Best Winter Hats for Women

Recommendation No. 1
The North Face Women's Oh-Mega Fur Pom Beanie, Vintage White, OS
  • Stay primed for winter adventures with the cozy The North Face® Oh-Mega Fur Pom Beanie!
  • Classic cable-knit beanie in a soft, acrylic fabrication.
  • Extra-large pom detailing.
  • Logo tab at cuff.
  • Deep fit. 100% acrylic. Hand wash. Imported. Measurements: Circumference: 18 in
Recommendation No. 2
QUEENFUR Women Knit Slouchy Beanie Chunky Baggy Hat with Faux Fur Pompom Winter Soft Warm Ski Cap
  • Material - The cable-knit hat is made of 100% soft Acrylic, with faux fur pompom on the top of the hat which is thick and comfortable. Can make you feel warm and fashion.
  • Size - It is one size with good stretch, for head circumference: 52-60cm that will fit most people.
  • Detail Design - The slouchy beanie with a fur pompom, we use the same color as the hat when they combine together will look matched. Also, the pompom is removeable, it will be more easier for you to care and clean.
  • Application - The hat is oversized design, so you can wear it when you dress up casual and youth style outfit, or can be used as ski cap. Moreover, it will also bring you warm, since it's thick and soft.
  • CARE&CLEAN - After receiving the hat, use hair dryer with cold wind and brush with small-tooth comb to make the fur fluffy. Then, shake the faux fur pompom to let the float hair gone, handwash only for hat to prevent deformation.
Recommendation No. 3
C.C Thick Cable Knit Faux Fuzzy Fur Pom Fleece Lined Skull Cap Cuff Beanie, Black
  • One size fits most
  • Made with 100% acrylic
  • Inner fleece lined for complete warmth
  • Faux fur top pom
  • Cuff with full cover of ears

If there’s two things you should always remember whenever winter is coming, that is to keep yourself dry and warm. It is significant therefore to own the right gear for wherever you will go, especially when you will be out and about for extended periods. Many people will focus on planning what layers to wear, but the key to comfort is to cover yourself well from top to bottom.

And it might not matter much to several people but the smallest things matter and that includes winter hats. Not only does it protect your face from the freezing weather, you’ll also help your ears escape from the biting cold as well. Moreover, it also contributes to your overall appearance and style. So if you want to strut in style when you’re out and about during winter, read on.


  • Why You Should Wear a Winter Hat
  • 7 Styles of Women’s Winter Hats
  • Find the Greatest Winter Hat for Women
  • 1. Columbia’s Women’s Cabled Cutie Beanie
  • 2. Funky Junque C.C. Trendy Warm Oversized Chunky Soft Oversized Cable Knit Slouchy Beanie
  • 3. UShake Balaclava Fleece Hood for Men or Women, Heavy Fleece Unisex Balaclavas, Ski Face Mask, Winter Neck Warmer
  • 4. REDESS Women Winter Pom Pom Beanie Hat with Warm Fleece Lined, Thick Slouch Snow Knit Skull Ski Cap
  • 5. QUEENFUR Women Knit Slouchy Beanie Chunky Baggy Hat with Faux Fur Pompom Winter Soft Warm Ski Cap
  • 6. FUNKY JUNQUE CC Confetti Knit Beanie – Thick Soft Warm Winter Hat – Unisex
  • 8. FURTALK Winter Knit Hat Real Raccoon Fur PomPom Women’s Girls Warm Knit Beanie Hat
  • 9. Women’s Winter Beanie Warm Fleece Lining – Thick Slouch Cable Knit Skull Hat Ski Cap
  • 10. CC Thick Cable Knit Faux Fuzzy Fur Pom Fleece Lined Skull Cap Cuff Beanie
  • 11. HUAMULAN Women Winter Peruvian Beanie Hat Ski Cap Fleece Lined Ear Flaps Dual Layered Pompoms
  • 12. HINDAWI Women Winter Warm Knit Hat Wool Snow Ski Caps with Visor
  • 13. VECRY Lady French Beret 100% Wool Beret Floral Dress Beanie Winter Hat
  • 14. HINDAWI Winter Hats Gloves for Women Knit Warm Ski Outdoor Caps Touch Screen Mittens
  • 15. HINDAWI Womens Slouchy Beanie Winter Hat Knit Warm Snow Ski Skull Cap

Why You Should Wear a Winter Hat

Protect Your Health

Cold weather conditions can cause hypothermia and frostbite. Hypothermia happens when the core body temperature falls below 95 degrees which is manifested through intensified shivering, cold and pale skin, slow breathing, and irregular pulse. On the other hand, frostbite occurs when your skin gets cold and red. At that moment, you will feel a sting or a prick.

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This is why aside from layers, winter hats are absolutely a must even if the weather is not yet extreme.


Orange and neon green winter hats are associated with safety. For those who are into extreme sports, those two colors are significant so that the search and rescue can be made easier when something terrible happens. Some hats are meant to literally save a life of a person. By wearing the two classic colors mentioned, a person can be seen miles away.

7 Styles of Women’s Winter Hats


This type of hat is also called a beanie, bobcap, sock cap, stocking cap and more. It originated in the military and is still being used there today. But beyond the names the people label it with, it offers three basic features it is knitted, round, and double-layered.

Usually it is made with wool, cotton, or synthetic. The purpose of the double layer is to bring added protection on the ears. It is practical and brings just the right warmth. Other designs also has ear flaps, intricate designs and patterns. It is usually used for casual purposes.


Popularly known as ushanka, this type of hat also covers the lower part of the ears, the cheeks, and the chin since it has additional malleable flaps, string, or leather tie which are connected to the chin or the upper part of the hat. Some of the trapper hats come with small visors to provide more warmth and coverage on top of the eyes.

It also comes from a military origin, specifically the Soviet. Its charm and style radiates with its thick and furry lining.


These hats are not only available during winter time, but they are offered at a much thicker style during the cold winter months. However, these are not recommended for extreme weather conditions because it lacks protection for the ears, cheek, or neck.


Part of this are the fedoras, bowlers, and homburgs. They are ideal in the sense that it gives warmth in the semi-circular area of the ears. It is also stylish and you can even discreetly choose a style that has ear flaps while still maintaining your fashion sense.

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If you want something that will truly protect you from the cold, this is the hat for you. It may not be as fashionable as the previous types, but it promises to be fully functional since it also provides protection on the neck area. You can be sure that the biting cold will have a hard time fighting this hat.


Also known as pie hat, this high and wedge-shaped wool will be your go-to when you wear a formal attire. It is usually worn by doctors, professors, bankers – but it is perfect for any formal occasion and a classic when it comes to style. Exude seriousness, confidence, and power with this hat.


Want to storm your way through brutal winds? Or do you just want something that will make you look cool? This hat will bring warmth to your head and will not fly away during extreme winds. Make sure you’re out and about in this classic casual headwear when you fight the winds.

Find the Greatest Winter Hat for Women

Women love to be at their best, regardless of what season. The good news is, below contains considerations for your next stylish and purposeful winter hat.


Among the styles of the hat mentioned above, what works for you? Knowing the purpose of your winter hat is what really matters. In addition, you have to know your hat size. Measure your head and follow the size guide before you purchase anything. The usual best colors that are considered timeless during winter season are black, camel, and gray.

However, it really is up to you if you want to make a bold statement and dare to try something different just as long as it also looks nicely with your coat. Just don’t use orange or neon colors.


Are you allergic to a certain fabric? If not, then you have several options for this specific task. In choosing the perfect fabric, you have to consider the winter condition, temperature, whether an event is formal or informal, and most of all its functionality. The usual fabric materials that will keep you warm and cozy during winter are wool, thick cotton canvas, leather, knit acrylic, and fleece.

1. Columbia’s Women’s Cabled Cutie Beanie

One of the most common winter hats but one that can give you warmth, durability, and practicality in different winter scenarios. Columbia’s Women’s Cabled Cutie Beanie is definitely a must-buy!

Warm but not scratchy, not too tight but also not too loose – this cozy and soft fleece winter hat has a good coverage. It also has a cute design, perfect when you run errands!

Design & Fit

It only comes in one size 6 1/2/ – 7 1/2 and they provide you with a size chart so that you can check whether this is the perfect fit for you. It has classic designs and if you want something neutral, down-to-earth, and a hardly noticeable design, this winter hat is made for you.

It is also practical to buy this since it can be used during fall, winter, or spring.


It is made with acrylic, cable knit and fleece which makes it an ideal soft fabric. If that’s not enough, it also comes with nine (9) different colors astral, chalk, charcoal heather 2, light bisque, nori, dark raspberry, deep rust, nocturnal, and truffle.

It also has a cloth lining that prevents the wind to cut through so technically, this will really keep you warm and happy when you purchase this. Most of those who purchase this commented that it is tight-fitting and though it may be a disadvantage to others, that certain quality of this winter hat actually boost the warmth the user feels.


  • Low to moderate intensity activities
  • Snug-fitting cap


  • Lacks stretch
  • Economical

2. Funky Junque C.C. Trendy Warm Oversized Chunky Soft Oversized Cable Knit Slouchy Beanie

Useful and fashionable beany all at the same time, perfect for the autumn season. Whether you are traveling, shopping, cruising, visiting, or just taking memorable photos, Funky Junque CC Trendy Warm Beanie will give you a touch up glow!

It keeps you warm because it just has the right thickness. It keeps you feeling cool because this beanie is your go-to fashionable and affordable addition to your closet. Generally, it will just make you feel so good! It is available in wide range of styles so there’s really no doubt about why you should wear one.

Design & Fit

If you are looking for an oversized beanie that can fit any size, this beanie might just be your dream come true.  Not only is it functional, it is also fashionable too. Its size is 10 inches by 9 inches. It is ideal if you also want your hat to cover your ears and perhaps wearing ear muffs is considered a drag for you.

Further, you can rock this hat no matter what your hairstyle it since it won’t destroy how you prefer to design it. Whether you clip, braid, or put your hair up, this beanie can still do what it does best – protect you from the cold without ruining your flair.


The fabric is 100% soft acrylic crocheted into a cable knit beanie. It is available in over 60 colors. Others have solid colors while the others are a combination of the plain colors they are offering. What made this a steal is that you can choose to buy a two-pack and experience a big discount. Basically, you’ll get the second hat for half the price.

Since it is 100% acrylic, you never have to worry about it being washed in the machine since it is built to be durable. That’s why maintaining one will never be a hassle for you.


  • Durable and soft
  • Can fit all head sizes
  • Attractive design


  • Lacks form since it is oversized

3. UShake Balaclava Fleece Hood for Men or Women, Heavy Fleece Unisex Balaclavas, Ski Face Mask, Winter Neck Warmer

Want to be fully secured just in case there are strong winds? Do you worry about protecting yourself from the extreme cold and wind? UShake Balaclava Fleece Hood will surely offer you an adequate breathability and comfortability. It is really one of the best choices you can do to keep yourself warm and toasty during winter time.

This is something you can definitely use while skiing, motorcycling, running, biking, trekking, snowboarding, hunting, and other outdoor activities! It will never scratch your skin and it is lightweight but thick enough to keep you warm. To put it simply, it provides you the ultimate protection with its exquisite cut.

Design & Fit

This balaclava allows you to protect your full neck and face. For your information, the head circumference of this hood is 22.8” – 23.62”. By the size indicated, this balaclava can almost fit all sizes, so measure your head circumference before anything else. In the end, it all comes down to preference on whether you are okay for a well-fitted balaclava or a loose one.

UShake is built on the foundation that users feel greater comfort, convenience, and style wherever you go.


It is also designed for mobility since the nature of its fabric is a four-way stretch. It comes in three classic colors black, burgundy red, and dark grey. It is made of 100% polyester and synthetic fur. For extra care and assurance that you will not accidentally ruin your balaclava, just hand wash this hat.


  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Ideal for moving activities


  • Only for extreme cold
  • One piece garment

4. REDESS Women Winter Pom Pom Beanie Hat with Warm Fleece Lined, Thick Slouch Snow Knit Skull Ski Cap

Top of your look with REDESS Women Winter Pom Pom Beanie Hat. It is a nicely constructed hat that won’t disappoint. Typically it can be described as an everyday wear, cute, and warm. For sure, you’ll love how it will fit in your head and the several colors available. You know you are going to be extremely satisfied with it!

Interested in looking effortlessly adorable? Get yourself drawn to the unique cable knit design which you can’t have on other hats featured elsewhere. There’s no itching at all with this hat despite the fuzzy lining inside. Further, the pom pom is made of yarn and not fake fur. It is definitely a fashion steal without sacrificing your style and without looking like a dork.

Design & Fit

Perhaps the most enticing feature of this beanie is that it prevents gliding and deformity. Plus, the pompom adds an edge to the simplicity of the hat and making it more attractive. Moreover, the edge is ridged so that it can be a snug fit and at the same time allowing the ears to feel warm. Last but not the least, one size fits all, that’s how elastic it is! Stretch it all you want and it will not lose the shape it’s meant to show.


This is made of a soft luscious fleece material and ideal for long period of use. And because it has double-layer design, it provides just the right warmth. This beanie is certified breathable and thus keeps your skin dry.


  • Easy to wash
  • Pom pom material
  • Soft-touch knit
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Too ostentatious for others
  • Stretchy but not very large

5. QUEENFUR Women Knit Slouchy Beanie Chunky Baggy Hat with Faux Fur Pompom Winter Soft Warm Ski Cap

Look snappy and cute with QUEENFUR Women Knit Slouchy Beanie Chunky Baggy Hat! This hat stays in place and will make your head look nice and warm. Keep yourself well-insulated this winter and try just how flexible this hat can be. Warm, cozy, and stretchy are just some of the things that make this hat oh so comfortable.

This versatile hat comes in a slew of solid colors and mixed patters that will go hand in hand with your personal taste and style Simple, timeless, and a design you can definitely wear from winter to summer. You can certainly trust this while you ski, commute, or jog on a cold winter day.

Design & Fit

It is cable-knit hat that comes with a faux fur pompom that promises just the right thickness and comfortability for the winter season. Not only that, you can also use it during summertime so buying this hat wouldn’t be such a waste if you are looking to reduce the cost of your purchase.

Since it is a slouchy beanie, you can wear it even if you braid your hair or if you fix it in a pompous way. Whether your style is casual or street style, this can aid you with care and love. Before you decide to buy, the head circumference of this will fit those who are in the range of 52-60cm.


It is a decent quality hat that is made of 100% acrylic, quite slouchy but not itchy. Further, you can detach the ball on top and easily wear it without in just a snap. Without the ball, you can also use this hat just like any regular hat. Aside from its multi-function feature, it also has a protective plastic cover for the pompom – perfect for making it last for many more years!


  • Soft and not scratchy
  • Great for bigger heads
  • 100% acrylic


  • Puff easily falls off

6. FUNKY JUNQUE CC Confetti Knit Beanie – Thick Soft Warm Winter Hat – Unisex

This is a fantastic, practical, warm, and stylish beanie that will make your heart and soul happy! Being warm doesn’t mean you have to give up your sense of fashion. It is also thickly made and gives off a refreshing feature which can be used for office, school, or just about anywhere you want to use it to. What are you waiting for? Snag some Funky Junque CC Confetti Knit Beanie now.

Roll up some awesome scarf to complete your look and brave the cold gusty winds with a trusty team mate! This hat has a variety of colors and designs that will suit your personal taste.

Design & Fit

The hat is 9” by 8”. Fitting is not a problem because it is highly stretchable and gives you the perfect snug fit. Plus, it makes sure that your head and ears are warm all day. The good thing about confetti knit beanies is that it gives a youthful projection to those who see it. More than its great winter functionality, you can be sure that you’ll look fun with this one.


The hat is made out of 100% acrylic and it is super thick! Add some fun and bright colors to make your outfits pop. Narrow down your options for the best winter hat, because this will surely feel like magic since this hat can be used in different number of occasions. The stylish design allows you to blend and colors are not limited to one or two options only.


  • Machine washable
  • Very thick
  • Great for indoors and outdoors
  • Perfect wardrobe staple


  • Too big for others


From a beautifully crafted line that is made for fashion spirits and dreamers, Wrapables Beanie Hat can be your buddy during the chilly season. It can be worn slouched down or as a traditional beanie. The best thing about it? It comes with an infinity scarf that can easily complete your outdoor look.

Express your love this holiday season through presenting a cozy gift such as this one! Enjoy the warm, comfort, and excellent breathability that this hat can offer. It also features a unisex design so if you feel like sharing this to family, friends, or relatives, you can definitely use this.

Design & Fit

It comes with various color combinations such as black, white, blue, gray and more. What’s good about it is that you can choose several designs and you can easily pick the best design that match your outfit. And with the wonderful infinity scarf partnered with the beanie hat, you have the option to experiment how you will look through wrapping it up in different styles. Since the size of the hat is 19” by 9.5”, you can be sure that it has wide coverage. Meanwhile, the scarf has a size of 46” by 12.5”.


The fabric is made of 100% acrylic. It is a super soft and cozy material that feels like cashmere. It is perfectly breathable and you will not get allergies from using it. Further, it is also super lightweight which you can wear during cold evenings, mornings, or when simply attending an area where places are air-conditioned.


  • 100% acrylic
  • Soft, warm, & comfortable
  • Unisex
  • Dries quickly


  • Strong chemical smell

8. FURTALK Winter Knit Hat Real Raccoon Fur PomPom Women’s Girls Warm Knit Beanie Hat

Feeling your inner snow bunny but don’t know how to show it? Furtalk Winter Knit Hat got your back, literally and figuratively. As far as style goes, you could totally wear this everywhere with just the right amount of confidence and knowing that this is one of the warmest of the hats out there.

You will love the big, fluffy fur pompom although it may seem too much. But once you get a hold of it, the plain design is exactly the reason why there’s huge pompom that is sure to catch the attention of everyone you meet. Some may feel like this hat is only for the youth, but it is the other way around. Once you wear this hat, you’ll surely be able to go back in time!

Design & Fit

It only comes in solid colors. Further, the pompom is detachable which makes it more worth it to buy it. The pompom is technically separate from the hat so if you don’t feel like walking with it, you can finally rest that burden. The hat is made of good quality and you can be sure that it can weather the cold days, even during the winter windy times! Some say this is best paired with an aviator sunglasses.

It’s gorgeous and looks full. Other than those things mentioned, you also get to have an alternate pompom made of yarn.


It is produced with high quality stretchy acrylic that can fit all sizes! Best purchased especially if you are not sure about your size. It has a fantastic quality for its price and you can see that the fabric of this was packaged well.


  • Pompom is secured
  • Super warm material
  • Snug fit
  • Good thickness


  • Smaller for some people
  • Pompom maybe too small for others

9. Women’s Winter Beanie Warm Fleece Lining – Thick Slouch Cable Knit Skull Hat Ski Cap

Stylish, exciting, and functional hat is within your reach. Women’s Winter Beanie is sure to shock you with its quality and ageless design. Strut your way to work, school, or office because this beanie is the bomb! If you are looking for something simple and at the same time something you can wear on harsh climate conditions, look no further.

When everyone is freezing their way around the town, this hat will make you think of a new favorite winter must-have accessory. Whether subtle or lively is your taste, there will surely be a design that’s made for you.

Design & Fit

For a more restrained look, you can have the grey, black, blue, cream, and white colors. However, if you are born to stand out, choose the different shades of red or you can simply hide in the guise of the purple color. Also, one size fits all for this hat. And when you wear it, it is great for the snow!

The cream color is a favorite of most people. You can’t blame them though because that color matches almost every outfit you can have in your closet so don’t hesitate now.


Made 100% with acrylic. Aside from that, it comes with a double layer knit design that will boost the warmth you need to brave the chilly season. And since this fabric is a winter staple for you, you will like that this is stretchable and it also has a plush lining. The said lining will keep your head and ears warm.


  • Fleece lined
  • Warm Hat
  • Cute design
  • Not itchy


  • Pompom easily falls off

10. CC Thick Cable Knit Faux Fuzzy Fur Pom Fleece Lined Skull Cap Cuff Beanie

This beanie hat ranks among the best winter hats in 2018! CC Thick Cable Knit Hat is made of top quality fabric and the design is definitely stylish. You can absolutely wear this hat all season round and especially when you’re outdoors.

Hands down the warmest and cutest beanie you will ever have. It is reasonably priced too so if you have a big family, this can be an awesome gift you can give to your loved ones. You will surely love everything about this hat.

Design & Fit

Sleek, soft touch, and colorful look – these are just some of the things this winter hat offers. Aside from looking refined, you will be offered more than just warmth and comfortability but breathability as well. Highly recommended for those who do not want their hats to be too tight. The available colors are just an addition to the beauty of this.

Additionally, the hat itself is super thick and soft and you will get what is really advertised! You’ll also be surprised that the inside of this hat is super soft that is ready to melt a frozen heart. Further, you will never feel an itch once you take the plunge and purchase this. And there’s no need for you to wear additional headband to protect your ears because this hat will keep you extra warm.


Made 100% with acrylic. Aside from that, it comes with a double layer knit design that will boost the warmth you need to brave the chilly season. And since this fabric is a winter staple for you, you will like that this is stretchable and it also has a plush lining. The said lining will keep your head and ears warm.


  • Fleece lining
  • Thick cable knit
  • One size fits most


  • Pompom too big for some
  • Not machine washable

11. HUAMULAN Women Winter Peruvian Beanie Hat Ski Cap Fleece Lined Ear Flaps Dual Layered Pompoms

Especially made for winter running and walking, HUAMULAN Women Winter Peruvian Beanie Hat also keeps the itches away from your head and it has the ideal natural insulation qualities.

Looks basic but has a beautiful style, warm, and will fit perfectly in your head. Unlike from the previously shared hats in this list, this one has amazing ear flaps which hit at the bottom of your lobes.

Design & Fit

This hat promises you warm even during below zero wind chill days and its performance has no match! Indeed, this hat has a very high quality design and execution. This can be a lifesaver for your outdoor activities especially when you do some running, skiing, and other activities.

Other beanies which are made of wool are extremely expensive but you can purchase this at an economical cost. You will never feel the rush of cold wind when you wear this since the two ear flaps also serve as heating stoves. And yes, it feels soft and warm.


This was created from a warm artificial woolly fur combined with a good quality knitting acrylic. Using this hat is exciting because you can really feel the softness and the warm of the fleece lining when you wear this.

A mixture of black and light coffee knitted fabric is such a dream to behold, definitely a good buy!


  • Good for those who have large heads
  • Stretchable fabric
  • Perfectly covers the ears


  • Not for high wind

12. HINDAWI Women Winter Warm Knit Hat Wool Snow Ski Caps with Visor

Worried of working in the blinding snow? You can rest easy now with HINDAWI Women Winter Warm Knit Hat because it will offer you the perfect warmth and shade from the snow.

This hat is truly super! It is an epitome of form and function, a versatile winter accessory that you will surely like. Up to this day, this knitted hat continually receives positive reviews and is one of the most popular options by women, especially with its affordability and exceptional quality.

Design & Fit:

This knitted hat has a unique design and is available in nine (9) colors: black, white, navy, grey, coffee, red, beige, purple, and green. So if you feel like dressing up depending on your mood, you have a lot of choices you can make. The best thing about it? The material is stretchable, you don’t have to worry about not being able to fit your desired hair style. And even if it is only available in solid colors, the markings on the hat makes it look stylish.

To make sure you will purchase the right hat, the head circumference of this hat is 21.6” – 22.8”, quite big than other sizes of hat. Since the size of this hat is big, you can pull it down right over your ears whenever there are blowing winds and snow. It can also be used so that you can stretch it down to protect your forehead.


This is made from knit cotton fabric which makes provision of extra warmth possible! If that’s not enough, it also has a fuzzy faux fur lining which guarantees incredible protection.


  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Shade your eyes from snow
  • Highly stretchable
  • Affordable


  • Hand Wash Only

13. VECRY Lady French Beret 100% Wool Beret Floral Dress Beanie Winter Hat

Look and feel like an urban chic with a VECRY Lady French Beret! Charm your way to the places you will go together with protecting yourself from the winter chill. Berets have always been known to be stylish, practical, and feast for the eyes.

If you want to exude a fun and light-hearted personality – the beret can say it for you. With its breathtaking palette of colors, you’ll never run out of lovely things to wear. Safe to say, it is a great choice for snowy winter nights.

Design & Fit:

This beret fits perfectly, simply gorgeous, soft, and well-made! Though it might be a bit small, it has a lot of stretch to offer in its head area. Its style is elegant and attractive and it can match well with casual and formal clothing style. Additionally, it is heavier and thicker than usual – really makes you feel warmer and indeed, it is built to last!

Some may think twice about wearing a beret because it is no easy feat. However with VECRY, you can just wing it. As a timeless accessory, you can wear it as a statement-making action. Ultra cozy look, modern badass, chic look, or polished look – you can do it all with just one design by mixing the angles and choosing different colors of the same winter hat.


The quality of wool is superb! It folds and unfolds easily and without the fear of dents. It will match well with a good-looking coat. Out there, there are only a few who can compete with the quality of construction, style, and the good price of this hat. There are many customers who said that it can be worn together with blue jeans. Well, isn’t that nice? You would want to wear something with great value.


  • Stretchable
  • Many colors and style
  • Super warm
  • 100% wool


  • Small size only
  • Bow falls off easily sometimes

14. HINDAWI Winter Hats Gloves for Women Knit Warm Ski Outdoor Caps Touch Screen Mittens

A snug and comfortable winter like HINDAWI Winter Hat should be a staple in your wardrobe. This well-made hat can be one of your signature looks – perfect for those who are looking for simple, well-priced, warm, and durable winter beanie.

Want a little playfulness in your beanie without going totally over the top? This beanie can be used in your fall or winter dreams without clashing on your coats. Just wrap up warmly with this sensational winter hat.

Design & Fit:

One size fits all for this hat so you better take note that it can only be used by those whose head circumference is 21.6” – 22.8”. It is available in the following colors: black, beige, purple, red, and grey. It has a visor so you can be sure that you have a chance at fighting strong winds.

Just like the previous HINDAWI winter hat, this also comes with unique markings but it is so subtle and classic, you don’t have to worry about standing out when you wear this – unless of course, you will choose red or purple. It is easy to pair with other clothes because of its classic design.


It was crafted through thermal spun acrylic fiber and it has an artificial wool inner lining which provides more warmth to the user. The hat is so soft inside and the gloves have amazing grip. The beanie can be a bit tight but you can stretch it manually to get the right feels. It’s awesome that the gloves can be used while driving and also for working on the phone or even touching the console in the car.


  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Comes with non-slip gloves


  • Hand wash only
  • Gloves not for winter protection

15. HINDAWI Womens Slouchy Beanie Winter Hat Knit Warm Snow Ski Skull Cap

If you are picky about beanies and you want something both functional and trendy, the HINDAWI Women’s Slouchy Beanie is out in the market for you. It is one of the most stylish, classic look on and off the winter slopes.

Its versatility to be pulled down over one’s ears is one of its most attractive features. With its flexibility, you can definitely utilize this. It’s comfortable and more importantly, it doesn’t itch one bit. If it is your first time in snow, this Is the best deal so you won’t have cold neck this winter.

Design & Fit:

The color combinations are toned down making it much easier to match with other clothes. You also have the option to buy the set that comes with a circle scarf. However, if you feel like you are already okay with just the beanie, you can buy it without the scarf.

The size of the hat circumference is 22-23.2” by 10.6”. Meanwhile, the circle scarf is 19.7-27.6” – 7.9”. But what makes them both worth buying? The hat and the scarf is reversible! If you don’t feel like going out with wearing black, burgundy, navy, beige, or grey that has a polyester lining, just easily shift to the other side. It is highly recommended because it is a convenient convertible set.


Made from thick and chunky acrylic, you are assured that you can enjoy maximum warmth. What’s even better is that it has a soft fleece inner lining that also helps you feel some heat inside.


  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Can be partnered with circle scarf


  • Hand wash only

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