Best Waterproof Laptop Backpacks

Recommendation No. 1
Laptop Backpack, Business Water Resistant Laptops Backpack Gift for Men Women with Lock and USB Charging Port, Mancro Anti Theft College School Bookbag, Travel Computer Bag for 15.6 Inch Laptops,Grey
  • [PERFECT SIZE & STORAGE SPACE] Waterproof business laptops backpack organize your items with 12+ Pockets. Laptop pocket fits 15.6 inch, 15 inch or 14 inch Macbook/Laptop. Convenient main pockets for iPad, charger, binders, books, clothes, ect. Inside pockets keep your wallet, phone. Front slanted pocket perfect for quick finds such as your ID for work, keys for open door, two side pockets for water bottle and compact umbrella make your items organized
  • [USB PORT DESIGN & LIFE-TIME ASSURANCE] The USB Charging durable laptop backpack with built in USB charger outside and built in charging cable inside, you can plug a mobile power hub into on the inside, then you just connect your usb cable to your waterproof laptop bookbag and plug in your device for easy charging. Life-time quality assurance from Mancro and friendly 24 hours customer service
  • [SAFETY & FREE YOUR HAND] This antitheft business travel laptop backpack comes with a LOCK so you never have to worry about someone stealing your laptop, ipad, file and anything value. A LUGGAGE STRAP allows backpack fit on luggage/suitcase, slide over the luggage upright handle tube for easier carrying. Durable metal zippers close and open smoothly, ensuring a long-lasting usage everyday
  • [COMFY & STURDY] The laptop backpack made from high quality polyester fabric shockproof with high density nylon lining for better TEAR and WATER RESISTANT and heavy duty laptop backpack for the City. Two "S" curve PADDED shoulder straps relieve the stress of shoulder, simple but comfortable back design offer your great back support, making your working, business and travelling more convenient wherever you go
  • [MULTIPURPOSE & SIZE] 20 x 12.2 x 5.7 Inch, perfect to throw under your seat on an airplane when you are traveling or on business trip. Suitable for back to school college, can be easily stored. Good choose for a business laptop backpack for men, work backpack for men, office work bag for men and women and laptop bag for men, also will be a good gifts for men, gifts for women, gifts for your husband or boyfriend and travelers
Recommendation No. 2
Ronyes Unisex College Bag Fits up to 15.6’’ Laptop Casual Rucksack Waterproof School Backpack Daypacks (Gray)
  • Any problems, please contact us first. We will do our best to meet your satisfaction.
    Waterproof Durable School Bag with Folder Cover
  • Made of high quality waterproof material; padded and adjustable shoulder straps; external USB with built-in charging cable offers a convenient charging
  • The pocket for the 13/14/15/16" laptop is padded, as well as the front flap and back
  • Large Capacity: one large zipper pocket with a laptop compartment; one front bottom zipper pocket; one middle zipper pocket; two side pockets
  • Ronyes Lightweight stylish fashion cute computer backpack bookbag for women and men, perfect for school, travel, hiking, everyday use and outdoor activities
Recommendation No. 3
OUTJOY 17 In Laptop Backpack for Men Women Waterproof School Backpack Travel Work Backpack with Rain Cover USB Port
  • ◆WATER RESISTANT : OUTJOY travel backpack is crafted from waterproof exterior polyester fabric,along with a premium waterproof Rain Cover to protect your inside belongings from getting wetted. ◆SHOCKPROOF LAPTOP COMPARTMENT : our college backpack owns a cushioned protective pads with special AIRBAG,that means the backpacks fit various 17inches computers are pretty shockproof and protect your laptops from scratches,bumps and hits,with a touch fastener to fix your laptops in secure way.
  • ◆USB PORT DESIGN : This waterproof backpack for travel owns an external USB interface with built-in charging cable.One end to connect your own power bank(not included) and the other end to plug your own charging cable connecting digital device,for a quick charging anytime anywhere. Totally a hand-free phone call while charging and walking.
  • ◆ERGONOMICAL BACK CONSTRUCTION : The back panel and shoulder straps of our business backpacks are crafted from comfortable and breathable pads and fabric with an excellent ventilating construction.our laptop bag is a rare perfect combination of comforts and breathability free of making your back soaked in sweat and offers you a relaxing back-carrying experience as well in a long journey.The strap buckles are made of sturdy Metal,free of worry with buckle snap issue.
  • ◆LUGGAGE STRAP DESIGN : Our water resistant backpack owns a durable luggage strap on the rear is a great favor to set the backpack onto the luggage which will make your trip easy and effortless;  ◆SAY NO TO THE BAGGY BACKPACK: our computer bag can keep its own shape and it is stylish and pretty looking,a versatile USB backpack for men and women.
  • ◆SMART POCKETS with ORGANIZED LAYOUT : ① FRONT SECTION- Large,with multiple well-made pockets for bank cards,ID card,passport,along with a keychain to organize keys.② MIDDLE SECTION- Roomy space separated with two pockets to fit books,clothes,binders etc.③ THIRD SECTION- The work backpack with USB charging port has one protective padded compartment for 17 inches laptops. it is a spacious capacity to fit whatever you want. ④ SIDE SECTION- two net pockets store water bottle or beverage.

A laptop is one of the best and useful gadgets needed after mobile devices like cellular phones. Many people find laptops useful as these gadgets function more than what ordinary desktop computers can. In addition, a number of individuals rely on laptops in getting and working on their jobs. Laptops are also equally important for students as these are what they use when doing research, writing up their papers, and more. Even individuals who stay at home find laptops useful in their lives.

Laptops are well received by a lot of people due to the fact that it can be easily brought wherever you need to go. It can be conveniently used while in transit. It can also be used indoors and outdoors. Naturally, since laptops are important necessities for many individuals, it is imperative that laptops are well taken care of. For protection as well as convenience, that waterproof laptop backpacks are useful. Although laptops usually come with their own laptop bags, there is just so much benefit that can be reaped from using specialized laptop bags such as the waterproof laptop backpacks.

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Advantages of High Quality Waterproof Laptop Backpacks

Waterproof laptop bags have extra benefits that ordinary laptop bags do not have. Therefore, if you have a laptop, you might want to consider getting a waterproof laptop backpack to make sure your gadget is safe from the elements. This will also ensure that you will be able to extend its lifetime. Here are some benefits that can be gained from using the best waterproof laptop backpacks available in the market today.

Keeps laptop dry and clean.

This is the main advantage of ‘waterproof’ laptop backpacks. Other laptop bags or those that come with the laptops are not necessarily waterproof. At the most, they are just water resistant. The best waterproof laptop backpack is made to include an internal padding that is also waterproof. On the other hand, the external layer must be made of durable layer that can help keep the content of the backpack dry even during heavy rains. When selecting the best waterproof laptop backpacks, it is always wise to choose one that has a couple of layers that are waterproof – internal and external layers.

In terms of make, the best waterproof laptop backpack is often made of rubber or plastic. Laptop backpacks made using these materials are not only waterproof, they are also dustproof.

Gives freedom of movement.

Laptop backpacks does not only provide protection from water or dust, they also provide the user some degree of freedom of movement. Other laptop bags such as tote types, briefcase kinds, and messenger bag types do not provide as much freedom of movement as backpacks do. With backpacks, whether you are driving a motorcycle, riding a bike, walking, running, etc., you will be able to carry your laptop safely and easily.

Provides general protection.

Another advantage of using waterproof laptop backpacks is providing general protection for your laptop. Since laptops are valuable items, you will also want to make sure it is well protected. Waterproof laptop backpacks are great in protecting laptops as they can prevent scratches and other minor damages. At times, they can even protect laptops from sudden falls. Other waterproof laptop backpacks are also able to protect laptops from heat as well as moisture.

Prevents possible muscle strains.

Since waterproof laptop backpacks have shoulder straps, you can be assured that the weight of the entire bag and its contents are evenly distributed on your shoulders. This will prevent possible muscle strains. In addition to that, waterproof laptop backpacks also help in maintaining proper balance due to said even weight distribution.

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Main Types of Waterproof Laptop Backpacks

Waterproof laptop backpacks come in many styles, colors, extra functions, and designs. There are so many waterproof laptop backpacks out in the market that you may feel overwhelmed with all the choices that you have at your disposal. However, to make decision making easier, you will want to check on the main types of waterproof laptop backpacks. This way, you will be able to select which ones works for you and your lifestyle best. Then from there, you will be able to narrow down your options until you arrive to the right or the best waterproof laptop backpack for your needs.

While waterproof laptop backpack types may be classified diversely, the types below will help you easily determine the kind of waterproof laptop backpack that may suit you based on usage and lifestyle.


“Standard” waterproof laptop backpacks are laptop backpacks that are usually smaller and lightweight compared to basic and heavy-duty types. Standard waterproof laptop backpacks are the “grab and go” backpacks, which are useful when you only need to carry your laptop, its charger, as well as small essential items like keys and mobile devices. Although also waterproof, standard waterproof laptop backpacks may not offer as much protection as the basic and heavy-duty types, but that should be fine since these may be used for casual and occasional situations only. In addition, if you are gunning for something that is not bulky, the standard waterproof laptop backpacks should be your best choice.


Basic waterproof laptop backpacks are those that offer more functionality compared to standard types. It offers better padding as well as more compartment space and extra pockets. These are not as bulky as the heavy-duty types and these may also be less expensive compared to the heavy-duty ones since the make and material would be different. However, pricing will still be dependent on the brand and extra features of the laptop backpack. Basic waterproof laptop backpacks are best for office workers, employees, as well as students who may need to bring their laptops as well as other bigger essentials such as books, papers, and the likes.

Heavy Duty.

The heavy-duty waterproof laptop backpacks are for those people who are looking for laptop backpacks that offer more durability compared to the standard and basic types. Often, heavy duty waterproof laptop backpacks provide as much, or possibly even more, compartment space as the basic type. As for the make, the heavy-duty waterproof laptop backpacks are usually made from extra sturdy materials that will not easily wear or tear. Moreover, heavy-duty waterproof laptop backpacks also have extra features that the other types may lack. These features may include all or some of the following – shockproof, weatherproof, as well as dustproof.

Features and Characteristics of High Quality Waterproof Laptop Backpacks

When looking for the best waterproof laptop backpack for your needs, you will have to also take into consideration some laptop backpack features and characteristics. These features and characteristics will further aid you in selecting which functions you will like your backpack to have. These may also serve as your guideline when comparing the available waterproof laptop backpacks in the market.


This is, of course, the main feature that you will want to check if you are looking for “waterproof” laptop backpacks. This feature will ensure that your laptop backpack stays dry all the time. However, you also need to know that some waterproof laptop backpacks are waterproof only on the external layer. That said, there are laptop backpacks that offer two layers of protection for your laptop and belongings – waterproof internal layer and waterproof external layer.


Another feature that is also useful would be padding. Whether internal, external, or both, paddings are useful in ensuring your laptop is safe from possible scratches and damages from bumps and falls. If you are not keen in putting your laptop in a sleeve, then paddings will ensure that the laptop is well protected while in the bag while also ensuring a snug fit.

Secure and durable make.

Since you are looking to protect your precious laptop, you will want to ensure that you laptop backpack has a secure and durable make. Usually laptop backpacks, made from a combination of nylon, polyester, leather, and/or rubber provide the best durability when compared to those made with fabric. You may also want to check if the entire laptop backpack make is reinforced. You would also want to check on the foam and padding of the backpack as well as the buckles, zippers, clips, and fasteners used. Some waterproof laptop backpacks may even be sealed to prevent the possibility of gaps.

Reliable shoulder straps.

Checking for reliable shoulder straps is another thing that you might want to consider. Shoulder straps are very important, as these will ensure your backpack will not easily fall off your shoulders while you are carrying it around.

Compartments and pockets.

While compartment and pockets may be optional to some people, waterproof laptop backpacks still offer some space even for carrying small essential items such as mobile devices and keys. Different waterproof laptop backpacks offer different compartment size as well as pocket count. Depending on how much space you need, you can be ensured that most waterproof laptop backpacks offer these even on the most standard or casual type of laptop backpacks.


This feature is one that people who love traveling should check out for. Some waterproof laptop backpacks are made to be checkpoint-friendly so that you will be able to have your laptop backpack scanned effortlessly and quickly on airports. This feature basically provides an unobstructed view of your laptop backpack saving you effort and time in the process.

Stylish and Beautiful.

Although functionality is what you are mostly after when looking for waterproof laptop backpacks, you would also like to consider style and attractiveness of the overall backpack. Even the heavy-duty ones do not need to look like sacks of potatoes. Waterproof laptop backpacks are now made in a variety of designs and styles that will surely capture your hearts as well as the eyes of the onlookers.

1. Timbuk2 Spire Backpack

The Timbuk2 Spire Backpack is a kind of laptop backpack that screams aesthetics and functionality. Tumbuk2 is a company that develops and creates laptop bags that are functional as well as attractive. Laptop backpacks from Timbuk2 like the Timbuk2 Spire Backpack are long lasting as well. This laptop backpack is made from 630D Oxford Nylon that does not easily rip or break even when used in a daily basis. The Timbuk2 Spire Backpack is also constructed with a water-resistant TPU as well as canvas fabric make that ensures your backpack is secure and dry even when it is seriously drizzling outside.

Pockets and Compartments.

The Timbuk2 Spire Backpack is an awesome laptop backpack since it provides compartments for other gadgets like tablets. On the laptop compartment, you can fit a laptop that is up to 15″ in size. On the other compartment, you can fit tablets such as an iPad conveniently. The Timbuk2 Spire Backpack also has several pockets that can carry essentials. The front pocket can carry IDs, cards, and cash. The internal pocket organizer can contain mobile phones, pens, and other smaller items. Secure zipped pockets may be useful for carrying important items such as cables, ear buds, or your money – in cash or card. Side pockets can contain U-lock or your water bottles. Externally, you will find daisy chain webbings that provide points of attachment for carabiners, U-lock, helmets, and more.

Custom Fitting Straps.

The Timbuk2 Spire Backpack also provides convenient and comfortable fit among others. This ensures that even if you are carrying some weight on your back, you will not feel so strained. In addition to this, the Timbuk2 Spire Backpack also has sternum or chest strap that provides better and truer fit ensuring your backpack is snug and secure.

Back Panel Ventilation.

As for the back panel, the Timbuk2 Spire Backpack is made with an air mesh back panel that provides better ventilation. This provides some breathing space for your back so that you will not feel too burdened, sweaty, or irritated even if you are carrying your Timbuk2 Spire Backpack for a long time.


  • Roll top feature
  • 630D Oxford Nylon material
  • Custom fitting straps
  • Incognito back zipper access
  • Laptop and tablet compartments
  • Back panel ventilation


  • Fits up to 15″ laptop only
  • Water resistant only

2. BAGSMART Camera Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras & 15.6″ Laptop with Waterproof Rain Cover & Tripod Mount

Hate seeing all the stuff in your bag all jumbled and possibly damaged while you are in transit or when you are traveling? Well, that is some that the BAGSMART Camera Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras & 15.6″ Laptop can help you out with. This camera and laptop bag provides you with the custom organization ability to keep all of your important gadgets and stuff in place while also making sure that you carry them in style. The BAGSMART Camera Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras & 15.6″ Laptop is made from water resistant canvas material, with a waterproof bottom to make sure it can endure light drizzles. This bag is also made with padded compartments and dividers to make sure that your camera and laptop are well protected from scratches and possible damages. The BAGSMART Camera Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras & 15.6″ Laptop also comes with a  free rain cover to ensure everything inside the bag is dry and safe from rain or water splashes. It also comes with a free tripod mount that you can attach on the side of the bag.

Steal Proof.

Another important feature of the BAGSMART Camera Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras & 15.6″ Laptop is its steal proof make. On the front side, the compartments and pockets are secured by straps, while the main / inner compartment opens from the back for added security for possible thieving while you are carrying the bag on your back.

Custom Organized Compartments.

Compartments are always great features for any bag. With the BAGSMART Camera Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras & 15.6″ Laptop the compartments are even made to be customizable with the padded Velcro dividers that allow you to customize compartment size depending on the size of the lens that you will be bringing. In addition, the bag also has a top compartment that allows you to carry other necessities like smaller gadgets, clothes, notebooks, or even books. On the front and side parts, there are also side pockets that should be helpful in keeping necessities that you need quick access to.


  • Steal proof
  • Custom and organized compartments
  • Stylish and fashionable
  • With waterproof rain cover
  • Camera and laptop compartments


  • Water resistant only
  • Difficult quick access on inner compartment

3. Yorepek Large Capacity Backpack

If space and capacity is what you are looking for so you can put all the stuff you need for school or work, then the Yorepek Large Capacity Backpack might be what you need. This backpack has a huge capacity – roughly estimated to be about 45 liters in volume. It is made from sturdy polyester fabric and heavy-duty zippers to make sure all of your stuff are secure all the time. As for the straps and handles, the Yorepek Large Capacity Backpack is made durably so you can carry the backpack with ease. Its rugged handle has a steel cable right on the top part to ensure it will not rip out even if the bag is packed full. The Yorepek Large Capacity Backpack also has side compression straps so you can use the backpack snuggly no matter if it is fully packed or not.

Large Capacity.

The Yorepek Large Capacity Backpack is made with capacity and durability in mind. This backpack can carry about 45 liters in terms of volume and has more than 20 organizational pockets to carry your essentials. It also has padded compartments to safely allow you to carry laptops – even the huge 17 inches models. On top of that, it also compartments for other gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets as well as some clothes, books, wallets, and other essential items. It even has mesh side pockets to help you carry your water bottles to make sure you are hydrated.

Headphone and USB Port.

Aside from the large storage space offered by the Yorepek Large Capacity Backpack, as a plus, it also has ports for your headphone, earphone, or USB devices. The headphone and earphone hole basically allows you a mess-free usage of your earphones and headphone as there will be no worries of cords dangling around. The USD port comes with a built-in charging cable that you can connect to your power packs / banks so that you can charge your mobile devices even while you walk.


The Yorepek Large Capacity Backpack is also made to be checkpoint friendly as it can be opened 180° for easy checking. This is highly useful especially when airplane traveling. Checking your bag will be quick and easy.


  • Durable
  • Large capacity and many pockets
  • User friendly and easy access
  • USB charging port
  • Breathable and comfy design
  • Checkpoint-friendly


  • Water resistant only
  • Too big for hiking and trekking
  • No sternum strap

4. OUTJOY 17″ Waterproof Backpack

Laptop backpacks need to be able to properly secure and protect the gadget it is carrying. One of the highly sought after laptop backpacks would be the OUTJOY 17″ Waterproof Backpack. This backpack is perfect for travellers, students, and even office workers. The OUTJOY 17″ Waterproof Backpack is made using water resistant fabric to prevent water damages to your items during light rain. However, it comes with a waterproof rain cover that is neatly attached and kept at the bottom of the bag for slightly heavier downpour. The OUTJOY 17″ Waterproof Backpack can fit a laptop up to 17 inches in size along with a few books, some clothes, and other essential items. This laptop backpack is also made with cable and headphone hole so you can keep the cord neatly organized in the bag while you listen to your music or podcasts.

Shockproof Padding.

One important feature of laptop bags would be their shockproof feature. The OUTJOY 17″ Waterproof Backpack’s laptop pocket is padded on the sides and the bottom part to ensure that it will not be easily damaged even when the backpack is bumped. This shockproof padding utilizes a protective airbag system that has extra bubble-type padding for extra protection. This bubble-type padding also allows your laptop to “breathe” or be well ventilated while it is inside the bag.

Drawbar Sleeve.

The OUTJOY 17″ Waterproof Backpack also has a drawbar sleeve on the back panel. This sleeve allows you to, securely and snuggly, attach the laptop backpack on your luggage’s long handle. This allows you to still easily carry your backpack when you want to give your shoulders some rest.

Additional Features.

Aside from these, the OUTJOY 17″ Waterproof Backpack also has several straps like the adjustable sternum / chest straps for better and secure fit. It also has compression straps that allow you to tighten up your backpack when you need to adjust its size when not fully packed. The OUTJOY 17″ Waterproof Backpack also has some elastic side pockets for your drinking bottles. As for the inner compartments, the OUTJOY 17″ Waterproof Backpack has 3 separate compartments that are all spacious for your laptop, books, clothes, and essentials. The laptop compartment also includes an elastic Velcro secure strap to keep your laptop in place.


  • Shockproof padding
  • Drawbar sleeve
  • Comfy and fashionable
  • Cushioned and breathable
  • Organized and spacious
  • Waterproof rain cover


  • Water resistant only
  • Not anti-theft
  • No USB charging port

5. Kaka 2070 Travel Backpack

Heavy duty and multifunctional – these are the two features that standout the most with the Kaka 2070 Travel Backpack. This laptop backpack is highly suggested for individuals who are required or fond of travelling for several days at a time. The Kaka 2070 Travel Backpack is made durably so it can be used repeatedly even with a load of about 30 pounds. It is made from durable Terylene Oxford fabric that has several great qualities on its own. The Kaka 2070 Travel Backpack is also highly spacious, as per testing, it can be loaded with up to 14 shirts when rolled. Essentially, you can fit in several garments, some books, laptop, mobile devices, essentials, and toiletries. The Kaka 2070 Travel Backpack even comes with a lock that is password secured.

Heavy Duty and Anti-Theft Feature.

The Kaka 2070 Travel Backpack is made using durable fabric. This fabric is Terylene Oxford. This fabric as unique as it goes since it has many useful qualities such as durability and anti-theft as well as water and scratch resistant.

Multifunctional Bag.

Another feature that makes Kaka 2070 Travel Backpack unique is its multifunctional feature. The Kaka 2070 Travel Backpack can be used as a backpack, shoulder bag, duffle bag, as well as travel bag. The Kaka 2070 Travel Backpack is a hybrid kind of bag so it can be used by students needing to carry many books or those who would go on international or overnight travels.

Spacious Compartments.

Since the Kaka 2070 Travel Backpack is meant for travellers who will be out and about for several days, it is only expected that it has large and spacious compartments. The Kaka 2070 Travel Backpack has about 10 pockets in total. There are zipped pockets – 1 main, 1 mesh side pocket, 3 at the front, 3 on the large front, and 2 strap pockets. Inside, there is a dedicated space for the laptop. This laptop space has an elastic Velcro strap to keep the laptop snug in place.


  • Anti-theft feature
  • Multifunctional bag
  • Spacious compartments
  • Suited for long travels
  • Password protected lock


  • A bit heavy
  • Not for emaciated people
  • Water resistant only

6. Tocode 17.3″ Stylish Travel Backpack

There are times when a spacious laptop backpack is just what you need so you can carry other items along with you especially when you travel. If you are looking for backpack that is roomy and can carry up to 17.3 inches of laptop, then what you might be looking for is the Tocode 17.3″ Stylish Travel Backpack. This laptop backpack provides you so much functionality without sacrificing the style and overall look of the bag. This way, you can carry your bag confidently and fashionably. The Tocode 17.3″ Stylish Travel Backpack is made using Oxford fabric that is heavy duty as well as water repellent. The smaller parts like the zippers and straps are also made to be durable so that the entire bag will last longer. The Tocode 17.3″ Stylish Travel Backpack also sports an ergonomically made durable rugged handle so hand carrying the bag would be easier.

Large Backpack Capacity.

The Tocode 17.3″ Stylish Travel Backpack is capable of carrying up to 35 liters in terms of volume. Internally, the backpack has a specially made laptop and tablet compartment that is padded on one side and has an elastic Velcro secure strap to ensure a nice fit when the laptop and tablet are inside. It also has 3 other compartments that can encase smaller items such as wallet, passport, pens, keys, and others items that require quick access. You can even carry some change of clothing inside if needed. There are also 2 elastic side pockets made of mesh so you can carry your drinking bottles or bring a foldable umbrella if necessary.

USB Port.

This laptop backpack is also one of those that have built in USB port so you can plug one end on a power pack / bank and the other end to plug in your mobile devices for charging. This means, you can comfortably and effortlessly charge your mobile devices even without taking your power pack / bank outside of your bag.

Compression straps.

Since the Tocode 17.3″ Stylish Travel Backpack has large capacity, you can expect it to be a bit bulky when not full. However, this should not deter you from using it on a daily basis since it has compression straps that you can adjust so the backpack’s width can be adjusted to the size that you are comfortable using.


  • Large capacity and many pockets
  • Compression straps
  • USB port
  • Ergonomic chest buckle
  • Password-enabled lock
  • Reinforced


  • Water repellent only
  • Chest strap may be a bit short
  • Laptop space not well padded

7. EletecPro Unisex 17.3 Inch Laptop Backpack

Attending school, college especially, may require using a sturdy and spacious backpack to carry books, notebooks, a shirt or two, and a laptop. The same is true for employees or travellers who need to go on trips but do not want to carry bulky luggage. The EletecPro Unisex 17.3 Inch Laptop Backpack may be a suitable backpack for these cases. This backpack is made using high quality Oxford fabric material that is long lasting and water repellent. Another great point of the EletecPro Unisex 17.3 Inch Laptop Backpack aside from its durability is its large space capacity. The backpack is made with a special compartment for a laptop up to 17.3 inches in size and a tablet. It also has 6 pockets that can hold clothing, books, notebooks, essential toiletries for traveling, and the likes. The total volume of capacity of the EletecPro Unisex 17.3 Inch Laptop Backpack is up to 35 liters. Definitely perfect for several days of travelling.

Breathable Back Panel Sections.

The EletecPro Unisex 17.3 Inch Laptop Backpack is made with breathable back panel sections so that even if you are carrying the backpack for long periods of time, you will not be all sweaty easily. The ventilated padding on the back panel allows ultimate back support as well as airflow.

Ergonomic Design.

When you are carrying a backpack that is fully packed and loaded, you will want to make sure that your back is not sacrificed even if you are carrying the bag for long periods. Hence, EletecPro made the EletecPro Unisex 17.3 Inch Laptop Backpack with an ergonomic design to allow maximum back support. It also has adjustable, breathable shoulder straps to make carrying more convenient and effortless.

Other features.

Other great features of the EletecPro Unisex 17.3 Inch Laptop Backpack include a USB charging port for efficient and stress-free charging, rugged ergonomic handle to allow ease for carrying, and compression straps to adjust backpack width when needed as well as password enabled lock and double zipper security for extra security.


  • Durable make
  • USB charging port
  • Multiple pockets
  • Breathable back panel parts
  • Ergonomic design
  • Headphones port


  • Water repellent only
  • No waist strap
  • Empty backpack is a bit heavy

8. KALIDI 17.3″ Gaming Laptop Backpack with External USB Charging Port

If gaming is your thing and you need to bring your gaming laptop with you everywhere whether for leisure, school, or work, you may want to consider a reliable laptop backpack like the KALIDI 17.3″ Gaming Laptop Backpack with External USB Charging Port. This gaming laptop has many features that you will want for an efficient gaming laptop backpack. The KALIDI 17.3″ Gaming Laptop Backpack with External USB Charging Port is made from durable Oxford fabric and polyester lining which makes it scratch proof. Other useful features also include straps that are padded for comfortable carrying as well as small shoulder strap pockets to carry your metro cards and maybe a bit of cash. It also includes zippered side pockets that are big enough to carry drinking bottles. Cleaning the KALIDI 17.3″ Gaming Laptop Backpack with External USB Charging Port is also very easy as it only needs some wiping using damp cloth.

Well Padded Laptop Compartment.

One of the main high points of the KALIDI 17.3″ Gaming Laptop Backpack with External USB Charging Port is its well-padded laptop compartment. This does not only protect your laptop from possible scratches, but it also prevents possible damages or dents from bumps and minor collisions whether from the other items inside the bag or an external minor collision. This padding also gives the KALIDI 17.3″ Gaming Laptop Backpack with External USB Charging Port its shockproof feature.

Reflectorized Sections and Headphone Hole.

The KALIDI 17.3″ Gaming Laptop Backpack with External USB Charging Port is made with a creative design that includes cycling reflectors which makes this backpack safe and efficient for night walking or cycling. Aside from this, another creative yet useful feature is the headphone hole. This is useful for keeping the headphone cable out of the way when you are cycling or walking.

Luggage Belt Feature.

This backpack is also made with a luggage belt feature for extra convenience and ease of carrying. Should you go on a trip and you decide to bring an extra luggage bag or trolley, you can fix the KALIDI 17.3″ Gaming Laptop Backpack with External USB Charging Port on the luggage’s pull along handle so you can give your shoulders a rest for a bit.


  • Well-padded laptop compartment
  • Shockproof and scratch proof
  • Reflectorized sections
  • Fashionable yet functional
  • Luggage belt
  • Small strap pockets


  • Not entirely waterproof
  • No chest or waist straps

9. Hap Tim Laptop Backpack

Protecting your laptop or tablet from possible damage is necessary to prolong their life span. For this specific purpose, getting a laptop backpack such as the Hap Tim Laptop Backpack would be useful. The Hap Tim Laptop Backpack is made from durable and water repellent fabric that is cut and sewn together to produce a stylish yet highly functional laptop backpack. The Hap Tim Laptop Backpack is well padded internally to avoid dents and damages to the items inside your bag, especially your laptop. It also has large capacity so that it can fit a laptop up to 15.6 inches in size as well as other items such as clothes, mobile devices, and even books or notebooks. It can even fit in a camera, documents folder, and others. The Hap Tim Laptop Backpack has a special adjustable laptop compartment, several pockets for smaller items as well as large opening for easy access. On top of that, it also has a built-in luggage handle strap that allows you to fix the Hap Tim Laptop Backpack on your trolley or luggage pull-along handle if you wish to rest your shoulders for a bit.

Adjustable Laptop Compartment.

Unlike other laptop backpacks, the Hap Tim Laptop Backpack has a unique adjustable laptop compartment. This unique laptop compartment can hold different laptop sizes of up to 15.6 inches in size. This adjustable compartment can act as a snug wrapping for the laptop so that it will not bump or swing inside the Hap Tim Laptop Backpack, thereby preventing possible dent or damage while inside the backpack.

Large Bag Opening, Exterior Pockets, and Headphone Hole.

The Hap Tim Laptop Backpack has a large bag opening, which makes it convenient to be used as a school or office bag. The large bag opening gives quick access to items inside the bag. The exterior pockets are also easy access so you can put in essential items that you may need quick access to. Aside from this, the Hap Tim Laptop Backpack also has a headphone hole so that you can keep the headphone cable from dangling in your face or your shoulders.


  • Large storage capacity
  • Adjustable laptop compartment
  • External charging port
  • Luggage handle strap
  • Large bag opening


  • Water repellent only
  • Less internal divider / compartment

10. Maleen 17.3″ Laptop Backpack

If you are looking for a school bag that can effectively contain a huge laptop, then the Maleen 17.3″ Laptop Backpack. This laptop backpack is also perfect for carrying books, notebooks, and even clothes. It is highly durable as it is made from polyester cotton fabric. This fabric is not only sturdy, but it is also soft to touch, flexible, as well as washable. The Maleen 17.3″ Laptop Backpack is also quite spacious. It has dedicated pockets that will keep your stuff organize all the time. The Maleen 17.3″ Laptop Backpack also has a built-in charging port which you can use to hook up a power pack / bank inside the bag and then attach a charging cable externally so you can charge your mobile devices effortlessly and mess-free. Overall, the Maleen 17.3″ Laptop Backpack can be loaded with up to 20 liters of volume.

Dedicated Pockets.

Everyone loves several pockets in their school bags as these pockets serves compartments that will keep the stuff in the bag organized most of the time. The Maleen 17.3″ Laptop Backpack has several of these dedicated pockets. One of main dedicated pockets would be that of the laptop. This pocket can hold a laptop up to 17.3 inches in size. Another roomy dedicated pocket would be for other mobile devices such as tablets, mobile phones, notebook, and the likes. The front dedicated pocket is for extra smaller accessories such as chargers, power packs / banks, etc.

Breathable Padding.

This laptop backpack is also made with highly breathable padding. The laptop dedicated pocket is well padded, so that the laptop will be better protected. The back panel and shoulder straps also have some degree of breathable padding for comfort and better airflow. This also contributes to ease of carrying when the backpack is fully loaded.

Scratch Resistant.

The Maleen 17.3″ Laptop Backpack is made from polyester cotton fabric. This fabric is not only water repellent and durable, but it is also scratch resistant, ensuring that your laptop backpack will be looking new for a longer period of time compared to other laptop backpacks.


  • Large capacity
  • Dedicated pockets
  • Anti-theft front pocket
  • USB charging port
  • Scratch resistant
  • Breathable padding


  • Water resistant only
  • Not checkpoint-friendly

11. Sosoon 15.6″ Laptop Backpack

Keeping your laptop protected whenever you go to work or on trips is highly necessary. You will want to keep your laptop good as new for a long period of time and you would want to prevent possible damages like dents and scratches on it. Although laptops come with basic laptop bags, there is nothing better than getting an actual laptop backpack that is well padded and shockproof as well as multifunctional. Take for instance the Sosoon 15.6″ Laptop Backpack. This laptop backpack is not only limited to protecting or encasing your laptop when you travel. It is also spacious. This means that you will be able to bring in extra items like books, mobile devices, necessary accessories, and more all in one bag. Aside from that, you can also expect other features such as luggage belt, pen/sunglass hook, breathable airflow back panel, massage mats beneath the shoulder straps, as well as USB charging port and headphone port.

Anti-Theft Design.

The Sosoon 15.6″ Laptop Backpack is especially made to be safe and secure even from thievery. This laptop backpack includes a lock shackle that can be hidden in the side pocket when not in use. When in use, it can be connected on the upper pull zipper head so that the zipper will not be easily opened even when you are carrying it behind your back.

Large Capacity.

Aside from the anti-theft design, the Sosoon 15.6″ Laptop Backpack is also made to be spacious and roomy. Overall, the Sosoon 15.6″ Laptop Backpack can contain up to 38 liters in volume. It has 3 main zipped compartments. The back compartment is for the laptop, the middle one is for other stuff like mobile devices, clothes, books, notebooks, and the likes. The front compartment should be able to contain smaller accessories or items like keys, pens, cards, notepads, etc. Then, there are also some pockets such as the front pocket, backside hidden pocket, card pockets in the shoulder straps, and elastic side pockets.


  • Anti-theft design
  • Huge capacity
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Airflow back panel
  • USB and headphone ports
  • Luggage belt


  • Water resistant only
  • No compression straps

12. Matein 15.6″ Travel Laptop Backpack

Looking for a casual bag that looks simple yet still highly functional especially in keeping your laptop safe and protected when while you are in transit? Then, you might want to check out the Matein 15.6″ Travel Laptop Backpack. This backpack has a very simple design, huge storage, and multifunctional. The Matein 15.6″ Travel Laptop Backpack is made from polyester fabric that is sturdy and water resistant. The Matein 15.6″ Travel Laptop Backpack will be able to withstand even with every day usage. The design is also perfect for school, office, or even just casual use. Aside from carrying laptop on its main compartment, the Matein 15.6″ Travel Laptop Backpack can also be loaded with clothes, notebooks, or books as well as other small essential items like mobile devices, pens, cards, and more! The Matein 15.6″ Travel Laptop Backpack is a great go to backpack if you want to keep things simple but still purposeful.

Pickpocket Proof.

If you are looking for a bag that can efficiently protect some of your valuables, the Matein 15.6″ Travel Laptop Backpack can be helpful. This laptop backpack has an anti-theft pocket located at the back panel so that valuables like cards, wallets, and passports can be secured from thieves. Moreover, the zippers have lock hols so that you can lock two together and avoid being robbed when you are carrying your bag on your back.

Breathable Back Panel.

Sometimes carrying your laptop backpack, especially when it is fully loaded, would be irritating. This is particularly true when the weather is sweltering hot. However, the Matein 15.6″ Travel Laptop Backpack is made to have breathable back panel for easy carrying as well as to allow air to flow freely even if you are carrying your backpack for long periods of time. This breathable back panel is padded and meshed, however, thicker padding would be better especially in the laptop compartment.

Adjustable Shoulder Straps.

The shoulder straps of the Matein 15.6″ Travel Laptop Backpack are made to be adjustable for the user’s comfort. This also allows the users to relieve the stress of carrying a loaded backpack.


  • Huge storage
  • Pickpocket proof
  • External USB port
  • Multiple pockets
  • Breathable back panel
  • Luggage strap


  • Not waterproof
  • Not checkpoint-friendly
  • Needs better padding

13. Feskin 15.6″ Slim Business Laptop Backpack

There are instance when bulky laptop backpacks are not suitable to use. For instances when all you need is a slim backpack to carry your laptop and a book, you might want to consider slim bags like the Feskin 15.6″ Slim Business Laptop Backpack. This laptop backpack is slim in size, yet it can fit a laptop up to 15.6 inches in size. Even though the Feskin 15.6″ Slim Business Laptop Backpack is not as roomy as the other laptop backpacks, it can still carry along a notebook, a notepad, a book, or some papers. It also comes with multiple pockets and adjustable shoulder straps. This backpack is perfect for college students or employees who are not looking to bring a number of items with them for school or work.


The Feskin 15.6″ Slim Business Laptop Backpack is made from lightweight and high quality Oxford fabric with faux leather trimmings, metal zippers, and buckles. This combination makes the Feskin 15.6″ Slim Business Laptop Backpack easy to carry yet still provide the durability needed to carry a regular sized laptop and other items. The Feskin 15.6″ Slim Business Laptop Backpack is even perfect for daily use, casual short trips, and the likes.

Multiple Pockets.

Although lacking in capacity to carry multiple items, the Feskin 15.6″ Slim Business Laptop Backpack is still made to include up to a total of 7 pockets. These pockets are very helpful in keeping your stuff organized in the bag. There is 1 main pocket for the laptop, a couple of side pockets to carry your umbrella or tumbler, a smaller front pocket to hold your mobile phone or other smaller items, and another bigger front pocket that is zippered for smaller tablets.


Although some may see this as a disadvantage, some people may actually like their laptop backpacks to be slimmer since they will not be bringing along other stuff with them. The Feskin 15.6″ Slim Business Laptop Backpack is perfect for this instance as this laptop backpack is measured to be more or less 15 x 9 x 4 inches in size.


  • Fashionable
  • Slim
  • Multiple pockets
  • Water resistant
  • Dustproof / Tear Resistant


  • Lesser storage space
  • No compression straps
  • Thin padding

14. Kopack 15.6″ Slim Laptop Backpack

Shorter trips may not require the use of large capacity laptop backpacks. Instead, you can rely on using slimmer bags such as the Kopack 15.6″ Slim Laptop Backpack. This backpack from Kopack is fashionable, slim, and handy in making sure that you are able to carry your laptop as well as protect it. The Kopack 15.6″ Slim Laptop Backpack is made from durable scratch proof, water resistant nylon and high quality PU material that is designed to keep the contents of your bag dry during light to moderate rains. With that said, heavy down pour could still ruin the bag and its content as water can still leak in the bag if the bag is exposed to heavy rains for a long period of time.

Reflective Strip.

This backpack is not only fashionable or useful in protecting your laptop. It is also made to have a reflective strip that can give better visibility when you are wearing it during the night. With a reflective strip added to the bag, other drivers will be able to see you better. This feature will be useful for cyclists as well as daily commuters.

Secured Zippers and Anti-Thief Pocket.

This slim laptop backpack has secured zippers that will help deter if not prevent thievery of your valuables. The main compartment has two water resistant, lockable zippers. These zippers can be locked together with any small lock (lock not included) so it will be more difficult to open. The Kopack 15.6″ Slim Laptop Backpack also has an anti-theft pocket that is located hidden at the back panel of the bag.

Other Features.

The Kopack 15.6″ Slim Laptop Backpack, although slim, also boasts of other features such as shoulder slot or pocket for your train card or cash, sunglass holder to keep your glasses accessible at all times, compartment space to keep your items organized, ergonomic shoulder straps for better fit and comfortable usage, as well as adjustable straps to help relieve shoulder stress. Aside from these, the Kopack 15.6″ Slim Laptop Backpack also has external USB charge port, breathable padded back panel, luggage belt, and padded bag handle.


  • Water resistant
  • Sleek design
  • Secured zippers
  • Ergonomic shoulder straps
  • Reflective strip
  • USB charge port


  • Less compartments
  • Not waterproof

15. Maleen 17.3″ Large Capacity Travel Laptop Backpack

Large capacity laptop backpacks come with many great uses, particularly if they have compression straps on them such as the Maleen 17.3″ Large Capacity Travel Laptop Backpack. This large capacity travel laptop backpack is made from high quality, durable polyester fabric that can resist water, dust, and mild scratches. This makes the Maleen 17.3″ Large Capacity Travel Laptop Backpack excellent for frequent use whether for school, office, or work. The Maleen 17.3″ Large Capacity Travel Laptop Backpack is also roomy, has several compartments, and dedicated pockets.

Roomy and Spacious.

The Maleen 17.3″ Large Capacity Travel Laptop Backpack is a great backpack that is useful when you need to travel for several days at a time and you need to bring your laptop with you along with other essential items like clothes, notebooks, tablet, mobile phone, and the likes. The Maleen 17.3″ Large Capacity Travel Laptop Backpack has a main compartment that can hold a laptop up to 17.3 inches in size. After that, it also has enough room for a couple tablets, some books, clothes, and notebooks. In the other compartment, you will find dedicated pockets where you can store your wallet, phone, umbrella, notepad, hang your keys, as well as keep smaller accessories like chargers or earphones. The Maleen 17.3″ Large Capacity Travel Laptop Backpack also has a couple of side pockets for your tumbler or umbrella – if you want to keep it accessible externally.

Ergonomic Design.

This laptop backpack was designed and made with ergonomics in mind. The back panel is padded using breathable padding with mesh for a more efficient airflow system as well as better cushioning. Moreover, the Maleen 17.3″ Large Capacity Travel Laptop Backpack is made to have space between the bag and the back of the user. This is excellent for reducing the temperature when the bag is worn as well as keep the user’s back cool even when the temperature is hot. The S-shaped shoulder straps are also efficient in providing comfort as well as preventing shoulder strain.


  • Large capacity
  • Ergonomic design
  • Compression straps
  • Multiple pockets / compartments
  • Headphone hole
  • Sturdy buckles and zippers


  • Not waterproof
  • Not checkpoint-friendly

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