U.S. Traveler Koskin Leather Garment Duffel Bag

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Pros: Made of smooth and water repellent Koskin leather. Converts easily from flat garment bag to duffel for travel with external side pockets and zippered front pocket. Adjustable or removable shoulder strap. Maximum industrial strength hardware. One bag holds everything for a short trip and is easy to pack and carry.
Cons: Too short for a great suit bag and you have to unpack to get the suit out.

A Luggage Manufacturer for Every Walk of Life

The U.S. Traveler brand extension targets travelers of every sort. From families to a single businessman, U.S. Traveler offers high quality bags which can address most needs easily. The parent brand, Traveler’s Choice has crafted a reputation for manufacturing durable and reliable bags. They maintain this culture through rigorous testing and monitoring. It is this very characteristic that sets their products apart.

Traveler’s Choice has cultivated their reputation and continually produced quality products. Traveler’s Choice is comprised of six brands: Traveler’s Choice, U.S. Traveler, Pacific Gear, Travel Select, Loudmouth and Beverly Hills Country Club. Each brands presents a specific product line to their identified consumer.

Luxurious Luggage for the Professional – U.S. Traveler Koskin Leather Garment Duffel Bag

The U.S. Traveler Koskin Leather Garment is one such fine product. The leather bag functions as a two in one. A garment bag for suits and hanging items that also functions as a duffle bag. U.S. Traveler Koskin Leather Garment Duffel Bag is a great bag to for a business person who’s always on the go. The garment bag allows the traveler to store their suits and shirts and hanging clothing items safely. When you arrive at your destination, you can expand the bag and pull out your clothes for hanging in the closet. Additionally, the bag serves as a duffle bag. A quick space to stash your toiletries, personal items and a pair of shoes.

The quality construction of the bag from Koskin leather gives it a sleek appearance and also provides water resistance. The bag has two external side pockets and one zippered front pocket to help organize your personal items in the bag. The U.S. Traveler two in one bag features an adjustable shoulder strap as well as two handles on the side. The shoulder strap makes it easy for a traveler to throw the bag on their shoulder and move through the airport to their final destination.

Leather Lends a Modern Look

The Koskin leather Garment Duffel bag can hold your suits and related items easily. However, U.S. Traveler Koskin Leather Garment Duffel Bag is also built with Traveler’s Choice standards in place. So the hardware and construction have been rigorously tested. The durable Koskin leather has a smooth but durable feel. And the dual functionality of the bag assures you that on your next business trip, this bag is all that you will need.

The garment duffel bag is 13 inches high and 22 inches wide. It is designed to function as a carry-on bag and fills that role expertly. As a garment bag, you can easily include your suits and shirts. Once you move the bag into the duffel bag shape, you can add your accessories and necessary items. The external pockets give an excellent place to store documents or any items that you may need to quickly access.

Practical and Useful

The U.S. Traveler Koskin leather Garment Duffel bag is designed with functionality in mind. The leather of the bag is both durable and professional looking. It gives the bag a classic and luxurious appeal. The duffel bag shape is easy to handle and manipulate, from the curb to the gate. And the size of the bag makes it a great carry-on bag.

In addition to be meticulously designed, the Koskin Leather Garment Duffel Bag comes with straps and handles to make maneuvering the bag a breeze. The over the shoulder strap means that for a longer walk, you can bear the weight of the bag easily. The side straps make it simple to pick up the bag and move it from the bed to the chair to the table as needed.

A Classic Piece for the Professional – U.S. Traveler Koskin Leather Garment Duffel Bag

The garment bag has long been a necessary piece of luggage for every business professional. A way to safely transport your suits that protects them from wrinkling and the elements. However the easy portability of a duffel make it a popular selection with savvy travelers. The U.S. Traveler Koskin leather Garment Duffel bag allows the smart traveler to have the best of both worlds.

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