Olympia Tuscany 30 Inch Upright Review

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Olympia Checked-Large, Black, 30 Inch
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Olympia Checked-Large, Black, 30 Inch
  • Dual wheel spinners rotate 360 degree for a smooth and effortless roll in any direction.
  • Expands up to 2" to maximize packing capacity . Features low-profile top, side carry handles, two exterior compartments for easy access to necessities.
  • Expandable for additional packing capacity. Elegant interior lining with adjustable hold-down straps for packing convenience.
  • Locking push button retractable handle. Locks in both up and down position for comfort and protection during stowage.
  • Exterior Dimensions: 30x18x12 Capacity: 6800 cu. in.
Pros: The Olympia Tuscany is the bag that will allow the user to take everything that one can think of, and then expand to also hold the two things that he forgot. It really is the ideal bag for the person who has to take everything. Constructed Of 2-Tone Polyester U tube push button retractable handle. Expanding feature adds 25% more packing capacity. Front zipper pocket and internal zipper mesh pocket for extra packing capacity.
Cons: It can be too big for some airlines, but works well for train trips. Goes well with luggage locks.

The Bag for the One Who Brings Everything

The Olympia Tuscany upright is a bag that exemplifies the Olympia mission. Their dedication to innovative design and reliable products shine through in this suitcase. The Tuscany upright is the bag for any traveler who must take everything with them be it a pile of books, a laptop, gears, clothes, toiletries, among other kits you basically can’t live without. If you always find yourself not satisfied with wearing one outfit in a day, you must have the need to bring almost everything you have in your closet to achieve different pegs and looks. The catch? The Olympia Tuscany is for you.

Sporting a 30 inches size, Tuscany Upright is a large bag with lots of space for extra clothing or equipment. It has one large exterior pocket and one interior zippered compartment, it also features two “shoe pockets” on the bag’s interior which makes it perfect for the guys who bring a couple of sneakers with them for their adventures or gym dates. Coupled with adjustable inside straps to secure items in place, the Tuscany is a great fit for a wide array of clothing options for a long vacation or a short trip with lots of clothing variation.

Olympia Tuscany Upright Designed to Hold Everything

The bag that can accommodate lots of items then has another important task. The task of keeping those items safely and securely within the bag. The Olympia Tuscany upright is one such bag that can safely hold all of the clothes and accessories and things that you may place inside. It can go through check points in different domestic or international airports and leave unscathed. The Tuscany is 30 inches tall and 18 inches wide, more than enough capacity for any trip. It is made from 100 percent polyester and available in either red or black with matching piping and accents. The front of the bag is covered in an EVA, or ethylene vinyl acetate, foam to give the bag a smooth, finished look.

A bag this size has to have durable closures and handles as well. Typical for Olympia Luggage products, the Tuscany has great zippers and handles that fit easily in your hand to make the maneuvering (over the bag) easier. The interior of the bag also features a patterned lining to protect your garments from bumps against other bags in the storage. It also sports a very modern appearance but is built with a quality that ensures its durability.

Additional Features and then Some

The Olympia Tuscany Upright is a wheeled upright that has the ‘spinner’ wheels. These wheels, which rotate in any direction, are a great asset for a bag of this size. Though the bag is well constructed, when it is full, it can be rather heavy so you still need to pack your things wisely. The spinner wheels assure that the transition from curbside to the ticketing desk is an easy task. In addition, the Tuscany also features an extendable handle with a pushbutton lock to allow you to pull or push the bag as needed.

One of the best features on the Tuscany is the expandable section. This section allows the bag to expand an additional 2 inches adding more room to include any of your preferred items. If you realize that you have to have that third pair of shoes and that jacket, you can quickly expand the bag and include those pieces before heading out. How convenient, huh!

Olympia Tuscany Upright Prepared for Over-packing

It’s one thing to know that you have a tendency to pack more than you can use. It is another to take that tendency into account and minimize your stress. The Olympia Tuscany Upright is the bag that will allow you to take everything that you can think of, and then expand to also hold the two things that you forgot. It is the ideal bag for the person who has to take everything.

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