Nautica Rhumb Line Luggage Set Review

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Pros: The four piece Nautica luggage set is well-designed. A very durable construction luggage set for the family that travels. Whether individually or all together, these bags can accommodate the clothes and related items that will make your family easy to organize all things that will go into the luggage.
Cons: The wheels are the only problem with this luggage set.

A well-chosen set of luggage can be both a utilitarian choice and a fashion statement. The right set of bags can represent your personal fashion sense, but also must meet your travel needs. The grouping of suitcases must have large enough bags for big trips, but also the option for a few smaller bags for a quick jaunt. There is a great value in a group of bags that does both, and does both well.

The Nautica Rhumb Line luggage set are four bags that have a sharp look, but also can hold whatever you may need for your coming journey. Typical for a Nautica brand bag, they have the modern but sleek styling that you expect will also adding a distinctive flair. The three upright wheeled bags and the smaller tote give you and your family a wide array of combinations to be sure to satisfy your suitcase needs. Be it a smaller bag for just a couple of family members to use, or the full selection of bags to encompass the whole family.

Nautica Rhumb Line Luggage Set – Modern Bags for the Modern Family

Matching luggage provides a unified look when you are traveling with your family. A bag for everyone and they are all clearly connected. This provides a point of pride when the suitcases are assembled, but also makes collection from the baggage claim area a little easier. When all the bags have a certain look, you can quickly identify the right items to pick up. The Nautica Rhumb Line four piece luggage set is a great example of a sleek, fashionable group of bags that can hold all of you and your families’ items.

The three larger bags each have two exterior pockets to simplify the organization of your accessories and personal items. They also include a mesh zippered section on the interior of these bags. The upright bags of the Nautica Rhumb Line Luggage Set have an open interior with rigid sides to ensure that you and your family can pack the right wardrobe for your trip. And the varying sizes of the bags permit different combinations but also ensure that the bags can meet the size restrictions of whatever airline with which you may be traveling.

Nautica Design Meets the Fashionable Family

The Rhumb line luggage set holds up the Nautica design standard nicely. The bags are available in either black with yellow trim and accents, or blue with orange trim and accents. They are distinctly modern bags, but with quality assembly and components. The polyester fabric is nice to the touch, and the padded handles make it easy to grip the larger bags from their position. Each of the zippered sections has the same durable, self-repairing zippers and is easy to open and close.

The three upright bags of the Nautica Rhumb Line Luggage Set come in descending sizes. The largest is 28 inches tall, the midsize bag is 24 inches tall and the smallest bag is 20 inches tall. These bags, plus the carry on tote, can be ‘nested’ for convenient storage and easy access when they are needed. These bags will be quickly found in a crowd, but also will have your image conscious teenager proud to walk alongside it.

Wheeled Bags for the Family on the Go

It has become the standard to expect the upright bags in any class to include wheels. The wheeled bag is a necessity in airports where there is an increasing long distance from the parking lot to the counter. The Nautica Rhumb Line excel in this aspect. Because they feature the fully rotating “spinner” wheels on each of the wheeled bags, a family can quickly and easily pull the bags along with them from the curb to the check in desk.

In addition to the 360 degree wheels, the bags also feature the standard collapsible handles and the push button locking feature. Because some families sometimes need more room than others, each of the big bags has an expandable compartment on them it. This section opens out to allow 2 additional inches of packing space. Not only can the bags hold all the things you need to bring with you, they also can easily glide with you from place to place.

Nautica Rhumb Line Luggage Set for the Traveling Family

The Nautica Rhumb Line Luggage Set is a well-designed, durably construction luggage set for the family that travels. Whether individually or all together, these bags can accommodate the clothes and related items that will make your family comfortable wherever they are.

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