Nine West Addison Expandable Spinner

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Pros: It uses durable Chief Cotton Jacquard Fabric. Telescoping trolley handles are recessed and feature a push-button locking mechanism with 4 Wheel spinner system for easy 360 degree rolling. Zippered expansion for added packing capacity and large front zippered storage pocket. Fully lined interiors with large zipper lid pocket and valet straps to keep your clothes in place while traveling.
Cons: Can be a bit pricey.

A Tradition of Style from a Modern Manufacturer

A shoe retailer formed a company in 1978. The company took the name Nine West, based upon their location of 9 West 57th Street in New York City. The company got their start producing stylish footwear for their retail store in Connecticut. As the company grew, they became a brand with a reputation for sleek city style and modern designs. Their initial shoe offerings were well liked by consumers and the brand went on to be highly regarded. Due to this attention and growth, Nine West opened their first international retail venue, Hong Kong, in 1994. “We have also written a complete guide about best swissgear spinner suitcases“.

Nine West experienced continued success in the shoe market and eventually expanded into other product lines. The brand ventured into jewelry, apparel and luggage. Their suitcases and bags were constructed with the same sort of style and sophistication that brought Nine West so much attention. The luggage was designed for the chic traveler either on vacation or on business.

Nine West Addison Expandable Spinner for the Stylish Professional

The Nine West brand represents slick city fashion and modern style. They bring these elements into every product they design and release. No less so with their luggage. The Nine West Addison is an upright bag that represents everything the Nine West brand stands for. The stylish appearance and the quality construction make this a great bag for the professional that has an affinity for style. “We have also written a complete guide about best Briggs and Riley luggage“.

The Nine West Addison Expandable Spinner is a bag that could serve as a carry on for most U.S. domestic flights. It is sized correctly, but in addition it presents itself as a great accessory. Not only is the bag designed to carry several changes of clothes and whichever personal items you may need, it is also is a trendy suitcase sure to catch the eye. The bag features the “Nine West clover” pattern and is available in either the grey or pewter or tan and beige. In either color, the bag features a piping and accents that are in a complementary color.

Eye for Style and Quality

The Nine West Addison has to do more than look good. In addition to having making a statement in fashion sense, the bag must also be able to hold your items and accessories and withstand the rigors of the baggage claim environment. The Addison is more than up to the task. The fabric is a polyester cotton blend that feels smooth to the touch. In addition, the molded plastic guards on each corner that house the wheels are of a sturdy construction. The piping and padded handles lend to the feeling of overall quality construction in the Addison.

The Addison is perfectly sized for a carry on on most US domestic airlines. The bag is 20 inches tall and 14 inches wide. It features an expandable portion to allow you to include the last few items that you must have on your trip. In addition, the bag features two exterior pockets and one interior zippered compartment. These reduce the stress of travel and allow the traveler to easily organize and compartmentalize their personal items. Pockets and compartments for keeping liquids separated and also allowing quick access to important items. These included benefits maintain the modern look of the bag and it has stylish exterior.

Rolling in Style

The Nine West Addison Expandable Spinner has the “spinner” style wheel on each corner of the bag. In its designed upright position, the bag is perfectly balanced across the wheels. The spinner wheels are designed to rotate in any direction easily and smoothly. As a result, slight pressure on the bag will set it into a rolling motion over asphalt, carpet or tile. This is a great asset in a carry-on bag. Because the bag must travel alongside the traveler from the curbside entry to the jet way, easy maneuverability is a must.

To aid in that goal, the Addison also features a telescoping handle with a push button locking mechanism. This handle can pull out from the top of the bag and facilitate pushing and pulling the bag with the traveler.

A Great Bag and Perfect Accessory – Nine West Addison Expandable Spinner

The Nine West Addison is a great carry on for the professional traveler. It has more than enough room and a great feature set. In addition, the design and styling of the bag make Nine West Addison Expandable Spinner a nice accessory for the fashion conscious traveler.

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