Best Open Toe Sandals for Women

Recommendation No. 1
Soda Topic Topshoe Avenue Women's Open Toe Ankle Strap Espadrille Sandal (7.5 M US, Black)
  • Imported
  • 100% Man-made
  • Platform measures approximately 1.50"
  • Good for spring and summer
  • True to size
Recommendation No. 2
Soda Womens VALETT Open Toe Casual Ankle Strap Sandals, Whiteclp, Size 7.0
  • Brand: Soda
  • Style: Ankle Strap
  • Materials: Synthetic upper / Manmade outsole
  • Toe Style: Open Toe
  • Closure Type: Buckle
Recommendation No. 3
adidas Women's Adilette Cloudfoam+ Slide Sandal, White/Black, 11 M US
  • Lightweight slides with a pillow-soft footbed for cruising comfort
  • Single-bandage synthetic upper for a soft feel
  • EVA outsole for lightweight comfort
  • Cloudfoam Plus footbed helps recharge your energy with pillow-soft cushioning

Nothing else screams ‘summer’ more than a pair of sandals! They are easy to slip on and off, comfortable, and give your foot plenty of open space to breathe – just perfect for the hot season. If you are a wanderlust, sandals should be your ideal choice of footwear during the hot season. You can wear them around the city, at the beach, around the pool, and wherever you want to go during your travel spree. “We have also written a complete guide about best closed toe sandals for women“.

Types of Women’s Sandals

If you are thinking of fashion, design, look, and performance, these are available in various types equipped to suit different occasions.


These are called slide when featuring a flat open-toe style and they become clog when having a closed-toe heel design. You may find them less comfortable, especially the heeled ones when compared with other summer sandals, but they are highly stylish. You can wear these with everything – from a graceful summer dress to cool skinny jeans.

Technical Sandals

Also known as sports shoes, these give emphasize on coziness and foot support rather than look or design. They are still stylish, but the style is more suitable for walking through a wild trail or crossing a lake in a boat rather than hitting a nightclub in the heart of a busy city (Or, do that too! Who’s gonna stop?).

These are often made with waterproof materials so that you can use them on both land and water. The sandals are highly comfortable for walking for long periods of time.

T-strap Sandals

The name comes from the unique design of their straps that wrap around the ankle and connect to the sole at the toe, sides, and heel. The flattering shape extends along the leg and looks incredibly feminine. They look highly fashionable and complement any summer outfit except for the shorts.

Strappy Sandals

These are an extended version of the T-straps, featuring extra straps in their design. Women typically choose these sandals for an aesthetic purpose, but these also provide added support and comfort while walking long distances.

Platform Sandals

These heeled shoes sit somewhere between formal and casual style. They loo fashionable and add height but are more manageable and cozier than a pair of stilettos. You can wear these versatile summer sandals – at the office or for a night out.

Flip Flops

These are probably the most common of all the types. Available in plenty of vibrant colors, these have the perfect summer vibe. Use these waterproof sandals at the beach or poolside. Nevertheless, these are not suitable for long walks because of the flat sole.

Wedge Sandals

These are stylish, add height, but don’t carry the discomfort of heels. You can totally add a pair to your summer wardrobe because you can wear these versatile shoes with any kind of outfit.

The Advantages of Open Toe Sandals

Wandering around a new city is the best way to explore its beauty and cultural brilliance, but an uncomfortable pair of shoes can ruin the experience in a trice. Good-quality open toe sandals can be your best companion when you are walking through a bamboo grove in Kyoto or experiencing the medieval wonders of Fes, the cultural capital of Morocco. Let’s see what benefits these shoes can offer during a vacation and as an everyday footwear.


These sandals add minimal weight to your luggage. They are easy to wear and even easier to pack, and are definitely a better option that those just-in-case pairs of shoes. Avoid the burden of an extra suitcase by packing only a pair of open toes and another pair for formal occasions.


Every good pair of travel shoes should be versatile so that you can go from your adventure straight to shopping or eating in restaurants. The open toe sandals are multipurpose that you can use for casual walking, camping, or dining al fresco.


Some destinations call for solid, durable shoes due to extreme weather, excessive rain, or rough terrain. Sports boots can be a solution, but your foot will need something open and breathable in mild and hot climatic conditions. Open toes are the best option in such cases because they are travel-friendly and rugged enough to withstand harsh conditions.

Ideal for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy requires comfortable footwear that will accommodate the swollen feet and provide proper support to prevent tripping up. The open toes, with their plenty of adjusting options, will nicely fit in for walking during pregnancy, after the childbirth, or for chasing a kid around the playground.

Characteristics of High-Quality Open Toe Sandals

Every type of shoes has their own set of unique features. What attributes should a pair of good-quality open toe sandals have? Let’s find out:

The Design View

The problem with travel shoes is that look too much made-for-the-road that wearing them on a casual setting can be a challenge. Most of them look out of place when you take them straight from a 6-hour walking tour or an extended kayaking trip to shopping or dinner. However, the open-toe design focuses on the both aspects. Although they will look outlandish at work and office setups, their look is perfect for any casual occasion during a vacation.

Comfort Level

A foot journey is an excellent way to gain an intimate perspective of a destination. But, it will follow with blisters, cut, and even Achilles’ tendinitis if the shoes are not comfortable. Your closed toe sandals should offer the ultimate comfort so that you can walk along riverbanks, up cathedral steps, steep tracks to a shrine, or across cobblestones sans blisters or footsore.

The sandals should snuggly fit into your foot, not too tight nor too loose. Thepresence of enough straps and adjustments can help in this case, especially for those who need better arch support to get rid of pain caused by flat feet.

Nonetheless, the straps should not be too tight to impede blood circulation. If there’s any clasp or hook-and-loop closure, they should not dig into your skin.


It depends mainly on the sole of the sandals. The outsole should be pliable, thick, and durable enough to ensure the comfort and arch support on uneven and rough tracks. They should be well constructed to be used in wet conditions.

The sole should provide a good grip on the slippery and wet terrain. Besides, it should offer some rigidness so you can’t fold it in half. A total foldable sole won’t provide adequate support for the foot, especially if your intention is to use the sandals for hours of walking.

“We have also written a complete guide about best closed toe sandals for men“.

1. Clarks Women’s Clarks Morse Tour Sandal

The Morse Tour from Clarks will make fall in love even those who are not big fans of sandals. With adequate adjustable straps, a lightweight midsole, and a guaranteed personal fit, these are the perfect choice for an active day outdoors. Like other Clarks products, their price (which varies depending on size and color) is not on the low end, but the quality will give you little scope for complaining.

The Design View

Design wise, the Morse Tour is not a looker, but the sturdy construction and snug fit will encourage you to be out in the sun and have fun. The design is almost open that feels comfortable on foot during hot days.

These are available in four different colors. Two versions, brown and black, have leather strips while the other two – denim and greystone – are made of fabric. Any traveler girl will like the denim model for the hipster vibe while the leather varieties look rather sophisticated.

Comfort Level

The lightweight EVA sole ensures comfort underfoot, reduces shock, and the fabric lining molds the entire foot in a snuggly way. It does not let your feet feel any fatigue. Just put them on, and you will be able to walk for miles without any stress. The middle sole features steel shank that gives the foot the much-needed arch support. The contoured footbed will make walking fell like a gentle foot massage.

The hook-and-loop fasteners around the heel and ankle ensure a snug fit and keep the foot firmly in position so that they don’t skid inside the sandals. The will make walking easier without experiencing any swollen foot or pain

The only downside is the front strap, which is there just for a decorative purpose. So, girls with small feet might have some problems with the toe adjustment.


The Morse Tour won’t disappoint whether you wear them for beach walks or urban hiking. Besides, the style is suitable enough for any occasion – shopping, dinner, or family gatherings.

The flexible rubber sole practically eliminates any possible chance to slip. It provides a firm grip on any terrain. So, whether you test them in the park, on the streets, at the beaches, or on wet grasses, there’s no chance to trip over and twitch the ankles.

The straps are firmly sewn to the footbed, so they won’t break or tear off even if you run.


  • Excellent quality and fit
  • EVA sole feels lightweight and comfortable underfoot
  • Contoured footbed for the best arch support


  • The strap in the toe area is just a decorative detail
  • Expensive

2. Scholl’s Women’s Panama Flat Sandal

No more toil with the bulky hiking boots! Give your foot a break with the lightweight Panama Flat Sandals from Dr. Scholl’s. Available at an affordable price range (less or slightly over than $50), these make the outdoor time fantastic with their solid construction, unfussy design, and comfortable fit.

The Design View

Available in three colors, malt taupe, navy, and black/gray, the Panama Flat carries a stylish silhouette with a design featuring crisscrossing straps. The side cutouts and the open toe and heel have made these an excellent choice for hot weather conditions. These are comfortable, tasteful, and the color options go well with most clothing.

The Panama Flat offers you the functionality of good walking shoes and the panache of formal sandals in the same package.

Comfort Level

The sandals have a lightweight and flexible construction that ensures the highest level of coziness for your feet. The leather upper with fabric lining inside works like an extra layer of padding,saving you from blisters onto the tops of your feet.

The midsole is made of a high-quality material while Dr. Scholl’s gel cushioning at the heel provides massaging comfort all day long.

The hook-and-loop fastener at the ankle is excellent for a tailored and secure fit. So, there’s less chance to slip inside the shoe and twitch your ankle. It might be better if these have more straps for a better fit but the current design helps it to carry an unfussy but chic look.


You can wear these sandals everywhere whether it’s a casual or formal occasion. The style is impeccable for any outfit – jeans, shorts, or dress. The outsole is made of rubber that offers a high volume of traction and stability to your footsteps.

The gel-cushioned heel provides good arch support. The flexible but durable sole helps your foot to connect to the ground the right way so that there’s no chance of ankle sprain or footsore even if the track is uneven or full of rocks.

The sandals are also suitable for light trekking during the hot summer days. The good grip of the sole will protect you from slide or skid on rough tracks while the open design will let the feet to breathe and keep them odor free.


  • Stylish look
  • Fabric lining keeps the foot skin blister free
  • Gel cushioning in the heel
  • The sole provides good traction
  • Reasonable price


  • No adjustment strap across the toes

3. Clarks Women’s Saylie Medway Sandal

If you have to pack just one pair or sandals for your summer vacation, the Saylie Medway Sandals from Clarks are a perfect choice. Featuring an excellent combination of functionality and good look, these will give you great service whether you are street shopping in Kathmandu or stepping the steps of cathedrals in Florence.

The Design View

With a straightforwardand sleek design and four basic color choices, the Saylie Medway is supposed to win the heart of any fashion-forward ladies. The standout style is complemented with the rich look of the full grained leather upper. The neutral shades, black, taupe, white, and navy will accompany any outfits and accessories.

These shoes look and feel good, so you can weigh yourself down at the time of touring by carrying one less pair.

Comfort Level

Clarks have designed these sandals by giving priority to comfortability. The Ortholite sheet footbed and a flexible outsole made of a synthetic rubber material ensure a comfortable walking experience. The fabric sock liner provides the upper foot relief from blisters while the nylon shank brings more stability to the footsteps.

In particular, women who experience painful walking because of undergoing back or knee surgery of late will find these sandals a godsend. Their padded footbed goes much easier on the joints, and the overall construction offers more arch support than any fancy fashionable shoes.

The fitting of the Saylie Medway is excellent in a word. These come with a three-strap upper with adjustable buckles and one hook-and-loop backstrap. So, you can adjust the fitting at both the toe and heel areas.


These sandals are perfect for touring. Whether you choose to spend the summer vacation in a beautiful countryside or roaming around the city of Barcelona by enjoying its magnificent art and architecture, bringing a pair of Saylie Medway will be enough. The style is perfect for wearing them with capris or short dress in an urban setting and with jeans and track shorts when you are in the woods.

The rubber outsole provides a decent amount of traction at the bottom. Nevertheless, the shoes are still not suitable for extremely wet, slippery tracks. Try to avoid slimy pavements and muddy roads after putting them on.


  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Ortholite sheet footbed
  • Fabric sockliner saves from blisters
  • Plenty of adjustable options, providing fitting at both heel and toe areas
  • Reasonable prices


  • Not suitable for slippery tracks

4. Merrell Women’s Jacardia Sandal

Just because you are wearing open toe sandals does not mean that you are not allowed to have a little class! Merrell always emphasizes on style and fashion in their footwear, and these Jacardia sandals are not an exception. If you think other brands won’t match your fancy skirts while you are walking down the cobblestone pavements in Florence or taking al fresco dining in Sydney, take these shoes with you.

The Design View

Merrell shoes are always a looker. The Jacardia are great walking sandals that are stylish and sturdy enough to walk down downtown streets and beaches, without looking out of place anywhere. These are the options to go with if you think bright-colored sports shoes with elastic cords don’t define your mood during holidays.

The front of these shoes features X-shaped thin straps while another single strap gives support around the ankle. These are available in three colors, ivory, black, and dark earth. All the versions look good with formal and outdoor outfits.

Comfort Level

You can’t expect Clark’s Morse Tour or Dr. Scholl’s Panama Flat level of comfort from the Jacardia. Nevertheless, these are still far better for walking than some fancy wedge or T-bar sandals.

The nubuck leather upper with nylon webbing inside may feel rub against the skin during the break-in period. However, the footbed and molded nylon arch shank are excellent for added comfort and support underfoot. You can rely on the heel cushion for saving your foot from impact and stabilizing the stride on rough, and rocky trails. You can wear the practically the whole day because of these advanced features and the soft-to-touch microfiber-wrapped footbed.

Both the upper mesh lining and footbed are treated with Aegis antimicrobial solution. So, there’s no need to suffer the sweat and bad odor that are almost an inseparable part of outdoor activities.

These provide just one hook-and-loop closure to adjust the ankle fitting. The lack of adjustment at the toe area might be a problem for girls with small feet.


If you love to hike on uneven terrines and walk on city streets for hours, the Jacardia are the sandals to go with. The shock absorbing heel and the sticky rubber sole are what you have during an adventure for stability and better grip. The construction is well-made yet lightweight so that there’s no extra weight on the feet.


  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable footbed
  • Nylon arch shank for additional support


  • Women with bigger feet may need to buy one size up
  • Lack of adequate adjustments

5. GP7656 Men Women Outdoor/Water Sandals

The outdoor sandals from Gold Pigeon are perfect for all types of outdoor activities either on land or in the water. These will not come close to the top line brands in this genre such as Clarks, Teva, or Merrell in terms of style or durability, but will seem impressive if you consider the budget. At a price less than $50, it’s a cost-effective choice for all types of summer fun – wet or dry!

The Design View

Gold Pigeon markets these are water shoes, so the focus was more on the functionality to make these more active and protective rather than on the look. However, these are not downright ugly. You probably don’t want to wear them in a nightclub or a fine-dine restaurant, but they are absolutely fine for a pool party or walking inside the city.

You will find them in black and navy, but a funky hot pink is also available if you want your outfit to scream the fun holiday spirit.

Comfort Level

The lightweight shoes feel great under the foot because of the high bounce-back footbed. It molds the shape of the foot so that you get the proper cushioning and arch support. The insole texture offers a good grip to prevent skidding inside the shoes. However, it may feel uncomfortable during the break-in period, but it’s temporary.

Three adjustable hook-and-loop straps hold the foot and all the fingers well. The best thing is that your pinkie won’t slip out, which would otherwise be very annoying. There’s also a Velcro strap around the ankle for the best fit and comfort.

The sizing is standard, but women with wide feet should order a half size up.


These are great sandals for light water sports and other outdoor activities. You can take them to the parks, trails, beaches, fields, and in wet places. The outer sole is non-skid, and it ensures a good grip and keep your feet firmly on the floors. It also absorbs shock and impact to reduce pressure on the heel and knee.

Gold Pigeon claims these shoes to be waterproof. The interior lining is made of the material used for the diving suits. The sandals are breathable, dries quickly, and you can clean them in a washing machine.


  • Enough adjustable options to achieve a custom fit
  • Suitable for light water sports
  • Machine washable
  • Cheap


  • Don’t look good
  • The insole may feel uncomfortable while breaking in

6. Xero Shoes Women’s Z-Trail

Summer sandals should be breathable, comfortable, and easy to on and off. The Z-Trail from Xero Shoes ticks every box. These chic offers girls the freedom to take off their boots and enjoy all the adventures and fun during a vacation. These are not cheap but come with plenty of features that make the price tag look reasonable.

The Design View

The pair of hiking boots or heavy-duty sneakers that you wear to explore some Italian countryside in the morning will look out of place at a ritzy restaurant in the evening. That won’t be a problem with the Z-Trail. Wear them for running along the beach, on a boat trip to catch tuna fishes, or meditating in a yoga class, and they will look just like they have been made for that occasion!

The design of Z-Trail is pretty basic where a thin Z-shaped strap covers the toe area and a couple more wrap around the ankle. These come in six different colors including the lively red pepper to more neutral black and mocha earth.

Comfort Level

Xero Shoes claims this model to be 76% lighter and thinner than other sports sandals. Now you can say goodbye to the sore feet, sprained ankles, and hurting knees and back, which are so common after long walks in trails or around the city. These will put practically no weight on your foot!

Nevertheless, there’s no compromise with the quality despite the sleek silhouette. Hence, you will get all the comfort and protection you need. The straps feature tubular webbing, so no graze or cut on your skin. The non-elevated heel is fantastic in helping your body to retain the natural posture no matter how pitted the surface is.

The Z-style webbing holds the foot securely, but it’s still a breeze to put them on and off. There are two closures for a tailored fit. The Velcro strap keeps the ankle in place while the fastener ensures the best fitting for the toe area.


The Z-Trail is perfect for hiking walking, running, kayaking, canoeing, and even for running marathons. The zero-drop heel helps to keep the natural posture while the non-marking rubber outsole gives great traction. Besides, the sole material is water-resistant, and the nylon straps dry up quickly.

The sole is only 10mm thick and so flexible that you can roll it up into the shape of a circle. Protected with a 5,000-mile warranty, these shoes can take you wherever you want.


  • Ultra lightweight
  • Non-elevated heel keeps natural posture
  • Can be rolled up into a circle


  • Expensive

7. Columbia Women’s Sunbreeze Sandal

The two-strap Sunbreeze Sandals from Columbia are perfect for your next hiking tour. These are made of high-quality materials and advanced technologies with a great design to ensure the ultimate comfort and functionality. Featuring a fast water drainage system, these will let you stay cool and dry in and around water.

The Design View

As sports sandals, the Sunbreeze looks nice and durable. The sleek silhouette looks more feminine because of the curved toe design, which protects that area despite the open-toe style. These come in three beautiful color combinations – black/platinum, shale/Columbia blue, and mud/sorbet. The first two are great for imposing the look of a hiker or adventurous traveler while the last option is perfect for all those tourists who like city tours, shopping, and dining.

Comfort Level

These feature two asymmetrical straps that adjust and secure both the toe and ankle areas for long walks. There’s no adjustment around the heel. So, that part may feel a bit loose to the girls having small feet.

The upper is made of a synthetic material with quick-drying mesh lining inside that does not feel rough on the skin. So, the feet won’t get any cut, bruise, or blister even after walking for long hours.

The midsole feels extremely comfortable under the foot because it has superior cushioning and hydrophobic mesh lining. Besides, the use of Techlite technology enables it to absorb a high amount of impact and shock. Your feet will thank you for the ample support and coziness.


The Sunbreeze Sandals are excellent for both land and water activities. The midsole and inner lining ensure comfort and support during walking, running, hiking, and trekking while the outsole and superb drainage system keep you safe and dry in the water.

The midsole has airflow and water drainable pores while The PU leather-coated upper is waterproof anddries up quickly.

The outsole is made of non-marking traction rubber. The use of Omni-Grip technology that ensures stability and sharp grip on the slick and wet terrain. All the materials used are high-quality, so there’s little chance of breaking or tearing off any joint even after staying in the water for a long time.


  • Perform well in the water
  • Lightweight
  • Hydrophobic lining and PU upper dry out quickly
  • The Omni-Grip outsole provides excellent traction on all surfaces
  • Midsole features ports for airflow and quick water drainage
  • Reasonable price


  • No strap to adjust the heel area

8. Scholl’s Womens Tyndale Original Collection

The Tyndale Original Collection from Dr. Scholl’s is a basic flat slingback that does not have anything between the toes. Unlike other sandals in this list, these are designed with fashion in mind instead of outdoor activities. The price is reasonable too as you can get a pair at less than $60.

The Design View

The color and styling of these Tyndale sandals are something to fall for! Featuring a saddle tan/platinum combination, it is made of slender asymmetrical straps crossing the vamp of a slingback.

If you have planned to stay inside the city during the holidays, these sandals will mesh with your outfit no matter where you go or what you do. They don’t scream for attention yet they look nothing close to strictly utilitarian. You can stick to them until hitting a trail in the wild or jumping into the water.

Comfort Level

The Tyndale sandals are not known for their coziness as much as they are popular for their look and styling. The leather upper gives these a rich, glowing tone while the synthetic lining is supposed to feel comfortable on the skin. However, it does rub a bit wrong on the outer side of the foot though the problem will be gone after you break them in a little.

The memory-foam footbed feels plush and flexible under the foot. It works with the natural shape and movement of the foot. The amount of cushioning is adequate for a couple of hours of walking. However, you should choose something else such as a pair of Merrell or KEEN for better performance.

The shoes have an adjustable strap with a buckle closure at the ankle but no other option for the toe or heel. All in all, these are flexible and lightweight and serve you alright as long as you use them for city touring.


The Tyndale Sandals will be the choice of every fashion-forward woman. Girls who love to pack at least one pair of good-looking yet comfortable shoes will love them. You can take them everywhere in an urban setting – to a fine dining restaurant, shopping mall, nightclub, or just for strolling on the busy streets. The outsole is pliable with added traction, so you don’t have to experience any tumbling or skidding on any surface.

Unfortunately, they are not suitable for outdoor sports. You can still take them to the beach but stay away from the water or mud.


  • Stylish look
  • Memory foam footbed
  • Provide adequate support and traction for walking on city streets
  • Reasonable price


  • Not suitable for outdoor sports
  • Only one adjusting strap

9. Northside Women’s Covina Sport Sandals

The Covina Sport Sandals from Northside are extremely lightweight and can be your trusted companion wherever you go. These are finely tuned for the feet to bring crazy comfort to all types of adventures in the plain lands or high hills. The price tag is lucrative too as you can grab a pair at less than $50!

The Design View

Available in three wonderful color combinations, black/gray, gray/aqua, and tan/coral, the styling of these shoes are likely to match all types of outfits – whether be it skinny jeans, sports, shorts, or skirts.

Having a pair of these sandals gives you the choice of looking either formal or outdoorsy. You can pull up both the styles because of the thin straps and single toe post design. Wear them with short dresses when you are walking through busy urban spots and with sportswear when you get into the woods.

Comfort Level

These are not as comfortable as KEEN or Teva open toe sports sandals but do a pretty decent job considering the price. The textile upper with tubular webbing does not rub onto the skin. The EVA midsole is cushioned for added comfort. It is also excellent for swallowing up high impact. So, even if you have to trek on rocky or bumpy trails, you will be safe because the midsole will transfer the shocks for superior push-off energy.

The fitting is good as the heel-side hook-and-loop closure will secure the ankle. There’s no adjustment on the toe side, but the single toe post will keep the big finger in place.


These sandals are water-ready with polyester upper and rubber sole. The open design will drain the water fast while the polyester will dry in no time. Even if you love to travel and explore offbeat destinations where damp soil, rocky terrain, and dried leaves are common phenomena, these will come in handy.

You can use them for multipurpose use such as for city touring, beach walking, paddle boarding, hiking, etc. The rubber sole is pliable and provides enough traction to make them sit nicely on any surface.

The open design is a relief for adventuring in warm weather. You can have these for all-day outings as the fast drying fabric won’t create any odor.


  • The style is suitable for both formal and outdoor occasions
  • Cushioned EVA midsole adds extra comfort
  • Multipurpose shoes that can be used on both land and in the water
  • Inexpensive


  • Just one Velcro strap does not guarantee the best secure fitting

10. Agowoo Women’s Open Toe Ankle Strap Beach Hiking Sandals

The Beach Hiking Sandals from Agowoo will increase the excitement of your adventures manifold by providing all the support and comfort that your feet need for the extended hours of journey. These should be your first choice if you want to trek through exotic jungles and woods, especially if the budget is a problem since a pair costs less than $50.

The Design View

The Beach Hiking Sandals don’t look very stylish. They are designed for the outdoor activities, and the design is pretty straightforward in creating that outdoorsy vibe. The build seems very stable and secure while the upper layer is finely textured and detailed with PU leather, visible stitching, and black accents.

You will find them in three different colors – green, brown, and khaki. All the versions will look good with any foot type, sportswear, and gears.

Comfort Level

It’s not practical to expect the legendary level of comfort featured in high-end sports sandals. However, these are still great outdoor shoes with good comfortability and breathability. The upper is made of PU leather with mesh lining inside that allows your feet to breathe and facilitates quick drying.

The midsole feels soft under the foot, and the heel area is nicely designed to give proper arch support. You won’t feel a thing even after walking for hours although the interior lining may feel rough on the skin at the beginning.

These shoes ensure a secure fit with three points of adjustability at the toe, ankle, and heel. So, there’s nothing to worry about the fitting even if you have small feet.


The sandals are suitable for any outdoor activities such as beach walking, hiking, and for water sports. These are just perfect for all the vacationers who want the best foot protection during the hot day hikes or paddle boarding. You can even wear them inside the house too. The rubber sole is soft and is unlikely to make any annoying noise on wood or cement floors.

The outsole of the shoes is thick and hard-wearing. It eliminates shocks like a pro. So, there will be no stress on your foot-sole or knee when you run and jump by wearing them. Besides, the rugged and durable sole material also ensures excellent grip and traction on various types of surfaces.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Outsole absorbs shock to reduce stress on the feet
  • Inexpensive


The mesh lining can rub on the skin at the beginning

11. Ryka Women’s Savannah Sandal

A good pair of open-toe sandals should provide adequate support – so you don’t end up with sore feet at the end of the day – whilst still being fashionable and trendy. The Ryka fulfills both criteria, in addition to being lightweight, comfy and suitable for a variety of occasions.

The Design View

Featuring a tribal, geometric pattern that runs along the straps, the Ryka looks effortlessly bohemian and chic, especially when paired with a long, flowy summer skirt. With 11 colour combinations to choose from, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste, be it vibrant, fun shades of beet red/hyper pink and coral/grey, or subtler hues such as navy/green and black/frost grey.

The last thing anyone needs in the summer is the risk of stinky feet, and the Ryka’s open-toe design and criss-crossing textile straps will be a lifesaver in hot weather. The slightly raised platform measures about 0.75 inches, conforming to the natural arch of the foot.

Users should note that the overall design runs wide, tapering out towards the toes. Some users have commented that it gives the appearance of ‘clown shoes’ for people with narrow feet, so this might be a point to consider.

Comfort Level

Designed with comfort in mind, the Ryka features an anatomically designed Q-contour footbed with a deep heel cup, which not only provides added stability, but also reduces over-pronation, or in layman’s term, ‘flat feet’.

A soft EVA midsole delivers all day comfort, while the insoles are made from a molded foamy material that offers a bit of bounce but plenty of firmness. Those with plantar fasciitis or pronating ankles will find it the shoes alleviate some of the stress while walking.

The shoe’s upper is made from synthetic and webbing textile, with three points of adjustability via Velcro tabs. The only downside is that the tabs have a tendency to run short, limiting how much the user can adjust the straps. Another design improvement that we’d like to see is the insole, which has intentional bumps on it meant to provide added stability. However, it also has smaller ridges surrounding the large bumps, which may feel like grit for people with tender feet.


The Ryka’s casual look, comfort and functionality make them a great pair of open-toe sandals to take to the beach or around town.  Thanks to a rubber EVA outsole with a highly flexible tread pattern, the shoes are also stable and provide enough traction, even on slippery surfaces. At 4.9 ounces, you’ll barely feel it on your feet, and construction is fairly durable with quality stitching. Although not waterproof, the material dries quickly and should hold up well if you have to walk through a few puddles.Maintenance is easy, as wearers can get to the cracks with an old toothbrush, but the shoe should be kept away from detergents as this will loosen the Velcro.


  • Lightweight, comfortable
  • Adjustable straps
  • Durable construction
  • Good arch support


  • Ridges on insole may be uncomfortable
  • Short Velcro tabs

12. Kunsto Women’s Outdoor Sadals

Good sandals don’t have to break the bank, as evidenced by the Kunsto. Tailored to better suit the natural contours of women’s feet, these athletic sandals are lightweight, sturdy and comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. This, coupled with its inexpensive price, makes the Kunsto a value for money buy.

The Design View

The sandals boast a sporty look, with double straps and an open-toe design that allows for better breathability. The upper strap wraps around a good portion of the ankle and provides adequate support. Prominent stitches run throughout the shoes’ edges, which adds to the aesthetics. Made for the outdoors, the sandals are waterproof and crafted from durable, washable PU and quick drying lining material. However, colour choices are limited to blue and red, and both models feature white straps, which might get dirty easily.

Comfort Level

Available in US women’s sizes 7.5 to 12, the Kunsto is very comfortable and offers a great walking experience, thanks to its shock-absorbent foot bed. It is recommended to buy up a size as the shoes tend to run small. Enjoy a long-lasting cushioning and massaging effect from the direct-injected EVA midsole foam, which also has a high energy return to help reduce stress and fatigue on the feet and ankles.

We all find it cumbersome to adjust multiple straps on our shoes when we’re in a hurry. The Kuntso resolves this with an omni-directional hook and loop closure, allowing users to slip them on and off easily. A sweat absorbing lining keeps the feet dry and free of unpleasant odours. The insoles are non-removable and feature tiny knobs on the surface. While not a problem for most, diabetics or those with sensitive feet might find this uncomfortable.


At first glance, the Kunsto does not look like it offers much cushion or arch support, but you’ll be surprised to find that your feet won’t feel sore, even after a long day of walking.

This is because a traction insole provides dynamic support for all your movements, from ground impact to toe-off. The outsole, on the other hand, is non-slip and good for adventurous activities. The exceptional grip means that you can wear the shoes for hiking, without worrying about falling when climbing over wet rocks or moss-covered surfaces. It also has additional water-channeling lugs and waterproof properties, so you can wear them as a water shoe for kayaking or boating. Even if you’re not a fan of outdoor trips, the design is casual enough for a stroll on the beach. As with shoes made from PU material, the Kunsto might not be as durable as shoes made from rubber.


  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Sweat absorbing lining
  • Slip on and off easily
  • Adjustable points
  • Waterproof


  • Not durable
  • Bumpy insole might not be comfortable for some
  • Limited colours

13. Camel Womens Athletic Outdoor Sports Sandals

Camel is a brand that needs no introduction when it comes to outdoor footwear. Modern and stylish, these sandals are ones that you can literally wear on any occasion, except in a formal setting. As the shoes are lightweight and comfy, they are ideal as walking or running shoes, are suitable for camping and travelling, or just as casual wear. Pair them with a T-shirt and khaki shorts to instantly transform your look into a rugged one, or get beach ready by pairing them with beach shorts or a light, floral wrap skirt.

The Design View

Most open toe-sandals have multiple straps that run parallel from one side of the shoe to the other, with many points for adjustment. Depending on your needs, this may be a blessing or a hassle, as you will need to re-adjust the sandals each time you wear them. The Camel, on the other hand, has a Y-shaped design with two triangular buckles, so you either adjust the front or the heel. The straps are secured via Velcro with a strong grip that ensures they do not easily come loose. However, for those with narrow feet, the strap runs long and may hang over the shoe touching the ground.

The Camel comes in attractive colours, including blue, light blue, pink and red, although some sizes may not be available with certain colours. It manages to look athletic and sporty, while still retaining a feminine touch. Sizes are limited from a US 5, with a foot length of 22.5 cm, to a US 8 that measures 25 cm.

Comfort Level

As the sandals are designed for the outdoors, they have ultra lightweight outsoles, made from a blend of TPR (thermoplastic rubber. and MD Composite which provides superior cushioning and long lasting comfort. The insole contours to the shape of the foot, helping to reduce foot pressure and fatigue, while adjustable hook-and-loop closures give a personalised fit. The upper and straps are made from polyester webbing. The material is quick drying, making the sandals a sound choice as a water shoe.


For its inexpensive price tag, the Camel surprises with its durability – not just of the overall materials but also the quality of its components, such as the solid plastic buckles. The polyester webbing upper is tear resistant and breathable. Quilted Lining on the insole prevents skidding, and a sawtooth design on the outsole provides good traction and grip, even when walking through puddles or streams. Although the tread will begin to wear after several uses, the sandals should hold up well to wear and tear from a hike with minimal damage.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • versatile
  • Fairly durable
  • Good cushion
  • Quick drying
  • Anti-skidding


  • Overhanging Velcro strap
  • Limited sizes

14. Northside Womens Seaview Sport Athletic Strap Sandal

The Seaview womens sandals are the definition of an all-rounder. Practical and comfortable, they are versatile and can be worn for a variety of occasions, such as boating, hiking and camping. They also make a good choice as an overall water or walking sandal.

The Design View

Featuring an attractive geometric design with raised patterns on the fabric, the Seaview comes in fun, youthful colours such as tan/coral, blue/aqua, black/violet, gray/aqua and stone/berry. The colour scheme is reminiscent of the bright, vivid hues commonly associated with surfer culture and beachside bohemian. The sandals have double straps, one on the forefoot and the other at the ankle. Both are adjustable via Velcro strips for a more precise fit. Meanwhile, plastic triangular buckles hold the straps in place, in addition to providing aesthetics. The fit is not tailored for wide feet and runs narrow, so users might wish to order up a size. The sandals come in US sizes of 6 to 10.

Comfort Level

Runners with heel pain or those with tender feet will appreciate the Seaview’s comfort. The molded footbed follows the shape of the foot to provide better arch support, while the upper part of the sandal gives adequate coverage and support for the ankles. The insole and midsole are made from lightweight compression moulded EVA. To prevent chafing where the fabric makes contact with skin, all the straps are neoprene backed and padded for extra comfort.

One thing that can do with improvement is the plastic triangle piece near the outside of the foot, which can be sharp and depending on a person’s walk and gait, may dig into the top of the foot.


With a heel measuring approximately 0.75 inches and a platform measuring around 0.5 inches, the sandals give its wearer some height, but still feels stable under foot while walking. An anti-skid pattern on the sole ensures there is good grip on slippery surfaces, and a flexible constitution allows for freedom of movement. The overall materials are breathable and quick drying, making them suitable for water activities.

Construction is fairly durable for sandals in this price bracket, but can be shoddy in some units. For example, the sole features preformed holes where discs are glued onto them, but these are not done correctly in some places, resulting in uneven and odd bumps. However, this doesn’t seem to affect the tread much and should wear down over time.


  • Lightweight, comfy
  • Padded straps
  • Breathable
  • Fairly durable
  • Molds to shape of feet
  • Attractive designs and colours
  • Anti-slip
  • Adjustable double straps


  • Triangular buckle can be uncomfortable
  • Runs narrow

15. Camel Athletic Sandal for Women Girls Outdoor Hiking Walking Beach Sport Sandals

Another entry by Camel, these athletic sandals are made especially for sports and the outdoors. True to the brand’s style which is catered to the young, rugged and urban crowd, the Camel’s minimalist design is simple yet trendy. Their light weight makes them portable and convenient to carry around or pack on your travels.

The Design View

Returning to the classic strap design, the Camel does away with the side buckles and instead features double straps on the forefront that run from one side of the shoe to the other, as well as a strap at the heel which wraps around the ankle. All the straps are adjustable via Velcro tabs, although for those with narrow feet, these tend to flap out on the sides. Colours are limited but the few choices they have are quite elegant. The black and grey are perfect for those who crave simplicity, while the bold fuschia is designed to create an eye-popping statement. The sandals’ fine stitching helps to reinforce its construction and improve its aesthetics. Sizes run from a US 6 with a foot length and width measuring approximately 9.1 x 3.3 inches,  to a US 8.5 for a 9.8 x 3.6 inch foot.

Comfort Level

Any good sandal worth its salt needs to provide plenty of cushioning, and the Camel delivers with its soft MD foot pads, which feel comfortable and soft but are still supportive enough for a long day of walking and activity. Since the woven fabric is abrasion resistance and flexible, it will not grind the feet. The upper gives adequate coverage but is still open-toed enough to allow better breathability. The fabric at the heel strap is smooth and elastic to help users better adjust their preferred fit.


Good news for athletes and active users, as the sandal’s MD material has a high rebound quality. This makes it shockproof and effective at absorbing force when your feet are hitting the ground,therefore greatly reducing foot pressure and fatigue. For this reason, the Camel is a solid choice for running and high impact activities.

The contoured shape is tailored for women’s feet and supports high arches. Buildwise, the Camel impresses with its durability, including the quality of its components such as the wear-resistant, strong adhesive Velcro straps. They are able to withstand repeated adhesion, so you don’t have to worry about your straps getting loose over time. Anti-slip stripes on the bottom of the soles prevent skidding on wet surfaces and gives good traction.


  • Adjustable straps
  • Good shock absorption
  • Supports high arches
  • Strong Velcro
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comfortable


  • Limited colours
  • Tabs run long

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