Best Portable Gas Stoves | Propane And Butane Stoves

Recommendation No. 1
Coleman Gas Camping Stove | Classic Propane Stove, 2 Burner
  • Cooking power: Up to 20,000 total BTUs
  • 2 adjustable burners: For precise temperature control
  • Wind-blocking panels: Shield burners from wind
  • Pressure regulator: Pressure-control technology for consistent performance, even in extreme conditions
  • Runtime: Up to 1 hour on high on one 16.4 oz. Propane cylinder (sold separately)
Recommendation No. 2
Coleman Portable Butane Stove with Carrying Case
  • Instastart ignition for matchless lighting; 7,650 total BTUs of Cooking power
  • Fits up to a 10 inch pan
  • Lasts up to 1.25 hours on high on one 8.8 ounces butane gas cylinder (sold separately)
  • Adjustable burner gives precise temperature control, and large base offers stability for easy stirring
  • Durable porcelain coated grate is easy to clean, and aluminum burner is rust proof for years of use
Recommendation No. 3
Gas ONE GS-1000 7,650 BTU Portable Butane Gas Stove Automatic Ignition with Carrying Case, CSA Listed (Stove)
  • High Output - Most Fuel Efficient Butane Portable Stove On The Market - Boils Water quickly with 7,650 BTU Evenly Compared To Compeititors Portable Stoves/ To Be used with 8oz Butane Canister Only (Fuel Sold Separately)
  • Safety Features - Highest Safety Standard: CSA (US & Canadian Standards Association) Approved Portable, Easy To Use, Reliable For Camping, Outdoor Cooking, Home Emergency Kit, Etc. Equipped with Fuel Cartridge Injection safety feature, If the stove defects 0.7 kilogram force from canister, It will automatically ejects butane canister from the stove
  • Automatic Starter - Piezo-Type Electric Starter With Safety Shut-Off System; No Matches Or Lighters Required
  • Portable - Easy To Use, Reliable For Camping, Outdoor Cooking, Home Emergency Kit, Etc. *(Comes With Carrying Case/Complete With User Manual
  • Quiet Operation - This stove provides clean efficient burn along with silent operation *OUTDOOR USE ONLY*

Every household should have at least one portable gas stove. Even if you use a typical gas range on a regular basis, having a mobile version can become more convenient than you think. When you own some portable gas stoves, you benefit from the peace of mind knowing that in a power outage, your ability to feed yourself and your family won’t be hindered.

These portable stoves also come in handy for when you’re going away on camping trips, require more stove space when cooking for large groups of people, and for when you find yourself with a broken household stove and don’t mind cooking outside.

When you decide it’s time to buy a new portable stove, you will be blown away by the variety. You can buy single or double burners, cookers with timers and other convenient features, and even easy-clean models to ensure after-dinner chores are never a drag. However, you always need to remember to stock up on gas canisters to ensure you can use them!

Whether you’re camping or planning for emergency events, you’ll find that any of these nine options below can more than satisfy your requirements.

9. GasOne GS-3000 Portable Gas Stove

If you and your family are heading away on a camping trip, be sure to include this portable gas stove from GasOne. Designed for outdoor use, it’s an efficient, affordable, and convenient way in which to prepare the family meal.

When you go on a camping trip, it can be typically quite challenging to feed everyone. Rather than spend a fortune on takeaways every night, you can instead purchase this single burner gas stove you can use to cook many different meals. It uses an eight-ounce butane canister which can last for several hours, and it’s both US, and Canadian SA approved. What’s more, you don’t need to use an open flame to start it. With an electric start, it’s a breeze to get going and will only take one press of the button.

As any stove can get greasy and oily when you use it, you’ll be pleased to know this one comes with its own carry case. As a result, you can use it then pack it away knowing it won’t get any of your other camping possessions dirty.

Affordable to buy and designed to cater to both campers and those preparing for emergency events, you’ll be pleased with everything this compact portable gas stove has to offer.

8. GasOne GS-3900P Butane Portable Stove with Brass Burner Head

As a consumer, it’s crucial that you have the opportunity to choose, and you’ll be pleased to know this portable gas stove from GasOne offers all the options in the world. Not only can you cook anything you want on this powerful 5,000 BTU stove, but you can use either butane or propane to power it. Either an eight-ounce butane canister or a 16.4-ounce propane cylinder is suitable for this compact little stove.

If you decide to cook with propane, you will find the process is simple. All you need to do is connect the supplied adaptor hose to the stove, before attaching it to the propane tank. Turn it on, prepare your ingredients, then get cooking! It’s that easy.

However, if you prefer to use disposable butane canisters, you will enjoy the effortlessness of this process as well. Hook the cartridge in place, turn it on, then begin cooking. You don’t even need lighters or matches as this portable gas stove operates with an electric ignition system.

When you’re cooking out in the open air, the wind is always a problem, but not with this portable gas stove. With a heavy-duty wind blocker, you benefit from four corners of protection to stop the heat being sapped out of your cooking space. You even benefit from safety features such as a gas flow cut off and sensor ejection system. This convenient little cooker is everything you could need it to be and more.

7. Iwatani Corporation of America Portable Butane Stove

Rather than cook on an open campfire – where the risk of burning your food or undercooking it is high, why not invest in this portable gas stove instead? As a high-power butane unit, it’s designed to cook food quickly and effortlessly.

Whether you’re normally your family’s cook or not, you will find that feeding your family on this portable gas stove is easy. Fuel efficiency is excellent thanks to the heat panel system, while the high power to the tune of 12,000 BTU/h means you’ll never have to worry about waiting long for your food.

What’s more, this cooker comes with a carry case. Therefore, if cleaning up grease and fat is not convenient at your camping location, you can put it in the case then worry about it later. It won’t get anything else you’ve packed away dirty in the process.

Priced affordably and suitable for emergency situations and camping adventures, you’re sure to want to grab one today.

6. XtremepowerUS Outdoor Double Burner Stove

While a portable gas stove is a convenient addition to anyone’s camping kit, it can be challenging to find a flat surface on which to cook. Rather than risk burning through plastic camping tables, you can instead purchase this two-burner cast iron stove from XtremepowerUS. Not only do you get two burners to cook on, but you also get a stand for the portable gas stove to sit on. An outdoor cooker has never been more convenient.

Because it’s made of cast iron, it’s built to last the distance, and you can also cater to more people with the two burners. You can use two pans at once and not have to worry about the hassle of people waiting for their food. What’s more, when you’ve finished cooking, you can then remove the legs from the stove for easy storage.

When you’re in a hurry to get breakfast or dinner cooked, you will find this portable stove more than delivers. Each burner has a BTU output of 35,000, more than enough to get bacon and eggs served up in ample time. When you buy this double burner, you also receive the hose and regulator for a safer and more convenient cooking experience.

5. Camplux Portable Camping Twin Butane Gas Stove

One of the most crucial components of any emergency or camping kit is a portable gas stove, but this one is sure to tick all the boxes more than most. Not only does it feature two burners, meaning you can cook twice as much food at once to feed your family, but it has an exceptional heat output of 8,000 BTU per hour as well.

However, the benefits don’t end there. Each burner has its own temperature control knob and uses butane gas canisters to help you to prepare the family meal. These canisters are affordable to buy, and you can even get them in bulk packs as well.

This portable gas stove is easy to use, clean up, pack away in your camping kit, and even to light as well. You don’t need matches or a lighter; you only need to push the button and get an instant flame. However, if there’s something wrong with your cooker, it will be the first to react. It has an automatic safety switch, and you can opt for a pressure or leakage safety device to go with it.

This cooker is bound to add endless amounts of convenience to your camping trip so it could be worth adding to your wish list today.

4. Goplus Outdoor Camp Cooking Stove

When you head into the great outdoors on a camping adventure, preparing meals for everyone without a portable gas stove is nearly impossible. However, if you buy this one from Goplus, you’ll find that preparing feasts for all is significantly easier.

Not only do you receive a butane burner capable of emanating 200,000 BTU, but you receive a detachable and portable stand for it as well. The stand is made of cast iron, features a powder coating, and is also rust and waterproof as well.

When it comes to cooking, you’ll find the entire process is easy. Set up the portable gas stove on the stand, connect the propane tank to the hose with the installed O-ring, and get cooking. You’ll enjoy how fast it cooks food, almost feeling like you’re doing it on your home stove.

Priced affordably and suitable for every camping adventure, you’re sure to find this gas stove more than ticks the boxes for your family’s requirements.

3. GasOne GS-2300P Dual Fuel All in One Portable Wide Stove

A portable gas stove is one of the most convenient things you can have in your emergency kit or camping gear, but they can also be a hassle as well. Usually, the single or double burners are only big enough for small pots, causing problems with even heat distribution.

This portable gas stove, however, combats that problem by being a wide cooker with a non-stick grill, stainless steel burner, and the option for butane or propane gas. Rather than try fit everything in a small pot to access all the heat, you can spread it out in the high-quality and non-stick tray. As a result, you can cook an entire family’s feast all in one go.

Using this portable gas stove is also easy for any member of the family. Rather than handle matches or lighters, you can push and turn the knob to turn it on, while benefiting from safety features such as cutting off gas flow and over-pressure detection.

This is a world-class stove that will prove to be a valuable asset in an emergency or camping situation. Cook up a storm and in style thanks to this portable gas stove from GasOne.

2. GasOne GS-2000 Dual Butane and Propane Double Stove with Non Sticke Grill

A portable gas stove will provide no end of convenience to its user, but sometimes single burners can make cooking labor intensive. Rather than cook everything at the same time, you have to prepare one ingredient then wait for the element to become free.

This gas stove from GasOne, however, features two to add that extra element of convenience to meal time in the great outdoors. The body is made of robust stainless steel, has two high-quality burners providing 8,000 BTU each, and even comes with a non-stick grill. You can put this on top of both elements to benefit from one full heat source as well.

Aside from ease of cooking, you will find both the easy-start function and safety features are leagues ahead of their competition. You can push a button to ignite it rather than use matches or lighters and benefit from a gas flow cut off mechanism as well. If there are any gas leaks or pressurization in the butane gas canister, the gas will turn off, and the cartridge will eject.

This portable gas stove also operates on a single eight-ounce canister for each burner, which is both affordable to purchase in bulk, and easy to replace.

1. Iwatani Corporation of America 35FW Portable Gas Stove

Nothing beats the crackle and roar of a campfire, but when it comes to cooking, a portable gas stove trumps all. While a fire is beautiful to look at, it can burn your food, cook it unevenly, and you can sometimes end up with ash in it too. However, if you purchase this butane stove from Iwatani Corporation of America, you benefit from well-cooked food, even when you’re miles from home in the great outdoors.

This solid brass burner offers 15,000 BTU per hour, has a magnetic locking system for better safety, and will stop the flow of butane if irregular pressure is felt as well. What’s more, it even comes with a windbreaker. If you find that the wind is too high and your food isn’t cooking, you can put the windbreaker up, protect the flames, and benefit from evenly cooked food every time.

Then, when it comes time to clean everything up, you can pack the portable gas stove away in the supplied carry case. For cooking, portability, and ease of use, you will find this gas stove more than ticks all the boxes.

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