Nine West Super Sign 24 Inch Upright Review

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Pros: The Nine West Super Sign is a great bag for a traveler who value great looks for travel. It is a roomy bag that has a sleek look, but does not sacrifice the function of the bag to its form. The spinner wheels, pockets and handles make this an ideal selection for a mid-sized bag. Signature woven jacquard shell fabric. 4 wheel spinner system for easy rolling. Telescoping trolley handles are recessed and feature push-button locking mechanism. Fully lined interiors with built in shoe pockets, a removable cinch shoe bag, mesh pocket, adjustable valet straps, and a zip-away tote.

A History of Style
The Nine West company began in 1978 and was named for its location on 9 West 57th Street in New York City. It was initially a shoe company that offered fashionable footwear at a retail store location in Connecticut. The Nine West brand was one that represented sophistication and city styling. Their products were well received and sought after, and as a result the company grew and began to expand.

Nine West opened their first international location in Hong Kong in 1994, and soon expanded their offerings and product lines. The company ventured into jewelry, apparel and eventually luggage. Their luggage line was made with the same fashion forward styling that made Nine West so popular. The Nine West Super Sign Upright bags were made for chic travel for vacation or business.

Nine West Super Sign Upright – A Bag for the Fashion Conscious

The Nine West Super Sign Upright is a bag in the fashionable tradition of the Nine West brand. The sleek bag is more than just a suitcase for clothes and personal items. The Super Sign suitcase is a polished accessory that conveys the fashion sense of the traveler. It’s big enough to contain several changes of clothes. But also designed well enough to include and organize any equipment that the traveler may need.

The patterned fabric that covers the exterior of the Super Sign upright is a cotton and polyester blend. The sharp looking bag is large enough to suit a traveler on a weeklong trip or on a shorter jaunt with more equipment. The exterior pocket would permit you to arrange your personal items for easy access and storage.

Styled to Work

After confirming that the bag has enough room to hold the necessary items, it’s important that the bag can hold up under the rigors of travel. The Nine West Super Sign upright is a suitcase that is both beautiful and beautifully designed. It is available in both black and brown with matching accents. The Super Sign has one exterior pocket and one zippered compartment on its interior.

The suitcase is 24 inches wide and 16 inches high which means it is too large for use as a carry on. But this Nine West bag fits easily with the size limitations of most US airlines as a checked bag. The bag also features an expandable section. This opens the already roomy interior out an additional 2 inches. The additional space gives travelers a peace of mind should they have more on the return trip than they had upon departure.

From High Heels to Spinning Wheels

The Nine West brand represents a modern look that can cross lines from the workplace into the city night. This fashionable approach has informed their luggage line as well. The Super Sign upright is a bag that features ‘spinner’ wheels. These wheels, mounted on the bottom of the suitcase, enable the traveler to push or pull the bag in any direction. The wheels rotate 360 degrees, making the bag easy to maneuver and allowing the traveler to easily adjust from the car to the ticketing line.

This Nine West bag also has a telescoping handle which extends from the bag and ends in a molded plastic grip. This collapsible handle features the push button locking mechanism to secure the handle in place. The suitcase includes padded handles on the top and side of the bag for additional support when transitioning the bag from the baggage claim carousel or trunk.

Nine West Super Sign Upright – The Bag for the Fashionista

The Nine West Super Sign upright bag is a great bag for a traveler who is as conscious of their look as their destination. It is a roomy bag that has a sleek look, but does not sacrifice the function of the bag to its form. The spinner wheels, pockets and handles make this an ideal selection for a mid-sized bag.

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