Best Unique Luggage & Suitcases

Recommendation No. 1
kensie 3D Gemstone TSA Lock Spinner Hardside Luggage and Tote, Mint Option
  • Mounted TSA lock for extra security
  • Dual spinner wheels for effortless mobility and extra durability
  • Material: eye catching shiny polycarbonate
  • Meets most airline carry-on size restrictions
  • 20" Carry-on interior dimension: 19" H x 17" L x 8. 25" W
Recommendation No. 2
CO-Z Premium Vintage Luggage Sets 24" Trolley Suitcase and 12" Hand Bag Set with TSA Locks (12" +24" White)
  • Made of PU with hand crafted stitching, sturdy, elegant, lightweight and easy to clean
  • 4 Heavy duty spinner wheels, effortless mobility, multidirectional smooth and noise-reducing, 2 TSA locks for the suitcase, the bag can be attached to the suitcase with a complimentary strap
  • Includes a 24’’ suitcase with approx. 37L of volume and a 12’’ hand bag with approx. 5L of volume. This luggage set provides enough space for approx. a 3-5 day trip
  • Perfectly organized pockets inside suitcase for better storage and security, elegant classic vintage style, an eye catcher wherever you go
  • Comes with one suitcase & one hand bag and the smaller one is packaged in the larger one, 24" roller dimensions:23"x 14"x 9", 12" train case dimensions: 12.4"x 5.1"x 8.2"
Recommendation No. 3
kensie 20 Inch Carryon, Lavender, 20-Inch
  • 20" Carry On Vertical Gemstone Luggage Meets Domestic and International Airline Regulations
  • 8 Wheel (4 dual wheel) spinner system for improved mobility and no tension on the traveler's wrist
  • Mounted TSA Approved Locking System for extra security
  • Patent pending unique 3D Gemstone design system with attractive, eye-catching features
  • Top and side carry handles. Fully-lined interior with additional waterproof pocket and compression straps

There is a whole wide range of different luggage available in the market these days. And each manufacturer has a large variety for you to choose from. Most of the luggage available these days is plain and quite regular in its appearance. They are basic black in colour with the buyers most focussed on their functionality. Advanced features like GPS tracking, built-in charging docks are the latest additional functionalities travellers look for.

But other than these features, the design and uniqueness of the luggage is one important factor. As you stand at the baggage carousel, all you see is the sea of similar looking black or blue bags. It also becomes difficult to identify which one is yours as they all look similar. Travelling is supposed to be a fun activity so why not match your luggage to that! Traveling in the style inspired from golden age era of travel – in elegant carriages, dressing up for travel, private cabins, coordinated luggage sets – can make your travel experiences unique. Read our complete guide about the best luggage sets.

A luggage with personality is more fun to carry than the standard black baggage. A vintage luggage will make you feel special and take you back to the classic times where traveling was done with style. A unique luggage set will add some originality in terms of luggage and you will be the envy of other travellers. You can choose bags that look like a retro suitcase, or bags with most attractive designs that can be compared to a moving art, and many more. Each of these bags is functional with several features, but they are also unique in their appearance. A vintage-style luggage will not only allow you to express your style, but it is also easier to spot your bag on the luggage carousel.

True vintage luggage is very attractive to look at but it will be difficult to travel with a luggage without wheels and with lot of extra bulk. So, you can go for contemporary travel bags with vintage silhouettes. These bags have all the classic features like trunk-like bags, leather straps, vibrant patterns along with the modern features like TSA-compatible locks, zippered expansions, lightweight materials, spinner wheels and telescoping handles. Unlike the truly vintage luggage, you can nest these unique bags for storage purposes when they are not in use. Read our latest guide about the best traveler’s choice luggage sets.

Material – Back in 1920s the custom made luggage was a luxury. The bags were made from wooden boxes with leather covers. All the detailing was hand stitched and the insides were lined with silk and canvas. Whether it is a compact carry on suitcase or a large check in bag, you can choose between several different materials. Most commonly used materials are polycarbonate, ABS, nylon, PU and in some cases even a signature fabric created from recycled plastic bottles. The reason of choosing these materials to make these vintage styled luggage is that they are lightweight, durable and more resistant to damage as compared to the original vintage luggage.

Design – With the latest technologies, it is easy to print design on any surface, be it leather, nylon , ABS or PU. This allows companies to make different styled bags with different materials and prints. The bags have different external designs – some are solid coloured while others have floral patterns or art pieces like sketch of famous places or printed paintings – to give them a unique look. Most of these vintage styled bags are hard side shell trunks or trolleys. The hard shell design protects your things from impact better than the soft shell bags. The corners are reinforced with rivets or external covering with another material to give more strength to the bag. This helps to keep your belongings safe and prevents any accidental damage. Some of these bags have detailing with leather straps to give a more classic appearance. The handles and locking mechanism are styled in similar pattern. The interior is lined with soft nylon material and there are pockets inside to keep your belongings organized. Like the traditional luggage, some even feature the elastic side wall pockets to keep your things secure. On the inside, the top side of the bags have mesh pockets to keep your documents separate from the remaining things. The vintage inspired luggage does not have as many pockets as the standard ones, but there are some to keep the most important things organized.

General Features – Along with the classic design, there are some features that are carried over from the contemporary bags. The bags come with TSA-compatible locks to keep your belongings safe while travel. The locks are even designed to match with the retro looks. The carry-on bags include detachable straps for easy handling. All the vintage-styled luggage have spinner wheels which offer a smooth rolling movement on most surfaces. This allows you to move around quickly without any hassle. The retractable telescopic handle helps you to move the bag along easily as you rush through the airport. The bags have ergonomic handles so that you do not hurt your hands while carrying these bags. The zippers used in these luggage sets are durable and secure. These vintage styled luggage have sturdy and durable construction. They do not get damaged easily from any accidental bumps or impacts. This type of luggage follows the standard airline guidelines in terms of sizes. Most models have different sizes available to suit your needs. In the case of luggage sets, the sizes to the suitcases generally vary from carry-on to large size. There are some vintage style bags that offer the option of expansion. The bags can be expanded so that you can keep extra things in the same bag rather than carrying another bag.

While travelling one wants to be relaxed and not worrying about things that can be avoided. There are times that you might be in a hurry and what if your luggage breaks down – the zipper gets torn, handle is broken or something as basic as wheels coming off from the luggage. To avoid such difficult situations, it is important to choose the best luggage that uniquely suits you and your needs.


  • 1. Joy Mangano – Hardside Medium and XL Luggage Combo
  • 2. Steve Madden – Spinner Suitcase Collection
  • 3. Beverly Hills Country Club – Newport Hardside Spinner Luggage Set
  • 4. Moierg – Vintage Trolley Luggage
  • 5. Keymer – 788 Vintage World Series Hardside Spinner Luggage Set
  • 6. Rockland – Stage Coach Rolling Trunk
  • 7. Delsey – Chatelet Hard+ Luggage
  • 8. Dakine – Split Roller
  • 9. Dejuno – 3 piece upright luggage set
  • 10. Rivolite – 3 Piece Luggage Set
  • 11. Lily Bloom – Spinner Suitcase
  • 12. CO-Z – Premium Vintage Luggage Set
  • 13. Uniwalker – Travel Vintage luggage for women
  • 14. Uniwalker – 13 inch small suitcase
  • 15. Malirona – Canvas Weekender Travel Duffel Bag

1. Joy Mangano – Hardside Medium and XL Luggage Combo

The Joy Mangano luggage is a hard shell luggage designed for you to travel light, smart, secure and in style. This bag is stylish, attractive looking and made with care and purpose of bringing a little more ‘joy’ to customers all over the world.

Material & Features

This bag features a hardside design with lightweight materials. It is made with durable polycarbonate material and ABS impact-resistant shell. There are revolutionary SpinBall wheels which provide a smooth 360 degree movement. This allows the bag to move easily and smoothly as you move around for travel. The large sized bag also features Spinline wheel system along with the Spinball system. This bag comes with a detachable metallic leather luggage ID tag. Additionally this bag features corner guards and protective luggage clothes cover. The corner guards help to protect your luggage from any impacts and bumps. The locks are made of metal in gold tone shades. These locks are not compatible with TSA. The zippers are dyed to match the bag. They are reinforced double anti-puncture zippers with oversized gold-tone zipper pulls. The retractable handles for pulling the luggage are made with same gold-tone metal material. At the top of this, there is a cushioned comfort-grip top handle for your comfort as you pull the luggage with you while you’re on the move.


The dimensions of the XL sized bag is – 18 x 28 x 12 inches and the carry-on bag dimensions are 14 x 22 10.5 inches. They are lightweight and weigh approximately 13.4 pounds and 8.8 pounds respectively. There are packable pocket drawers that make packing and unpacking quite easy. Both bags have a superior packing interior design. There are removable garment bags with mesh and wet pocket, another full divider with mesh pockets and cross straps made with elastic to hold your things in place. There are elastic side wall pockets which can hold some other important things and keep them separate from all the other things you are carrying. The larger sized bag has the ability to expand. The expansion zipper increases the bag volume by 2 inches.

This luggage set is perfect for when you are travelling for business or pleasure. With its large capacity, you can carry all the required things without feeling that the space is less. The carry-on is the perfect size for a weekend getaway. This hardside luggage set comes in a variety of colours – steel blue, rose quartz, platinum, navy blue and the classic black.

2. Steve Madden – Spinner Suitcase Collection

The luggage set by Steve Madden is a soft side luggage set that offers great durability and fashionable designs. This sharp looking bag set will set you apart from all the other travellers.

Material & Features

The bags are made from 100% nylon material to provide your belongings maximized protection while traveling. The bags feature 360 degree spinner wheels system. This makes it very easy to glide through the airport while carrying your luggage. The telescopic push button handle system enables high stability over a variety of surfaces especially in a crowded airport. The pull handles are reinforced to make sure that they are durable. The inner side of this luggage set has signature Steve Madden lining. All the bags have ergonomic handles to ensure that you can comfortably grip the handles and they don’t hurt your hand as you carry the bags. For storage, all the bags can be stacked inside larger sized bag to reduce the space. The bags come with luggage tags but there are not locks provided. The overall construction of these bags is sturdy and they come with strong zippers.


The luggage set includes carry-on, medium and large size suitcases and a satchel bag. The dimensions of all the bags are compatible with most airlines. The measurements are 21.5 x 14 x 9 inches for carry-on, 25.5 x 16.2 x 11.7 inches for medium bag and 29.5 x 18.2 x 12.8 inches for the large bag. The satchel measures 18 x 12 x 10 inches. Both the carry-on and satchel can be fit in the overhead cabin of most airlines. All the bags have large internal storage capacities and are light in weight – 35 litres, 7.8 lbs for carry-on, 69 litres, 8.9 lbs and 100 litres, 10.1 lbs for medium and large bags respectively. The satchel merely weighs 3.5 pounds. There is additional storage space which can be made available by expanding the suitcase. There are internal pockets to keep your things organized while traveling. There is another zippered pocket on the side wall of the bag. There are pockets on the external surface of the bags to provide you with easy access.

This luggage set is available in three colours – black, purple and dark purple with printed design. All the bags have brown coloured accents to make them look more stylish and attractive.

3. Beverly Hills Country Club – Newport Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

The Beverly Hills Country Club luggage set is a 3 piece luggage set with hardside bags. This set is perfect to make a style statement when you travel.

Material & Features

The bags are built with ABS composite. This material flexes to absorb any impact when under stress and then returns back to its original shape. With this feature, you things remain safe and undamaged from any impact on the outside. To hold the bag while rolling, the aluminium self-locking telescopic handle system allows you to move the bag around single-handedly. The push down locking system is easy to use. For smooth movement, the bags have 4 wheel spinner system. It provides effortless and easy movement of the bag as you move. The corners of the bags have riveted protective shells to protect your belongings. These not only protect, but they also help to increase the overall durability of the bags. The interior is fully lined to keep your things properly. For storage, all the bags can nest inside each other reducing the space needed. There are no locks attached with this set but you can use your own locks for safety and security.


The dimension of the bags are 28 x 19 x 11 inches for the largest, 24 x 16 x 10 inches and 21 x 13 x 8 inches for the smallest. All the bags are light in weight and weigh 11 lbs, 9 lbs and 6.5 lbs respectively. All the bags are expandable to upto 2 more inches. The smallest bag can be used as a carry-on bag in most airlines. There is an interior zippered compartment to provide privacy to store your personal important belongings like important documents. There is an elastic tie-down strap to additionally support your clothing while traveling. There is a separate shoe pocket to provide ease in packing.

There are a variety of solid colour options to choose from in this hardside luggage set. Some of the choices are – navy, orange, magenta, grey and green. This luggage set is perfect for your business or personal travel needs.

4. Moierg – Vintage Trolley Luggage

The Moierg luggage is a vintage style luggage which is bound to make you feel you great. It has a retro trunk like appearance with wheels for easy movement.

Material & Features

The bag is made with PU material. The material used is strong and sturdy. It is also lightweight and waterproof. If your bag gets dirty while traveling, it is very easy to clean with a wet cloth. The bag has 4 wheels for easy and smooth movements. They spin in all the directions which make moving with the bag an easy feat. To keep your things safe and secure, the bag has a TSA compatible lock. It is not a combination lock but a lock of the traditional style which matches the overall theme of the bag. The metal pieces are gold coloured overall except the pull handle rods. There are leather handles at the top and side of the bag for carrying. The retractable pull handles are made from metal and there is a push button to lock it in place.


This model of vintage trolley has three size options of bags. The smallest one measures 12.2 x 20.5 x 7.5 inches and weighs 8.8 pounds. The medium bag measures 13 x 22.4 x 7.5 inches and 9.2 pounds in weight. The large bag has the dimensions 14.2 x 26.4 x 9 inches and 10.63 pounds. The smallest bag can be used as a carry-on bag in most airlines while the medium and the large size bag fit the airlines’ criteria of checked-in bags. The suitcase has two pockets inside to keep your things more organized while traveling. There is a divider on the top to securely keep your clothing in its place.

There are several basic solid colour options available for this vintage trolley. Some of the choices are – camel, black, brown, blue, orange, pink, white, and many others. Each bag has accents in form of faux leather straps which wrap around the bag. These straps are functional and help to make your bag more secure.

5. Keymer – 788 Vintage World Series Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

The Keymer Spinner Luggage set is lightweight and an attractive looking designer luggage set that can set you apart from most regular travellers.

Material & Features

This spinner luggage set is made with polycarbonate material. This gives the bag the hard shell. The bags are lightweight and have a fully lined interior. These bags have double inline skate spinner wheels to give the set a vintage and retro look. Each bag sits on eight spinner wheels for smooth movement. There is telescopic pull handles to help you roll the suitcase while moving in the airport. It is made from lightweight aluminium material. There is one more side handle to carry the bags and bottom feet to help in keeping the bag upright. The bags feature a heavy duty zipper system for protection and security of your things. There are tie-down straps on the inside to hold your clothing in place while traveling. There is a zippered divider to keep the things separate on the two sides of the suitcase. There are no locks attached to the bag but you can use your TSA locks to keep your belongings secure.


This luggage set includes three suitcases with the dimensions 28 inches, 24 inches and a 20 inches suitcase. All the bags are expandable for 30% extra capacity. This ensures that you do not run out of space when needed. The 20 inch small bag can be used a carry-on bag in flights. The other two bags meet the dimension requirements of airlines as check-in bags. Nested together, these suitcases weigh 24.8 pounds. The interior of the bags a zippered mesh pocket to keep your important things organized and separate from rest of the things.

This set of designer luggage set has interesting print designs for the external surface. The designs are based on places like Central Park, Times Square and New Venice. All the bags have a glossy exterior which gives them a unique and attractive appearance. The design makes your luggage stand out instantly on the baggage carousel.

6. Rockland – Stage Coach Rolling Trunk

The Rockland Stage Coach is a vintage looking Rolling Trunk. This is a luggage that will add sophistications to your travels.

Material & Features

This vintage trunk is made up of ABS material. This provides the bag with impact resistance and makes the bag more durable and sturdy. The corners of the bag have polyvinyl chloride protection, so you do not have to worry about checking your bag for damage upon impact. The outer shell is quite hard and it is easy to clean if it gets dirty while traveling. There is a sturdy ergonomic telescoping handle to help you move the luggage while you’re walking. The bag has four full rotation wheels for effortless navigation through the crowds. There is another top carrying handle on the bag. The interior is completely lined to keep your things protected. It has tough and good quality zippers that have been tested rigorously. It has single zipper line with two zippers so you can use your own lock to secure your belongings. The bag is thoroughly inspected against drops, rolling over rough surface, dragging on stairs and even temperature variations.


The Rockland trunk measures 20 x 13 x 9 inches in dimensions. It has a capacity of 38.3 litres and weighs 6 pounds. This size bag is perfect for use as a carry-on bag in most airlines. There is an interior mesh zip pocket to keep your important things organized. There is elasticated tie-down straps to keep your things in place when the luggage is packed. There is a divider between the two sides of the trunk. This helps to keep the things in place when the bag is opened. Unlike other bags, this vintage suitcase is not expandable.

This bag has a retro trunk design with wheels. It is suitable for short duration, that is 1-2 days travel, and weekend getaways. There are four solid colour options available for this vintage looking trunk – white, champagne, red and wood colour. There are leather strap accents on the trunk which give it a more retro and classic looks.

7. Delsey – Chatelet Hard+ Luggage

The Delsey luggage is a superior quality bag that stands out amongst the regular black bags you might find on a baggage carousel. The Chatelet Hard+ is synonymous with the French-style innovation and elegance.

Material & Features

The Delsey bag is made with 100% virgin polycarbonate material. It has a faux leather trim accents around it. The bag is tested to be resistant to high temperature. As it is a hard side luggage, it is also impact resistant. This helps to protect your things from damage by any accidental impacts and bumps. The wheel system used here offers superior moving and rolling motions which are quiet. It is a double spinner wheel system that helps in smooth motions. The wheels have a unique break system. It locks the front two wheels with a push of a button to prevent any drifting while you are standing and waiting. There is a recessed TSA compatible combination lock. This helps to keep your things secure and safe. The interior is fully lined to keep your things safe. The zippers used are 41 times more resilient than a conventional zipper system. This maximizes the security and reduces the risk of breaking.


The bag measures 21 x 13.75 x 9.75 inches in dimensions. It is lightweight overall and weighs only 8.3 pounds. This fits in most airlines as a cabin baggage as it meets the airlines standards. The interior of bag has two packing compartments with tie-down straps. This helps to keep your clothing in place when the bag is made to stand in the upright position. There is a zippered divider to minimize any shifting of things during travel. There are several compartments and pockets to make your personal items more accessible. Each bag has a unique identification code which enables you to contact the person who found your luggage in an event of loss or theft.

There are four colour options available in this model of Delsey bag. These are – chocolate, blue, pink and angora. This is a perfect carry-on for your weekend getaways or short business trips.

8. Dakine – Split Roller

The Dakine bag is designed as a durable split roller luggage bag. They are engineered for longevity and durability.

Material & Features

The Dakine bag is made from strong 600D polyester material. It has a reinforced and retractable handle for moving it around. There is a Dakine Split-Wing Collapsible Brace which provides great stability and it folds flat for storage. When not in use, the bag extension can be folded flat into a 7.5 inch bag for easy storage. The bag has strong urethane wheels which ensure the smooth and easy mobility of the bag on any road surface. The wheels can be replaced if they are damaged in any way. The main compartment zippers are quite durable. The #10 lockable YKK zippers ensure that all your things inside the bag remain safe and secure. There are exterior pockets which allow you to stay organized and have quick access to any thing you might need. There is a separate tuck away pocket for ID which helps to keep it more secure.


This bag is available in two sizes – 85 litres and 110 litres. Both the bags are lightweight with the dimensions – 30 x 14 x 13 inch, 10 lbs and 32 x 17 x 13 inch, 11 lbs respectively. The bag offers proper organization of the things that you are carrying while traveling to another place. It has a split-level design which offers easy access and organization of clothing and travel necessities. There are mesh dividers to organize the travel supplies and an additional travel compartment to keep your dirty clothes or shoes separate from other clothing and things. The mesh dividers also have a place to securely store your important documents. The interior mesh dividers are see-through so you don’t have to shuffle all around for your things.

With their large capacity, these bags are suitable for travel to any place. They can carry all you need when you are going for a long vacation anywhere. There are a variety of designs available in this model ranging from basic solid colours to printed designs in form of floral patterns or lines and several others.

9. Dejuno – 3 piece upright luggage set

The Dejuno luggage set is a lightweight hardside spinner luggage with an attractive and unique design.

Material & Features

This luggage set is made with polycarbonate material which gives it a hard side shell. The retractable handle helps you to move the bags around when you’re traveling. There are four 360 degrees spinning wheels which help you to smoothly roll the luggage. The overall construction of these bags is sturdy and deluxe hardware is used overall. The zippers are durable and the zipper pull tabs are made from deluxe and durable material. To keep your belongings safe and secure, there is built in locks in all the bags. It is placed on the side of the bag along with a side carry handle. These locks are TSA approved to prevent any additional hassle. When not in use, these bags can be nested into each other for storage purposes.


This set of three bags have the following dimensions – 28 x 11 x 18.5 inches, 24 x 9.5 x 16 inches and 20 inches. These bags are not expandable and are extremely lightweight. Even without expansion, they have sufficient space to carry all your required things for travel purposes. The smallest one can be used as a carry-on in flights. The interior of the bags is divided into two compartments. The dividing material has a zippered pocket to organize your important documents and other things. There is a elastic strap to keep your clothing secured in its position when the bag is closed.

There are two design options for this luggage set – Parisian nights and Sonoma. Both are quite attractive in their overall design and appearance. The prints are trademarked and will ensure that you look exclusive and special while carrying this one-of-a-kind hard side luggage. With this luggage set, you can travel to any place with all that you need comfortably.

10. Rivolite – 3 Piece Luggage Set

The Rivolite Luggage set is a stylish looking luggage set which has a unique stylish design. This uniqueness of design allows you to identify your luggage on the belt amongst the sea of other regular black luggage. The bags have a printed design over the external surface of the bag.

Material & Features

The material used to manufacture this bags is durable polycarbonate material. It is lightweight luggage set that provides ease of travel. There is easy gliding 8 spinner wheel system under the bags. This enables optimal movement and motion everywhere around. The 360 degrees in-line skate airplane wheels help in smooth movement. The bags have a digital security combination lock. It helps to keep your things safe when you are traveling. It safeguards the security and privacy of your luggage. The bags have side and top handles which allow you to carry the bags around. The height adjustable handle allows you to roll the luggage on any smooth surface aided by the wheels. There is a push button over the telescopic retractable handle.


The luggage set come with 3 bags of different sizes – 20 inch, 24 inch and 28 inches in dimensions. They weigh 5.5 pounds, 7.5 pounds and 9 pounds each respectively. The 20 inch bag is suitable for use as a carry-on bag. The bags are expandable 25% and offer additional packing capacity. Each piece expands by 2.5 inches to offer additional space. The zippers are water resistant and are made from nylon. The overall construction of the bags is sturdy and is designed to be shock absorbent and scratch resistant.

These bags are suitable for travel anywhere be it beach and river or a city trip. The beautiful design simply accents your summer trip plans or even business trips. This luggage set allows you to travel with contemporary convenience and style.

11. Lily Bloom – Spinner Suitcase

The Lily Bloom suitcase is a bag with spinner wheel and designer appearance specifically made for women. It belongs to a line of handbags and accessories that is focussed on sustainable fashion, revels in vibrant colours and feminine prints.

Material & Features

The bag is made from a signature fabric created from recycled plastic bottles. This bag has lightweight construction which helps you to avoid any extra airline baggage fees. This bag uses only reinforced handle poles for extra strength and durability. There is ergonomic handle which offers comfortable grip which will not affect your hand when you carry the bag. The bag has a fully lined interior. For smooth rolling motion, the bag has four directional spinner wheels which allow 360 degree upright rolling in multiple directions. This ensures that there is only little extra weight on your arms when you are moving the bag.

The bag is expandable which offers extra space for your things. The extra packing capacity can come in handy when you are traveling. There are internal organizational pockets to keep your belongings sorted and separate from all the other things. It does not have a built-in lock but you can use your personal locks to secure your belongings.


The dimensions of this bag are 29.5 x 18.2 x 12.8 inches. It has a storage capacity is approximately 100 litres and it can be expanded to an additional 12 litres by expanding the suitcase. The bag is lightweight and weighs 10.1 pounds. There are external pockets on the front surface of the bag. They offer easy access to things you might need while traveling. The interior has zippered mesh and elasticated pocket on the top surface to help you keep your things in a more organized manner. There is another side wall zippered pockets available to securely keep any important documents or other items.

This environmental friendly bag is a beautiful piece of traveling art suited for all your travel needs. It will make you stand out and it will be very easy to identify your vibrant bag on the baggage carousel amongst the regular bags. There are several design patterns available like – origami, aquarium life, bliss, floral reef, forest, furry friends and many other bright and attractive patterns.

12. CO-Z – Premium Vintage Luggage Set

The Co-Z luggage set is designed with premium quality materials and finish. This gives the luggage a vintage appearance and makes it an eye catcher wherever you go. This luggage set stands out amongst all other regular suitcases. Your personality can shine through when you travel with this attractive luggage set.

Material & Features

This luggage set is made with PU material with hand crafted stitching. It is sturdy and elegant looking. The luggage is lightweight and it is easy to clean whenever the bags get dirty while traveling. The solid ABS and PC construction with reinforced corners give improved durability and sturdiness. The trolley suitcase has four heavy duty spinner wheels. They offer effortless mobility and multidirectional smooth movement. There is no noise created when you roll the suitcase. The silent ultra-quiet spinner wheels provide smooth movement on any surface. The trolley bad can be locked with two TSA compatible locks for safety of your things. It has height adjustable handle which makes it super easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces. The hand bag can be attached to the trolley suitcase with a complimentary strap.


The dimensions of the bags in the set are 24 inches and 12 inch hand bag. The volume of these bags is 37 litres and 5 litres respectively. The bag has inside pockets for better organization of your things. This allows for better storage and security of things which you’ve packed for travel. The zippered inside pocket lets you store your important documents and other things for safe keeping. There is a hard organizer which acts as a partition to separate the top from the bottom. When you’re not traveling, the hand bag fits inside the trolley luggage for storage.

This luggage set is perfect for when you are traveling for 3-5 days trip. There are four colour options available for this luggage set – roes, white, blue and floral. All the suitcases have accents of darker shaded material.

13. Uniwalker – Travel Vintage luggage for women

The Uniwalker Travel Vintage Luggage is a hard shell suitcase designed for women. The designer appearance gives the bags a unique look and makes it easy for you to identify your bag in the variety of black bags. This vintage styled luggage is sophisticated looking and helps you to stand out with style.

Material & Features

The Uniwalker luggage is made with PU leather on the outside. The material is waterproof and easy to clean. You can clean the bag when it gets dirty while traveling. The external design is made using texture mapping technique. The floral designs are printed on the PU leather and the logo is printed on the side of the bag. The print quality is superior and gives an attractive appearance to the bag. The luggage comes with 360 spinner wheels. These wheels are of superior quality with super sound-off. They have a built-in bearing that is designed to be elastic and is wear-resistant. It has a TSA compatible lock to keep your things safe and protected. The rivets on the corner of the bags is made with anti-oxidative anti-rust material. It not only strengthens the body of the luggage but also enhances the beauty of the retro bags.  All the metal parts of the luggage are made with rose gold coloured material.


This luggage comes in a variety of sizes – 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch and 26 inch. The inside of the bag is lined with polyester material and the brand logo is also stitched on the inside. There is an inside pocket on the hard side of the luggage to organize your things. There is another hard partition like board to prevent your things from getting loose in the bag. It has multiple zippered think pockets where you can keep your documents and similar things. The aluminium rod on the backside of the bag is placed to be used as adaptive positioning pull rod for rolling the luggage. The material is lightweight and of anti-compression quality. This design meets the needs of different groups of people and allows for a smooth lifting.

This bag is perfect for a long weekend trip or an international trip. When paired with other range of its bags, it can complete your stylish looks and make your travel more fun.

14. Uniwalker – 13 inch small suitcase

The Uniwalker small suitcase is designed uniquely with floral designs. It makes your luggage stand out at the airport. With its attractive design, it is even easy to detect it amongst the sea of black luggage bags.

Material & Features

This bag is made with PU leather material with polyester lining inside. It is partially waterproof and easy to clean. You do not have to worry about it getting dirty. The outside design is printed on the leather and the brand logo is also printed on the side. The outside design is made using texture mapping techniques which makes the appearance more attractive. It also enhances the visual beauty of the luggage. It features a retro lock with code to keep your things safe. The locks are not TSA compatible. The metal hardware in the straps and the buckles are rose gold coloured. The rivets used in the corners are rust-free and imported from Taiwan.


The bag is 13 inch in dimension. It is a hard case suitcase which features a zippered inside pocket to keep small and important things safe and organized. The luggage being hard shell also helps to keep your things protected from any damage from accidental bumping while traveling. The bag has a fashionable and attractive appearance. The floral patterns of designs are unique and are available in different colours. This vintage luggage is created with proper care and research.

It is great for short duration travels like an overnight vacation or a weekend excursion to your favourite place. It is also good for long international trip as your carry bag. With its stylish looks, it is perfect for carrying gear for dance teams and cheer squads.

15. Malirona – Canvas Weekender Travel Duffel Bag

The Malirona Travel Bag it perfect for women traveling for a short trip or a simple weekend overnight trip. It is designed to match perfectly to your personal style and you can choose from a range of different prints.

Material & Features

It is foldable and is made with an anti-wrinkle canvas. This allows you to store the bags easily when it is not in use. The overall construction is well made and quite spacious. It is well lined from the inside so as to keep your things safe and protected. It is very sturdy and looks pretty. It has a 47 inches long detachable strap to carry the bag on shoulder. The bag can easily be carried over your wheeled suitcase with the help of a suitcase handle strap on the backside of the bag. It can be used as a lightweight main luggage, as an extra shopping or souvenir bag or even for storing sports gear.


As far as the dimensions are concerned, it meets the airline regulations and measures 22” x 11.5” x 11.5”. There are several pockets that can help to keep your things categorized and organized. There are two side pockets and one front open pouch on the exterior of the bag. On the inner side, there are two interior pouch pockets and one zipper pocket.

The patterns are unique and floral in style. This bag has an attractive appearance and they can help you to make individual statements of fashion, which you can select from the large variety available. This travel bag can be paired with same series floral patterns handbag to match your whole travel style.

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