Best Umbrella Base Stands Reviews

Recommendation No. 1
DC America UBP18181-BR 18-Inch Cast Stone Umbrella Base, Made from Rust Free Composite Materials, Bronze Powder Coated Finish
  • Cast stone , Bronze color , Rust free composite materials
  • The base comes with plastic inserts that allow for a 1" or a 1 1/2" pole.
  • Without the plastic inserts it will hold a 2" pole.
  • Ship 1 by ground-Fed-ex
  • 18 inch diameter
Recommendation No. 2
Sunnyglade 18" 30.2-lbs Heavy Duty Round Antiqued Umbrella Base for Patio, Outdoor - Bronze
  • Material : Made from Resin material avoids breakage and paint detachment of the umbrella base
  • Design : With an attractive decorative pattern and bronze finish this piece adds charm and elegance
  • Durable : Rigorously tested for durability and assembly instructions have been standardized
  • Knob : Includes a hand-turn knob for securing umbrella to the base to sustain the umbrella
  • Package Includes : 1*umbrella base, 2 couplers to allow it to fit both 1.38" And 1.8" diameter poles
Recommendation No. 3
Blissun 22 lbs Heavy Duty Patio Market Umbrella Base Stand (16.5")
  • This umbrella base is made of resin, waterproof, aging resistance, wear-resistant, anti ultraviolet strong, permanently not corroded.
  • This umbrella stand with classic decorative pattern and bronze finish maintains its appearance for years to come, help you enjoy your patio umbrella.
  • This patio umbrella base equipped with adjustable piston, a wide range of application, can be adjusted according to the thickness of the umbrella column. Umbrella Pole Diameter Range: φ1.49" - 1.89".
  • This umbrella base stand features a hand-turn tightening knob for securing umbrella to the base. Overall size: Dia.16.5" x 12.6"H.
  • Easy assembly, clean and store for home and commercial use. Apply for family, villa, hotel, terrace, balcony, resort, water park, barbecue bar, western restaurant, beauty salon, outdoor leisure Umbrella base, Umbrella base stand, Patio umbrella base, Outdoor Parasol Base, Market Umbrella Base, company leisure area, company rest area, etc.

Protecting yourself and your family from the intense summer sun can be challenging, especially if you don’t have an umbrella stand. You might like to sit outside, sun yourself, enjoy family activities and relax, but the thought of burning to a crisp as the rays sear your skin is enough of a deterrent to remain inside. However, by incorporating an umbrella stand into your outdoor patio area, you’re able to shield yourself and your family from the sun while still enjoying being outdoors.

An umbrella stand is a worthy investment for many reasons. Firstly, there are many different options from which to choose. You’re no longer limited to options that don’t tie in with your outdoor furniture or look cumbersome and hard to use. Instead, you can buy an umbrella stand that’s high quality, blends in well with your outdoor space and doesn’t cost the earth.

Even better, you don’t have to worry about holding an umbrella yourself. Slot it into the umbrella stand and let it work its magic. If you’re not yet convinced that such an item could be what you’re after, look at any of these options below. They may just change your mind.

1. Yescom 18-Inch Round Heavy Black Umbrella Stand

With an elegant floral rose design, this umbrella stand from Yescom stands out in a league of its own. Not only is it designed to be functional – holding your umbrella firmly in place – but it’s also a design feature all on its own. It’s made of resin and beton to be more environmentally friendly and is intricately designed to suit most homeowner’s needs to a tee. What’s more, it’s robust to handle the elements.

With a net weight of 20 pounds, it’s hardy enough to withstand all the weather has to throw at it, while being suitable for umbrellas between eight feet and nine feet in height. Just put the stand in place, insert the umbrella pole, and enjoy your shaded slice of paradise outdoors.

Even better, this umbrella stand is suitable for several different umbrellas, making it a versatile holder that’s well worth your inspection. If you don’t want a cumbersome cast iron stand that is hard to move, consider this environmentally-friendly yet strong resin and beton umbrella stand that will continue to deliver on value year after year. There’s every reason to consider adding it to your shopping cart today.

2. Patio Magnifique Outdoor Umbrella Stand

Let your patio area stand out from the crowd by purchasing this umbrella stand from Patio Magnifique. While it’s a functional stand that houses all kinds of umbrellas, it’s also a stand-out design feature that works in beautifully with tiled outdoor spaces.

It features stunning terracotta tiling work, is robust and heavy to withstand all kinds of weather and doesn’t need to be filled to keep your umbrella in place. Its weight alone is enough to keep your umbrella secure. It’s 32 pounds, supports umbrellas that are between six and nine feet high, and is suitable for poles that have a diameter of 1.62-inches or less. As a result, almost any umbrella will fit snuggly in this umbrella stand.

Using this stand is also a breeze. Place it where you want it, insert the umbrella pole, and tighten the adjustable knob. From here, you can benefit from exceptional levels of shade and a robust stand that will stand the test of time. Don’t settle for less than the best when you can benefit from this exquisite example of an umbrella stand.

3. Sundale Outdoor Half Round Plastic Umbrella Stand

If your budget is small, but your need for an umbrella stand is big, then consider this one from Sundale. Designed to hold your umbrella firmly in place without costing the earth to do so, it’s a valid option for any home or business owner.

This stand is made from UV-protected plastic, weighs 40 pounds once you fill it with water, and is entirely mobile and easy to use. Just set it up where you need it to be, fill the base with water, and insert your umbrella pole. The pole is then held into place with two turn handles that you turn to tighten.

This umbrella stand comes with all the hardware and tools you need for its use, takes just seconds to assemble, and is easy to clean and fill with water as well. What’s more, it’s not just a standard plastic base and is instead designed to tie in with your outdoor area. Choose from two stunning designs – both of which will add a touch of elegance to your patio area. Suitable for pole lengths of eight-and-a-half inches, it’s bound to suit your umbrella perfectly.

4. Coral Coast European Patio Umbrella Stand

Available in pewter and bronze, this umbrella stand will continue to provide no end of service for those looking to relax outdoors. Rather than put up with the sun burning your skin to a crisp, you can purchase this umbrella stand, insert your umbrella and benefit from shade while you enjoy being outside.

Unlike several other umbrella stands on the market that are made of plastic, this one is built to last the distance. It won’t blow away in the wind, crack, or perish, and is made of cast iron with an anti-rust primer. Further weather-proofing it is its weather-resistant powder coating that protects it from rust, corrosion, and peeling. This is definitely an umbrella stand that will stand the test of time.

What’s equally as beneficial about this umbrella stand is its compatibility. Rather than being suitable for a select few umbrella poles, it’s able to cater to all umbrellas that have a pole diameter of one-and-a-half inches or less. As a result, there’s no guesswork or worry about it not fitting.

Tying in beautifully with most outdoor furniture and priced affordably for all, it’s worth adding this umbrella stand to your wish list for further inspection.

5. Abba Patio Square Umbrella Base Stand with Wheel

If the weather is particularly intense in your hometown, you need an umbrella stand that can last the distance. Buying a substandard one can only lead to damage to both the stand and your umbrella, as well as your wallet. This umbrella base stand from Abba Patio could be the best option for you. While it offers a “no frills” approach to its design, it more than makes up for this in its ability to keep your umbrella steady and secure. It comes with two separate tubes, is made of robust steel, and is powder coated as well. As a result, it won’t rust, corrode, chip or peel, and will continue to provide no end of convenience as you’re relaxing outdoors.

While this heavy umbrella stand weighs in at 53 pounds, it doesn’t make it any less mobile for your convenience. It has wheels on the base for easy movement, and even sits neatly under patio tables to be hidden out of sight and out of mind. Slide it under the table, insert your umbrella pole and turn the knobs to secure the pole in place. It’s that easy!

Suitable for umbrellas between six and nine feet, it’s a convenient and affordable umbrella stand you’ll be pleased to own as either a homeowner or a business owner.

6. TropiShade Bronze Cast Iron Umbrella Stand

Rather than settle for a substandard umbrella stand that won’t handle the intense weather, purchase a stand that will. This TropiShade branded stand may be that very stand. Manufactured using only the best cast iron with a bronze powder-coating, it’s designed to be both stylish and robust.

This stand sits 20 inches in diameter, is suitable for umbrella poles that are between one 3/8-inch and one-and-a-half inches and weighs a hefty 30 pounds. As a result, it won’t blow over or put your umbrella at risk.

To secure an umbrella in this stand is also very easy. Insert the umbrella pole, secure the thumb screws, and begin to enjoy the sunshine while shading your body from the heat. Prospective purchasers are also sure to be impressed by its seamless design. Rather than detract from your outdoor furniture, it ties in seamlessly with it to look like part of the setup. Priced affordably for all, there’s every reason to consider purchasing this umbrella stand.

7. Sunnydaze Decor Cast Iron 17-Inch Umbrella Base Stand

If you want an umbrella stand that presents a “no frills” approach to adequate umbrella storage, then this is the base for you. Weighing 12 pounds, it’s a stable and robust umbrella stand that will handle all kinds of weather and is even made from heavy-duty cast iron to reiterate that fact.

It’s weather resistant so you can have no qualms about leaving it outdoors, and it’s suitable for all kinds of umbrellas. Therefore, there’s every reason to consider adding it to your wish list. What’s more, it’s easy to use. Put your umbrella into the umbrella stand, secure the thumb screws in place and begin to enjoy the sunshine. Is your umbrella pole an abnormal diameter? This umbrella stand can cater to those too. With a unique adaptor, it’s able to cater to all umbrella owners with minimal hassle.

If you’re not sure whether this is the best umbrella stand for you, rest assured the 1-year warranty has you covered. If you find it’s not fit for purpose or has any faults, you can return it with no questions asked. This umbrella base from Sunnydaze may tick all the boxes for your requirements.

8. Shademobile Bronze Rolling Umbrella Stand

While an umbrella stand is a functional unit all on its own – providing stability for your umbrella to protect you from the shade – this one can also do so much more. Designed to tie in seamlessly with your home décor, it’s a cost-effective and versatile addition to any outdoor area.

Not only will it hold your umbrella firmly in place, keeping you sheltered from the elements, but it also doubles up as a table. The bottom base sits firmly on the ground, housing your umbrella, while a table component sits further up at an ideal seating height. As a result, you’re able to place any snack and beverages on it while you relax in the sun. This umbrella stand is the epitome of convenient.

What’s more, it’s built to last. It won’t rust or chip, requires no maintenance and is made out of robust polyethylene to handle everything the weather throws at it. Insert your umbrella, screw it onto the center post without tools, and enjoy! Then, if you want to move it, that’s also easy. It has four wheels, of which two are lockable, and you can move it and turn it effortlessly.

Suitable for umbrellas that are one 3/8-inch to two 1/16-inch, it’s a versatile umbrella stand that will provide no end of convenience for a home or business owner.

9. Abba Round Patio 23.4-Inch Umbrella Base for Outdoor

Not all umbrella stands for sale are designed to withstand all weather conditions. Instead, they are for use when the weather is perfect for relaxing outdoors. However, this umbrella stand from Abba Patio is ready to tackle all conditions.

It’s suitable for freestanding umbrellas that are up to 11 feet in size, fit poles with a diameter of one-and-a-half to two inches and is designed to handle everything the weather can throw at it. While the base itself is made of recycled plastic, it’s a robust and hardy plastic that has been manufactured with the environment in mind.

Furthermore, you can fill that plastic base with water to add additional weight and includes a robust steel pole in which your umbrella sits. With the umbrella stand filled with water, it weighs 50 pounds and adds extra stability for when the weather gets a little blustery.

Such is the hardiness of this umbrella stand, as well as its affordable price tag that it’s suitable for both residential and commercial use. Buy several of them for outdoor dining or enjoy one or two for around home. You are sure to enjoy the stability and robustness on offer with this umbrella stand from Abba Patio.

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