Best Memory Foam Pillows Reviews

Recommendation No. 1
WEEKENDER Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow - Washable Cover - Standard Size
  • Soft, yet supportive CertiPUR US certified memory foam provides superior pressure relief and comfort
  • Infused with temperature regulating gel for more comfortable sleep conditions
  • Ventilated design maximizes air circulation
  • Removable cover is machine washable; Standard size, mid loft pillow measures 16 inches by 25 inches with a 5 inch loft
  • Firmer than traditional down or down alternative; 3 year warranty
Recommendation No. 2
Milemont Memory Foam Pillow, Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain, Orthopedic Contour Pillow Support for Back, Stomach, Side Sleepers, Pillow for Sleeping, CertiPUR-US, Standard Size
  • 【Ergonomic Design】 The contour pillow helps align the spine and relieve pain in your head, neck and shoulders, whilst retaining shape after regular use, making this an excellent pillow for improving sleep and relieving neck and shoulder pain.
  • 【Premium Memory Foam】 This pillow uses CertiPUR-US certified premium memory foam at its core which adjusts to the pressure that your head and neck place on it when asleep.
  • 【Support and Comfortable】 The foam has been calibrated to provide the right balance of support and comfort to meet the needs of the person who is using it.
  • 【Standard Size】 The size is perfect and is the standard pillow size compared with other pillows which give you an exceptional experience with great value for money.
  • 【A Great Gift】 Perfect packaging, give the gift of the pillow to people you care about. The unpacked fresh new odor will dissipate within 2 hours from when the foam is unpacked and aired out.
Recommendation No. 3
2 Pack Shredded Memory Foam Bed Pillows for Sleeping - Bamboo Cooling Hypoallergenic Sleep Pillow for Back and Side Sleeper - Queen Size
  • SHREDDED MEMORY FOAM PILLOWS: Plixio designed the best pillows for sleeping. Our bamboo memory foam pillows use a shredded foam that has been infused with a cooling gel. This technology was designed to keep you cool all night. Great support for neck and back pain.
  • WASHABLE HYPOALLERGENIC BAMBOO PILLOW CASES: Our ultra-plush, hypoallergenic bamboo pillow cases are a great alternative for those sensitive to down or latex pillows. These pillow covers are breathable and washable. Each memory foam pillow is made from 60% polyester and 40% viscous made from bamboo.
  • CAN HELP ALLEVIATE COMMON SLEEPING AILMENTS: Our queen bed pillows can help provide relief from several sleeping issues including snoring, insomnia, and migraines. These are great for neck and shoulder pain.
  • GREAT FOR ALL SLEEPING STYLES: These shredded foam pillows have a high loft and are great for side sleepers, back sleepers and even some stomach sleepers. The pliable memory foam will conform to the shape of your head and neck, which will keep the spinal column and back properly aligned.
  • COOLING QUEEN SIZE PILLOWS: These cooling shredded memory foam sleep pillows will never go flat. Memory foam is great for those who prefer soft or extra firm pillows. Each pillow measures 28 x 18 x 7.5 inches and comes with a full ten-year warranty.

We all know advancements have been made in technology – what with computers, smartphones, and more, but did you know when it comes to the humble bed pillow, you can now purchase a memory foam pillow and similar products? It’s clear to see advancements are being made even in bedding. Just think of where it started – with a bag filled with straw.

However, the need for memory foam pillows is potentially more significant than it would have been 100 years ago. Instead of being in active jobs where we’re using all our muscles and keeping them healthy, we’re confined to office cubicles where our bodies aren’t stretched or used.

Instead, muscles just start to knot, and sleeping can become difficult. We aren’t falling into a deep slumber from a lack of physical exhaustion. Therefore, we need memory foam pillows that can cradle our necks and heads and allow us to slowly doze off to sleep in complete comfort.

Many people still, however, aren’t quite sure why they need a memory foam pillow. Once you’ve got one, you’ll never be without. It’s a pillow made from memory foam which molds to your neck and head.

It cradles your neck while you sleep, relieving pain and discomfort for a more restful night’s sleep. Such is the popularity of them that you can now find hundreds for sale online. We’ve included nine of the best below.

1. Classic Brands Cool Gel and Memory Foam Pillow

This memory foam pillow with cooling gel from Classic Brands is unlike many other memory foam pillows for sale. Not only does it cater for those with back, neck and spinal pain, but it offers the comfort and convenience of cool gel that enables you to get through warmer months without perspiring or waking up too hot. One side is plain memory foam, while the other features the cold gel.

The memory side works as per usual – by cradling your neck and shoulders for better spinal alignment, while the reverse side regulates your temperature. It also works by promoting airflow and sending heat away from your head for a more comfortable sleep.

This memory foam pillow is also medium-cushioned. It’s not too hard, and not too soft, meaning it’s suitable for all kinds of people – it’s also particularly suitable for those who prefer to lay on their side or stomach, rather than their back.

Lastly, this memory foam pillow offers ultimate user convenience, by being hypoallergenic with a removable and machine-washable mesh knit cover. Customer satisfaction is almost guaranteed

2. Nakital Contour Memory Foam Pillow with Cervical Neck Support

You will notice that with traditional polyester-filled pillows, you wake up sweaty and uncomfortable – but that doesn’t happen with this Nakital memory foam pillow.

With its ventilated design and use of memory foam and polyester/cotton cover, it more than satisfies your breathability requirements.

Not everything that’s good for you is comfortable either, but this memory foam pillow ticks all the boxes here too. It provides premium levels of support for your spinal alignment, neck, and back, all the while being comfortable enough to enjoy during a light nap or a full night’s sleep.

For those who are prone to allergies, its hypoallergenic properties will also appeal. It’s resistant to dust mites and doesn’t attract bugs, mold, or dust, either. It’s entirely eco-friendly.

What’s more, you can benefit from it being not too soft and not too hard, and in fact, being “just right.” When a restful sleep is what the doctor ordered, be prepared to be surprised.

This memory foam pillow from Nakital is a cost-effective option that solves your sleepless nights, pain, and discomfort.

3. Sable Machine Washable Memory Foam Pillow

This extremely comfortable and machine-washable memory foam pillow will delight all who buy it. An enormous advantage it has over other similar memory foam pillows is the one-fifth more filling it offers.

While this might not seem like an overly ambitious feature, just one-fifth extra can provide so many more custom sleeping options for people who prefer their pillow to be on the harder side.

If you prefer your pillows softer, you can then just remove some of the shredded memory foam for a very comfortable night’s sleep. While the pillow itself is made from premium memory foam, the cover is made from rayon which comes from bamboo, as well as polyester. As a result, it’s easy to put in the washing machine.

What’s more, the pillow itself can even be cleaned in the washing machine. No hand washing required! Even with repeated washing over its lifetime, the integrity of the zip won’t falter, nor will the memory foam. You can enjoy the same pain-free sleep you had on the first night you used a Sable memory foam pillow.

4. Snuggle Pedic Memory Foam Pillow

If you’re a side or stomach sleeper, or you’re pregnant and need additional comfort, this SnugglePedic memory foam is worth putting into your shopping cart.

While it’s not your traditional-looking pillow, it does fit the bill as a reliable, cost-effective and most importantly beneficial pillow that provides you with a restful night’s sleep.

It never goes flat, is breathable, is made in the United States, and is fully machine-washable. If that’s not enough to sway you, the 20-year warranty and orthopedic support will be.

You can spread it out wide, or gather it up for more volume, and it’s perfect for those who prefer to sleep on their side or stomach. Best of all, it’s resistant to dust mites and is even hypoallergenic.

Because this memory foam pillow features shredded foam, you choose the level of density you prefer. If you want a softer pillow, it can cater for you.

If you need a harder pillow, it can be that as well. You don’t need to purchase different pillows for you and your significant other because this memory foam pillow caters for all.

5. Cushy Form Half Moon Memory Foam Semi-Roll Pillow

This organic cotton memory foam pillow is more than just a provider of a good night’s sleep. It’s also the perfect addition to your household for post-surgery recovery, improving circulation, and even for reducing varicose veins.

Its unique shape enables you to put it anywhere that requires elevation, and it works by aligning your spine while you sleep. Position it between your knees for the alleviation of back, legs, knees, hip or ankle pain, or benefit from its level of comfort during the later stages of pregnancy, as well. This pillow is so beneficial that it’s trusted and recommended by a range of healthcare professionals.

It’s made from hypoallergenic elastic memory foam, has a padded and easy-to-wash cover for your convenience, and it cradles any part of your body that needs some relief or alignment.

It’s a great provider of lumbar support and is contoured to stop it moving while you sleep, so you feel the full effects. Well priced, well made and highly recommended, it’s a memory foam pillow that’s well worth your consideration.

6. Sleep Whale Luxury Design Memory Foam Pillow

Many people opt for standard pillows over memory foam pillows because traditionally, they were cheaper. To save a few dollars, people preferred to deal with the lumpy polyester stuffing and associated neck and back pain.

However, this Sleep Whale memory foam pillow ticks both boxes for comfort and cost. It’s on-par with traditional pillows with its low price tag, but well and truly trumps when it comes to the comfort factor.

It’s made with shredded memory foam, while the cover is made from bamboo and polyester. This combination allows for the pillow to remain fresh and breathable, so you don’t wake up hot and uncomfortable.

Unlike a traditional pillow, you can also adjust the stuffing level to suit your needs. Just remove or add more memory foam to sleep all night comfortably long.

It molds to the shape of your neck and relieves neck pain and back pain with ease. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper – the benefits will be substantial.

For those with allergies, this memory foam pillow ticks all the boxes here, as well. It’s dust mite resistant, as well as being hypoallergenic. There will be no more coughing, sneezing or respiratory problems as a result of a dirty, dusty, or moldy pillow.

If you want to clean your pillow, just remove the cover and throw both the pillow and cover in the washing machine. It’s that easy!

7. Snuggle Pedic Luxury Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Hypoallergenic Pillow Cover

There is more to this memory foam pillow than meets the eye, and it takes experiencing its level of comfort to truly appreciate all it offers. Made of shredded memory foam, it’s designed never to go flat, no matter how often you use it.

It also features lycra, a breathable cover, viscose of bamboo and polyester – all materials that work to keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

You can adjust the thickness of the pillow through the side zip, and it orthopedically supports your back, neck, side, and stomach for all kinds of sleepers. You don’t have to strictly sleep on your back to reap the full rewards.

For those who have allergies, this pillow will be beneficial for you, as well. It’s hypoallergenic and is also dust mite resistant. With no harmful chemicals or metals either, it’s a BioGreen and CertiPUR-US certified pillow that will give you many nights of perfect slumber.

A point of difference with this memory foam pillow is that it even comes with a 20-year warranty. That’s two decades of peace of mind knowing that if your pillow doesn’t suit your requirements, you can send it back for a refund.

8. WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Loft Memory Foam Pillow

If you’re tired of sleep evading you, it might be time to invest in a WonderSleep memory foam pillow. As the name suggests, you’ll be in for a night of wonderful sleep.

You can add and remove the amount of memory foam in it to suit your needs, and it’s also breathable to ensure both you and the pillow remain cool throughout the night.

Both the pillow and polyester/rayon blend cover are machine-washable for convenience, and you can even benefit from a 1-year warranty for your peace of mind.

For a competitive purchase price, you get two pillows – either both for you or one for your significant other. It’s a package deal that’s too good to pass up.

This premium quality pillow will more than satisfy your needs. It’s made of premium shredded memory foam, it’s hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, and it’s perfect for alleviating that annoying neck and shoulder pain.

The best part is, this pillow can enable you to get a peaceful night’s sleep – something that not all people can get. Customize it to suit your requirements – soft or firm – and revel in the knowledge that you’ll go to bed and get that much-needed eight hours of shut-eye.

9. Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Memory Foam Pillow

Everyone deserves a comfortable night sleep, but sometimes that can be hard to achieve without a memory foam pillow. However, this Coop Home Goods memory foam pillow will more than satisfy your requirements.

This pillow, made right here in the USA, is made from visco-elastic memory foam with a polyester and rayon cover and is designed to align your spine and neck more efficiently than a standard pillow.

Unlike most memory foam pillows that may not be suitable for every user, this Coop Home Goods pillow can be “custom-made” to suit. You can add and remove the memory foam to suit your needs, all the while being beneficial for a good night’s sleep.

For the environment-conscious sleepers, there’s more to this pillow than meets the eye. It’s made of CertiPUR-US-certified foam and doesn’t feature any heavy metals or chemicals that could be hazardous to your health.

It’s even hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites for even better peace of mind. Machine-washable and arriving with a 5-year warranty, there’s every reason to believe this could be the best memory foam pillow for your needs.

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