Victorinox Luggage

Recommendation No. 1
Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Hardside Spinner Suitcase, Black, Checked-Large (30")
  • Covered by the global 10-year limited warranty
  • 18.5 inch weight x 29.6 inch height x 10.6 inch depth
  • 8.8 lbs.
  • Capacity 73 l Weight 4 kg
Recommendation No. 2
Victorinox Connex Softside Spinner Luggage, Black, Checked-Medium (26")
  • Easy packing. Spacious main packing compartment with X-shaped compression straps and zippered divider wall makes for easy packing
  • Durable materials. Extremely durable polyester is lightweight and scratch resistant. Swiss engineered dual-trolley system is of aviation grade quality for improved stability and comfort.
  • Premium features. Large 60mm dual caster Hinomoto wheels with lisof silent tires ride easily over any terrain. Stable telescopic handle system, heavy-duty Ykk zippers and integrated TSA approved combination lock provide added security.
  • Specifications. Dimensions: 17.3"W x 25.6"H x 11.8"D [expands to 13.4"D], weight: 9.5 ibs, capacity: 69 L [expands to 78 L]
  • 11.4x18.5x27.2
Recommendation No. 3
Victorinox WT 6.0 Softside Spinner Luggage, Black, Checked-Large (27")
  • PACK MORE SYSTEM. A removable smart packing cube featuring (1) padded 15" laptop sleeve, enclosed apparel compartment, capacity expansion, compression abilities, and organizational dividers. Efficiently pack your belongings for a long work trip or vacation getaway.
  • DURABLE MATERIALS. Constructed from 600D Ballistic Nylon fabric, this softside suitcase is both abrasion-proof and water repellent. Rest assured your belongings will remain dry and secure through all of your travels.
  • PREMIUM FEATURES. A must-have for business travelers. Easily maneuver this multi-terrain suitcase by its LISOF dual caster wheels and stable telescopic handle system. Heavy-duty YKK zippers and integrated TSA approved combination lock provide added security.
  • WRINKLE-FREE TRANSPORT. The packing cube helps to create a flat packing surface for wrinkle-dree transport of clothing, while the removable garment bag neatly stores any items that require hanging.
  • SPECIFICATIONS. Dimensions: 21.3"W x 27.6"H x 15.4"D. Capacity: 104L. Weight: 10.71 lbs.

The year 1909 was when Karl Elsner first trademarked his brand Victorinox, naming it after his mother Victoria who supported him when he first opened his cutler’s shop in Iback-Schawyz in 1884, and adding the suffix “inox” which was the international word for stainless steel. One of their products are the Victorinox luggage. “We have also written a complete guide about best briggs and riley luggage“.

The two words combined created a clever and catchy name for the brand which continued to grow globally in the years to come. The classic cross and shield emblem is now a recognized logo in over one hundred and twenty countries. In 1945, the Swiss Army knife became an international item, where even U.S soldiers who were in Europe at the time began to take Swiss Army knives back home as souvenirs. “We have also written a complete guide about best luggage for kids“.

The company continued with its great success and in 1984 Victorinox doubled it office space and manufacturing space, now employing over eight hundred people and generating eighty million in sales (in Swiss francs). Branching out into new territory and new countries, Victorinox enters the North American market under the Swiss Army brand, dealing in the watch business.

The Swiss Army watch is a highly sought after watch even today. Then the nineties rolled around and in 1992 Victorinox branches into the then booming Japanese market, opening its first sales subsidiary there. As the years go on, other subsidiaries are opened in other countries.

1999 is when Victorinox decides to try its hand in travel gear, producing much desired fine Victorinox luggage internationally. It should then be no surprise that in the year 2001 Victorinox finally launched its own clothing line in the United States and opens the first Victoniox store in Soho, over a hundred years after the first cutler’s shop was opened by Karl Elsner. By 2007, the business is now being run by the fourth Carl Elsener, who took it over from his father, Carl Elsener III who later passes away on June first, 2013 at the age of ninety.

Elsener the IV did well by expanding the family business even further and making Victorinox a multinational multi-product brand, even selling fragrances. In 2014 Victorinox attained the travel gear business from TRG Group, creating a new unit in the company, the Victorinox Travel Gear AG. Victorinox luggage is still managed by the Elsener family, celebrating one hundred and thirty years of success in creating a high-quality brand that is a household name across the globe.


  • The Top Victorinox Luggages In 2019 – Chart
  • 1. Victorinox Luggage Mountaineer Duffle
  • 2. Victorinox Luggage Wt 22 Dual Caster Lightweight Bag
  • 3. Victorinox Luggage Spectra 2.0 29 Inch
  • 4. Victorinox Luggage Carry-On Luggage

The following travel gear is among the top of the line travel gear models that Victorinox luggage offers, popular with travelers all over the world.

1. Victorinox Luggage Mountaineer Duffle

This is an outdoor inspired and very spacious bag, created for the adventure loving individual. While shaped and functioning as a duffel bag, it also has backpack straps so that you can carry it both ways depending on your convenience. The Mountaineer Duffle is ideal for a two to four-night stay anywhere, whether a camping trip or a college tour. If you’re the kind of person who packs light on long trips, it would work perfectly for that as well. Take this bag into the depths of Africa, it is that durable. It is made with Tedelon and Versatek. On the outside of the Mountaineer Duffle is a full length zippered pocket to stuff all your quick access items. The adjustable shoulder straps are padded and are also removable if you prefer not to have the extra padding on the shoulders.

The bag by itself weighs about 2.7 pounds, is twenty-three inches wide and eleven inches high by twelve and a half inches deep. Big, spacious, and roomy, probably not a good idea for daily use. But if you’re the kind of person who travels very regularly, say, about two trips a week or so, you’ll find this bag just right. Not too big, not too little, but just what Goldilocks ordered. It fits nicely into an overhead compartment, saving you time on your trip, so you don’t have to check in any Victorinox luggage, just bring your overnight bag on the plane with you and avoid standing around and waiting for your bags. If you rather not travel by plane, but prefer the freedom of a motorbike to travel around the country, you can easily take advantage of the backpack straps and carry it on your back. Keep in mind that this is not an actual backpack, and the padding may not be enough for comfort, but it works well for convenience. The bag comes in two colors, black and purple, each sporting the latest accent color in outdoors fashion: orange.

2. Victorinox Luggage Wt 22 Dual Caster Lightweight Bag

This extremely lightweight bag is made upon one hundred percent thick Tenacity Ballistic Nylon. It is durable enough to last for many years, even if you are a frequent traveler. Take this lightweight piece of luggage as a carry-on for any trip, it will meet all your expectations, and many reviewers have claimed this bag to be a dream bag and among their favorite pieces of Victorinox luggage to travel with. It has eight wheels, making it glide so smoothly over any surface no matter how full you pack it. It is so lightweight, coming in at about seven pounds, that you can stuff it as much as you like and still be able to lug it around easily on your travels.

It will even expand two inches more for added storage, letting you take full advantage of every square inch available. The main section has a hanging zippered compartment to store small items;Y-shaped compression straps to keep all your things from moving out of place, and a removable garment bag which can be used to keep extra garments wrinkle free. There is a front pocket where you can store travel documents for quick and easy access while on the go, never having to rummage around inside the bag for them. There is a bigger outer pocket where you can store a small laptop or any kind of tablet, making it easy to bring your tech with you while you’re traveling.

It is a very roomy bag for a carry-on, and even has an attach-a-bag system, so you can carry your extra bag or briefcase without dropping or losing it. The Dual Caster Lightweight Bag has a comfort grip trolley handle which adjusts and locks into place with the simple push of a button. It comes in both black and purple, but even the dark purple is very business appropriate if that is the look and purpose you are going for, and even lending itself well to being a unisex bag. If you’re the frugal kind of traveler, you’ll find that you can even pack this bag as your only bag for a whole ten-daytrip as some previous customers have managed to do, taking full advantage of the spacious and lightweight properties of this bag.

3. Victorinox Luggage Spectra 2.0 29 Inch

This hard side Victorinox luggage is made up of one hundred percent very durable and break resistant Bayer polycarbonate material, and weighs in at about 8.8 pounds. It measures eighteen and a half inches wide, by 29.6 inches high and 10.6 inches deep. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors for an added personal touch as you travel. The colors available are black cherry, black, red, white, siren red which looks more like an orange color, allows gray, mocha brown, and a delicate stone white. The dual-trolley aluminum handle uses a button to lock into three different heights, accommodating travelers of many sizes, while the dual-caster wheels create a smooth glide on all surfaces and in all directions.

A 360-degree range of maneuverability makes this bag feel light in the hand while you move along naturally and squeak-free. And if you should be the sort of traveler who tends to rough up their bag significantly during your travels (who knows how that happens, it just does!) then you’ll be very grateful for the Corner guards and zipper bumpers that provide a bit more protection to the already very strong polycarbonate, scratch resistant matte surface in those areas that are most likely to get damaged or dented. The rubber lining around the zipper will help to keep the inside contents of your bag dry if it rains.

This is a hard side bag, but there is always a chance that rain can seep in through a cloth zipper, so the rubber is definitely a bonus. One thing that sets this bag apart from others on the market is that it comes with a Swiss Tracker Bag Tracking program which will allow you to track your bag if it gets lost while you’re traveling. The program is completely free and with the Access Lock Combination Recovery feature,you can register your combination on their website so that if you ever forget your combination, it is there for you to recover.

The Integrated Travel Sentry Approved lock makes it easy for you to keep your belongings secure, but also for the U.S TSA screeners to open your bag without having to cause any damage to the lock or bag, as is sometimes the case with average locks. A great hard side bag that is truly durable, roomy, and offers so many amazing features is actually not easy to come by, so it is no wonder why this bag, Spectra 2.0 by Victorinox is one of their most popular best-selling travel gear products.

4. Victorinox Luggage Carry-On Luggage

This may just be the perfect carry on you’ve been searching for. It has a backpack shape but sprouts a tall handle from the top, and lacks any sign of actual backpack straps. It is made of tough stuff: Tedelon and Versatek, making this seemingly small and innocent bag actually very strong and durable. It weighs just over seven pounds and measures fifteen inches wide by twenty inches high and seven and a half inches deep. For a carry on bag, it is actually packed with many great features for the avid traveler. The interior contains compression straps to keep your belongings tidy and in place, a zippered free hanging pocket for those little essentials that have nowhere else to go, a large door pocket and a mesh zippered pocket to keep more of those little items organized and easy to get to. The outside of the bag is riddled with pockets as well.

It has a top zippered pocket to keep all your travel documents, a vertical pocket for the easy access items you reach for constantly during your journey or even a magazine or tablet, and a detachable attach-a-bag strap so that you can add another bag to it safely without fear of it falling off and getting lost while you’re wandering the airport or the streets of a foreign country. This rugged piece of Victorinox luggage includes the Travel Sentry Approved lock system, so you don’t have to worry about damaged luggage if U.S TSA screeners decide to open and search through your bag. The exterior of the bag sports compression straps on both sides, stabilizing your full packed bag but also adding to its rather a rugged adventurer appearance.

This is a top preferred carryon bag and is highly recommended by many reviewers because it can fit a week’s worth of clothing for most people, its capacity rather surprising for such a small carryon. If you’re planning a backpacking trip and are unable to carry a backpack, this little number is perfect, no matter how long the trip is. The Victorinox luggage will keep your things safe and secure in and out of airports, bus stations, train stations, subway stations, and be easy to roll around as well. It will last many years of travel no matter where you end up going or for how long. You could go on a backpacking trip across Europe or board a several week long cruise in the Caribbean, and not be disappointed with this small bag’s durability and capacity, as was mentioned before. It comes in two colors, black and purple.

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