Tommy Hilfiger Lochwood 25 Inch Upright Review

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Tommy Hilfiger Lochwood Hardside Spinner Luggage, Navy, 24 Inch
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Pros: Color is vibrant and the luggage is lightweight. The zip pocket on the inside that actually separates the two halves of the luggage. The retractable handle is very light and sturdy and the luggage can me rolled vertically on all 4 wheels or on angle on 2 wheels. The hard case can stand up to travel. It is scuff resistant.
Cons: The external zipper is beefy, but with that makes for a somewhat clunky and difficult zip. Also the TSA lock that is attached to the luggage is plastic and provides no security other than adds additional tension on the zipper from coming unzipped.

We can each recall seeing someone at the baggage claim that has lunged at every black bag that passes in front of them. They stop and start whenever a bag that is close to the size and shape of their bag goes by. Then there’s the traveler that walks right up to the carousel, grabs their bag and moves on. That traveler has a distinctive bag, easily recognized even from a distance.

The Tommy Hilfiger Lochwood upright bag is one such distinctive bag. It is a hard sided bag that comes in a variety of bright colors. It is easy to recognize and identify from a distance, even when the bag is in motion. The bag also includes a great set of wheels and the Tommy Hilfiger branding to complete an individualized, yet classic, appearance.

Tommy Hilfiger Lochwood Upright: Easy to Fill

While a recognizable bag is a nice feature once the trip has begun, it must be able to hold all of the items you need. The bag you take with you should have room for your trip wardrobe in whatever form it takes. Tommy Hilfiger Lochwood bag can do just that. It is a big open bag with rigid sides. The hard sides of the bag provide an easy foundation for packing. You could wedge shoes or any less flexible items against the stiff sides and edges while packing clothes and softer items in between.

The formed sides also allow a savvy traveler to make the most use of the interior of the bag. Because of the rigid exterior, the contents of the bag can be managed in a variety of ways. By filling the bag to its maximum and closing the bag, the stiff sides hold the shape and compress the items within. The traveler can find many methods to take advantage of the Tommy Hilfiger Lochwood Upright.

Tough and Durable Exterior

A bag must keep the contents inside, but it also should keep the elements and exterior out. Categorized as a hard sided bag, Tommy Hilfiger Lochwood is durable and functional suitcase for people committed to doing business trips frequently. It is made of lightweight polycarbonate. The bag is light enough to be carried and maneuvered easily, but rugged enough to withstand the rigors of baggage handling. The sides are durable but also have a certain amount of give. The polycarbonate feels tough to the hand, but also flexible and not easily broken or cracked.

In addition to the hard sides, the Tommy Hilfiger Lochwood Upright 25 inch bag has a zipper on the fabric seam that wraps around the bag. This allows the traveler to full access the bag while also lending to the slightly flexible nature of the bag. The rigid polycarbonate also holds a shine and comes in a number of bright, visible colors. This gives the bag its distinctive appearance and assures that the traveler will be able to notice his bag quickly and effectively.

Spinning Wheels on the Lochwood

After filling the bag with your selected items and being confident in the bag’s ability to endure the stress of travel and transportation, you must consider how you will handle the bag when it is in your care. In this case, the Lochwood upright bag features that spinning wheels that will let a traveler roll it in any direction at any time. The spinning wheels will turn and let you pull the bag while it remains upright.

The collapsible aluminum handle adds to the rotating wheels feature. The sturdy handle allows travelers to pull the bag and easily keep it alongside them as they walk. Tommy Hilfiger Lochwood Upright has two padded hand grips on the top and side of the bag. These handles make for a smooth transition when moving the bag from the car to the street or the baggage carousel to the floor.

Tough and Colorful Tommy Hilfiger Lochwood Upright

The Tommy Hilfiger Lochwood upright bag combines a tough exterior, roomy interior and eye catching color. It’s a great bag for the traveler such as businessmen who want something rugged but also original. To add to a great construction, the rotating wheels make it an easy pick for your next trip.

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