The Best Slim Wallets For Men

Recommendation No. 1
Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet RFID Blocking Medium Size(04 Crosshatch Black)
  • 1 YEAR QUALITY PROTECTION, our quality protection covers any defect caused during product production and delivery. We can offer you full refund or free replacement, whichever is at your most convenience.

  • SUPER MINIMALIST & SLIM: only 0.12" thick, sizing 3.3" X 4.1" X 0.12" extremely convenient to be carried around in your front or back pocket. 100% GENUINE LEATHER: soft and durable.

  • RFID BLOCKING TESTED & APPROVED BY INDEPENDENT LAB TESTS. Our wallets have been tested for 13.56 MHz Frequency in which our credit cards, debit cards, driver license and ID cards operate. PLEASE BE NOTED THAT the signal of some ID badge, access cards and hotel room cards which operates in 142 KHz, can not be blocked by this wallet.

  • ENHANCES PERSONAL SECURITY: We leverage top RFID technology to block RFID signals used to electronically scan your wallet as someone passes by unnoticed. This keeps your vital information in driver license, debit cards and credit cards from being stolen.

  • P FUNCTIONALITY: Our RFID wallet not only offers security, it's also very functional. It features 6 card slots for you to place your most frequently used cards.

Recommendation No. 2
Buffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Leather Wallets for Men Women - Cross Black
  • STYLISHLY SMALL, SLIM & DISCREET: Measuring just 3 1/8" x 4 7/16" x 1/26", our RFID front pocket slim wallet is super thin & modernly slim. It's the minimalist wallet that fits perfectly in your pocket, purse or travel pack.
  • EFFECTIVELY BLOCKS RFID SIGNALS: Outfitted with advanced RDIF blocking technology, these slim wallets for men & women block electronic signals to keep your identity protected while you travel, shop or explore.
  • MADE FROM ALL GENUINE LEATHER: Crafted out of real leather, our minimalist wallet sleeve combines luxurious style & the trends of today with functionality & durability you can depend on when traveling, shopping, etc.
  • UNISEX; FAVORED BY MEN & WOMEN: Given their sleek design & smooth leather construction, these RFID sleeves are popular slim wallets for women & men. They make great gift ideas for the travelers in your life!
  • REFUND/REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: We want you to love your new RFID slim wallet & encourage you to place your order with confidence. All of our men's & women's wallets are backed by a full 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Recommendation No. 3
Timberland Men's Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Passcase Security Wallet, Brown, One Size
  • GENUINE LEATHER - 100% Genuine Leather wallet made from a nice soft luxury leather that is smooth to the touch and will look terrific even as it ages with everyday use includes a bonus flip out removable ID pocket
  • FUNCTION DESIGN WITH STORAGE - Features 6 card slots, 2 slip pockets, 2 cash bill pockets 1 ID windows (Driver License & Other ID Cards) easilty allowing you to carry all your important cards
  • RFID BLOCKING SECURITY: Our wallets are equipped with advanced low frequency RFID Blocking Technology in the lining of the wallet. This technology is engineered specifically to protect credit card and identification information from unauthorized scans
  • REMOVABLE CARD CARRIER - Our Timberland Mens wallet with removable ID holder includes a removable slim card carrier that has 2 ID windows plus an outer card pocket
  • TWO SEPARATE CASH BILLFOLD POCKETS - With function and organization in mind the Timberland mens leather wallet has two separate large money pocket sections to keep your cash, receipts and other paper items organized and protected

Wallets hold some of the most valuable information and possessions of our lives. For most people they also hold 2-year old receipt for a Chinese takeout, visiting card to Salsa classes or even gym membership cards from when they were a scrawny teen. A slim wallet can get you to prioritize your pocket luggage. It teaches you to carry the crucial cards and only required money. Men blame the Venus but they themselves are the real hoarders with wallets that make them look like Lil Wayne dressed them up. While it may seem innocuous, wallet weight can cause severe back pain. You know what they say about slow and steady! Wearing that much weight in you back pocket all day every day is asking for trouble. And you wouldn’t put a fat wallet in your front pocket and risk looking like a buffoon. “We have also written a complete guide about best passport holders“.


  • What are the advantages of slim wallets for men?
  •  Which are the best slim wallets for men?
  • 1. Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Front Pocket Wallet Card Case
  • 2. Alpine Swiss Leather Money Clip Magnetic Front Pocket Wallet Strong Thin Magnet
  • 3. Distil Union Wally Bifold Slim Leather Wallets for Men
  • 4. Radix One Slim Wallet
  • 5. BRYK RFID Blocking Wallet for Men and Women
  • 6. Wonder Wallet
  • 7. Alpine Swiss Money Clip Genuine Leather Super Thin Slim Cash Strap Wallet
  • 8. Wallet Credit Card Holder Wallets for Men with Slim Minimalist Design by Raw
  • 9. Dopp Regatta 88 Series Front Getaway Pocket
  • 10. Travelambo RFID Front Pocket Wallet

What are the advantages of slim wallets for men?

Weight: You won’t have to carry the weight of an anvil in your pocket. Your posture improves. Your hips thank you. Your back gets a respite and you wife finds other new reasons to criticize you.

Budget:Say you are only carrying only one credit card with you. You will have to limit your spending accordingly. Slim wallets keep you on the budget by eliminating options to misuse your money.

Stylish:Which is better: Pulling out a fat wallet filled like trash or whipping out a sleek slim wallet with just the cards and cash? We’d go for the latter.

 Which are the best slim wallets for men?

There are many. But we looked into the market and found 10 such reliable men’s slim wallets that are likely to get you on the space-saving bandwagon. They were selected based on:

Design:We took a look at how well the capacity of the wallet was divided amongst its compartments. Another consideration was that after being filled up with the necessary cards, could the wallets still classify as slim. The best slim wallets for men had innovative slot-placement to get maximum capacity out of minimum dimensions.

Quality:Your switch to slim wallets will not last if your new wallet is in shreds within months. So durability is a major concern.

Features:Attractive features like ID window, RFID blocking, money clips etc. were taken into account to populate the best slim wallets for men list.

“We have also written a complete guide about best travel purses“.

1. Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Front Pocket Wallet Card Case

All you smart-packers are going to rejoice at the simple yet immensely efficient design of the Hammer Anvil RFID blocking slim wallet for men.Not only it beats invasive technology, it is much lighter and petite than the usual leather wallets and swallows cards and money like a glutton. At its highly affordable price, it would be a shame to keep it out of the best slim wallets for men list.

Design and Features

The minimalist design of Hammer Anvil RFID blocking slim wallet is non-folding. It sports two vertical credit card slots each on either side. These can hold 4 usual credit cards in total. There’s a horizontal card slot each on both sides. These are for one or more large library cards, driver’s license or paper receipts. The center pocket is the cash pouch. You need to fold your bills into half and fit them inside. So this slim wallet can accommodate 6-8 cards, and 5-6 cash bills. That is an appreciable loot to be stowed in a 4×3.25x.125 inch structure. Once stacked, the width of this wallet may come up to ¼ inch at the most.

Apart from the intelligent design, the most notable feature is the RFID blocking. The Hammer Anvil men’s slim wallet employs their Anti-Breach technology. They are designed to obstruct the contactless smartcards like credit cards, passports, HID iClass cards etc. which communicate with their reader at 13.56 Mhz. Your work access card usually uses 125 kHz radio frequency for relaying information, so they will not be protected. On the upside, you might not have to take your work access out of the wallet to scan at the entrance.

Durability and Material

The Hammer Anvil Slim wallet is constructed entirely of genuine leather.  You will get 12-15 months use out of them before the stitching starts to fray.


  • Slim dimensions
  • 6 card slots + money slot
  • RFID blocking at 13.56 MHz
  • Made of genuine leather


  • 1-1.5 year life

2. Alpine Swiss Leather Money Clip Magnetic Front Pocket Wallet Strong Thin Magnet

Alpine Swiss slim magnet wallet gives you the sense of accomplishment from finding a product that has everything you need. Available in muted shiny hues of dark brown, black, regular brown, grey and antique brown, this wallet is perfect for the corporate biggies. It can be quickly slid out and its classy contours and space-smart architecture will be admired by all your pals. It is too precious to be not afforded a place in our best slim wallets for men list.

Design and Features

The Alpine Swiss magnet money clip slim wallet has three card slots on one side. The first two allow part of the cards to show outside. While the last one swallows the card up whole, allowing you some privacy. This side also holds the magnetic money clip. It is a strap of leather with a magnetic snap. The snap can close over up to 10 folded bills. The magnet of this snap is not strong enough to corrupt your credit cards, even with regular use.

The other side of this slim wallet has an ID window slot. You can slip your driver’s license in here and flash it without taking it out. At 4×2.9×0.4 inches, this wallet will not outline from your pocket.

Durability and material

The Alpine Swiss magnetic money clip slim wallet is made out of genuine leather and will last long enough to live out its worth. The stitching is spot-on and you won’t find any weathered links.


  • Has ID card window
  • Can hold up to 6 cards + 10 bills
  • Magnetic money clip
  • Available in 5 colors


  • Leather smells

3. Distil Union Wally Bifold Slim Leather Wallets for Men

Distil Union offers a bifold slim leather wallet for men who are not comfortable with the single-sided structure like that the Hammer Anvil RFID-blocking slim wallet. Built in premium finish this wallet has abundant capacity and a very proactive customer service staff behind it.

Design and Features

The bifold slim wallet from Distil Union folds down the middle as its title suggests.  Both arms have pockets where you can keep 6 cards each. So both sides can hold 12 cards together. It’s easy to retrieve them using a red pull tab, the end of which is visible on the outer side of the wallet.  Cash is held in the middle via a money clip. This can hold up to 30+ bills without getting too tight.  The US, Australian and Mexican currencies fit well inside the boundaries of the wallet. However, if you want to carry Euros, there’s a Euro version of the same slim wallet to fit the larger size of Euro currencies.

At 4.1×2.9×0.3 inches, this Distil Union bifold wallet fits conveniently in your front pocket. They decided not to have the RFID, to keep the wallet space-smart. Chip cards can be safely kept in this wallet as they need contact with the reading machine to operate.

Durability and Material

The Distil Union men’s slim wallet is made of premium leather with artful stitching. It is available in brown and black colors.IT can go on for a few years without showing any signs of damage. Distil Union informed that there was a bad batch of wallets that are of lower quality than their original product. They have excellent customer service, so if you receive a bad piece they will be happy to help you sort it out. Perks like this land it in the best slim wallets for men list.


  • Premium, durable design
  • Can hold 12 cards + 30 bills
  • Different size wallet for Euro bills
  • Excellent customer service


  • Card slots are not individual. Cards may rub against each other

4. Radix One Slim Wallet

Radix One Slim wallet is one of the most uncomplicated wallets we have seen but it still looks like something that could be carrying nuclear launch codes. Since boys love such toys, it snatched up a high place on our best slim wallets for men list.

Design and Features

Radix One slim wallet looks like a prop out of the sci-fi movies. It basically has two plastic plates held together by an elastic band. You can slip around 4-10 to cards inside the plastic pouch. The band can be stretched to use as a money clip and you can keep your folded-up bills underneath it. Cash can also be slipped inside the plastic pouch. It might seem a little difficult to remove out the middle cards. You can simplyslip out the end cards a little bit and use the traction to remove the middle card. Or you could simply keep the most used cards at the ends where it’s easier to pick them out because of the groove in the plastic plate. The minimalist design of 3.5×0.5×2 inches requires this extra effort.

Durability and Material

The plates that hold the cards together in the Radix One slim men’s wallet are made of polycarbonate. The band that holds them together is silicone. It shows no weakening of elasticity over constant use. The polycarbonate plates will not break if placed in the back pocket.


  • Very slim at 3.5×0.5×2 inches architecture
  • Can hold 4-10 cards + 5 -8 bills
  • Durable design
  • Stylish looks


  • Cards rub together
  • Difficult to pull out the cards in the middle

5. BRYK RFID Blocking Wallet for Men and Women

Having a metal wallet? Built for the likes of Tony Stark, the BRYK RFID blocking wallet is a metal case with wallet slots. Altogether a cross between real macho and Victorian gentleman fashion, this wallet can make a great collectible. BRYK does not differentiate the wallet audience based on gender, another reason why it should be on our best slim wallets list.

Design and Features

The BRYK RFID-blocking slim wallet is a metal box that resembles a cigarette case. It has a metal clasp to secure it. The interiors are lined with card slots to hold at least 7 cards. Compared to the other slim wallet designs, the cards are absurdly easy to dislodge here. The last slot can be used to hold folded bills. When you open the box, the slots fan out for quick card retrieval. The edges of the case are rounded to avoid catching on clothes. However, some pieces have been known to have jagged edges.

RFID blocking helps keep your credit cards and passport secure. If you find that the 3.7×2.5×0.4 inches dimension of this BRYK slim wallet does not hold all your cards, consider cutting down those cards which do not require RFID protection.It is called slim wallet for a reason. Its rigid metal boundaries teach you to pack smart.

Durability and Material

The BRYK slim wallet is made of quality stainless steel which is impervious to water. It is shut tight on all edges and safe from outside elements. Some people find the edges sharp based on their clothes.


  • Slim metal build
  • Easy access to 7 cards and cash
  • Non corrosive build
  • RFID protection


  • Capacity cannot be expanded in emergency

6. Wonder Wallet

The patented slim architecture of the Wonder Wallet does not leave a lot to be desired. This slim men’s wallet has a special design to hold a whole lot of cards and cash. The RFID-blocking wallet can be a major help if you are in the habit of carrying more than 10 cards at a time.

Design and Features

The Wonder Wallet folds flat like a photo album. It has little see-through compartments where you can fit two cards at once. At its full capacity, this slim wallet can hold 24 cards. Another pocket runs along the length of this wallet for storing bills. Because of the photo album design, it is easy to locate a card amongst the 24 occupants to use it. Money is also stored safely in the pouch.

At 7.3×6.1×1.4 inches, this slim men’s wallet measures more than the other wallets on the list but it stays flat in your pocket in spite of its enormous capacity. Wonder Wallet’s tradeoff of capacity vs size is favorable for the best slim wallets for men list.

It also affords RFID security to the cards in its slot. Since it is mainly built for folks who carry more cards than cash, this is a welcome trait.

Durability and material

At their price, it is refreshing to find the nice leather finish of Wonder Wallet. The clear compartments are made of strong plastic and they will hold up. Wonder Wallets claim that these plastic inserts are replaceable but does not seem to supply these anywhere. Durability also depends on handling. This slim wallet looks good, but for its price cannot be mistreated and expected to last longer than a year.


  • 24 cards + plenty of cash capacity
  • Easy to look up cards from the photo album design
  • RFID blocking
  • Sturdy build


  • Lengthy wallet

7. Alpine Swiss Money Clip Genuine Leather Super Thin Slim Cash Strap Wallet

Alpine Swiss Money Clip slim wallet is small wonder to behold. If you are planning to cut down your wallet size drastically, especially as a medical measure, then this slim men’s wallet will serve you best. Made for the most efficient money and data handling needs, this wallet earns a place in our best slim wallets for men list in no time.

Design and features

Although a money clip, the Alpine Swiss Money Clip slim wallet uses no metal. It has a leather band across its length which acts as the money clip. You can slip from 1 to 10 folded bills inside this money clip with no issues. Although we think, in time, the leather strap is bound to come loose and will not handle fewer bills. This wallet has two credit card slots on the other side and a bigger pocket in the middle which can hold more cards. In total, it can hold up to 6 cards.

Given its price, there are no other bells and whistles on this slim wallet. It is a simple contraption to handle your money and cards. At 3×3.625×0.25 inches, this product actually embodies the concept of ‘slim’.

Durability and Material

The Alpine Swiss Money Clip Slim wallet is made of genuine leather. The stitching is consistent and properly done. There haven’t been any particular issues with the durability of this wallet.


  • Can hold up to 6 cards
  • Can hold 1-10 folded bills in the money clip
  • Truly compact
  • Good quality leather build


  • No RFID

8. Wallet Credit Card Holder Wallets for Men with Slim Minimalist Design by Raw

The minimalists are going to get a kick out of the Raw slim wallet.At 0.3 ounces you won’t find a smaller or lighter wallet. It’s almost like the wallet is a small wad of cash sitting tight in your pocket, no outline, no backpain. Raw slim wallet is golden stuff for our best slim wallets for men list.

Design and Features

The Raw slim wallet is a simple business with three pockets. Measuring 3.5×0.2×2 inches, you can see why it sells like hot cakes. This unbelievably tiny thing can hold up to 9 cards and as many as 8 bills. The pockets on the two far sides are credit card slots. A part of the card peeks out of the pockets so that you can make out which card is slipped where. The middle pouch is a bottomless compartment. This is meant to hold your cash. You can fold up the bills and slip them in. Cash sticks out from both sides making it easy to pull out.Simple, yet genius. People are simply loving it.

There is a loop on the side of this wallet. If you are scared of losing so minute a thing, you can attach it to a tag around your neck for safety.

Durability and Material

The Raw slim men’s wallet is made of a stretchy elastic material. It seems to have worked well for most people. After a few months of persistent use, you will definitely see signs of wear though. It’s because of the relatively open weave of the material which can snag on sharp items in your pocket like keys.


  • Extremely compact
  • High capacity 9 cards + 8 bills
  • Cards and cash is visible for easy retrieval
  • Loop for dog tag


  • Cards rub together in the same slot

9. Dopp Regatta 88 Series Front Getaway Pocket

Dopp Regatta 88 series getaway pocket is a complete package for anyone who is careful with their packing. This is a quality slim wallet with pockets for all the essentials. Its indestructible nature at the lowly price lands it straight into our best slim wallets for men list.

Design and Features

The Dopp Regatta 88 series slim wallet boasts of 3 credit card slots, a currency pocket and a utility pocket on one side. The other side has the ID window. The credit card slots may only hold one credit card per slot. But the utility pocket and currency pocket can hold more. We estimate that this men’s slim wallet can hold 6 cards, 10 bills, an ID card and couple of business card squished into the ID pocket.  At 4.2x3x0.5 inches, it is a good haul. Plus, showing your ID is much easier with this.

Since many customers vehemently deny the need for RFID protection, given the advent of chip-based cards, the Dopp Regatta 88 doesn’t have it.

Durability and Material

The Dopp Regatta 88 series slim wallet is made of soft and thin leather. It does not fall apart for years together. This wallet is available in 6 colors: mahogany, black, cognac, grey, tan and navy blue.


  • ID slot + 3 credit card slots + currency pocket + utility pocket
  • Slim and compact
  • Available in 6 colors
  • Highly durable and affordable


  • Inner lining is a cheap material

10. Travelambo RFID Front Pocket Wallet

Travelambo RFID slim wallet gives you a lot of packing options.  So many compartments in so petite a wallet gives you an opportunity to store each of your card separately, if you are scared that the cards will get damaged if they rub against each other. For handling this detail which many other products on this list have overlooked, the Travelambo wallet swoops right into the best slim wallets for men list.

Design and Features

The Travelambo RFID slim wallet has pockets on both sides. Each side has two credit card slots and one utility pouch. In the center you have a currency pocket. Assuming you can slip two credit cards into the utility pocket, this wallet can handle 8 cards at least. You can add 15 or more folded bills in the center. For a wallet that measures 3.5x4x0.2, it’s not bad at all.

Plus, this Travelambo slim men’s wallet affords you RFID protection if you are still using one of the old contactless credit cards. It comes in black, brown, crosshatch black, oil wax brown and oil wax grey colors.

It’s a serendipitous surprise that the crosshatch black model is also available in a variant that has an ID window on one side instead of 2 card slots.

Durability and Material

The Travelambo RFOID slim wallet is made of genuine leather. By consensus we found the material pretty reliable with meticulous stitchwork.


  • 6 independent card slots
  • Can hold 8 cards + 15 bills at least
  • RFID protection
  • Available in 5 colors
  • ID window model also available


  • None

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