Rockland Luggage 20 Inch and 28 Inch 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set

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Pros: This Rockland Melbourne two-piece spinner luggage set offers ample storage space without worrying about overweight fees. The expandable features allow 20% more luggage space whenever you need it. Zipper secured internal mesh pocket and organizational compartments to maximize your packing needs. Ergonomic and comfortable padded top grip handles.
Cons: The wheels are not very strong and sturdy.

Are you the trendy type of traveller who looks into the smallest detail? Do you love matching up your fashions sense with your bags? Then, you are destined to enjoy the benefits of Rockland luggage.

Rockland is a suitcase brand produced by Fox luggage and has been in the industry since 1995. It is highly recognized for introducing durable and travel friendly luggage bags with style, elegance and taste as influenced by the current fashion trend. Rockland luggage bags always stands out among the rest in baggage carousels due to its colourful and visually attractive designs.

A Two-set Bag for Couples – Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set

Rockland Luggage 2 Inch and 28 Inch 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set is primarily made of 100% pure ABS or better known as polycarbonate. The material is used to provide hard shell exterior that helps promote the safety of your belongings. Due to polycarbonate’s sturdy nature, the Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set can resist pressure, absorbs force and adapts to stress.

The larger suitcase has a dimension of 28″ in length x 17″ in width x 12″ in diameter while the smaller bag measures 20″L x 13″W x 9″D. Having 2-piece in a set is perfect for couples who want to travel and experience different adventures together. This Rockland luggage set is also lightweight with an average mass of 10 lbs. and 6 lbs. respectively; another benefit of using ABS as material. This will allow you to pack more without worrying about the excess weight charges.

Each bag has protruding 4 skate wheels which rolls in multi direction and rotates in 360 degrees angle for easier and efficient movement. It rolls upright effortlessly using minimal pulling or pushing force. The 4 multi direction skate wheels will save your arm from dragging the total weight of your luggage.

Each Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set has a retractable handle which is composed of chrome. Chrome is known for being hard wearing and corrosion resistant, a perfect match up for a polycarbonate shelled bag. At the end of the chrome bar is a handle with grip design to prevent slipping and provide comfortable grip. It also has push button for smooth telescoping.

Stylish and User-Friendly Design

Exteriorly, Rockland Luggage 2 Inch and 28 Inch 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set shows sleek design. It adds visual appeal but also helps protect the bag against dust and dirt. The full lining holds and secures the bag’s state. It also backs up the bag’s sturdiness.

Aside from the interior packing space of the Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set, it also has two large front pockets for last minute stuffing. You can put your essentials to keep your things organized.

Its 4 multi-direction clear spinner wheels are designed to roll efficiently on cubs, bumps and rough concretes. It does not bounce when rolled over floor lumps instead it floats and with the help of its 360 degrees rotating wheels, it just rolls over in any direction without the hassle of misalignment.

Interiorly, Rockland Luggage 2 Inch and 28 Inch 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set has spacious packing space plus it has a mesh pocket for organizing undergarments and toiletries. A zip pocket is also available for storing valuable items and an elastic pocket for better stuff arrangement. Additionally, if you need more garment space, you can collapse the sheathable extenders.

If you are not into rolling, you can use any of the two carry handles in carrying your luggage. One is located at the top in front of the retractable chrome handle and the other one is situated on the side area. It leaves you two options on how you want to carry it, either sideways or vertically. It also comes with a 3 code lock for added security.

Travel Big with Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set

Rockland Luggage 2 Inch and 28 Inch 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set is perfect for couple’s get-away and honeymooners. The matching color adds intimacy and identity. The sleek design conveys style and its ABS shelled outline suggests sophistication and durability in one. It has excellent packing space with additional extenders if necessary.

In addition, the small and large pockets provide extra room for storage. Its 4 spinning wheels roll smoothly in uneven areas. Plus its retractable interior chrome handle with push button lock doesn’t wobble. With these numerous extra features, Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set is a great choice for long-term vacationers.

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