Skyway Luggage Mirage Ultralite 28 Inch

Pros: Gain increased packing capacity with the simple pull of a zipper, perfect for packing souvenirs. Its exterior dimensions is length 30 x height 20.5 x width 11, item weight 8.5 pounds. A side carry handle provides additional assistance when lifting your case into the overhead bin or off the baggage carousel. Full length mesh pocket is ideal for undergarments, belts, ties and helps keep small easy -to-lose items safe in one place and with 5 year limited warranty.
Cons: The bag is bigger than the dimensions allowed without getting oversize charge.

Skyway Luggage Company was founded in 1910 by A.J. Kotkins. Initially called the Seattle Suitcase Trunk and Bag Manufacturing Company, the company began making hand luggage pieces that were inspired by the increase in air travel in the 1930’s. These bags were called “Sky Way – Styled for the Sky.” With that success, the brand expanded into nationwide sales and in 1955 became the Skyway Luggage Company.

Skyway Luggage Company is credited with introducing luggage on wheels to the luggage industry. This new product, the Mirage Ultralite, fit well within their brand identity. Skyway takes great pride in their reputation and their history, and continue to offer modern products to meet the needs of today’s traveler.

The Traveler’s Dream Checked Bag – Skyway Luggage Mirage Ultralite

Skyway Luggage Company wants to continue to innovate and offer the best luggage product possible. As times have changed, many travelers face a dilemma regarding checked or carry-on luggage. Airline restrictions and rising costs may dictate exactly what bag a traveler can use for any given trip. Skyway Luggage Company’s Mirage Ultralite bag takes away a bit of the guess work. A bag that is only suitable for being checked in on most domestic or international flights, it also is big enough and sturdy enough to hold everything a traveler may need.

The Skyway Luggage Mirage Ultralite upright is a lightweight and reliable bag that can contain all your clothes and personal items for the long trip or the quick getaway that may require more equipment. Per US domestic airline restrictions, the Mirage Ultralite would definitely require a traveler to check the bag. However, it is a light enough that you can make the most out of your clothes and accessories and still meet the weight restrictions and airline guidelines.

A Bag that is light and Strong

The Skyway Luggage Mirage Ultralite is designed to make travelers happy. It is large enough to accommodate their clothes and personal belongings for a longer trip. But it is also lightweight, for easy lifting and carrying when needed. The bag is made of 100 percent polyester, which feels nice to the touch, but also is durable and tear resistant. After a few journeys, and trips through the tough environment that is airline baggage claim, the bag still looks new and the fabric is still all in one piece.

The Miracle Ultralite is a large bag. It is 30 inches tall and just more than 20 inches wide. It has two exterior pockets as well as a zippered compartment on the interior of the bag as well. The Mirage also features two individual shoe pockets to aid the traveler in separating and organizing their things. It has more than enough room for you to pack all of your necessary items. It even has an expanding portion to add more capacity should it be needed. The Mirage is big enough to keep you from choosing between items that you want to take and items that you need to take.

Additional Features of the Skyway Luggage Mirage Ultralite

Not only is the Mirage Ultralite big enough to hold whatever you may need, it also has a few other great included features. One of the most important features are the wheels that are fixed on each of the four corners on the bottom of the bag. These spinner style wheels rotate in any direction to make moving the bag along beside you a dream. The wheels glide along across the carpet or asphalt for easy transition from the curb to the ticketing desk.

In addition to the wheels, the Mirage features a telescoping handle. This handle, which extends from the top of the bag, has push button locking and can be fixed at different heights to suit the traveler. The bag also has a padded handle on the side to assist in lifting the bag from the car or positioning it in any storage compartments.

Ideal Checked Bag

The Skyway Luggage Mirage Ultralite is a great checked bag. For the traveler that needs to carry as much as possible in a durable bag, the Mirage Ultralite upright bag is an excellent choice.

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