Best O’Neill Wetsuits For Body Protection

Recommendation No. 1
O'Neill Men's Reactor-2 2mm Back Zip Short Sleeve Spring Wetsuit, Black/Black, 2XL
  • Ideal Entry Level Value Driven Wetsuit; Perfect For Surfing, Diving, Paddle Sports, Lake Activities, And Beach Days
  • Backzip System Provides Easy Entry And Exit With A Water Resistant Closure
  • Ultra Stretch Neoprene: Incredibly Soft Premium Material Has Superior Feel, Flexibility, And Elevates Performance
  • Seamless Paddle Zones's Flexible Design Utilizes Minimal Seam Placement For Comfort And Maximum Mobility
  • Wind-Resistant Smoothskin Provides Extra Insulation And Protection Against The Cold
Recommendation No. 2
O'Neill Men's Epic 4/3mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit, Black/Black/Black,X-Large
  • Ideal Value Driven Wetsuit; Perfect For Surfing, Diving, Paddle Sports, Lake Activities, And Beach Days
  • Backzip System Provides Easy Entry And Exit With A Water Tight Seal
  • Ultra Stretch Neoprene: Incredibly Soft Premium Material Has Superior Feel, Flexibility, And Elevates Performance
  • Seams Are Blind Stitched And Triple Glued (GBS); Keeping Water Out And Increases Durability Of The Product
  • Wind-Resistant FluidFlex Firewall Panels Provide Extra Insulation And Protection Against The Cold

When you decide it’s time to purchase an O’Neill wetsuit, you’ll be surprised at how beneficial that decision is going to be for your swimming requirements. Not only are O’Neill wetsuits some of the most popular and well-made wetsuits on the market, but company founder Jack O’Neill invented the wetsuit as well. Seeing the need for something warm and sufficiently buoyant when out swimming in open waters, Jack decided a wetsuit bearing his name was an excellent idea.

Roll the clock forward over 60 years, and there is now an abundance of wetsuit options from which to choose. O’Neill still produces an extensive range as well, but with full size ranges from toddler through to larger adults.

While technology has evolved to ensure you can receive only the very best products on the market, the initial reason for a wetsuit remains crucial in manufacturing processes. You benefit from additional warmth, safety from abrasions, as well as a little bit of float capacity when you require it.

If you’re interested in purchasing an O’Neill wetsuit for yourself or even members of your family, we’ve listed some excellent options below. With sizes to suit everyone, there’s every possibility you’ll be able to kit out your entire family.

9. O’Neill Reactor Spring Wetsuit

If you’re looking for an O’Neill wetsuit that will provide comfort and warmth while you’re out in the open sea, then this one available in a range of colors should fit the bill. Featuring polyester, neoprene, and nylon, it’s a cost-effective yet high-quality wetsuit that’s suitable for those larger members of the family.

When you’re out swimming, the cold can be a problem. However, this O’Neill wetsuit ensures you feel the cold less than others in the water. Thanks to the 2mm thick neoprene covering your entire body and parts of your arms and legs, you’ll feel nothing but comfortable when you’re out in the water. What’s more, you benefit from full mobility thanks to the FluidFlex material around the sleeves.

Every component of this O’Neill wetsuit is designed to help you feel more comfortable, mobile, and warm. It has a super seal neck to stop foreign objects from finding their way inside the suit, and it boasts flat-lock construction as well. What’s more, it zips up at the back with a long string, meaning you can zip it up without the help of someone else.

Choose from a range of stunning color combinations and head out to the water knowing you’re going to be more comfortable than anyone else wearing swimsuits.

8. O’Neill Men’s Reactor Full Wetsuit

Whether you’re an avid water sports fan or you like going out for a paddle, you’ll soon find that an O’Neill wetsuit can make the experience that much better. Rather than get cold and risk injury in a bathing suit with no support, you can instead put on an O’Neill wetsuit and benefit from comfort, warmth, and protection.

This one, in a range of colors and suitable for men, is packed full of convenient features to make surfing and other water sports that much safer. It has flat-lock construction for durability, knee pads for more robustness when you need it the most, and a sealed neck area as well. As a result, you won’t see any foreign objects making their way into your O’Neill wetsuit.

However, the benefits don’t end there. Because of its robust materials and thick neoprene, you’re able to benefit from a long-lasting, comfortable wetsuit that provides full protection when you need it the most. The lining is 100 percent neoprene, the panels are nylon and spandex, and the collar panel is polyester. This mix of materials is a recipe for success, creating a quality wetsuit anyone can benefit from owning.

7. O’Neill Epic Wetsuit for Men

If you love surfing, diving, spending time at the lake or beach, or even paddle sports, you’re sure to enjoy this O’Neill wetsuit. Versatility is to the fore, with the manufacturing process ensuring this wetsuit is suitable for a wide range of activities.

It’s easy to put on thanks to the long back zip, and once it’s on, you benefit from a watertight seal as well. Therefore, there’s no risk of foreign materials making their way into your suit from your legs, arms, or neck. Even though your entire body is covered with this O’Neill wetsuit, you feel no restriction at all. In fact, the high-quality neoprene ensures you have full mobility and flexibility – whether you’re surfing or paddling.

If you find yourself in cold temperatures, you can rest assured this wetsuit is made for it. The seams are both triple glued and blind stitched to keep water out, and there is extra protection and insulation thanks to the wind-resistant panels as well. If you feel the cold more than most, this wetsuit is one to add to your wish list.

6. O’Neill Women’s Reactor Full Wetsuit

While traditionally an O’Neill wetsuit catered mostly for men, today there is an abundance of options for women as well. You are sure to be impressed by this women’s wetsuit that is packed full of features for your comfort, convenience, and warmth.

What first stands out about this O’Neill wetsuit is its quality. It features Fluid-Flex material, nylon, and neoprene, all to create a flexible, comfortable, and high-performance wetsuit you can use in all manner of conditions. It has a neck seal to stop foreign matter getting into your suit, and it has chafe-free edging as well. As a result, you won’t feel irritation when you wear this wetsuit in the water.

Considered to be entry level, it still features robust knee pads to provide extra durability, as well as a long back zipper so that you can do it up on your own. What’s more, to protect its structural integrity, all seams are stitched in a flat-lock pattern so that they’re both breathable and comfortable. As a nice final touch, there’s a small pocket for car keys if you have headed to the beach on your own. There’s so many things to love about this O’Neill wetsuit, so it’s well worth closer inspection.

5. O’Neill Wetsuit Short Sleeve for Women

If you live in warmer climes, this short O’Neill wetsuit for women is going to be a crowd favorite. It’s designed to cater to all women who love to spend time in the water, as well as being packed full of convenient features to ensure it both lasts the distance and is comfortable.

It’s made of robust, comfortable, and supportive neoprene fluid foam, has an adjustable sealed collar to stop anything going down into your wetsuit, and it’s designed to be non-irritable as well. Therefore, you’re less likely to develop a rub rash than if you were to choose a different brand. What also stands out about this O’Neill wetsuit is its features designed to make life a little easier. You can zip up your own zipper thanks to the long tag, and it even comes with a small pocket for a key as well.

Extra care has even been put into the stitching. This wetsuit has flat-lock stitching which enables it to be both non-irritable on your skin as well as breathable. Affordable, available in a range of colors and suitable for most women, it’s a wetsuit that’s well worth closer inspection.

4. O’Neill Men’s Basic Skins Long Sleeve Rash Guard Wetsuit

If you’ve been blessed to live in a warmer climate, with no real need for a thick and warm O’Neill wetsuit, then these basic skins might be the next best thing. Manufactured with polyester and spandex, they are a tight fitting layer for both better performance and to prevent drag.

You can wear them while you’re surfing, swimming, boating, or just paddling in the pool. The sky’s the limit for how versatile these skins are. While they aren’t an O’Neill wetsuit that can provide full comfort and warmth, they are the perfect product for long sunny days at the beach.

However, it’s not just the fit that makes these skins stand out. Given that you’ll be spending a lot of time outside wearing them, you’ll be pleased to know they offer UPF 50+ UV protection as well. Lather up in sunscreen and benefit from additional protection thanks to O’Neill as well.

Users of these basic skins will also appreciate the robust construction, minimal seams to prevent rashes and irritation, and the freedom of mobility as well. If you don’t require an O’Neill wetsuit, consider buying O’Neill skins instead.

3. O’Neill Wetsuit for Toddler and Little Kids

If you have a baby, toddler, or preschooler of slim to average build, you’ll find this O’Neill wetsuit for children could be an excellent next purchase. Whether they’re paddling at the swimming pool, taking part in swimming lessons or having fun at the beach, you will find this O’Neill wetsuit can offer unparalleled comfort and protection – and peace of mind as well.

They are made of thick neoprene for better comfort and warmth, they are easy to put on and take off, and they feature flat-lock seams for minimal irritation as well. You will also enjoy that this O’Neill wetsuit covers both their arms and legs entirely – ensuring they aren’t at risk of scrapes and cuts at the beach.

Users of this wetsuit will also enjoy how comfortable it is. There is no seam irritation, no little hands playing with zips as they’re at the back, and it still provides excellent mobility as well. Mom and dad can relax knowing that when their child is running around the beach, they’re warm and protected. This child’s wetsuit could be the very thing you need for the next trip to the beach or pool.

2. O’Neill Reactor Hybrid Shorty Wetsuit for Kids

If your children have a hard time staying warm in the swimming pool, then it might be time to invest in an O’Neill wetsuit. Rather than have them shivering and cold in an everyday swimsuit, you can put this wetsuit on them and know that it’s designed to take care of their core temperature.

It’s designed for slim children who want to be able to move around but stay warm, and it also features flat-lock seams to prevent irritation as well. As a result, all stitching lies flat so that your child can always remain comfortable.

Because it has short sleeves, you will also find this O’Neill wetsuit is suitable for beach play, watersports, and time at the pool. They have full mobility and flexibility, all the while having 2mm of fluid foam neoprene to protect them and keep them warm.

Sealing the deal is the knowledge that this O’Neill wetsuit has UVA/UVB protection when you’re outdoors. If your child needs something a little warmer than a bathing suit, there’s every reason to consider this wetsuit from O’Neill.

1. O’Neill Bahia Full Wetsuit for Women

If you don’t own an O’Neill wetsuit and you spend a lot of time in the water, it might be time to invest in one. This premium wetsuit is designed for women who like to take a dip, take part in watersports, and go swimming. It features flexible and stretchy fabric that allows for full mobility, while also being fitted with knee pads for extra support. As a result, if you fall off your board or graze your knees, you’re adequately protected from scratches and abrasions.

What also appeals about this O’Neill wetsuit is its seams. While many wetsuits on the market have irritating seams that when wet, scratch your skin and cause rashes, this one doesn’t. The seams are flat-stitched to ensure they lie flat for full comfort.

Given that this wetsuit also goes down to your ankles and wrists and has a fully sealed neck, you can also benefit from peace of mind at knowing nothing can get inside it. Foreign materials can stay in the ocean rather than in your wetsuit. It’s also effortless to put on and take off while fitting snugly when it’s on as well. If you’re in the market for an attractive, warm and comfortable wetsuit, this one might tick all the boxes for your needs.

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