WallyBags® 52-Inch Garmentote Tri-Fold With Shoulder Strap

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Pros: Patented GarmenTote design fits easily in overhead compartments, meets carry-on requirements for most airlines, and accommodates various length garments for men and women. Patented WallyLock secures your own hangers at the top of the bag for quick and easy packing, and holds up to 4 or more garments while keeping clothes neat and wrinkle free. Multiple exterior pockets including extra large padded tote pocket for folded clothes, shoes, and accessories. Full length zippered door opening allows for easy access to a lined interior, with two removable roll bars to secure clothing and help prevent wrinkles. Comfortable shoulder strap, carrying handles, and ID holder, along with side clips that hold bag together when folded.
Cons: Materials could be better.

Providing Ingenious Garment Solutions For Over Half A Century

When Wally London—founder of casual bag and luggage firm Clemco Products Inc.—created the first line of garment bags designed specifically for travel, he was also providing travelers worldwide with a practical way to transport their suits, shirts, and dresses without wrinkling or falling to the bottom of the bag in a crumpled heap. His revolutionary WallyLock® system became so popular that in 1960, he established WallyBags®.

Today, whether you’re headed to an overseas sales conference, or attending your cousin’s wedding out of town, you can rest easy knowing that your suits or bridesmaid’s dress will stay nice and straight throughout your entire trip.

WallyBags Garmentote Tri-Fold with Shoulder Strap For The Smart Traveler

Taking long gowns and large suits on your travels can be quite the challenge even for conventional garment bags. For these items of clothing, you’ll need garment bags such as the Style 2050 52-Inch Garmentote® Tri-Fold from WallyBags®. It has the size needed to carry all of your extra-long garments, as well as an intelligent design that makes traveling with them as easy and convenient as possible.

The Style 2050 52-Inch WallyBags Garmentote Tri-Fold with Shoulder Strap, as its name declares, is a slender, 52-inch garment bag that folds up neatly into three; turning what would have been an awkward piece of luggage to carry into a portable travel bag, all without creasing or folding up your delicate clothing too much.

Traveling with the he Style 2050 is not only more convenient, as the bag also protects your garments from the elements. It is made from 1680-denier Smart Polyester, which repels dust and moisture to some extent. This features ensures that your gowns, suits, and long dresses are clean and ready to wear as soon as you arrive at your destination. You can head straight to your meeting after a quick change of clothes.

Definitely Not Your Run-Of-The-Mill Garment Bag

The Style 2050 offers conveniences that are simply unmatched by its similarly priced competitors. WallyBags Garmentote Tri-Fold with Shoulder Strap has an elegant tri-fold design that allows it to fit easily in most overhead compartments, while maintaining the ability to accommodate men’s and women’s garments of different lengths and sizes. It features a fully-lined interior, and incorporates the brand’s patented WallyLock® system that lets you use your own hangers to keep your garments from falling to the bottom of the unfurled bag and getting all wrinkled up.

Unlike conventional garment bags, the Style 2050 holds up to four items of clothing, such as suits, gowns, and dresses. It also has exterior pockets that provide even more storage space. One of the exterior pockets even has enough room for a pair of shoes. This helps if you want to pack your leather shoes for a business trip and just wear a pair of sneakers on your way to the airport. The two carrying handles at the top of the bag can be fastened together with a hook-and-loop clasp for added convenience.

Strapped In For The Long Haul

Not only is the Style 2050 easy to hand-carry, WallyBags Garmentote Tri-Fold with Shoulder Strap can also be hoisted over your shoulder thanks to a durable, padded strap. This gives you the freedom to move around with both hands instead of just one, which is great if you need to hold on to the railings for balance while riding the escalator or trudging up and down a flight of stairs. It is also useful if you need both hands to hold onto your five-year-old or for carrying additional bags.

If the bag’s ballistic fabric still leaves you in doubt regarding its durability, WallyBags® gives the Style 2050 a three-year limited warranty against factory defects. This ensures that your 52-Inch GarmenTote® Tri-Fold will last a long time, and accompany you on countless business trips and out-of-town formal gatherings.

The WallyBags Garmentote Tri-Fold with Shoulder Strap – Solution For The Modern Traveler

Gone are the days when you have to plan out your trip in such a manner that necessitates time for ironing your garments, or for taking them to the nearest laundromat upon your arrival. The WallyBags® Style 2050 52-Inch WallyBags Garmentote Tri-Fold with Shoulder Strap saves you time so that you can become more productive on your business trips, or so that you can have more time to be with loved ones during family gatherings. It costs less than $140, and, considering its numerous features, is absolutely worth more than what its price suggests.

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