Best Passport Holders

Recommendation No. 1
GDTK Leather Passport Holder Cover Case RFID Blocking Travel Wallet (Rose Gold)
  • Premium synthetic leather exterior and interior. Provides a comfortable feeling and protection from dust and abrasions.
  • Lightweight slim design, adding no unnecessary bulk or weight.
  • Built in RFID Blocking helps prevent personal account information disclosure.
  • Practical Slots to hold passport, business cards, credit cards, boarding passes sufficiently. Allows convenient access to information during boarding and transit.
  • Easy to close by magnetic closure, come with an Ball Pen as Free Gift.
Recommendation No. 2
Herschel Raynor RFID, Black, One Size
  • RFID blocking layer to help prevent the unwarranted scanning of identification, credit and debit cards.
  • Signature striped fabric liner
  • Passport sleeve
  • Multiple card slots
Recommendation No. 3
Passport Holder Cover Wallet RFID Blocking Leather Card Case Travel Document Organizer (Earthy Yellow)
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY - We, as the seller & brand owner - PASCACOO, provide exclusive extended warranty for our passport holder. If you have any problem with your purchase throughout one year, please let us know. We will solve it as soon as possible by all means.
  • TRAVEL PRIORITY - The passport wallet is great holder for travel essentials. Yet with the multi-function elastic, you may put the passport wallet in a pocket, clip it in hand or the pull rod of the suitcase and know that it is safe.
  • RFID BLOCKING - Passport cover with inside RFID blocking shield material helps prevent personal account information disclosure.
  • HIGH-QUALITY ECO-FRIENDLY LEATHER - Case designed specially for Passport,made from premium high-quality ECO-Friendly synthetic leather, touch soft and comfortably base on more sponge added.
  • GIFT - Every passport wallet is equipped with a metal pin, which is used to push the dot to open the slot on iPhone or other mobile phones to change SIM card when you travel internationally.

Some people are so much used to traveling abroad as if it’s just another day at work, while others see it as the adventure of a lifetime. Regardless of the reason, all travelers agree to the importance of keeping the passport and other relevant documents such as the boarding passes, credit cards, keys, and cash safe. Here comes the necessity of passport holders!

Have you ever lost your passport or any important document in a foreign country? Oh, just the thought of it seems nightmarish! In fact, a lost or damaged passport can ruin even the most fantastic of vacations in a moment. “We have also written a complete guide about best slim wallets for men“.

Passport holders are designed specifically to protect passports from wear and tear. They can be made of leather, plastic, or other materials and can be either simple or elaborate in design, but regardless of their design and style, their primary function is to keep passports safe. Besides, they help to keep documents organized, reducing the risk of losing them somewhere, because even your best travel purses can’t do the job.

This guide provides information about different types of passport holders, what features to look for when shopping for a passport holder, and brief reviews of 10 best passport holders available in the market.


    • Importance of Passport Safety
    • Passport Holders – Key considerations
    • 1. Travelon Id and Boarding Pass Holder
    • 2. YOMO RFID Passport Holder
    • 3. Shvigel Leather Passport Cover/Holder
    • 4. Simpac Fabric Passport Holder
    • 5. Zoppen Unisex RFID Blocking Travel Passport Holder
    • 6. Travelambo RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Passport Holder
    • 7. RFID Passport Holder
    • 8. Simpac Leather Passport Holder
    • 9. Villini 100% Leather US Passport Holder
    • 10. Travelambo Travel Wallet Passport Holder

Importance of Passport Safety

When you’re in a foreign country, the only thing that will identify you as the citizen of your country is the passport. The struggle of recovering your lost or damaged passport in unfamiliar surroundings is very stressful. Besides, identity theft is another risk associated with lost or stolen passports. So, it’s important to keep the passports safe and secure all the time.

Types of Passport Holders

Passport holders range from simple designs that merely protect the outside covers of passports to big travel wallets that can hold credit cards, ID cards, and other travel and business documents. Travelers can even find special RFID holders that prevent remote stealing of information from credit cards and passports.

Protective Films

Made of PVC plastic materials, these holders protect only the front and back covers of passports. The inside pages are still susceptible to damage, especially if you have to remove the passport frequently.

Basic Passport Covers

Most of these passport covers work like book jacket sleeves and are made of plastic, vinyl, or leather. Just like the protective films, they protect only the front and back covers of a passport. However, they are sturdier and are available in a range of colors and designs.

Travel Wallets

Travel organizers are popular with many travelers prefer these wallets because they have enough room and pockets for storing not only passports but other documents as well. They may flip open like books but are also available with zippers.

Document Cases

The cases are perfect for business travelers as they are large enough to hold a bunch of documents. High-quality leathers are typically used in their making though less expensive versions are also available. They look stylish and come in a wide range of colors and finishes.

RFID Passport Cases

RFID passport holders can be simple or elaborate regarding design. They can block the reading of RF chips that is integrated into credit cards and some passports. There is technology by which it is possible to read these RF chips remotely. Criminals use such technology and devices to steal credit card and personal information. Passport cases with RFID feature will keep your personal and financial information secured.

Passport Holders – Key considerations

You don’t buy a product just because it fulfill your needs, as the purchase decision depends on some other important factors too. The shopping for passport holders also requires careful consideration. Of course, you want something that looks and feels good, but the following factors are also important:

Size & Needs

A passport holder should be big enough to hold all of your documents, but not so big to catch the attention of the thieves and pickpockets and feel inconvenient to carry around. Besides, you have to consider the needs for what you will require the product. Buy a smaller holder if you need to carry just the passport. But, you will need extra room in the holder if you need to carry more than one passport and other documents.

Material & Durability

Passport holders are available in a range of materials, and you have to pick up the one that suits your needs the best. Plastic holders will take wear and tear very well. Besides, they are water-resistant, so you don’t have to weary about the rainy weather or the sweat in your hands.

There are also flexible PVC vinyl ID holders, and leather holders for those who want to carry a bit of luxury with themselves. Besides, good-quality leather holders are durable and last for a long time. There are also products that feature anti-slash or water-resistant materials. So, choose a holder that you think will give you the best services.

If the quality of the materials is good, they will last for a long time. In addition, you have to consider the price too. In most cases, you get what you pay for. If you purchase a cheap product, it is likely to be flimsy and wear very fast, causing you losing more than what you bargained for.

Design & Security Features

The designs of the passport holders should be functional enough to carry all the necessary documents securely. Some holders sport a very straightforward design that can carry only a single passport while some others have pockets and compartments to hold additional documents and items like keys and a smartphone.

The security features are another important factor to consider, especially in the countries where the crime rate is high. The anti-theft RFID feature will help you stay protected against identity theft while anti-slash fabric will prevent pickpockets trying to slash the holder to steal the contents.


The price tags usually speak for the quality of the products. However, that’s not true in all the cases. Many passport holders are available in the market in a range of prices, and you can find value products at reasonable prices. However, if you want a brand name, original-quality leather material, or special features, then you have to pay a high price for it.

Travelers need to carry many things when they travel to another country, and a passport holder should be on their lists of essential items.

1. Travelon Id and Boarding Pass Holder

Travelon has been working for more than 35 years to make traveling easier as well as safer for millions of travelers. Their ID and Boarding Pass Holder is such a product that will keep your passport and important travel documents organized and secure. It has separate slots for ID, passport, and boarding pass, making it easy for you to slip them out during check-in or when required.

Whether you’re traveling alone or with your family, the Travelon ID and Boarding Pass Holder will keep the necessary papers secure. Besides, its compact design makes it easier to hang it around your neck or to stash it in your best cross-body bags for travel without catching attention.

Design & Size

The Travelon ID and Boarding Pass Holder comes with a streamlined design that saves you from the trouble of digging your luggage or purse for the passport and boarding pass. It’s now a breeze to pass through the airport security gates as the outside pockets give easy access to the passport. On the other hand, your credit cards and cash will stay secured inside the zippered pockets. Slip your smartphone into the extra pocket between the front and back while the pen attached to the pen-loop makes it easy to write short messages.

You can wear the holder cross body or around your neck with the adjustable neck strap. When not in use, store the cord into a pocket positioned at the point where the string is attached to the holder.

The holder is slim and compact, but it has enough space to hold two passports and keep the boarding passes flat instead of being folded. So, it will keep everything in order whether you are traveling alone or with a companion

Material & Durability

The passport holder is made of 100% polyester, which seems to be a mix of vinyl and fabric. Although its no-frills appearance seems not to appease the fashion-forward crowd, the material is sturdy enough to protect your papers from pickpockets and thieves.

The seams are also sewn well. So, there’s less chance that the stitches will tear apart after some time. In a word, it’s a great product to keep your valuable papers secure while traveling abroad.


  • Gives easy access to passports
  • Has enough room for multiple documents
  • Secure zippered pocket for cash and credit cards
  • Extra pocket for cell phone
  • The fabric is sturdy and durable
  • Streamlined design
  • Adjustable neck cord


  • The edges and stitching may seem a bit harsh on the skin

2. YOMO RFID Passport Holder

The YOMO RFID Passport Holder is not the classiest of neck wallets, but it certainly ticks lots of boxes for the price it comes. It carries a rather practical design that may not please your fashion sense but will make the security navigation a breeze.

The Holder looks a bit thick when fully loaded but is not that much large to make it inconvenient to carry around. Besides, it features RFID technology that will keep your personal and financial information safe from thieves and hackers. The case is suitable for both long and short vacations.

Design & Size

The holder seems a bit bulkier, but it’s still lightweight to hang around your neck. Its classic design will suit people of every age and gender. It features five pockets that will keep everything such as the passport, credit cards, dollar bills, and cell phones within your hand’s reach.

You can have easy access to the passport jus by opening the top Velcro flap. The zipped pocket at the upper part of the wallet is handy for quick access to coins or a key. However, the second horizontal pocket is rather shallow. It would be more functional if it had a Velcro or zippered closure. Two more pockets are there with bigger size and zippered closure.

A bit bulkier size makes it a perfect for carrying all the essentials. So, you can take it in places such as museums and churches where backpacks are not allowed. It can also carry your digital camera and a few more accessories along with carrying the passports and credit cards. So, carrying a YOMO RFID Passport Holder means you can transport everything you need for a day on vacation.

Material & Durability

The YOMO RFID Passport Holder is made of water-resistant canvas. It gives the impression of quality and feels secure when you wear it around the neck. However, the material won’t hold if you dip it into water although it will save your papers from sudden water splash or sweat.

The string is soft and has cotton filling for extra comfort. The lining of the edges is smooth enough to prevent itching. Besides, it comes in a range of colors to appeal to the taste of a wide variety of users.

The passport case provides RFID protection, and YOMO claims it to be lab tested. It blocks scanning so criminals can’t steal your credit card information or read any of your RF-enabled documents.


  • Water-resistant canvas material
  • Durable
  • Big enough to carry multiple documents
  • Lab tested RFID
  • Lifetime warranty


  • The second horizontal pocket is a bit shallow
  • The design is a bit old-fashioned

3. Shvigel Leather Passport Cover/Holder

Shvigel Leather Passport Holder guarantees quality in a market that is crowded with so many cheap products. In fact, you can’t compare anything with the smell of freshly oiled leather. Shvigel has done an excellent job in marketing a genuine leather passport holder that has enough space for your essentials, guarantees a long-term service, and provides everything without breaking your bank!

If you’re fond of leather products, you’ll love the stylish look and design of the holder. It is perfect for those travelers who find large and bulky passport cases inconvenient. The Shvigel holder is small enough to fit inside a purse but at the same time has sufficient space for holding your passport comfortably.

Design & Size

The Shvigel Leather Passport Holder carries a nice minimalist style and is barely larger than a passport. The design is pretty straightforward that does not have anything superfluous. Open the holder and both the sides have a vertical sleeve to slide in the front and back page of your passport for firm holding.

The passport slot may seem a bit tight at first for a standard American passport. However, it is supposed to become flexible over time as it is made of a high-quality oiled leather material.

The passport wallet features embossing on the front. The word “PASSPORT” appears at the top followed by the Great Seal of the United States and then the words “United States of America” at the bottom. The stamping of the embossing looks professional, which adds a bit of interest to an otherwise plain wallet.

The passport holder comes with an additional quaint little leather keychain and a chic carry bag. In a word, the stylish passport case is suitable for both men and women for frequent, short, and low-risk travels.

Material & Durability

Shvigel claims the material to be 100% genuine leather, and they back the claim by providing 1-year warranty! The leather is soft and smooth to touch and has a funky smell that only comes from new, original leather.

The holder is well made as the stitching looks solid. It smoothly opens and closes and you’ll don’t have to struggle while sliding the passport in or out after using it for several days.

The quality leather material combined with solid construction and pretty simple design will provide you service for a long time.


  • 100% original leather
  • Simple design
  • Well constructed
  • Decent price


  • A standard US passport fits very tightly at first
  • Can’t hold anything else except a passport

4. Simpac Fabric Passport Holder

The Simpac Fabric Passport Holder is extremely convenient for travelers who want to keep their passport together with other necessary items such as credit cards and cash in one location. Simpac brings the holder in a size that is not too small to carry just the passport or not too large to feel cumbersome.

It is a simple passport case that sports a practical design and perfectly does its job of keeping your valuable items organized and safe in a foreign country. Besides, the amazing price (less than $10) makes it quite a steal of a deal. It’s the perfect choice if you’re not willing to spend a lump sum of money on flashy leather items.

Design & Size

The Simpac Fabric Passport Holder has a low price tag but it does not look cheap neither it compromises on the design and quality. The minimalist style has a modern, stylish feel to it. The holder has room for storing a passport, a license, cash, and a couple of credit cards.

It gets a bit bulky after stuffing all the documents, but travelers who carry a few extra papers will love this extra space. Besides, you can still fit it in a large pocket! However, it would be better if it had a snap or flap to keep everything tightly closed when full.

In a word, the holder is perfect for holding your passport in style besides keeping cash and other backups in case of emergencies.

Material & Durability

The Simpack Fabric Passport Holder is made of 100% fabric inside and outside. The quality of the material is good, and the stitching is done very well. All the pockets are lined with stitches, which add a nice touch to the overall cool and stylish look of the holder.

The wallet also has a RFID blocking option, which comes in handy in countries that have a higher crime rate. It will protect you from the credit card hack.

The fabric goes into the making of the holder is really thick and sturdy. It’s not durable as genuine leather, but it will still provide pretty decent service for years. Besides, the use of fabric makes it easier to produce the product in multiple colors including bright red that will surely attract the lovely ladies!


  • Made of thick and sturdy fabric
  • Multiple pockets
  • Five color options
  • RFID blocking
  • Slim and elegant design
  • Cheap


  • The fabric material gets dirty quickly

5. Zoppen Unisex RFID Blocking Travel Passport Holder

The Zoppen Unisex RFID Passport Holder is a budget-friendly solution for a weeklong trip or vacation. The holders are not super stylish or made of the highest quality materials, but their practical design will provide value for the money if you use it carefully.

The holders are labeled as unisex, but some particular colors such as wine red, lilac purple, and romantic pink will especially appeal to the taste of fashionable ladies. They are available in other bright colors such as Prussian blue, wine red, and sky blue, making it easier to spot the holder amid other stuff in your bag.

Design & Size

Zoppen offers a basic passport holder that provides great value for the casual travelers. The design is simple with one passport pocket, one wing pocket for boarding pass or tickets, and two slots for credit cards. It has one snap button closure to keep everything secure inside the case.

The passport pocket has a clear plastic cover that makes it a breeze to display your credentials at security check-ins. The pocket is slightly bigger than a standard size passport, making it easier for you to slide in and out the passport.

On the contrary, the credit card slots are a bit tight, but you can loosen them up a bit by forcing your way into them. You can keep a boarding pass or ticket folded into the wing pocket. It is also suitable for some dollar bills but certainly not for coins.

Overall, the Zoppen Passport Holder, featuring a functional design and a range of colors, is pretty handy if you want to keep your passport from bending, crinkled, or spilling something on it.

Material & Durability

The passport holder is made of premium polyurethane material, and Zoppen claims it to be eco-friendly. The material does not look cheap, and the well-made construction and solid stitching further add to the look.

It does not become bulky even when it’s full. It packs away all of your stuff neatly, and its lightweight nature makes it comfortable to carry around. Just close the snap button after putting everything inside, and your travel essentials are safe.

Additionally, the passport holder features RFID blocking technology that will prevent unauthorized access to your credit cards and RFID-enabled documents.


  • Simple, minimalist design
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Plastic cover of passport pocket makes it easy to display the passport at check-ins
  • Reasonable price


  • The material is not the highest of quality
  • The card slots are a bit tight
  • Wing pocket is not too secure

6. Travelambo RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Passport Holder

The Travelambo Leather Passport Holder is not innovative or exotic in terms of either design or functions. But, the RFID leather wallet is a simple solution for those travelers who are looking for a beautiful, durable passport holder without breaking their bank and you can easily put it in your best sling backpacks and purses.

The holder is pretty functional with seven separate slots. The leather material ensures durability while the RFID-blocking function keeps your credits cards and other important documents safe from hackers. In a word, it will keep your passport, ID, and credit cards safe in short trips in countries where the crime rate is not very high.

Design & Size

The Travelambo Leather Passport Holder looks like a typical passport wallet at first glance. However, spend a couple of minutes, and you’ll find the design minimal and practical. It has seven separate RFID lock slots that will safeguard your documents against unauthorized RFID NFC and BLE scans.

The holder features one pocket for passport, four slots for cards, and two pockets for cash, tickets, or boarding passes. You can easily slide in the back page of your passport into the large vertical pocket to the right side for quick display. The vertical and horizontal pockets to the left side hold snugly folded currency and other papers. The card slots are a bit tight, but a bit of back and forth will squeeze out the required space.

Material & Durability

Travelambo claims the material to be 100% genuine leather. The finest grade leather is soft to touch and offers extra durability. The holder is just big enough to store your passport. So, it’s an easy fit in back pockets and larger front pockets.

Leather wallets tend to become bulky when full. However, Travelambo does a great job here as they have kept the design slim and compact without compromising the quality of leather.

The RFID blocking is lab tested that can safeguard any card that operates at a frequency between 10MHz and 3,000MHz. However, it cannot shield hotel room cards, ID badges, and some older cards that run at 125KHz frequency.

It’s a nice looking travel wallet that features minimal aesthetics and solid construction with good stitching and no visible flaws.


  • 100% genuine leather
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Simple, functional design
  • Solid stitching
  • Lab tested RFID technology


  • Card slots are a little tight
  • Dollar bills need to be folded for storing

7. RFID Passport Holder

With a lightweight and compact design, the RFID Passport Holder is the perfect solution for carrying your cash, credit cards, and passport securely in a foreign country. The easy-to-carry holder simplifies airport security clearance because it keeps all of your necessary documents organized and ready for presentation and check-ins.

The RFID-blocking technology provides extra security and peace of mind in countries with high crime rates.

Design & Size

It is a basic passport cover with minimalist design and functional style. The small comfortable wallet allows you to carry what you need. It can carry a passport, four credit cards, and the two pockets to the left side can hold cash, IDs, or tickets without being bulky or oversized.

The right side pocket is slightly larger than a standard American passport. Slide the back page of your passport into the leather sleeve, and it will sit there snugly. The cards are a bit hard to insert and take out but breaking in for a couple of times will make it easier.

The holder is lightweight and thin. So, you can keep it anywhere you go during your vacation. However, it’d be better to use the wallet with care as it won’t take wear and tear very well as its heavier and thicker companions.

Material & Durability

The company claims the holder to be made of leather, but the material looks like fake leather. However, it is practical and durable as the quality of the synthetic leather is surprisingly good.

If you are going to visit a dangerous area, it can be your ideal travel companion as it also features RFID-blocking technology. It prevents unauthorized access to personal information by blocking data skimming from RFID-enabled credit cards and e-passports.

The holder is available in six different colors including orange, purple, and red that will attract anyone who has a funky fashion sense. However, choose any one from black, brown, or dark blue if you don’t want to draw attention.

Overall, the RFID Passport Holder is a decent travel wallet for the price. As the material is not genuine leather, it can tear out or break apart in humid weather. However, careful use guarantees a long-term service.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Separate slots for passport, credit cards, and cash
  • Available in six different colors
  • Prevents unauthorized access to credit cards by RFID-blocking technology


  • The material is fake leather
  • Can tear out in humid weather

8. Simpac Leather Passport Holder

The leather passport holder from Simpac is a must-have during any international travel. It is a combination of wallet and passport holder with separate slots for carrying your travel documents and cash all in one place. It also has the RFID-blocking technology. So, your credit cards and IDs are safe from hack and theft.

The passport holder will keep your passport and cash neatly organized the way you want. Besides, it is made of genuine leather and is available in five different colors including some bright tones. So, it will easily suit the taste of all the fashion-forward travelers.

Design & Size

The Simpac Passport Holder sports a pretty simple design. The front and back covers are plain except for the imprinted logo of ‘Simpac’ on the lower-right side of the front side. Open the holder, and you will see four slots and one wing pocket. There’s a snap button closure to keep the wallet securely closed and to prevent anything falling out.

You have to slide the back cover of the passport into the horizontal leather sleeve to the right side. The three vertical slots to the left side are for credit cards while you can use the wing pocket for storing anything from cash to luggage receipts and another passport.

The holder is just a little bigger than a passport. So, it fits perfectly into a purse or side pockets. The simple, stylish design and bright colors make it stand out from other stuff in a large purse. However, if you do business travels, choose the black one for a more decent and formal look.

In a word, it’s a stylish holder that will protect your passport from damage and theft. Plus, it’s slim body allows you to slip it into your pocket, purse, or anywhere you want.

Material & Durability

The passport holder is made of real leather. The use of finest grade material makes it soft to touch but durable enough to carry your stuff and provide service for a long time. It feels sturdy and a bit heavy when it’s full.

The passport slot and the three credit card slots are RFID locked. Simpac claims the RFID-blocking technology to be lab tested that can safeguard all the cards and e-passports operate at 10MHz to 3000MHz frequency. So, you don’t have to be worried about unauthorized access to your personal and credit information.

With an elegant, stylish look and slim, functional design, the Simpack Leather Passport Holder is arguably the best addition to your new travel adventure.


  • Genuine leather
  • Elegant look
  • RFID-blocking technology
  • Slim design


  • Doesn’t have room for travel documents such as boarding pass or other papers

9. Villini 100% Leather US Passport Holder

If you need a passport holder for nothing else except for holding your passport, no other brand can beat the Villini 100% Leather US Passport Holder. With a look and smell like genuine leather, the holder is great not only for carrying around during a journey but also for giving your wanderlust friend or colleague as a lovely gift.

The excellent quality of the passport holder does not add to its price. In fact, it’s quite surprising that you can get such as stylish and quality holder at less than $15! Besides, it is available in a range of colors that will appeal to the taste of both men and women.

Design & Size

The Villini US Leather Passport looks like a US passport, and its size is just slightly bigger than a standard passport. It has two horizontal leather sleeves each side. Just slide the front and back covers of your passport into the flaps, and they will hold the passport nice and snug.

The most attention-grabbing feature of the passport holder is the 3D embossing on the front and back cover. The back cover features the Brooklyn Bridge while the front cover shows the word “PASSPORT” inside a banner sign at the top, the Great Seal of the United States in the middle, and the “United States of America” at the bottom.

The quality of the embossing is first class because all the characters and pictures are clearly visible. Besides, the use of vintage of shades in all the available colors makes the holder look really classy and luxurious.

Material & Durability

The passport holder is made of a single layer of genuine leather without lining. The leather is soft to touch and durable enough to protect your passport from dust or any accidental damage. Besides, the well-made construction and perfectly uniformed without any loose thread stitching give the impression that it will last for a long time.

In fact, Villini is so confident about the quality of their products that they offer a 3-year warranty on the passport case.

The two inside leather flaps may feel a bit tight at first. Loosen them up by inserting a wooden ruler or a pencil. Otherwise, you can damage or rip your passport pages while trying to shove them inside the flaps.


  • Made of original leather
  • 3D embossing makes the holder look like a real passport
  • Quality material guarantees a long lifespan
  • Vintage colors lend them a classy and luxurious look


  • You cannot store anything else except a passport
  • The inside flaps need loosening up at first

10. Travelambo Travel Wallet Passport Holder

You can describe the Travelambo Travel Wallet Passport Holder with just one word – functional! If you don’t want to money on a fancy passport holder because you use it occasionally, this is the perfect choice for you. It has plenty of pockets to keep everything from your passport to keys, cash, and other papers. Besides, The RFID-blocking feature will keep the scammers away.

In fact, you won’t need a separate travel wallet if you buy this holder. Plus, its slim figure makes it easier to carry around in anything such as a purse or backpack.

Design & Size

The passport holder has a simple but functional design. For its size, it has a lot going for it. It will easily hold a couple of passports, cash, coins, credit cards, keys, and any hotel or travel cards that you pick up along the way.

The holder has three slots to the left side, two of which have mesh covers. The right side features five slots with mesh covers, which are mostly suitable for credit cards. Behind these slots is a zippered pocket for storing cash, coins, or any other valuable items. There’s also a detachable key ring with three clips for small keys attached to the right side. A pen holder in the middle will come handy for those who always look for a pen when traveling. The holder has a zippered closure, so there’s no chance for any of the items to fall out of the case accidentally.

The holder is slightly larger to be put in the pocket or your jeans or shirt, but you can easily slide it into your purse, or your Adidas Prime Backpack.

Material & Durability

The passport holder is made of high-quality nylon. The material is high-density, so it’s waterproof and holds well against wear and tear. The construction is solid, and the stitching is good, if not the best of quality. So, you can expect it to give you a long-term service.

Plus, the holder features RFID-blocking technology that blocks digital theft of your information. So, your cards and e-passports will be safe against unwanted scans and digital readers.


  • Waterproof nylon material protects passports from sweat and in wet conditions
  • Construction is solid
  • Multiple pockets and enough space to hold many items
  • RFID-blocking technology keeps scammers away
  • Can carry around comfortably in a purse or backpack
  • Zippered closure to keep everything secure inside the case
  • Value for price


  • Larger to fit into your pocket
  • Stitching could be better

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