Best Touchscreen Gloves

Recommendation No. 1
Unigear Running Gloves, Touch Screen Anti-Slip Lightweight Gloves Liners for Cycling Biking Sporting Driving for Men Women (Medium)
  • Warm and Breathable: Unigear running gloves keep the maximum thermal protection for your body in cold by wicking moisture away from your skin effectively. They are featured the newest fiber material whose fabric bulkiness is 10% higher than other fibers, against the static electricity and fabric pilling.
  • Touchscreen-friendly: Do you still tolerate the frozon fingers when running, walking and driving in winter? Wearing our touchscreen gloves, you can easily use your smartphone or other electronic device to protect your hands. The thumb and forefinger tips on both hands are designed with durable conductive fabric for long lasting.
  • Versatile Liner Gloves: You can layer up with skiing, cycling and other heavier gloves in harsher conditions. You also can wear them on their own as regular gloves. The palms are printed with anti-slip silicone so you can hold your phone or grip other gear securely. Ideal for running, biking, driving in fall and early winter.
  • Soft and Durable: The inner liner is soft to deliver comfort and the 4-Way stretchy fabric provides tight-fitting for hands. Reinforced the elastic stitching on seams and upgraded design on palm, Unigear sporting gloves solve the problem of ripping. No more worry about the seam ripped if you choose the right size.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: Please read the size chart before purchase. If you meet the size or other problems, we can refund or replace it for free. Unigear offers 6 months warranty and 100% money back guarantee for you.
Recommendation No. 2
Holiberty Cycling Gloves Full Finger Touch Screen for Women Men Breathable Non-Slip Motorcycle Mountain Bike Riding Gloves Road Bicycle BMX Lifting Fitness Climbing Workout Exercise Golf Gloves
  • ALL-PURPOSE GLOVES: Suitable for Biking/Bike/Cycling, Track Cycling, Road Cycling, Mountain Bike, BMX, Motorcycle, Driving, Jogging, Workout, Climbing, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, General Workouts, Bodybuilding, Exercise, Fitness, Running, Sporting.,etc.
  • ANTI-SLIP & SOFT: The durable silica gel designed on the palm of the bike gloves can help to improve effect of your grip,soft and low-profile, and much more resistant to abrasion, relieve your pain of hands after long time riding
  • UV PROTECTION & EXCELLENT QUALITY: This full-finger gloves provides excellent insulation to protect your hands from the sun,also keep your palm away from injury. Made of high quality lycra, high elastic, thin, extra lightweight,cozy and comfortable to wear; Breathable and quick drying features keep your your hands dry and cool
  • Operate TOUCH SCREEN while wearing gloves. Equipped with touch screen technology to enable smart phone and tablet use, Precision touch point control,you can play on phone with these mountain bike gloves easily
  • UNISEX & ADJUSTABLE SIZE DESIGN: Large Size: Palm Width: 9-10cm; Loop & hoop closure for adjust fitting, simply put on and take off. Suitable for men/women
Recommendation No. 3
Achiou Winter Warm Touchscreen Gloves for Women Men Knit Wool Lined Texting (Black with White)
  • COMFORTABLE & WARM – Soft and warm lining design,It's great not having ice cold fingers while texting/typing/writing in cold winter.
  • TOUCH SENSITIVE & ANTI-SLIP PALM – The Unique and Practical 3 Touchscreen Fingers Capability design(thumb, forefinger ,middle finger), you can use the gloves on all your touch screen devices. The gloves work just like using your fingers. Palm large area triangle silicone non-slip design for driving & phone grip maintain dexterity.
  • PERFECTLY FITS & BEST GIFTS – This is a high-quality couple gloves, has excellent elasticity, Stretches to fit most hands, You can easily get a custom fit according to your hands. it is best appropriate gift for your lover friends and family etc.
  • CONVENIENT & BREATHABLE MATERIAL – Living in the technology age, gloves that allow you to utilize your devices without removing them is essential.Breathable material make sure your hands do no sweat while wearing the gloves.
  • SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE: Each pairs of gloves undergoes strictinspection before leaving the factory. You have no risk to have a try, just need to believe, we will be always with you. Any question, we are willing to try our best to solve it, without any requirement.

With winters on the way, gloves are going to be an essential part of the seasonal wear. This means that using touchscreen mobiles outside will be uncomfortable and tedious. That is, unless you get your hands on some of the best touchscreen gloves available in the market! Enjoy exploring through your touchscreens with warm, toasty fingers all day long. The ultra-warm touchscreen gloves are highly functional and luxurious, with a variety of designs, colors and materials to choose from. Pair them up with your winter gear and use your smart phones outdoors in style and comfort.

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  • What are Touchscreen Gloves?
  • Materials used for the Best Touchscreen Gloves
  • Types of Touchscreen Gloves
  • Functionality of the Best Touchscreen Gloves
  • Considerations while Buying the Best Touchscreen Gloves
  • Taking Care of Touchscreen Gloves
  • 1. The North Face Unisex Etip Glove
  • 2. Columbia Men’s M Ascender Softshell Glove
  • 3. The North Face Men’s Denali Etip Glove
  • 4. Timberland Men’s Ribbed-Knit Wool-Blend Glove with Touchscreen Technology
  • 5. North Face Apex Etip Gloves Men’s
  • 6. Aegend Lightweight Running Gloves Ski Snowboard Gloves
  • 7. Columbia Men’s M Thermarator Glove
  • 8. Isotoner Women’s Stretch Fleece Touchscreen Texting Cold Weather Gloves
  • 9. Dakine Men’s Storm Liner Gloves
  • 10. LETHMIK Winter Faux Leather Gloves Women’s Driving Touchscreen Long Wrinkle Sleeves
  • 11. Cevapro Winter Warm Gloves, Touchscreen Gloves
  • 12. AXYOFSP Winter Driving Gloves
  • 13. TRENDOUX Winter Gloves for Men and Women
  • 14. Dooolo Winter Gloves, Touch Screen Gloves
  • 15. TRENDOUX 360° Touch Screen Gloves for Men and Women

What are Touchscreen Gloves?

The touch screen technology in our mobile phones has evolved and advanced immensely over the years. Previously, the resistive touch screens worked well by pressure touch with fingers or a stylus. Pressure sensitive screens could work well even if your hands were wrapped under thick mittens. But the latest generation of smartphones feature capacitance touchscreens, utilizing our body’s natural bioelectricity and setting off motion sensors on the screen to deliver the information on the phone. These delicate electrical impulses recognize natural touch through your skin and it can’t be operated through nonconductors like pencil or stylus. This has highly increased the functionality of the smartphones, but of courses poses quite a dilemma when you have to remove your warm and cozy gloves during harsh winter winds to use your touchscreens.

The touchscreen gloves solve this problem by incorporating a capacitive touch ability, meaning that they are conductive and attuned with touch. A touch is set into motion on a touchscreen by the fluctuating electric field of the screen. When our fingers make contact with the screen, the touch draws electric current which is registered as a touch on smartphones.

A normal glove made of any kind of fabric or wool can’t initiative capacitive touch as it nulls the electric currents on the screen. But the best touchscreen gloves are touch sensitive via conductive threads running through their digits. These can be just in the index and thumb of the touchscreen gloves, or in all ten digits depending on the brand and construction.

Materials used for the Best Touchscreen Gloves

These state of the art gloves are woven with just the right amount of silver to provide the necessary current carrying capability of a normal touch. They transfer an electric current to the touch screens of the smart phones. The touchscreen gloves have real silver enclosed with nylon and spandex making them highly conductive and sensitive. Apart from the digits, the gloves can be made from a variety of warm materials including acrylic, fleece, wool, leather or cotton, with varying patterns and designs.

Types of Touchscreen Gloves

Here are the different kinds of touchscreen gloves available according to different needs and functional requirements.

Fingertip Gloves – Fingertip gloves have just a few or all 10 fingertips woven with a special tip or yarn that helps in completion of the touch screen’s circuits to generate response to touch. They don’t mimic the conductive ability of your entire hand. These are usually fairly affordable, and can be made from fabrics, wool, faux leather or acrylic with some conductive material at fingertips.

Full-Glove Knitted Touchscreen Gloves – The entire surface of the knitted gloves are woven with conductive material instead of just the fingertips, making them highly responsive to touchscreens.

Full-Glove Leather Touchscreen Gloves – These are full leather models fashioned with pure faux leather treated with highly conductive solution. It makes the entire surface of the gloves responsive to touchscreens. They need to be taken well care of as the conductive coating can rub off with time. These variety of touchscreen gloves are quite expensive.

Functionality of the Best Touchscreen Gloves

It is no secret that smart phones and tablets have taken over our lives completely. Be it emails, banking, browsing the internet and various social media apps and texting or taking phone calls, our lives partially run through our smart phones. We need it during our daily commutes and outdoors. With touchscreen gloves, you are able to use your touchscreen devices with warm and cozy hands.

You can freely enjoy and explore through your smart phones with ease while walking down the street in the dead of winters with touchscreen gloves. The best thing about these touchscreen gloves is the fact that they are surprisingly light and comfortable. Some of them are even lighter than a normal pair of gloves. Therefore, you can easily use your phone outdoors with comfort and flair.

The best touchscreen gloves have absolute functionality and the touch screens respond promptly and just as easily as touching it with bare hands. Pair them up with warm wooly jackets and boots and they’ll help keep you looking good on the move throughout winters!

The touchscreen gloves can also have their entire surface highly functional and responsive to touch with conductive material throughout the gloves, including the palms. This mimics the natural feel and touch of the entire hand.

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Considerations while Buying the Best Touchscreen Gloves

It is important to keep your area, weather conditions and outdoor activities you have to undertake in mind while choose the touchscreen gloves that work best for you. You will find many manufacturers and designs available for touchscreen gloves in the market, and generally, no matter which one you choose, you can access your smartphones outdoors easily with them while staying warm and enjoying winters.

There are many options available or touchscreen gloves. If you wish to exercise, go for a walk or run or undertake any physically demanding activity outdoors, the best option would be to go for the touchscreen running gloves. These touchscreen gloves are fashioned to fit your needs of daily exercising. They are made from light, thin and stretch fabric that won’t get in your way and also offer breathability to a certain extent.

The more general options for touchscreen gloves include unique features like extra rubber grips on the palm which will give you a steady and firm grip on your smart phones and prevent them from slipping and dropping, as it often happens with normal gloves. Some touchscreen gloves even come with tiny pockets on the side for your earphones!

If you live in an area with freezing cold weather, you can find the best touchscreen gloves with fluffy, thick insulating materials and a soft, fuzzy feel to them. They will keep your hands warm and comfy and let you use your smart phones freely outside.

You also need to consider whether you need touchscreen gloves with conductivity in two fingers or all ten digits. The conductive material in most touchscreen gloves is built in thumb and index finger. However, to give you flexibility and ease of use, you can get touchscreen gloves with conductivity in all ten digits.

Taking Care of Touchscreen Gloves

To help maintain the conductivity of the touchscreen gloves, you need to take special care of them. When they get dirty, hand wash them in cold water gently and leave it lying flat in a ventilated area to dry naturally. Only use mild cleaning agents and soap when the gloves are extremely dirty and require more than just water for cleanup.

When the touchscreen gloves are not in use, keep them in a dry and ventilated area of the house. If they come in contact with water or moisture, dry them swiftly. Don’t tumble dry the gloves or use fabric softener. Most touchscreen gloves are machine washable and fairly low maintenance. Don’t use harsh materials or cleaning agents with chemicals or bleach while washing the gloves.

1. The North Face Unisex Etip Glove

These touchscreen gloves are made from touchscreen compatible fleece material, and known to be the runner’s favorite! They keep your hands in a normal relaxed position, providing comfort and breathability while serving the dual purpose of keeping you warm and enabling you to use your smartphones with ease. They have a four way stretch, meaning that these soft and comfortable gloves work well with your hands as it gets warmer on the trek. The palm grip is excellent and ensures safety while holding your device.

Etip functionality

The Etip functionality of these touchscreen gloves offers five-finger touchscreen capability, which works wonderfully with touchscreens and generates electric currents to create response. These gloves are versatile and durable. The silver colored fabric on the fingertips allow excellent conduction on touch screens.

They have a four way stretch fleece and super gripping palm dots made of silicon. They superior grip of the gloves ensure the safety of your devices and doesn’t let them fall on the ground. The stretchy nylon has great gripping patterns and warm insulation. It also has more traction than standard nylon.

5 Dimensional Fit

These touchscreen gloves are constructed to fit your hands perfectly and snuggly. The manufacture and assembly of the gloves includes the use of five different measurements of the hand in order to give them a consistently accurate fit for both men and women. The gloves mimic natural contours and curves of the hands, giving you a light and comfortable feel.

Radiametric Articulation

This is a trademark of the North Face Apparel. It means that the gloves have fabric patterns that mirror a normal relaxed posture of the hand. This greatly improves blood flow in the hand while using the gloves, keeping them warm at all times. They allow you to carry out wide range of movements comfortably.

The gloves are 1 inch high and 7 inch wide and can be machine washed.


  • Snug and comfortable fit.
  • Machine washable.
  • 5 Dimensional fit.
  • Radiametric Articulation for improved blood flow.


  • Do not provide enough warmth for excessive cold weathers.

2. Columbia Men’s M Ascender Softshell Glove

Keep your hands warm and protected while using your smartphones out in the cold with these great pair of touchscreen gloves by Columbia. These glove are made from high quality materials and innovative technology to give you the best touchscreen experience while keeping you warm and cozy. The material is repellent to water and stains, so you can wear them in snow without getting your hands damp. The soft shell and water shedding properties coupled with touch screen compatibility makes these durable and warm pair of gloves a must have for your winter gear. You can even use it for scarping windshields!

Omni-Shield Advanced Repellency

The Omni Shield Advanced Repellency not only makes the gloves water repellent, but also provide insulation. The surface is breathable and prevents buildup of moisture while retaining body heat. The gloves stay dry during rain and snow and the accelerated wicking pulls out moisture from the skin. This breathable and waterproof material acts as a durable barrier, allowing sweat to escape and ward off cold. As the material doesn’t absorb liquids, the gloves stay stain free with good care for years to come.

Durable Mixed Materials

The gloves are fashioned from highly durable mixed materials. The Nexgen Contour Soft Shell is made from 100% polyester and the connect texture has 25% polyurethane and 75%polyester. They all work well together to provide a warm and insulating surface along with excellent grip in the palm to prevent the slippage of your device. There is elastic in the wrist area to ensure a good and secure fit and prevent any debris or snow from entering through. It’s fairly easy to break into the gloves and fit the contours of a men’s hands quite well.

Touchscreen Compatible Index Finger

The Index finger on the pair of gloves is constructed to generate touch response with smart phones and other touchscreen devices. These gloves are ideal for people on the go who need their cell phones for important calls, and is great for hiking and outdoor activities.


  • Water and stain resistant.
  • Durable and high quality.
  • Provides good insulation.
  • Elastic wrist.


  • Only the index finger is compatible with touch screens.

3. The North Face Men’s Denali Etip Glove

The North Face Etip Gloves are crafted from durable and insulating fleece material with nylon. The best thing about these gloves that set them apart from others is the five finger functionality on the touch screen along with a sturdy silicon constructed palm grip. These gloves are tough and will keep your hands well insulated and warm while giving you full accessibility to your touch screen devices. As all the North Face products have the innovated Radiametric Articulation, these gloves too, mimic the natural relaxed position and contours of the hands to give you a perfect fit and functionality.

Touchscreen compatibility

These smart pair of gloves have Etip functionality incorporated in their manufacturing, meaning that they offer touchscreen capability in all 10 digits! They work flawlessly on touchscreens and give you full access and warmth while doing so. The silver material in the fingertips is highly conductive and generates a capacitive response with smart phones.

Silicon Gripper Palm

The high quality silicon material in the palm of the gloves gives you excellent grip and limits the possibility of slippage of the device. This works well with the four way stretch fleece for grip and warmth. The Nylon Taslan is used over knuckles and fingers. It is quite durable, stretchy and adapts well to the natural contours of the hand. The traction is also greater than standard nylon material due to superior construction. The gloves offer a great 5 dimensional fit that ensures reliable sizing. The gloves are 1 inch high and 5 inches wide with UR powered fleece in the palms.

Radiametric Articulation

Radiametric Articulation is a trademark of the North Face company. This innovative technology ensures that the fabric pattern of the gloves mirror the normal posture in relaxed state of the hand. This helps in regulating good blood flow throughout the wrists, palm and fingers to generate warmth from within the hands. It offers full functionality and liberty of movements.


  • Provide good insulation.
  • Radiametric Articulation.
  • Great fit.
  • Good traction.
  • Five finger touchscreen compatibility.


  • Doesn’t block out wind.

4. Timberland Men’s Ribbed-Knit Wool-Blend Glove with Touchscreen Technology

The Timberland’s finest ribbed knit, wool blend touch screen gloves are a must have this winters. The great capacitive touch ability of the gloves allows you to stay warm and comfortable while using your devices outside in the cold and snow. They offer ample insulation and offer a snug fit along with touch screen capability in the digits. They also have good traction and are fairly low maintenance. Match them up with your winter gear and enjoy the snowfall in warmth and style.

Notable Features

These gloves are useful and practical, with full functionality and insulation. It is made from a warm wool and polyester blend that is durable, sturdy and stretchable. The touchscreen capable pads are sewn into the fingers of the gloves so you can enjoy browsing through your smart phones without having to take off your gloves. The fingers also have nylon material that’s stretchable.

The reinforced palms and fingers offer great traction and prevent the slippage of the device from your hands. The gloves are quite warm and comfortable with a stylish Timberland logo embossed on it and a great color.

Touchscreen Capability

These gloves are good for your touch screen mobile phones and other devices as well as for the ATM. This is a good investment for any person who has to use their touchscreen phones outside in winters, as you can do so while keeping your hands warm. The insulating effect of the gloves also promote healthy blood flow in the hands, keeping them internally warm. The material of the gloves is quite breathable and doesn’t allow moisture to accumulate.

It has a nice and snug fit that allows you to move your fingers comfortably. They have an elastic fit wrist with reinforcement in the areas where the gloves usually wear off quick. The pads on the fingers and thumbs for touchscreen accessibility do their jobs well, however, it does take a little getting used to, but you can grow into it pretty soon. The gloves are hand washable only.


  • Good insulation and warmth.
  • Decent finger and hand control.
  • 10 digits touchscreen capability.
  • Sturdy and durable materials.


  • Operating touch screen doesn’t feel natural.

5. North Face Apex Etip Gloves Men’s

These touch screen gloves by North Face is designed specifically for the winter enthusiasts. The gloves can withstand chill and damp weathers quite well. The innovative design and craftsmanship with TNF Apex Climate Block Soft Shell combined with a long lasting and sturdy water resistant finish makes it an excellent addition to your winter gear. The digits are designed to offer full range capacitive response in contact with touch screens. Now you can flaunt in style with your touch screen gloves and use your touchscreen devices at ease and convenience anytime you want.

TNF Apex Climate Block Soft Shell

This soft shell technology is a breakthrough, exclusive to the North Face. The signature materials are researched and produced to offer you the very best in terms of quality and functionality. The compactly woven abrasion resistant face of the soft shell offers protection while the soft brushed and comfortable interior is snug, warm and cozy. The material can stretch to fit the size of your hands with complete mobility and comfort.

Durable Water Resistant Finish

The TNF Apex is treated with DWR – Durable water resistant finish. This helps maintain a balance between breathability of the material and weather resistance and wind block offered by the soft shell. This DWR finish enhances watershed in damp weathers and rain, while preventing buildup of moisture. They will keep your hands warm during rains and fogging. The tightly woven material acts as a solid barrier to provide good insulation while the soft brushed interior creates a microclimate with superior moisture management and warmth.

UR Powered Fleece

The UR Powered fleece is the quality that makes these gloves touch screen compatible. This provides touchscreen capability in all 10 digits. It also has synthetic gripper palm that offers traction and prevents the device from slipping from the hands. The 5 dimensional fit ensures a size that’s perfect and comfortable for your hands while the Radiametric Articulation keeps a steady blood flow and allows you to use the gloves with full mobility and comfort.


  • TNF Apex Climate Block.
  • 5 fingers touchscreen compatibility.
  • Synthetic gripper palm.
  • Radiametric Articulation.


  • They are not the best option for extreme cold weathers.

6. Aegend Lightweight Running Gloves Ski Snowboard Gloves

These touchscreen compatible running gloves by Aegend are the most comfortable, breathable and durable pair of gloves for winter sports and outdoor activities. They are extremely light weight, comfortable and adaptive. You can wear them out on a run, ski, hikes, snowboarding and much more while staying connected to your touchscreen devices at all times. The construction offers superior ventilation and durability. The palm area has an anti-slip design that works well not only for the smartphones and touchscreen devices, but also for sports activities and ski poles etc.

Lightweight and Durable Materials

The touch screen compatible gloves are made from premium compression soft fabrics, the bulk of which is polyester with small amount of spandex for stretching and flexibility. The materials are highly breathable and allow a steady flow of air, preventing the buildup of moisture and keeping your hands dry and cozy throughout the day. The premium performance of this gloves is great for zero pilling, wicking, durability and anti-static functionality.

The material is quite light in weight and can be used as a lining under heavy wool gloves or mittens in case of extreme cold, so that even when the wool gloves are removed, your hands can still stay dry and comfortable while using your touchscreen devices. The lightweight also offers full range of motion and ease while undertaking winter sports activities or going on long hikes and treks.

These unisex touch screen gloves are available in three sizes and perfect for men and women in a classic black color. The compression liner gloves can be worn during golfing, running, cycling, driving, climbing and much more!

Touchscreen Compatibility

The thumb and index fingers of the gloves are touchscreen compatible and allows you to have full access to the touchscreen devices on the go. They also feature an anti-slip silicone design over the palm of the gloves to ensure secure holding of devices or ski poles etc. during outdoor activities. The gloves come with a 12 months replacement warranty and 30 day return policy.


  • Ultra-Lightweight and breathable.
  • Anti-slip silicone palms.
  • Good for outdoor activities and winter sports.
  • Comfortable fit and warm.


  • Touch screen compatibility only in thumb and index fingers.

7. Columbia Men’s M Thermarator Glove

The Columbia Thermarator touch screen gloves have high performance and supreme quality. They will get you through ultra-cold weathers with style and comfort. The pre curved design is fit for most hand sizes and gives you ease of mobility and full functionality. The fingertips are touch screen compatible so you can keep your hands warm and dry outdoors in the dead of winters while using your smart phones and other touch screen devices. These touchscreen gloves are available in a great color and design, to match with your winter gear and a warm insulating lining to give you all the warmth and comfort.

Omni Heat Thermal Reflective

This innovative technology has an advanced and fresh pattern of supreme and patent Omni Heat lining with enhanced coverage to improve heat reflection of the gloves. Small pods of comfortable and soft fibers are vertically oriented and overlaid in order to create air gaps between the fabric and your skin. This boosts heat retention by over 20% and also draws away excessive heat buildup that prevents moisture and allows steady air flow. It is a unique multi denier, proprietary fiber imparting excellent insulation and comfort.

Fit and Durability

The 3-point pre-curve in these touchscreen gloves offer an intuitive fit with full range of motion and mobility in the fingers. They also improve and promote a steady blood flow in the hand to keep them warm and dry. The gloves have excellent grip that prevents the slippage of devices from the hand. The 100% polyester is stretchable and adaptive. It is low maintenance and lasts for several years. The elastic in the wrist offers a good fit and keeps the gloves in place without letting debris or snow enter inside.

The palms are abrasion resistant and doesn’t wear and tear with proper use and care. The fingertips are conductive and responsive to capacitive touch so you can use your touch screens outside in the cold without having to take off your gloves. The security clip keeps the pair of gloves together.


  • Good for ultra-cold weathers.
  • 3 point pre-curve.
  • Omni Heat Thermal Reflective.
  • Abrasion resistant palm.


  • The gloves are not water resistant.

8. Isotoner Women’s Stretch Fleece Touchscreen Texting Cold Weather Gloves

Outsmart the cold this winter with these warm and comfortable touch screen compatible gloves. These gloves are made from advanced and innovative technology with high quality and superior functionality. The smart touch feature of the gloves allow capacitive touch, making them great for outdoor use during winters. They are durable and water resistant, blocks out wind and offer great insulation. Stay dry and well connected to your touch screen devices while enjoying exceptional warmth in style. The gloves are available in fashionable design, color and flexible fit.

SmartDRI Technology

The touch screen gloves are treated with SmartDRI Technology which is essentially an invisible coating that provides high class watershed and repellency, keeping your hands dry at all times. The quality and material of the gloves is highly breathable, allowing heat dissipation and steady air flow that prevents buildup of moisture and keeps your hands dry and comfortable in damp, rainy days and snowfall.

SmarTouch Technology

The gloves feature smartouch technology with digits as well as palm patches having capacitive touch ability to function well with touch screens of smartphones and other devices. You can stay connected and browse freely in the dead of winters outdoors with the help of these touch screen gloves. They offer a superior and pin point accuracy to access the touch screen devices freely.

Insulation and Durability

These gloves are warmer than thinsulate. They have a warm SherpaSoft lining in the interior surface of the gloves that make them soft and comfortable against the skin and offer warmth and snug fit. The microfibers give you a soft plush feel and flexibility with full range of motions. The classy style with a stretch and contoured fit offer supreme balance between comfort and warmth. These touchscreen gloves are not compatible with washing machines. They are to be hand washed only without bleach or other harsh chemicals. Lay them out flat to naturally dry and do not use dry cleaning, tumble dry or ironing.


  • SmartDRI technology with supreme water repellency.
  • SmarTouch capability in all digits and palm.
  • Warm and comfortable.
  • Soft and contoured lining.


  • Bulky.

9. Dakine Men’s Storm Liner Gloves

The Storm Liner Gloves are comfortable and warm. They are constructed from high quality fleece and offer good protection against cold. The gloves are specifically made with the Pacific Northwest climate in mind, which can get quite cold with bitter, chilly winds and snowfall. These gloves hold up well against cold and provide the warmth and insulation to keep your hands dry and comfortable while also allowing you full access to your touch screen devices. They are stretchable, contoured and light in weight with a good grip. The gloves work well even on the most delicate touch screens.

Durable and Lightweight material

The gloves are made completely with fleece. The material is quite light in weight and protects the hands against cold, chilly winds and snowfall while keeping you comfortable and dry. The gloves are fairly stretchable to fit your hands snuggly. The elasticity makes it a good fit for all sizes. Although the gloves are rated to be mid weight, they feel very light in real and only weigh 280 grams! They are light as feather while putting on and can also be used as lining for thicker mittens.

Touchscreen functionality

All ten digits of the gloves are highly functional and touch screen compatible. They are responsive to capacitive touch and work even on delicate touch screen devices. The silicone gripper palm ensures an anti-slip grip so your devices never slip or fall off your hands. They provide good traction and makes it easy to use. The inner lining of the gloves is thick and plush, offering warmth and comfortability in cold. The design is sleek and trendy and looks good when matched up with your winter gear.

These gloves are fairly low maintenance and durable. Only hand wash them and do not put them in washing machine, tumble dry or dry cleaning. Do not use bleach or any harsh chemicals and allow them to dry naturally.


  • Touch Screen compatibility in all fingers.
  • Silicon gripper palm.
  • Durable and comfortable material.
  • Stretchable and light weight.


  • The gloves are not water resistant.

10. LETHMIK Winter Faux Leather Gloves Women’s Driving Touchscreen Long Wrinkle Sleeves

These sleek and classy gloves are trendy and highly functional. The high quality faux leather keeps your hands super warm and have a softer inner lining to give you a snug and comfortable fit. Lethmik offers professional and high class products at a satisfactory price. These touch screen gloves can be paired with everyday outfits and used while driving or long commutes and even for outdoor activities. The entire surface of glove has a capacitive response to touch screens and can be used to operate your devices.

Supreme Quality PU Faux Leather

Polyurethane or faux leather is an innovative material that feels and mimics an actual leather. The material is highly water resistant and causes watershed when in contact with rain or moisture. It is fairly low maintenance and lasts for several years. It has a soft and comfortable feel to it and offers great breathability. The steady air flow coupled with heat dissipation prevents the buildup of moisture, keeping your hands dry at all times. The interior is lined with soft fleece to keep your hands comfortable and warm. It offers good insulation and blood flow in the hands. The gloves have high quality stitching and excellent craftsmanship with sleek and stylish finishing.

Thermal and Wind Resistant

The gloves block out wind and provide good thermal insulation against harsh winds and snowfall. They can be worn in damp, rainy weathers with ease. The entire glove is conductive and touch sensitive and can be used for touch screen devices outdoors in cold weathers while keeping your hands warm.

How to Look after the Gloves

These gloves are low maintenance and lasts for several years when taken good care. The leather must avoid contact with acids, harsh chemicals, and alkali and corrosive agents. Stay away from sharp objects when wearing the gloves and clean them if the surface gets damp or moldy. Let it dry naturally in a well ventilated area and do not expose directly to sun.


  • Cost effective stylish faux leather.
  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Thermal and wind resistant.
  • Water resistant and breathable.


  • The fingers can be too long for some people.

11. Cevapro Winter Warm Gloves, Touchscreen Gloves

Cevapro is a world renowned brand offering quality materials with expert craftsmanship. These winter warm gloves are highly insulating and functional. They can be used for several purposes ranging from small commutes and driving to outdoor activities, hiking, climbing, cycling, biking and running. You can freely enjoy winter sports and outdoor adventures in these sleek and waterproof and wind blocking gloves while staying connected to your touch screen devices. The gloves have excellent traction and slip resistant grip that works well while driving or holding your devices, ski poles etc. The trendy design and black color goes well with everyday outfits and can be paired with your winter gear.

Warm and Durable Material

The gloves are made from double fleece that is stretchable and warm. The thickened double layers keep your hands well insulated all day long. It is a breathable material that prevents the buildup of moisture and dries fairly quickly. The high quality TPU is windproof and waterproof, so they can be worn on rainy days or even during heavy snowfall without getting your hands damp. The wrists have an elastic cuff for a secure and comfortable fit and prevents debris or snow from entering inside the gloves.

Touchscreen Capability

The thumb and index finger of the gloves is coated with conductive fiber that makes it sensitive to capacitive touch. This enables you to stay warm and use your touch screen smart phones, tablets, smart watch, or drive easily in cars with touch screen panels.

The 3D tailoring offers flexibility and adapts well to the contours of the hand. The smooth finishing and stretchy material lasts for several years.

The palms have silicon particles that offer excellent grip and traction. You can use your devices safely without the fear of slipping and falling on the ground. It is easy to care for these touch screen gloves. Hand wash them and allow them to dry naturally in a ventilated area. Avoid direct contact with sun and do not clean with acidic or harsh chemicals.


  • Multipurpose touch screen gloves.
  • Water resistant and breathable.
  • Superior grip.
  • Double fleece material for added warmth.


  • Touch screen capability only in index finger and thumbs.

12. AXYOFSP Winter Driving Gloves

AxyOFsp is a high quality brand with the best selection of winter gear to fit your needs. The warm leather gloves of AxyOFsp are touch screen compatible and keeps your hands comfortable and dry throughout the day. The touch screen gloves have beautiful textures and a trendy, sleek look to match up with your everyday outfits. The high quality of the gloves is guaranteed with intricate details and functionality. It prevents buildup of moisture and offers good grip and breathability along with capacitive touch in the digits for fast and easy browsing on touch screens.

Warm and Durable Material

The touch screen gloves have a warm and soft wool lining that keeps your hands comfortable and offer a snug fit. You can use these gloves during outdoor activities, winter sports, texting and typing on touchscreen phones and tablets, writing and driving. It has a highly responsive moisture wicking function that prevents buildup of moisture and sweating during physical activities. They offer good breathability and steady flow of air and heat dissipation. They are elastic and stretchable to fit your hands comfortably and offer full range of motions and mobility.

Touchscreen Compatible

The thumb, index and middle finger of the gloves are sensitive to capacitive touch. You can use all touch screen phones and tablets with ease while keeping your hands comfortable and warm. The large area of the palm is covered with silicone for supreme grip that helps you while driving, holding your devices securely, ski and cycling. They are highly flexible gloves with good traction and stability.

AxyOFsp has excellent customer care service that offers 100% money back guarantee with your purchase with full refund in case of dissatisfaction and complains. All issues and concerns are addressed within 24 hours. To ensure the durability of gloves, do not put them in washing machine and hand wash only with cold water. Let the gloves dry naturally in a ventilated area and do not use bleach or tumble dry.


  • Moisture Wicking and Breathable.
  • Stretchable and flexible.
  • Warm and comfortable wool lining.
  • 100% money back guarantee.


  • All digits are not touch screen compatible.

13. TRENDOUX Winter Gloves for Men and Women

The Trendoux winter gloves makes an excellent gift and is the best product to buy for yourself these winters. They have a flexible and comfortable fit and offers warmth and comfort during cold winter days. Now you won’t have to take off your gloves every time you want to use your touch screen devices. These glove will help you use your smart phones with comfort and ease with the touch screen compatible digits that respond well to capacitive touch while keeping your hands warm and snug.

Warm and Anti-Slip Grip

The gloves are made from 95% acrylic and 5% spandex for stretch and flexibility. The inner lining of napping wool is soft and plush, offering extreme comfort and a warm insulation throughout the day. They offer a stretchy and snug fit with full range of motions. The gloves are well fitting with an elastic cuff that keeps the wind and snow out. The material is breathable and prevents the excessive buildup of moisture and keeps the hands dry. The gloves are unisex and come in a nice black and white texture that goes well with winter jackets and everyday outfits.

The triangle silicone patch on the palm of these touch screen gloves offer superior grip and traction. It prevents slipping of devices from the hand and also offer good grip while driving or holding equipment and gears for outdoor activities. The gloves offer a firm hold on the steering wheel while driving and you can enjoy GPS and music on your touch screens without having to take your gloves off. They are light weight, stretchy and not bulky at all, so you can work comfortably in them.

Durability and Touchscreen Compatibility

The thumbs, forefingers and middle fingers have highly conductive material that responds well to capacitive touch. You can use it outdoors while keeping your hands warm. The product comes with a 30 days money back guarantee and 2 years warranty with excellent customer service.


  • Warm and comfortable lining.
  • Triangle silicone gripper palm.
  • 2 years warranty and 30 days money back guarantee.


  • The gloves are not water resistant or wind blocking.

14. Dooolo Winter Gloves, Touch Screen Gloves

Winter gloves by Dooolo have highly functional touch screen technology and innovative design. You can keep the gloves on and use your smart phones even when outdoors. It keeps your hands warm and comfortable while offering access to touch screen devices with highly conductive touch screen compatible digits. The gloves are designed with pure polar fleece that’s breathable and warm. The advanced anti-skid spider net keeps the gloves intact and offers great grip and traction while driving, working and other outdoor activities and winter sports. The unisex super fit and attractive design matches everyday outfits and gives you warmth and comfortable all day long.

Pure Natural Polar Fleece

The gloves are made from 100% health polar fleece fabric. The material is highly breathable and promotes a healthy air flow and heat dissipation. The hands stay warm and dry all day long without the buildup of moisture. You can enjoy winter sports and outdoor activities like ski, hikes, running and much more without getting sweaty hands.

The innovative full hand anti-skid spider net ensures that the gloves don’t slip from your hands while climbing, driving, biking, skiing etc. They also prevent slippage of devices from hand while texting or working. The unisex design has a super fit feature because of excellent stretch and flexibility. The fingers can blend comfortably and allow full mobility.

Touchscreen Compatible and Durability

The thumbs and index fingers have highly conductive material that responds well to capacitive touch. You can control your smart phone, iPhones, iPads and other touch screen devices without the need of taking off gloves.

The customer service of Dooolo is excellent and offers 12 months warranty with their product. The gloves are highly durable and fairly low maintenance. Hand wash the gloves with cold water and let them dry naturally. Do not use harsh chemicals or corrosive agents and don’t tumble dry or iron as it can lower the conductivity of the touch screen compatible digits of the gloves.


  • Unisex super fit design.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • Full hand anti-skid design.
  • Warm and breathable material.


  • Not all digits are touchscreen compatible.
  • Gloves are not water resistant.

15. TRENDOUX 360° Touch Screen Gloves for Men and Women

The Trendoux touch screen gloves will be your best companion throughout winters. They keep the hands warm and dry during freezing temperatures and maintain a steady blood flow so you can move your fingers and browse through your touch screen devices, and work in comfort and warmth. The touch screen gloves are highly durable and comfortable with insulating inner lining and a trendy design that pairs up well with your everyday outfits. The gloves have conductivity throughout the material and not just limited to a few digits that allow you full access to touch screen devices.

Warm lining and Anti-Slip Silicone Gripper

The gloves are made from 100% acrylic with PAN conductive yarn sewn throughout the material. The soft wool material forms the inner lining of the gloves, making them soft and plush from inside and offering a comfortable and snug fit. They have a great insulating effect and keeps the hands warm while promoting a healthy blood flow. The thickened elastic wrists keeps your gloves well enclosed and prevents snow or wind from entering the gloves. They are stretchy and flexible.

The round dot anti-slip silicone design on the palms of the touch screen gloves offer great traction and firm grip that helps while driving or holding touch screen devices without the fear of slippage.

Full Gloves Touchscreen Conductivity

The touch screen capability of these gloves is not just limited to the digits but run throughout the material of the gloves so you can use any part of the hand to operate your touch screen devices. You can use it for complex gestures and work at ease in cold winter winds with warm and comfortable hands.

The product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction and complains and 2 years warranty to back it up. Do not wash the gloves in washing machine. Let them dry naturally in a ventilated area and do not iron or tumble dry.


  • 360 degree whole palm touch screen compatibility.
  • 2 years warranty and 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Anti-slip silicon gripper palm.


  • Gloves are not water resistant.

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