Tommy Hilfiger Berkeley 28 Inch Upright Suitcase

Recommendation No. 3
Tommy Hilfiger Network XL Softside Expandable Spinner Luggage, Black, 28 Inch
  • Lightweight and durable polyester body fabric features a large embossed PVC Tommy logo on the front. Fully lined interior features compression straps to keep your belongings secure.
  • 4 wheel spinner system makes for smooth and easy manueverability from one destination to the next
  • Adjustable push locking trolley with top and side handles for easy carrying
  • Zippered front pocket and 2" expansion is ideal for accomodating all of your travel essentials and souvenirs
Pros: Great bag that almost matches all the other sizes on Tommy’s bags. It uses 1800d Polyester with an aluminum locking handle and 2.5 inch expansion feature. Fully lined and with internal mesh pockets and large front zippered pockets.
Cons: It can be too heavy at times.

There are occasions that require a suitcase capable of carrying several changes of clothes and related items. On a particularly long trip or perhaps one trip with several stops, a traveler needs a bag that can contain all of his items easily. The traveler will also need to gain access to their things quickly and with no difficulty.

Tommy Hilfiger Berkeley Upright Suitcase is a large suitcase with pockets and straps designed to address a long trip. It is the perfect bag for the traveler that needs to be prepared with many different outfits for a different functions. It’s spacious interior means that it can include shoes, boots and travel accessories with ease. This large upright bag is a great selection for an extended journey.

Room For Everything You Need – Tommy Hilfiger Berkeley Upright Suitcase

A trip that will last longer than a week can require many different outfits. However, a shorter trip that will have multiple purposes can also necessitate several changes of clothes despite the shorter span. No matter the reasoning, these trips will require a larger bag. Tommy Hilfiger Berkeley Upright Suitcase is such a large bag. It is designed with two large external pockets as well as one internal mesh pocket for better organization of your items.

This bag is quite huge for its storage function that it could even be use as a temporary dresser. It has more than enough room to allow you to pack all your favorite outfits and accessories without worrying about running out of room. A bag of this size must be able to manage different contents in many different circumstances. The Berkeley bag can is up to the task.

Tommy Hilfiger Berkeley: Sturdy and Functional

Once you’ve been able to fit all of your clothes and personal items into your bag, the next concern is the structure of the bag. It’s important that the bag be able to handle the rigors of travel and baggage handling. But the same bag must also be light enough and designed well enough that an individual can manipulate it on their own. The Berkeley upright is designed with the traveler in mind. The 28 inch tall bag is 19 inches wide and nearly 10 inches deep. In order to accommodate additional items, it also offers a 2 inch expansion feature.

Tommy Hilfiger Berkeley Upright Suitcase features the sleek design and signature touches that are expected from the fashion industry giant. However it also includes from the luggage world that contribute to the function of the bag. The bag is made up of the extra durable polyester fabric that can withstand exposure to the elements and rough handling at the hands of the airline. It also comes in either blue, olive or red to suit the traveler’s taste.

An Wheeled Upright Done Right

Tommy Hilfiger Berkeley bag includes the expected wheels, but in this case they are a nice upgrade. The wheels on this upright bag are corner cut spinner wheels, which allow the bag to be rolled in nearly any direction easily and without leaving the ground. The multi-directional wheels make change directions or small adjustments while waiting in line a breeze for nearly any traveler.

The Berkeley also features the telescoping handle that we come to expect on any wheeled bag. In this case, it also includes the push button lock on top of the handle to secure it in place when the bag is being rolled. The bag has internal tie down belts to compress your items and keep them securely in place when the bag changes orientation and direction. These additional features contribute to the appeal and function of the large bag.

Tommy Hilfiger Berkeley Upright Suitcase: A Smart Choice

When it comes to selecting a suitcase, there are many options from many manufacturers. In this class of large upright bags, the Tommy Hilfiger Berkeley Upright Suitcase stands apart. Its size and design are notable, but it’s the finishing touches of the wheels and color selections that give it the edge. It’s a smart choice for an experienced traveler.

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