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Tumi’s sterling quality is not for skeptics who can’t part with their money. The folks at this giant have been an innovating lot ever since its inception 40+ years ago. From the all-time favorite Wheel-A-Way to swiveling snap hook, Tumi has made its presence known in the global luggage arena. Tumi luggage has always smashed through any challenge thrown at it. That fact that Samsonite is so close to merging with Tumi lends it double the credibility. Picking out the best Tumi luggage is like picking a Nobel Laureate from the famous fifth Solvay conference picture. “We have also written a complete guide about best Briggs and Riley luggage“.


  • They are all great! What makes Tumi luggage worth their price?
  • So, wheel through our list of the best Tumi luggage in 2019 to embark on the adventure that is life.
  • 1. Tumi Voyageur Calais Backpack
  • 2. Tumi Alpha 2 Lightweight Short Trip 4 Wheel Packing Case
  • 3. Tumi Alpha 2 Hanging Travel Kit, Black, One Size
  • 4. Tumi Alpha Bravo Andersen Slim Commuter Brief
  • 5. Tumi Vapor Lite Short Trip Packing Case
  • 6. Tumi Alpha Bravo Kirtland Continental EXP Carry-On
  • 7. Tumi Alpha Bravo Luke Roll-Top Backpack
  • 8. Tumi Luggage Alpha Small Soft Travel Satchel
  • 9. Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack
  • 10. Tumi Alpha 2 T-Pass and Reg Expandable Laptop Brief, Black

They are all great! What makes Tumi luggage worth their price?

1. Quality Quill: Tumi designs with the quill of quality. Any Tumi luggage is bound to see your kids through school and university. Tumi has loyal customers because their bags and spinners have celebrated 5-year and 10-year anniversaries looking as new as ever.

2. Classy & Modern Colors: Tumi is too steeped in fashion to consider traditional colors like black. Tumi luggage comes in anthracite, hickory or cayenne but never blue, black or red. And these colors are in seamless agreement with the current concept of high fashion.

3. Design Innovation: Tumi does not believe in conforming to the orthodox designs that ‘work’. They make the better best. The journey of Tumi to the top is marked by patents for many innovative architectural leaps that any other luggage-maker would have condemned as too brazen. “We have also written a complete guide about best of Samsonite luggage“.

1. Tumi Voyageur Calais Backpack

All hail the hottest backpack on the block! Tumi Voyageur Calais backpack not just sounds fancy, it is an eyeball grabber! Done up overall in elegant colors and classy zippers, this Tumi luggage is a boon for professional women. Remember those unmarked laptop backpacks that you get from work which scrape the bottom of the fashion barrel? Calais is going to blow all that competition out of the water.

Tumi Voyageur Calais Backpack is a Nylon luggage spanning 5.9×11.2×15.6 inches in 2.3 pounds with minor accents of leather. On the outside it has a 3-sided zip on the front and two more on the sides. You can slip your water bottle into one of these side zipped compartments. There’s also a slide-in pocket in the front for your smartphone. The main body has two compartments. Laptop compartment is plushly padded to hold up to 15 inch laptops. If you are hard-pressed, you might even be able to stow two laptops inside this bag. The other compartment has space to fold in a change of clothes. There’s an inner zip for your documents and an open pocket to put your phone. Shoulder straps of this Tumi luggage are padded for impact thinning on your back and shoulders. They sport a maximum hang of 13 inch from your shoulders. Cherry on the cake, there’s a Nylon sleeve on the back to load it on the top of your spinner luggage. The outer lining of this Tumi backpack can be easily wiped down with a wet cloth for cleaning. Even after eons of use, it’s going to hold up as good as new.

Tumi Voyageur Calais Backpack is the haute couture of luggage. This exquisite creation is available in a peppy cayenne color that’s will leave heads turned in your wake. This beauty literally ramp-walks its way into our best Tumi luggage list.

2. Tumi Alpha 2 Lightweight Short Trip 4 Wheel Packing Case

Beauty is never low-key in this racy world. But Tumi pulls off quiet grace with its Alpha 2 lightweight packing case. This charcoal black Tumi luggage is aptly designed for long weekends or short business trips. Its sturdy architecture inspires much confidence in its ability to keep up with your wandering ways. With its 4-wheels, Alpha 2 glides into our best Tumi luggage list, so to speak.

The 26.5×17.5×10 inch brawn of Tumi Alpha 2 4-wheel packing case can carry two people’s clothes for a weekend getaway. Two sides of this case are divided by a separator so you can sort he and she clothes or fresh and worn clothes. Tie-down straps can be used to pack the laundered clothes tight to avoid wrinkles. A hanger holder can accommodate your evening jackets and dress shirts. 4 other pockets inside and one pocket in the front let you organize all your trinkets according to use or accessibility. This Tumi luggage is made solid in face of the ordeal of airport luggage handling. All the corners are reinforced to prevent wearing down. There are bumper guards on two sides so that the ballistic Nylon surface of the case does not touch the ground. Four 360 degree revolving wheels and telescoping handle mold the ergonomic contours of Alpha 2. Life-saving as this bag is, you would not want to lose it. Thankfully Tumi has armed it with a Tumi tracer. Once you register your bag on its website, it becomes easy to locate it using this tracer. Tumi sure has put in enough features to justify the price of this product.

3. Tumi Alpha 2 Hanging Travel Kit, Black, One Size

If you are even remotely concerned about personal hygiene and appearance, you travel with a toiletry kit. If you want to do it with style and quality, Tumi Alpha 2 hanging travel kit is the solution. Done up in Tumi’s trademark ballistic Nylon at 8.1×11.8×4 inches, it is reliable and curbsall possible shampoo accident or lotion debacle.

Tumi Alpha 2 hanging travel kit constitutes one main compartment and two side zippered pockets. The main body is closed via a U-zip. Inside this top flap you have zipped wet pockets to keep your dewy toothbrush. There are mesh pouches as well to keep bulky tubes like toothpaste.The compartment has many small slots for scissors, tissues, razors etc. Apart from that a huge estate is free for you to fill. You can prop perfumes, conditioners, talcum powder bottles in this space. Side pockets can hold your after-shave ormakeup brushes. The top of closing flap has a hook to hang this Tumi luggage on the door peg. This way you can hang it on the bathroom door at your hotel and pick the essentials off it during your morning routine. There will be no need for the bag to make contact with the potential germ-infested counters. Also note that the front wall of this toiletry bag is built high so that the contents don’t spill out when it’s hanging on the hook. An anti-bacterial lining protects the guts of this Tumi bag.

Tumi is no novice to the luggage department. The Alpha 2 hanging toiletry is a natural branching out of its talents. It is a deserving candidate for our best Tumi luggage list.

4. Tumi Alpha Bravo Andersen Slim Commuter Brief

One look at the Tumi Alpha Bravo Commuter brief and you are going to start handing out your money to the Tumi guys. It is the Harvey Spectre flavor of professional. The ballistic Nylon profile is highlighted with leather and built in suave colors like navy, anthracite and hickory. The corporate honcho looks alone will beat the pants off any competition.

At 11×14.5×4 Tumi Alpha Bravo Andersen commuter brief is a compact luggage. But don’t let the size fool you because this baby holds a dedicated laptop compartment for your Mac Pro. You can easily slip a 13-inch laptop in here and fit in a 15-inch with some effort. It also has space for your charger, spare battery and the works. The other main compartment has a tablet-friendly pocket and multiple organizing divisions. A zip runs around the bottom and side of this Tumi luggage for size extension. So if you are packing heavy on a day, you can expand this luggage by a couple of inches rather than taking another bag. There are zippered pockets out front as well that can be reached easily during an emergency. Key leash, luggage tag and card slots are built into the arrangement. There are webbing bale handles on the top and a detachable adjustable strap in case you want to carry Alpha Bravo that way. This strap has a 23 inch shoulder hang. To round off its utility, this Tumi bag has a sleeve on the back to be loaded on the handle of a suitcase, relieving your hand when raging through airports.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Andersen commuter briefis also equipped with the Tumi tracer, which is all the more necessary as you may carry your IDs and credit cards in this bag. This luggage swaggers down right into the best Tumi luggage hall of fame, just as Harv would have done.

5. Tumi Vapor Lite Short Trip Packing Case

Tumi has made waves in the corporate traveling sector with its streamlined curves and ravishing colors. Tumi Vapor Lite packing case is the pinnacle of these two qualities. Measuring slightly over the carry-on dimensions allowed by airlines, this bag is sized for your 3-4 day short trips where you can’t worry about organizing this and arranging that. It sports plenty of room inside for you to use as you please. This Tumi luggage does not make your packing decisions for you. That kind of propriety lands it in the Best Tumi luggage list.

The Vapor Lite packing case from Tumi is craved out of Polycarbonate shell for a hardy build. It will roll through with you on many a journey and still come off looking young and fresh. Four swiveling wheels make a play out of wheeling this bad boy around. Specially designed telescoping handle has 3 resting positions for people of various heights. It has handles along both its length and breadth to pick it off the conveyor belt. A TSA-approved lock is used to shut this Tumi luggage tight with your princely possessions. Inside you will find three zipped pockets to store your baubles and a spacious shell with tie-down straps to hold your clothes steady. If you travel for pleasure and plan to bring souvenirs back, then the Vapor lite Tumi luggage will make place for those items unlike other sophisticated spinners with their pretentious pockets. Since Tumi outlasts your wanderlust most of the time, this spinner gives you a commitment for life.

6. Tumi Alpha Bravo Kirtland Continental EXP Carry-On

The Alpha line by Tumi garnered a lot of praises for its practical and poised design. It is completed by the Alpha Bravo Kirtland Continental carry-on. Boasting of the unorthodox hard-core traveler print and ballistic Nylon blueprint, this Tumi luggage is an amicable cabin partner. It is small enough to be allowed on-board with you and large enough for a whole bunch of clothes and toiletries.

Since Tumi Alpha 2 zippered carry-on attends you in the cabin, it has all the bells and whistles that your backpack or tote bag may have. It is adorned with efficient pockets for tickets and passports. There are two small zippered pockets in the front for all your crucial supplies. A bigger zipper below can hold your scarf or larger, flatter junk. Main compartment is accessed via zippers. It can be expanded to grow two inches more than its 9 inch depth. The interiors are covered in premium fabric. There are multiple modesty zippered pockets inside the lid for your toiletries and small garments. The packing area has tie-down straps to secure your ironed clothes. A Tumi tracer tag id built into this Tumi luggage to trace it over the web if the spinner goes missing. Alpha Bravo Kirtland is a four-wheel ride which eases your shoulders and arms. The retractable handle has 3 detent positions that make it universally useable for people of all heights. Its edges are emboldened with additional padding against damage from dragging. Grab handles on two sides allow you to pick it off a pile in every which way.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Kirtland Continental carry-on is a sweet reprieve from the otherwise polished line of Tumi. Its rugged colors make you feel like Indiana Jones. That’s the quality voyagers look for in the best Tumi luggage.

7. Tumi Alpha Bravo Luke Roll-Top Backpack

Tumi’s got style. The Tumi Alpha Bravo Luke Backpack will rest the case. This moderately sized luggage with a bevy of pockets and prime real estate is a real catch in its hickory color. However if you like to pretend to be Benjamin Franklin Gates, there’s a gray/camouflage version for you too. Zippered with maximum space to stuff your stuff, it paves itself an easy path to our best Tumi luggage list.

Shaped exactly like a traveler’s backpack, Tumi Alpha Bravo Luke is moderately sized at 6x14x19 inches. Even at this compact form it has a fully padded laptop compartment. Now that’s something you don’t get in traveler backpacks. The main zipper is a spacious compartment where you can pack your clothes, sneakers, toiletries etc.. Once you are done packing, you can roll down the remaining part and fasten it with a buckle out front. The front side has three zippered pockets. You have separate slots for smartphones, tablets, business cards and pens and even a key loop. There are waterproof pockets on either side. This Tumi luggage can make a smart daypack if you work at a laidback place or when you go sightseeing during the day time. It is a unisex roll-up backpack with a sleeve at the back for mounting it on the handle of a spinner. Slight leather highlights add to its charm. Backside has mesh webbing to keep the sweat off you back. Tumi Alpha Bravo Luke backpack is a jack of many trades if you are willing to give it a chance.

8. Tumi Luggage Alpha Small Soft Travel Satchel

Sometimes your traveling needs can be wrapped in a small travel satchel especially if you are not the organizing kind. Tumi Luggage Alpha Travel Satchel takes the sophistication out of packing and lets you wallow in your creativity at filling up an empty space. It has both handles and a shoulder strap so when you tire of carrying it on your shoulders, you can hold it by the handle.

Tumi Luggage Alpha travel satchel comes in a subdued black color which goes with your low-key luggage. Its ballistic nylon strength is going to hold up for a very long time. It has a main zipper with zippered pockets inside. At 9x18x12.6 dimensions, it can be filled up with all your clothes for a weekend trip. It has an interior zip pocket with RFID protection for your credit cards and passport. A key, leash to hang your keys eliminates the need to rummage inside this Tumi luggage. Exterior has a zippered pocket for band-aids, tissues, tickets etc. The handle on this bag has 8.5-inch drop. Apart from that there’s a detachable shoulder strap with a hang of 19 inches from the shoulder. The bottom part has bumper guards to keep the satchel from catching dirt from the ground or counters.Leather accents make the straps and zippers give out the signature Tumi aura. As usual it is equipped with an add-a-bag sleeve on the back to add it to the top of a spinner’s handle. Tumi Luggage Alpha satchel also features the Tumi tracer in case you lose it in transit and want to locate it. Register online with the registration number on the bag and you are electronically leashed to it.

Tumi Luggage Alpha travel satchel makes you feel relaxed with its effortless design. We appreciate the calming curvesof this bag enough to put it on our best Tumi luggage list.

9. Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox Backpack

Continuing its trend in ballistic Nylon is the Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox backpack which is designed for your everyday work luggage. From toned down anthracite to the Navy blue, which is in vogue, to the bright blue geo print, this Tumi luggage has the color combinations for everyone. At 18x16x8 inches, this bag is a sweet size for professionals and college students. Its utility lands it right in our best Tumi luggage list.

The ballistic Nylon weave of Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox backpack is familiar amongst Tumi luggage. It has two zippers in the front and two main compartments. The back laptop compartment is fully cushioned and has an integrated pocket for your tablet. It can easily encase your 15.6-inch Mac in safety.In the other compartment you can place your books, folders etc.. There are zippers on the side to hold your knick knacks like keys, phone et al. There’s a discrete pocket on the back with magnetic lock to slip in something you want to keep safe. The trick that this Tumi luggage has excelled in is effective usage of space. Usually you would struggle to shove your stuff in such a small backpack but with Alpha Bravo its snap-and-pack. Tumi ornaments this bag as well with a back sleeve for top-loading on to your carry-on. D-rings on the backpack straps can be used to hang your sunglasses. A 12 inch shoulder drop lets you hold the backpack like a prim gentleman or drop it in the blasé manner of a jock. Tumi Alpha Bravo Knox backpack is a great unisex option for the corporates or would-be corporates.

10. Tumi Alpha 2 T-Pass and Reg Expandable Laptop Brief, Black

Nothing says professional like the Tumi Alpha 2 T-Pass expandable laptop brief. Even James Bond would be at a loss for words with the gongs on this bag. It is straight out of spy movies with its split-open architecture for quick scanning at TSA checkpoints during domestic flights and even some international travel. Expandable features adds to it juggernaut volume to capture your stuff.

Engineered specially for business travel, the Tumi Alpha 2 T-pass expandable laptop brief has all the features of a high-end backpack. Out of the two main compartments, the laptop zip opens on all three sides to be split open at the TSA security checkpoint. This way you won’t have to lug the laptop out and risk dropping it. But do note that this is an accepted custom if you fly domestically in the US. Many international airports still require you to take the laptop out of the bag. The other compartment is a typical holder for folders and documents. This Tumi luggage sports a Tumi ID lock zip pocket which is an RFID blocking pocket to protect your credit card and passport information. A removable accessory pouch is also provided.There are a number of zippers outside. Expandability is handled by a zipper which adds inches to its depth. Add-a-bag sleeve is a standard part of this briefcase. The shoulder strap is a patented design to keep your shoulders from straining too much. It can hang 17.75 inches from your shoulder. This Tumi briefcase also has handles to hold it in your hand.

Tumi Alpha 2 T-Pass expandable laptop brief is so meticulously structured that it will be hard to improve it in any way. Short of just a kitchen sink, this bag owns a spot on our best Tumi luggage list.

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