • German C50 high-grade carbon steel construction
  • Swiss-made handle
  • American Hickory wood handle
  • Vegetable-tanned leather sheath
  • One-ounce Axe Guard protective oil bottle
  • 36 inches
  • 8.5 pounds


  • Exquisite artistry
  • Strong handle
  • Thick and heavy head
  • Cuts through wood well
  • Ideal for large logs
  • Lasts a long time
  • Lightweight to make it comfortable to hold


  • The fasteners holding the head on can break
  • The handle quality is not as decent as it should be

6. Estwing Fireside Friend E3-FF4 Axe

Not everyone can handle a big, heavy wood splitting axe, which is why axes such as this one exist. Rather than have to buy pre-cut wood, or settle for another cutting method, you can buy this wood splitting axe from Estwing and enjoy being able to cut wood with no problems at all.

At 14 inches, it’s only a small wood splitting axe, but that won’t matter at all. It’s the performance that counts. It features robust and forged steel, a weighted wedge design for a better cut every time, and a hand-sharpened cutting edge. All these features mean each cut into wood will be like a knife through butter. However, it’s helpful to know that the paint on the head will flake off, and the metal may or may not have pockmarks.

When it comes to the handle of this wood splitting axe, Estwing delivers here too. It’s hand sanded and lacquered and features grip to absorb all the vibration with each swing. It’s also lightweight, ideal for small logs, and will make a helpful addition to your next camping trip. The next time you go shopping for a new wood splitting axe, consider this fantastic option from Estwing.


  • 14 inches
  • Forged steel construction
  • Shock-reduction grip
  • Weighted wedge design
  • Blue ballistic nylon sheath
  • Hand-sharpened cutting edge
  • Leather grip
  • Hand-sanded and lacquered
  • Made in the USA


  • Suitable for small cutting jobs
  • Cuts through wood quickly and effortlessly
  • Lightweight construction
  • Ideal for around the home or camping
  • Premium American steel construction
  • Comfortable and grippy handle
  • The handle takes all the vibration, so your hands don’t have to


  • Paint flakes off the head
  • The metal has pockmarks

5. Gransfors Bruk 442 Large Wood Splitting Axe

If you want a large wood splitting axe that will get the job done – and adequately – then set your sights on this premium tool from Gransfors Bruk. Sleek, stylish, and built to last, it’s a wood splitting axe that’s going to impress from the first time you lay eyes on it.

Its forged and ground steel concave head sees it cut through wood like a hot knife through butter, and its thin blade toward the end makes it look effortless. When you carry out any wood cutting task, you will also find the five-pound weight makes it easier to do without becoming tired fast.

The handle is comfortable, 27.5 inches, and is also available in a short or long version. If you buy the short version, however, it can be unforgiving if you miss the wood. When it comes to storage, this wood splitting axe won’t disappoint. Instead of standing it up in your tool shed hoping no one comes to harm on the edge, or transporting it in your vehicle with no protection, you can benefit from a cover. This wood splitting axe comes with a vegetable-tanned leather sheath which will prove its worth time and time again.

There are a couple of downsides, but the majority of buyers will not mind. It’s an expensive wood splitting axe, with not a lot of extra features over more affordable models. You also can’t use it as a wedge or to strike a wedge. These points aside, however, buying this wood splitting axe will be one of the best home purchases you make.


  • Concave head
  • Forged and ground steel
  • Thin blade
  • Five-pound weight
  • 27.5-inch handle
  • Vegetable-tanned leather sheath


  • High-quality steel
  • Comfortable handle
  • It comes with a steel collar for better grip
  • You can buy a short or long version
  • Lightweight
  • The concave head makes it effortless to cut wood


  • You can’t use it for striking a wedge
  • You can’t use it as a wedge
  • It’s expensive to buy

4. Columbia River Knife & Tool Tactical Axe

If you consider yourself to be an outdoorsy person, then you are going to love this wood splitting axe from Columbia River Knife & Tool. While it’s not going to be suitable for large logs or even creating your winter stockpile, it will be more than ideal for feeding pot belly fires and stoking the campfire.

Unlike a standard wood splitting axe, this one is also manageable for all types of people. It’s lightweight, short, and has a comfortable handle. Even if you haven’t had much experience with a wood splitting axe, you will find this one is a pleasure.

It offers a deep beard Norse design, features a forged carbon steel blade, and has a beautiful Hickory wood handle with a lacquer coat to seal the deal. While this handle could be thicker to withstand more work, it’s still a comfortable handle to hold.

What you will also appreciate about this wood splitting axe is that it’s built to last. Even though it gets dull quick and you have to sharpen it a lot, it will form part of your outdoor kit for years to come. Some people have problems with the head coming off the handle, but that’s a rare problem too.

Rather than buy a large wood splitting axe that takes up a lot of space in your outdoor kit, opt for this one and notice the difference.


  • Deep beard design
  • Forged carbon steel blade
  • Hickory wood handle
  • Norse design
  • 1055 carbon steel
  • Lacquer coat handle


  • It’s suitable for camping and outdoor work
  • Sleek and stylish Norse design
  • Affordable to buy
  • Sharp blade that will last a long time
  • Comfortable handle
  • Small for effortless storage


  • The head can become loose
  • The gets dull quick
  • The handle is not thick enough

3. Husqvarna S2800 Composite Wood Splitting Axe

While Husqvarna is a well-known brand with its power tool range, it’s equally as well known for its wood splitting axes. If you already own the power tools, it makes sense to carry on and buy a wood splitting axe as well. If you do, you won’t be disappointed.

This wood splitting axe is 27 inches long, is suitable for all types of logs including large ones, and has a striking black and orange color scheme that links it back to its power tool range. It’s also comfortable, lightweight, and easy to use. As most people say, it can cut through wood with no hassles at all.

The handle is also a standout feature, made of composite fiberglass for strength and durability. It’s also a lightweight and grippy handle that helps you to feel minimal vibration. The head of this wood splitting axe is equally as beneficial. It has a drop-forged blade, hammer axe head, and arrives in the post sharp.

Some people talk about quality control, mentioning that a few things were missed that makes this wood splitting axe less than the best, but aside from that, you will be impressed with the price tag, the quality of the product, and the service you receive. If you are in the market for a new axe, opt for this one from Husqvarna.


  • 27 inches
  • Composite fiberglass handle
  • Hammer axe head
  • Light shaft
  • Large log capacity
  • Black and orange color scheme
  • Drop-forged blade
  • Fiber-reinforced PA shafts


  • Cuts through all types of logs
  • Works quickly
  • Lightweight
  • It has a hammer function
  • Affordable price tag
  • Striking color scheme
  • Stands out from other axes
  • Comfortable to hold and use


  • Poor quality control

2. CRKT Woods Nobo Tomahawk Axe

If you want your wood splitting axe to be more than a functional tool, but a showcase as well, then set your sights on this Tomahawk-style wood splitting axe from CRKT. It is designed to make light work of campfire fuel, but it’s a beautiful and well-made axe that has had a lot of thought put into its design and construction.

You can buy it with or without a spike or hammer, and it features 1055 forged carbon steel to last the distance. This steel also helps to create a smooth and clean cut every time. This bearded-style wood splitting axe also has a Hickory handle which is thick and solid. However, it’s quite slippery which means it can be a challenge to get a firm grip.

This wood splitting axe cuts wood exceptionally well, doesn’t discriminate on wood types, and it’s comfortable to hold. While the axe head is known to become wobbly over time, you can rest assured the limited lifetime warranty will protect you for manufacturer faults.

You wouldn’t use this wood splitting axe to cut a whole winter stockpile of wood, but for pot belly fuel and camping, it’s going to meet the mark for your needs.


  • With or without a spike or hammer
  • 1055 forged carbon steel
  • Hickory handle
  • Bearded style
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Suitable for long-term use
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Cuts rings of wood
  • Sharp and cuts through all types of wood
  • Affordable price tag
  • Stylish design
  • Robust construction
  • Heavy and sturdy handle


  • No sheath included, you have to pay extra
  • The head can work its way loose
  • The handle is slippery
  • You have to sharpen the blade when you get it

1. Barebones Living Pulaski High Carbon Steel Splitting Axe

Whether you’re preparing kindling at home or you’re out in the wilderness, you will find this wood splitting axe from Barebones Living is going to meet the mark. As a Pulaski axe, you can use it for small cuts of wood and for making sure you have enough fuel for the campfire.

It comes with a hex key and removable hex nut so you can swap out the beechwood handle, and the handle is also a generous 21-inch length. As a result, it’s comfortable and offers superior grip. The entire wood splitting axe is also 24 x 12 inches, more than enough for a beginner axe user or someone who takes an axe out with them hunting and camping.

The cutting ability of this wood splitting axe is also second to none. While it can’t take care of large pieces of wood, it’s able to tackle small pieces with efficacy. Its ability is all down to its hand-sharpened carbon steel head, steel pommel, and 1/3-inch steel core. Sealing the deal is the leather sheath which makes transportation of this wood splitting axe a breeze. You will enjoy purchasing this axe and adding it to your camping kit.


  • Leather sheath
  • Hex key for re-handling
  • 21-inch handle
  • Beechwood handle construction
  • Hand-sharpened carbon steel head
  • Steel pommel
  • Rounded blade
  • Removable hex nut
  • 1/3-inch solid steel core
  • 24 x 12 inches


  • You can change the handle on it with a hex key
  • Striking design
  • Cuts wood with minimal effort
  • Quality steel head
  • Lovely and strong handle
  • You can use it for both chopping and splitting
  • It comes with a leather sheath


  • Only suitable for kindling and small cuts of wood
  • Dents and scratches quickly

Considerations for Purchasing a Wood Splitting Axe

When the time comes to upgrade your wood splitting axe or buy one for the first time, you will be blown away by the market. There are so many tools from which to choose, and it can be hard to know which one will tick all the boxes. Instead of wasting your money on an inferior quality product, you may like to focus on the following criteria to get the best fit possible.

  1. HandleThe handle forms an integral part of a wood splitting axe. It’s the piece that determines the velocity at which you hit the wood and helps you to use the best amount of force to cut through it too. The handle must be comfortable to prevent fatigue, strong to handle daily use, and should also be long enough so as not to encourage injury. The longer the axe, the less likely you will have an accident that causes the axe to come into contact with your body. Most wood splitting axes feature fiber composite mixes or wood.
  2. HeadWhat good is a wood splitting axe if the steel head is no good? While the axe head can come in all shapes and sizes, its strength is the most critical feature. If it’s not strong or sharp enough to cut through wood, it’s not going to meet the mark. Do your research on both the head quality and reviews regarding it. You may find customers either rate it or hate it.
  3. Wood Ability Not every wood splitting axe can cut through every type of wood – or every log size. Some are suitable for large logs, while others are better for kindling and campfire fuel. Pay attention to the listing keywords and customer reviews. Then, check that you can use it for hardwood and soft wood.

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