Rockland Luggage Melbourne 3 Piece Set

Recommendation No. 1
Rockland Melbourne Hardside Expandable Spinner Wheel Luggage, Black, 3-Piece Set (20/24/28)
  • Three-piece set of hard-side suitcases with multidirectional spinner wheels and interior mesh zip compartment
  • Includes 20 inch, 24 inch , 28 inch Upright
  • Sturdy ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle
  • Due to differences in monitors/screens - Actual product color may appear slightly different than shown on the site.
Recommendation No. 2
Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage Set, Pink Cross, 2-Piece (14/20)
  • Upright: 21" x 13" x 7.5" (with wheels)
  • Tote bag: 14"x 11" x 5.5"
  • Inline skate wheels and stability bar
  • Telescoping handle
  • Ergonomic padded top and side grip handles
Recommendation No. 3
Rockland Santa Fe Hardside Spinner Wheel Luggage, Bronze, 3-Piece Set (20/24/28)
  • Carry-on Upright: 22"x 14"x 8" (with wheels)
  • 24-inch Upright: 24"x15"x10"
  • 28-inch Upright: 28"x17"x12"
  • Lightweight yet extremely durable Polycarbonate/ABS material
  • Multi-directional double spinner wheels
Pros: A greta mix of both style and utility makes this bag a brilliant accessory for travels. The set includes three rolling uprights in multiple sizes. It has multi-directional spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees for smooth maneuverability. The set has an ergonomic chrome telescoping handle with push button handle that allows easy portability with an interior mesh zip pocket and is elasticized.
Cons: Hardside does not mean hard case.

Rockland Luggage was founded in 1995 and currently is headquartered in Commerce, CA. The company, whose official name is Rockland by Fox Luggage, has focused on producing quality luggage for the style conscious traveler. Rockland’s bags have a very unique visual flair and are heavily influenced by trends in the fashion industry. Their products usually involve bright colors, textured surfaces or intricate design.

Rockland’s product offerings have grown as their company has grown. In addition to single suitcases, they now offer luggage sets, backpacks, duffel bags and even cosmetic bags. These bags are all manufactured with a focus on quality and Rockland’s commitment to offer distinctive bags with an eye catching design.

Rockland Luggage Melbourne 3 Piece Set For the Fashion Savvy

Rockland Luggage offers luggage that is both travel resistant and unique. The produce bags that can withstand the rigors of travel, but also feature design elements that make each bag stand out. Their Rockland Luggage Melbourne 3 Piece Set is a great example of the Rockland brand standard. This three piece set features three upright suitcases of varying sizes. The bags are hardside cases of quality construction and great attention to details.

The Melbourne set is made up of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) polycarbonate. This materials gives them rigid sids, that are tear and scuff resistant and also able to flex but maintain their shape. While there are no exterior pockets on any of the bags, they all have two interior zippered compartments to help with organizing your personal items as well as tie down straps to keep everything in place. Typical for Rockland’s fashionable brand, the Melbourne luggage set is available in more than 15 colors and two different finishes. In particular the Redwave, Silverwave, Blackwave and Purplewave are finishes that include a textured exterior in addition to the distinctive colors. These guarantee that a traveler can easily identify and claim their luggage from the baggage carousel.

Stylish and Well-Constructed

Rockland Luggage Melbourne 3 Piece Set complement each other and they fill specific roles. The smallest of the bags is 20 inches tall and 13 inches wide, the middle bag is 24 inches tall and 15 inches wide and the largest bag is 28 inches tall and 17 inches wide. The smallest bag is the perfect carry-on bag. It’s large enough to allow you to carry clothes for a short weekend trip, or for a week’s wardrobe with an experienced traveler. The other two bags are larger and would need to be checked luggage per most US domestic airline regulations. However, these bags are both excellent choices for a longer journey or for a quick getaway but with two travelers sharing one of the bags.

Because all the bags in the Melbourne luggage set are built from the ABS polycarbonate they share the same durability and reliability. The hard sided exterior feels rugged to the touch, but maintains a nice shine in any color. The molded exterior of the “wave” versions of the Melbourne present a very stylish and unique look as well. Because the bags all have the rigid sides and open interior, they allow a traveler to use the structure of the suitcase as they back to wedge in shoes or other items.

Fashionable with Nice Features

The Rockland Luggage Melbourne 3 Piece Set includes wheels on each corner of the upright bags. These wheels are the spinner type that allow the bag to rotate freely in any direction. Located on the corner of each bag, these wheels are housed in a molded plastic to endure wear and tear. The bags are balanced on the wheels to give a smoothly rolling ride to your personal items. Even once the bags are loaded up, they glide from curbside into the terminal easily.

In addition to the wheels, each bag features a telescoping handle with a molded plastic grip. The handle allows a traveler to push or pull the bag alongside easily. Each suitcase also includes a rubberized handle on the top and side. These handles facilitate moving the bag from the car to the curb or from the baggage claim to the ground. On the carry on sized bag, these same handles allow travelers to move the bag into the storage compartments with ease.

A Luggage Set for Style Conscious travelers

The Rockford Luggage Melbourne set features three bags that maximize their functionality with a very modern and stylish look. These Rockland Luggage Melbourne 3 Piece Set range in size to allow travelers great flexibility in the uses of each bag or how they could combine them for whatever their travel needs, all the while presenting a fashion forward appearance. The Melbourne luggage set is an ideal choice for the style conscious traveler.

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