The Best Towels For Camping

Recommendation No. 1
Set of 3 Microfiber Towels Fast Drying Gray Travel Backpacking Yoga Swimming Sports Fitness Exercise Gym Body Face Sweat Towel - Absorbent Swim Shower Bath Pool Antibacteriаl Camping Foot Day Pack
  • SET OF 3 MULTIPURPOSE TOWELS: large towel (50''x30'') is perfect for beach, pool, yoga and pilates - middle lightweight towel (30''x15'') is great for camping, swimming, travel and shower - small compact head towel (15''x15'') will easily fit in your gym bag or backpack and is best for gym, trekking and drying off sweat.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT, FAST DRYING & ANTIBACTERIАL, NO ODOUR FROM WET TOWELS💦: OlimpiaFit 100% microfiber towels are antimicrobial - They can absorb 3-4 times their weight and dry 10 times faster than regular cotton or terrycloth towels – You don’t need to wash them so often - No more wet towels in the car – Just five minutes in the sun and you are good to go
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, ULTRA COMPACT & COMFORTABLE USE: This travel towel packs 4 times smaller than regular terrycloth towel of the same size - Each size comes with a hanging loop - The elastic band makes folding super easy - Compact mesh carrying bag - Pack easily and save space for other vital items
  • SOFT & HYPOALLERGENIC: Extra soft, plush microfiber is super gentle on your face, body and skin - Slip-resistant hypoallergenic surface makes it a perfect workout towel
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We are so confident that our gym towel will rock your world that we back it up with 100% hassle-free satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, we will exchange it - no questions asked
Recommendation No. 2
4Monster 4 Pack Microfiber Bath Towel Camping Towel Swimming Towel Sports Towel with Accessory Bag, Quick Dry & Super Absorbent for Travel Gym, Suitable for Adults Kids Family, 24 X 48 Inch
  • 【Special Designed Family Pack】Awesome water resistant bag includes 4 towel and 1 extra mesh bag,a perfect choice for a family of four if you want to go camping or the beaches.Each towel has a special color seam that allows family members to track their own towels.
  • 【Cotton Feeling Towel】Long microfiber provides soft and gentle feeling touch, It is like the advanced bath towel used in the hotel, but it is more absorbent, lighter and softer.
  • 【Strong Water Absorption and Quick Drying】This is the most absorbent of all towels and is ideal for swimming, sailing, beach and other water sports,and can be air dried and reused in a short time.Of course, this is also a very perfect household towel, which is similar to a cotton towel but more functional.
  • 【Professional Manufacturer】Natural plant dyes, say no to chemical dyes; 100% sterilized fabric,skin friendly;durable stitching and other accessories. We only provide the best products to our customers.
  • We want to make sure you have an amazing experience with us. 30 day no hassle returns / free replacement,12 month warranty.We’ll make sure you have nothing to worry about.
Recommendation No. 3
Microfiber Travel Towel 3 Sizes in 1 Pack, Quick Drying Towel, Quick & Fast Dry Travel Towel for Camp, Sweat, Gym, Sports, Workout, Bath, Body, Camping, Backpacking, Hiking, Women, Men, Hair - Compact
  • 3 USEFUL SIZES- Our lightweight(10.7 oz) compact microfiber towel set includes 3 different sizes. Large(50" x 30") ideal for swimming, beach, yoga or use as shower towels. Medium(30''x15'') perfect for travel, gym, camping. Small (15" x 15") easy fit into pocket, extreme handy for daily uses for men and women.
  • DRY FAST, SUPER ABSORBENT - High quality microfiber is capable of absorbing water 3-4 times of its weight. This quick drying towel dries 10X faster than regular cotton towels. Ideal for any outdoors/indoors activities.
  • PORTABLE CARRY BAG - Our towel set consists a spacious carry bag for easy storage. Convenient to put the towel and other personal items(Keys, phone, cards, coins) altogether. Additional hang loop design attached to the towels make it super easy to hang wherever you need.
  • SKIN FRIENDLY- This quick dry towel is super comfortable and skin friendly. The material provides a gentle touch for your face, body and hair. Use it as sports towel, wipe off sweat after workouts, jogging, yoga or any excises. Use it as shower and bath towels that dries you off quickly.
  • EASY CARE: The towels are machine washable and can last for a long time. It remains soft after multiple washes. Wash with like colors

Camping enforces survival of the fittest. And the one with the biggest backpack while camping is going down! Two days into the camping trip, you will realize that your damp towel is the bulkiest, stinkiest resident of the backpack. Only the best camping towels can save you from the embarrassment and gross-ness of bacteria-laden towels. Fabric technology has advanced enough to absorb water like sponge and boot out the slimy residents of nooks and crannies of the towels. We found travel towels with the optimum microfiber blend that maintain a clean, dry and space-smart presence in your bag. These are specifically designed keeping the traveler’s comfort and needs in mind. So dig into the reviews of the 10 best camping towels with us. “We have also written a complete guide about best hiking watches“.

What type of towels should be used as camping towel?

The soft and fluffy cotton towels are widely used as bath towels, beach towels, gym towels etc. They generally feel good on the skin. You can drag them across you body and dry yourself quickly. The problem? They absorb water and do not dry themselves quickly. After couple of uses, they become a hothouse of bacteria from our body and start stinking. The space these towels take up in a camping backpack is ridiculous. And you might have to carry multiple cotton towels so that you can use one while the other dries. “We have also written a complete guide about best LED  lanterns for hiking“.

Microfiber is made of thinner-than-hair synthetic fibers. Usually these are a combination of polyester and polyamide. The higher the value of polyamide, the softer and plusher your towel is. The softness of towel also depends on how densely the microfibers are packed. Microfiber towels usually clean better without getting wet as fast as the cotton towels. They also dry faster as they do not absorb the liquid, rather they hold the liquid. Microfiber towels are slimmer and more compact. All the best camping towels covered here are microfiber towels.

Linen towels are another type that is becoming popular again. These are highly absorbent and anti microbial by their very nature. They also dry very fast. The issue is that they get seriously wrinkled. As a camp-happy person you can probably live with that, but these also stain fast. If you are travelling as a group, a stained towel can make you look unkempt.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of microfiber camping towels?


  1. The microfiber is snowflake-shaped. With its spokes, it picks up dirt and moisture and leaves the skin drier and cleaner than cotton towels do. Cotton towels have cylindrical fibers. They rub the dirt around on the skin rather than trap them.
  2. The peculiar shape of split microfiber also has high surface area which allows them to soak water up to 7x -8x their weight. So if you are a huge person, a regular microfiber towel can dry you off, but a cotton towel might be drenched before you know it.
  3. As these absorb water better, you only need smaller and thinner microfiber towels. So such towels are compact.
  4. Microfiber towels pick up bacteria from your skin better. This has been conclusively proved by a study done in UC Davis which compared microfiber and cotton mops.
  5. Microfiber towels are known to be much more durable than the cotton towels. They bear out the brunt of repeated washes without getting frayed or rough on your skin.
  6. Microfiber fabric is generally lint-free. Low-quality cotton towels often leave lints on your body, which you discover while applying body lotion.
  7. Microfiber towels are quite versatile. Apart from using them as camping, gym, swim team, yoga towels, these can be used to clean cars, tents and other scruffy surfaces.


  1. Microfiber feels very different on the skin from the cotton towels. If you have sensitive skin, dragging a microfiber towel across it might make it feel raw. You need to pat and dry your body with these. The patting action helps absorb the water faster though.


Never use bleach or fabric conditioners with microfiber towels because they reduce their absorbing capability. Always wash them with lukewarm water or minimal temperature in the dryer. It’s best to wash them separately the first few times.

Which are the best camping towels?

There are many microfiber towels but only few qualify as a camping tool. They get many small details correct to land on the best camping towels list. They were selected based on:

Drying performance: This is the main consideration with any towel. We checked how fast and how efficiently they cleared water from your skin. The intensity of patting required and the labor that goes into drying with different towels was tested. The best camping towels wiped off the water quickly and did not require vigorous rubbing or patting. They absorbed all the water before getting soggy wet themselves.

Drying speed: Once you have used the towel, you want it to dry off quickly. It’s unhygienic to pack a wet towel with other things in the camping bag. The best camping towels go from soaking wet to bone dry within 15-30 mins.

Features: Camping-related features like mesh bags and loops for hanging the towels come in very handy while you are travelling. The mesh bags allow air circulation through the towel. Loops allow you to hang them on your backpack and dry while you trek to between campsites.

Budget: It is a towel after all. You don’t want to pay a fortune. We have selected the travel towels that bring the best value for money. Some of these come as sets of two so they vindicate their higher price.

Usability: Thing like the softness of towel, its nature after washing etc. determine its usability. Towels that have fast colors are a pain to use. The best camping towels have steady colors, number of size options, anti microbial properties etc..

1. Sunland Microfiber Towel Ultra Compact Absorbent and Fast Drying Travel Sports Towels

There’s nothing more reassuring than second-hand experience while judging products. With items like camping towels, you can rely on the brutal judgment passed by other customers. We scouted for camping towels online and found that Sunland Microfiber towel was highly spoken of.  Its highly convenient design, top-notch materials, choice of colors and sizes make it the best camping towel we have come across till now. It modest price and weight only send it blazing down the glory path. After you freshen up using your towel, relaxing in the best backpacking hammocks is heaven for campers.

Design and Features

The Sunland Microfiber towel immediately caught our attention because of the choice of sizes, colors and packs. That kind of customer-friendliness is hard to come by. The available sizes are 20” x 40”, 24” x 48”, 32” x 60” and 40” x 72”. These are available as sets of two 12” x 24”, two 16” x 32” or a 32” x60” + 16” x 32” set. Most of the colors available are toned down. Bright colors tend to look worn after some use. Still, Sunland has included some light colors like blue and purple.

This travel towel comes with a light, zippered carry bag. It has a mesh face which allows the towel to breathe when not in use. The towel has a snapping loop. This can be used to hang it off your backpack while trekking. The towel will dry by the time you reach your destination. The towel has a soft finish. It packs in to a flat book-like package.  The smallest size of this quick-dry towel weighs 1.7 ounces. It soaks up water and stains but it does not retain them. It pulls water from the body quickly and dries off in no time.

Sunland recommends that you wash both the towel and the carry bag separately once before using them. Even after washing, it does not lose its compact form. It is good for machine wash and tumble drying. You can use it after swimming sessions, to camps, gymming, sports etc..


  • Choice of colors, sizes and sets of 2 towels
  • Comes with a mesh carry bag
  • Snap-on loop on the towel
  • Soaks a lot of water and dries quickly
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Not excessively plush

2. Fox Outfitters Ultrasoft MicroDry Towel

Fox Outfitters must have stumbled upon some racy water-absorbing trick. Their Ultrasoft MicroDry towel whips the water off the surface it is run on. From home washrooms to camp washing areas, this towel can work its wonders. The choice of sizes allows you to use their brilliant performance for different purposes. It is combined with user-friendly features which make it one of the best camping towels available.

Design and Features

Fox Outfitters MicroDry microfiber towel is available in five sizes, extra small to all the way through extra large. The sizes are 12” x 24”,  16” x 32”, 20” x 40”, 24” x 48” and 30” x 60”. The weight ranges from 1.5 ounce to 8.5 ounce. Although the packed sizes of MicroDry are smaller, the Sunland microfiber towel is lighter. But MicroDry has excellent water-soaking capability. So in spite of its travel features, it is regularly used as a bath towel. The texture of this towel does not cause any irritation especially on drying skin. Fox Outfitters claim that it can soak up 4 times its weight in water. Swathing your head with this towel will immediately absorb water from the hair without any damage to hair structure.

This travel towel comes with a mesh carry bag. It also has a snap-on loop which allows the towel to be hung from any point for quick drying. Once it’s dry, it packs back into the carry bag without any hush. There’s no puffing up and struggle with stuffing it back.  You can machine-wash or hand-wash it. It comes in blue, grey and green colors. The material of this camping towel is durable. There have been rare reports of color bleeding. It can be used for intense outdoor activities where space and performance matter like camping, gymming, military etc..


  • Very compact
  • 5 sizes, 3 colors
  • Mesh carry bag
  • Durable
  • Dries quickly


  • Works better with dabbing

3. WildHorn Outfitters Microlite Microfiber Quick Dry Travel / Camping Towel

The WildHorn Outfitters Microlite Microfiber towel is a superlative addition to your camping backpack. This lightweight item soaks away water and dries off almost intuitively. They have a modest choice of colors and sizes. Fussy shoppers will find it easier to make a decision in terms of size and color. This is a pricey towel but it lives up to every penny of the price. Its quality lands it a place right in the best camping towels list.

Design and Features

The WildHorn OutFitters Microlite camping towel is a 100% microfiber towel. Like most them, this is best used in a pat-and-dry routine, especially for people who have sensitive skin. It is available in sizes: 12” x 24”, 24” x 48” and 30” x 60”. The middle size is best for camp bathing. The smaller one is for the more economical hikers who use as less resources as possible. The larger one can be used when you are holding a private court with your favored shampoo and body wash in your washroom. It is offered in orange, grey and blue colors. The vivid colors do not lose their brilliance even after repeated wash.

This travel towel comes with a mesh pouch. It has a loop on the corner for hanging. The large size has loops on two corners. Its weight goes from 1.35 ounce to 8.45 ounce as the sizes increase. It feels more plush than the cheaper towels but it does not get bulky. Guess that’s what the extra bucks go into. They remain soft even after washing. We would still suggest that you pat and move rather than grazing the towel across your skin. The medium size takes about 30 mins to dry, maybe faster in direct sun.


  • Soft and compact
  • 3 sizes, 3 colors
  • Dries fast and absorbs water quickly
  • Colors remain bright even after washing
  • Comes with a mesh carry bag


  • Expensive

4. Bodi Hut Microfibre Sports and Travel Towel

Bodi Hut Microfiber camping towel is a moderately-priced entity in a market flooded with either cheap or expensive competition. We found it in only the large size which is what most people use as bath towel. The gentle touch of this towel led it straight to the best camping towels list. Its antibacterial properties and premium construction are guaranteed by a 100-day warranty too.

Design and Features

The Bodi Hut Microfiber towel comes in four exciting colors. The blue, purple and pink are for the vibrant people. The grey version is for the more utilitarian tastes. The size we found was 30” x 48”. This serves perfectly well as a bath towel. It will cover your body as easily as a regular bath towel at home. It is quite lightweight and remains so when wet because the water is not absorbed by the material, rather retained and quickly evaporated. It has a high thread count which makes it softer. This structure also ensures antibacterial properties. So if you leave the wet towel in your bag in an emergency, you won’t return to a stench of a dead towel.

This camping towel can remove around 4x of its weight in water. Patting and drying would be the best method to use it. It comes with a mesh carry bag that allows free airflow. The bag has a loop for hanging it off our backpack. It is great for gym, swimming and home use apart from camping. Folks who are unaccustomed to microfiber towels should start off with patting and drying. It settles in the bag very easily. It takes up much less space compared to regular bath towels. And it saves you the trouble of packing multiple towels for one trip.


  • Soft with high thread count
  • Perfect size for bath towel
  • Antibacterial
  • Mesh carry bag


  • None

5. Camping Towel by Wise Owl Outfitters

The Wise Owl Outfitters camping towel is a detour from usual microfiber towels because of how pleasant it feels on the skin. It is not soft in the traditional sense but it does not annoyingly grate on your skin. What we really liked was the extra effort Wise Owl put in marketing, selling and providing customer care for a small item like this. At its affordable price and color options, we found it to be one of the best camping towels.

Design and Features

Wise Owl Outfitters break out from the bounds of usual boring camping towels. Their towels sport contrast borders and a funky owl cartoon with Wise Owl logo. This sure cheers you up when you are in the middle of nowhere and contemplating life. There are seven interesting color combinations of this towel. We would pick it up just for itslooks. It comes in two sizes only: Large at 24” x 48” and XL at 30” x 60”. The former weighs 6.8 ounce and latter weighs 10.8 ounces. The most amazing deal is that you get a 12” x 24” free towel with XL size and 12” x 12” free towel with Large size.

This travel towel has a rubbery finish. It is not harsh-feeling, so kids can use it. It is also best utilized with a pat-and-dry mechanism. It comes with a classy bag which is partly mesh.  No matter how you fold the towel, it will fit back in the pouch easily enough. It dries off very quickly. In shade, it would take around 15 mins to dry. Even after drying it comes back soft and compact to us. There’s a loop on the towel to hang it from a carabiner clip on your backpack. The touch of family-run business forms our conviction in the Wise Owl microfiber towel.


  • Attractive design with cartoon logo and contrast borders
  • Pleasant on the skin
  • Dries and absorbs fast
  • 7 colors, 2 sizes
  • Small towels free with each size
  • Mesh carry bag


  • None

6. The Friendly Swede Microfiber Sports & Travel Towels (2 Pack)

The Friendly Swede Microfiber towel comes as a pack of two at the price of one. Given that each towel has its own carry bag, we can’t complain at all. Some of the design aspects could be more evolved but there’s no rivaling the space-savings from this towel. You will find yourself turning to these as everyday bath towel. You are looking at a set of one of the best camping towels here. Aside from towels, it is also important that you have the best camping cots for resting.

Design and Features

The Friendly Swede Microfiber towel pack is a set of navy blue and grey towels. These measure 15” x 24” along two sides. These are available in other sizes which are not always offered online. A call to customer care will make the details clearer. The towel is plain microfiber fabric with just stitches at the edges. They are all business. Most people have trouble reconciling with how thin it is. But it whiffs water off a surface like a vacuum cleaner gets dust. Each towel weighs around 4.7 ounces.  Each of them comes with its own mesh bag. Contrary to the tradition, they have cylindrical instead of flat bags. If you roll your stuff while packing them instead of stacking them flat, these are a better fit for your backpack. A loop on the towel allows you to hang it for drying

This travel towel uses 80/20 polyester polyamide fabric. It’s very soft on the skin. You don’t feel the abrasive drag of cloth on your body that’s characteristic of low-polyamide microfiber. The Friendly Swede provides excellent assistance to their customers, even in the small matters of towels. They forewarn you to wash the towels separately the first couple of times. This way any residual color bleed will not affect your other clothes. They soak up water many times their size. Tumble dry or machine wash at low temperature helped after a trip with this towel.


  • Set of two towels for price of one
  • Two individual cylindrical mesh bags
  • Soft to touch
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Flimsy-looking loop for drying

7. Northbound Train Quick Dry Technology Anti-Bacterial Microfiber Large Bath and Sports Towel

Northbound Train has a carriage for all your toweling needs. Their Quick Dry Microfiber towels come as an asset for all your camping and sports needs. Between the two towels in one pack, they cover all your drying needs for an active lifestyle, be it gymming, swimming, yoga, camping, travel etc. The subtle color combination soothes you when you are done with the labors of the day. It hoots its way right into the best camping towels list.

Design and Features

The Northbound Train Quick Dry microfiber towels are shipped as a set of two. This includes a bath towel of 30” x 60” and a sport towel of 12” x 36”. The latter can be used in the gym or for the swim team’s locker. They are accompanied by a mesh bag which can hold both the towels. Its hardy zipper does not split after a few uses. Northbound douses the towels in a Zinc Oxide coating which they claim to be antibacterial. So two days into your trip, your towel will keep smelling fresh. Northbound train declares that this coating is skin-safe.

This travel towel weighs 8.6 ounces. The smaller sports towel is only 2.1 ounces. You can machine wash these with your usual laundry. These are available in grey color with either a pink or a blue border. You should wash them once before using them for the first time. Each towel has a snap-on loop for hanging it off the hooks or bags. These are expensive towels, but it’s a pack of two. And nobody has complained of usual towel problems like color bleeding or coarse texture. You get what you pay for.


  • Smartly combined set of two
  • Quality construction with a soft feeling
  • Antibacterial coating
  • Mesh carry bag
  • High absorption capacity and quick dry


  • Only one bag for two towels

8. Sea to Summit DryLite Towel

The Sea to Summit DryLite Towel has that assuring, soft look that usually goes with cotton towels. This is a surprisingly soft towel in spite of being microfiber. There’s a warm plushness to it that is more common to cotton towels. And it is fast. You can get through the process of unpacking it, using it, dunking it in water and drying it within 45 mins. The no-nonsense attitude is what lands it in the best camping towels list.

Design and Features

The Sea to Summit DryLite camping towel is made of microfiber. It comes in 5 light colors. From cobalt blue to eucalyptus, it has something for every palate. It comes in 5 sizes from extra small to extra large. The sizes are: 12” x 24”, 16” x 32”, 20” x 40”, 24” x 48” and 30” x 60”. The weight varies from 1.3 ounce to 8.1 ounce. The towels have a loop for hanging it off the bag or the hooks. A cool mesh bag is shipped with the towel. It packs the towel into a small package that can be easily accommodated in the backpack.

This travel towel is said to be treated to silver ion antibacterial substances. The silver-ion coat is permanent and discourages bacteria from homing on your towel. So DryLite ends up smelling deliciously fresh. Do note that the color of this towel sometimes bleeds. But you can wash it in salt water a couple of times. That helps stop the fast colors. This is a highly portable and efficient quick dry towel.


  • Very soft on the skin
  • Fast drying
  • Mesh carry bag
  • 5 sizes and 5 colors
  • Silver ion antibacterial coating


  • Colors bleed in some pieces

9. Raqpak Microfiber Travel Towel

The Raqpak Microfiber camping towel has many takers because of its all-round performance. There are number of color and size options. It folds down to a compact size. This is a versatile towel because of the scope of its use. All sorts of camping, swimming, gymming and outdoor activities can benefit from this towel. It is, without a doubt, one of the best camping towels.

Design and Features

The Raqpak Microfiber camping towel is available in 7 colors. These cover light, dark, bright and muted options.  There are three sizes in these towels: 20” x 40”, 30” x 60”, and 39” x 70”. It folds flat even after repeated washes.  It fits right into an adorable storage bag. It can take in up to 3 times its weight in water. So this is a towel that will not be easily daunted. There are no issues of color bleeding with it.

This travel towel is treated with antibacterial agents to ward off the dreaded ‘smell’. This prevents the build-up of bacteria. This absorbs quickly and dries quickly. It does not rob the skin of its moisture in the process. It only absorbs water from the surface.


  • Affordable
  • Anti bacterial treatment
  • Mesh bag included
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 7 colors and 5 sizes


  • The stitches on the border may come frayed

10. Micro-Miracle Microfiber Travel Towel

Micro-Miracle microfiber travel towel lives up to its name. 10 poppy colors add to its repertoire. These are large towels that come in perfect sizes for bathing. Their antimicrobial nature puts your hygiene concerns to rest. This is a pricey towel amongst our 10 contenders, hence its place a few pegs down. Nonetheless this is one of the best camping towels available. Now that you have your best towel for camping, you must also have the best LED lanterns for camping to keep you company at night.

Design and Features

The Micro-Miracle microfiber towel comes in one size: 30” x 60”. It is accompanied by a hand towel of size 14” x22”. The mesh carry bag is a square of 8 inches side. This is bigger than the packing sizes of many towels in this list. The towels are created with an antibacterial coating. Boiling or hand washing the towels does not wash off their color. They soak up water quite fast. Micro-Miracle claims that they can take 7x – 9x their weight in water. They take a few minutes to dry. You can manually wring off 90% of the water from the towel.

This travel towel has a loop on the corner to hang it off the backpack. You can use it for a whole slew of activities.


  • Antibacterial coating
  • Free hand towel
  • Mesh carry bag
  • Dries very quickly


  • Not very plush

11. Ecodept Microfiber Travel Towel

Camping is done to enforce the strength and survive the conditions by being the fittest. While camping one need to carry a lot of stuff with them and the towel is the heaviest and stickiest thing in the backpack. The best camping towels save us from being embarrassed about the stinky smell and the microbes that stick to the towels. There are various techniques involved in the making of towels whose Fabric absorbs the water like a sponge and resist all the residents which are present in the towel.

The Ecodept Microfiber Travel Towel is made up of Quick Drying and Absorbent properties and is quite a refreshing experience while using it in sports, camp or any other swimming sessions. There are various factors on which the performance of the Microfiber Travel Towel depends upon. Let us walk through the Drying Performance, Drying Speed, Features, Budget, and Usability of the Ecodept Towel.

Design and Features

The Ecodept Microfiber Travel Towel gets dried in seconds with its Ultra Absorbent properties. This Towel dries four times faster as compared to the regular one. One can dump the fluffy and heavy towel and use this bath size towel which is 52”*32” (8oz). It is packed into a bag which is waterproof. Also one can get an extra towel (hand, hair, face) which is 24”*15”-Value 7.95.

The Fabric is soft and extremely lightweight. Also, it has a special feature like Antibacterial Microfiber which when used frequently won’t smell or cause any bacteria. It has a hanging loop which is used for hanging and drying the towel quickly. This Towel is ideal for outdoor activities and various active styles which includes camping, trekking, hiking, gym, and yoga. Also, it feels good for the skin and nothing like the cardboard. The Towel can be folded easily and is compact.


  • Soft, Very compact and quick drying facility.
  • It is available in 2 sizes and four colors which are green, blue, gray and orange.
  • It can be dried quickly with Antibacterial properties.
  • Absorbent, large and fiber is seamless and supple.
  • The Towel is multi-purpose and can be reused.


The only problem with this Towel is no color guarantee.

12. Northbound Train Camping Towel Set with Quick Dry Technology

Have you come under any situation where your towel has not dried quickly, and you feel frustrated about it? If yes, then here is the solution. One needs a high absorbent and adaptable towel which can be used in any situation. One should look no further where Northbound Train Camping towel set is available. It is extra large and oversized towel where one can easily fit in.

It is a Microfiber towel which picks up the dust and dirt from the skin and leaves it completely cleaner and healthier. These towels absorb the water more appropriately and are more durable as compared to the regular towels. The Fabric is lint-free, and the towel is larger and thinner. The Northbound Train towels can be used for various purposes like camping, swimming, yoga, gym and for cleaning as well. Let us go through its design, features, pros, and cons.

Design and Features

The Northbound Train camping towels are exclusively made and designed to absorb the water which is eight * or more than that. After any outdoor activity or challenging keep-fit session, these towels leave a soothing experience. The primary advantage of using this towel is that it is Ultra light and compact. It can easily be stuffed in the backpack and easy to carry the gym bag without any burden.

Also, the heavy and bulky towels smell doesn’t go quickly, and here one doesn’t need to worry about that. These towels consist of Zinc Oxide coating that absorbs the germs and also block the odor. It allows staying fresh and cleaning. It is multi-sized and quite flexible. The set includes XL bath, hair and beach size (30” *60”) and a larger face, hand (12”*36”). It includes a mesh bag with a zipper. It is best suitable for gym, trek, boating, Picnics, Pilates, Tennis and many more.


  • The Towel set is skin-safe and has the antibacterial technology.
  • It has a mesh bag and soaks a lot of water.
  • Apart from being compact and lightweight, this towel is durable and has a great feel.
  • Colors remain vibrant and light even after the wash.


  • As per the reviews of the customer, there is no disadvantage of this product till now.

13. RainLeaf Microfiber Towel by Perfect Sports

Camping or any other outdoor activity involves various items to be packed on. There are soft and heavy towels which are available in the market which are used for beach, swim, gym, etc. can dry quickly but can absorb water and after many uses can stink and give bad odor.

Usually, these towels take a lot of space in the backpack, and you cannot carry only one if doesn’t dry up easily. So, the towels like Rain leaf Microfiber towel can be used for any outdoor activities like camping, gym, Beach, Swimming, and Backpacking. These Towels have some distinctive features which make them popular and must carry an item in the backpack or gym bag. Let us go through its features, design, pros, and cons.

Design and Features

The Rain leaf Microfiber Towel is comfortable to use and can be packed easily without making the backpack heavy. It has a fast drying feature and can be reused multiple times. It absorbs the water quickly with its super absorbent properties in a short time. It can be used for various purposes like the gym, outdoor activities like swimming, camping, cycling, Beach, etc. Also, it can be used daily for multi-use. The Towel has Anti-bacterial properties which keep the towel fresh and away from germs, bacteria, and dust. It is completely soft and supple for the skin.

The Towel is compact and light to use. The towel also consists of Hang Loop which is convenient and hanged anywhere to dry. There is a carry bag inside the kit which is waterproof and can be reused. There are various dimensions available which are 12*24 inches, 16*32 inches, 20*40 inches, 24*48 inches, 30*60 inches, and 40* 72 inches. The valuables such as cell phone or keys can be kept in the Zip pocket (corner).


  • There are various choices of colors and size.
  • Dries quickly and absorbs water easily.
  • It has Antibacterial properties which help let the germs and dust absorb and leave the skin clean and supple.
  • Soft, lightweight and ultra-compact for use.
  • These towels are perfect for any occasion and can be carried easily.


  • It works better with the dabbing system

14. Olimpiafit Set of 3 Microfiber Towels

Camping towels are the best thing to be kept in the camping backpack! These towels are specially designed for various types of adventure activities. These towels are a magnificent addition to the vacation or sports. These towels are Microfiber towels which have greater drying performance, drying speed, usability, features and most important budget.

The Microfiber towels absorb the dirt, moisture and let the skin breathe leaving it soft. These towels come in large sizes and various colors. These towels are durable than the regular ones. These towels are versatile as can be carried and used for various purposes like camping, beach, gym, travel, sports, adventures, etc. Similarly, the Olimpiafit set of 3 microfiber towels are quite larger and can be used for various activities. Let us check its basic design, features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Design and Features

The multipurpose towel comes up in different sizes like 50*30, 30*15, and 15*15. Each size towel has its use. The 50*30 towel is exclusively used for beach, yoga, swimming pool, Pilates. The middle size 30*15 size towels is designed for swimming, camping, shower, and sports. The small size towel 15*15 is used for trekking, gym and drying the body. It can easily fit into the backpack and is compact.

This towel has quick absorbent and antibacterial features. These towels absorb the water quickly and dry easily (within 10 minutes when placed in the sun). The entire three size towel comes up with elastic band, mesh bag, super hanging facility. The towel is soft and hypoallergenic. It also has slip-resistant quality and is designed as an ideal towel for the workout. The Olimpiafit have attractive colors with a mesh bag where stuff like keys, shampoo, and other things can be placed.


  • This is a perfect towel for sports, workout, beach, travel, pool, etc.
  • It has plush microfiber texture and is soft and gentle for the skin.
  • It dries four times faster as compared to the other towel.
  • Safe for the kids as well as adults.
  • The composition is 80%Polyester and 20% Polyamide.
  • It comes in 3 dimensions, and each dimension can be used for various purpose.


  • No snap loop and color bleeds (usually during the first wash).

15. Youphoria Outdoors Quick-Dry Travel Towel with carrying Bag

Are you planning for any outdoor trip or adventurous activity? Then you need to recheck your backpack. The important stuffs which we carry during the trip include the towel which helps us keep refreshed and clean. Many people carry the usual or regular towel which is not meant for the camping or sports activity. The camping towels come with distinctive feature, design, and qualities. These towels dry up the towel quickly and absorb the bacteria and dust from the towel.

The Youphoria Outdoors quick dry towel consists of various features and can be used for adventure and sports. Let us check a few features, design and qualities of this towel.

Design and Features

The Youphoria Outdoors Quick-Dry Travel Towel comes in 3 different sizes and can be easily packed. The sizes are 20*40, 28*56, and 32*72. These towels can be multi-used. These towels can be used for workouts, beaches, camping, and bathing.

The Microfiber towels are more suitable and come up with different packing option.  The Youphoria towel dries up ten times faster than the cotton or nylon towels. It can be dried up easily and reused whenever needed. The Youphoria Outdoors Quick-Dry Travel Towel can be used as a travel pillow, bag liner or as a travel blanket. The Microfiber fabric helps prevent odors, stinking and bad smell.

This towel is absorbent and holds up five times the weight in the water. The towel is ultra soft and thin. It is pre and posts a workout towel with its non-abrasive feel. Microfiber towels are made from polyester and polyamide. These towels are versatile and can also be used to clean cars and scruffy exterior. The mesh carry bag is useful to carry various items and stuff which are important.


  • These towels are soft and antibacterial.
  • It has an attractive and alluring design and comes in various colors.
  • Each towel is used for each distinctive purpose.
  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • A free hand towel is featured with this pack.
  • It is quality oriented with a greater sense of feeling.


Colors bleeding problem

It is not plush and a bit expensive.

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