Best Magnetic Phone Holders for Cars

Recommendation No. 1
SCOSCHE MAGDMB MagicMount Universal Magnetic Mount Holder for Mobile Devices In Frustration Free Packaging, Black
  • PHONE MOUNT FOR VERSATILE USE: Safely and quickly secure a mobile device to any flat surface in the car, home or office
  • MAGNETIC MOUNT: This phone mount comes with powerful Rare-Earth neodymium magnets that provide a secure grip to your devices
  • OPTIMAL VIEWING: With 4-Axis, 360 Degree adjustable head and enhanced soft touch rubber lock-nut, this dash mount allows viewing from any angle
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: Integrated cable clip secures the charging cable to the SCOSCHE MagicMount and the cradle-free design permits safe, easy one-handed use and access to all controls and ports
  • INCLUDED IN PACKAGE: (1) Phone Mount, (2) MagicPlates, (1) Protective film, (1) Alcohol cleaning wipe and (1) User manual; Comes with 3 year warranty
Recommendation No. 2
Maxboost Car Mount, [2 Pack] Universal Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mounts Holder for iPhone 11 Pro Xs Max XR X 8 7 Plus 6, Galaxy S20 Ultra S10 S10e 5G S9,LG,Note 10 /Mini Tablet(Compatible Most Case)
  • MAGNETIC MOUNT - Simple design slips right into the air vent and magnetically attaches your cell phone with the pre-installed metal plate on the back, or the any protective case. The universal magnetic car mount feature 4 powerful magnets built into the mount head ensure your phone stay securely when you are driving. (Thicker phone cases may interfere with magnetic adhesion)
  • OPTIMAL USAGE - For direct mounting of metal plates to phone, use the included protection film provided BEFORE placing the metal plate. Then, place the metal plate over the film to prevent any damage to the device by the adhesive tape.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: The reinforced dual-sized claw allow a perfect fit with almost any air vent. The rubberized exterior increase grip and keep your car’s air vent scratch-free. Easy to remove, the iPhone car mount can easily be stored in a glove box during times of non-use.
  • NO HASSLE MOUNT: Magnetic design means, no cradles, brackets, clamps or gel and sticky residue. Eliminates the unsightly features of most car mounts. (NOTE: Metal plates will interfere with wireless charging capabilities. Remove the metal page before using a wireless charge) Compatible with all smartphones, iPhone, Galaxy, HTC, Xperia, Nokia, LG, Nexus, Pixel.
  • Versatile Viewing: Highly-flexible rotation provides infinite viewing angles. Position your phone at the perfect angle to enjoy a more relaxed and safer drive. Maxboost car mount comes with 12-months warranty.
Recommendation No. 3
[ 2 Pack ] Magnetic Phone Mount, [ Super Strong Magnet ] [ with 4 Metal Plate ] car Magnetic Phone Holder, [ 360° Rotation ] Universal Dashboard car Mount Fits iPhone Samsung etc Most Smartphones
  • [STRONG MAGNETIC] This powerful magnetic phone holder can create a powerful attraction that firmly supports your device while allowing you to drive without distraction.
  • [SUPER STICK FORCE] VHB adhesive provides strong stick force between the dashboard and the car phone holder, which can firmly stick to any plane in the car, fix your device, adapt to a variety of road conditions such as sudden braking, speed bump, and rugged mountain road.
  • [SAFE DRIVING VIEW] Mini-size, not taking up space, it is placed in the dashboard without blocking the view at all, and does not need to look down at the device to ensure your safe driving.
  • [360° FREE ROTATION] With an adjustable swivel ball joint, you can rotate your smartphone or device at your own will, providing the best viewing angle. Quickly pick and place with one hand, free your hands and make calls and GPS navigation more convenient
  • [WIDE COMPATIBILITY] Coolpow magnetic car mount is compatible with all cellphones, such as iPhone 12/se 2020/11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XS/XR/XS Max/X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6s/6/6 Plus/5/SE, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 / Note 10+ / S20 / S20+ /S20 Ultra/S10 / S10+ / S10e / S9 / S9+ / S8 / S8+ / Note 8 S7 / S7 Edge / S6 S6 Edge / S5 / S4, HTC, Sony, LG, Huawei, Google pixel, Sony, Nokia and other cellphones and other GPS device. NOTE: Not available for iPads and other tablets.

A magnetic phone holder for a car is a relatively new product to the market, which has been made all the more popular since cell phones became our personal computers we couldn’t be without. Previously, we were all too happy to leave our mobile devices in our glovebox or handbag to use upon arrival to our destination, but we now need them for navigation, to find the nearest restaurant, and to shuffle through music connected to our vehicle’s speaker system.

Cell phones are now more than just devices for taking and making calls. They run our lives, and a magnetic phone holder for cars is becoming more and more necessary to do so. In fact, it’s crucial for safety, as well. Instead of fumbling around with a cell phone in your hand while you try to steer, drive shift, and look out for hazards, a magnetic phone holder for cars can take control, instead. Just purchase one that’s compatible with your mobile or tablet device, put it on your dash or wherever it fits the best, and attach your phone. You now have a safer way to travel with your phone.

If you’re in the market for a new magnetic phone holder for cars, consider one of these nine top-rated options below. It could just make all the difference to your driving experience.

9. Smart & Easy Magnetic Phone Holder with 360-Degree Rotation

Available in black, gold, red and silver, silver and rainbow, this magnetic phone holder for cars is both attractive and functional for the avid cell phone user. Not only can you choose a color that best suits your device and your car, but you can also benefit from how easy it is to adhere to your device while you’re driving.

All you need to do is stick the metal disk onto the back of your phone – either on the phone or the case it’s in – and attach it to the magnetic phone holder for cars. This mount can then sit on any flat surface – whether it be your dash or your center console. While it’s designed for use in your car, it can also be used anywhere you need it. Attach it to your desk at work, or why not have it in the kitchen at home so you can read recipes as you cook? The options are endless.

What sets this magnetic phone holder for cars apart from other similar devices is the viewing angle. When you’re driving and need to pay careful attention to GPS directions, this device makes it exceptionally easy. It offers 720 degrees of viewing, which means you can adjust it to suit with just a tap of your finger. There is also no need to worry about your phone or tablet being damaged or dropped, as this magnetic phone holder for cars is robust, secure, and is made from high-quality materials to last the distance.

Suitable for all types of cell phones and tablet devices, it’s easy to see it’s one of the best magnetic phone holders for cars available.

8. Humixx Magnetic Phone Holder, 360-Degree Dashboard

If you want your magnetic phone holder for your car to be functional yet beautiful at the same time, this one from Humixx could just tick all the boxes. Available in leather black, standard black, rose gold, and standard gold, there are plenty colors to choose from to suit your style and tastes.

However, it’s more than just style that makes this magnetic phone holder for cars something special. It’s how useful it is for making driving with a mobile device safe. It offers 360-degrees of rotation, so you’re able to see the screen at all times, and it’s kept in the same line of view, so you don’t have to turn your head.

Unlike some magnetic phone holders for cars that don’t hold your device securely, this one does and does it well. Even on the bumpiest terrain, it gives your phone a smooth ride, and this comes in helpful when you’re trying to navigate GPS or shuffle music. This phone holder can do so due to the neodymium magnets, of which there are four, inside the mount. They are safe for your phone, and will not damage or mark it in any way.

The mount itself can be secured to your dash with the adhesive pad, and while it’s durable and robust, cold temperatures can affect the adhesion. If this is the case, Humixx will send you 3M glue to provide extra adhesion for free!

Whatever your device – an Android or iPhone, a tablet or iPad, you will find that this Humixx magnetic phone holder for cars will more than suit your requirements.

7. Scosche MAGDMB Magnetic Phone Holder for Car

Sometimes you just want a magnetic phone holder for cars that’s robust, hardy, and doesn’t have all the “fancy frills.” That’s precisely what you get with this phone holder from Scosche. Whether you’re a businessman or you just need a reliable phone holder to keep your device secure, this is the tool for the job.

It’s a universal mount that’s suitable for both cellphones and GPS navigational devices, and it’s compatible with all models due to its cradle-less design. This comes in helpful when you want to swap between using your cell phone and using your GPS. The best part is, it doesn’t matter whether your device is in a case or just on its own. It will adhere to the magnetic phone holder for cars with ease.

All you have to do is put the magnetic plate behind your phone case, or underneath your battery cover. Rest assured – it’s harmless to your phone. The mount is then secured to wherever you need it to be, such as your desk or your dashboard, and a 3M adhesive pad keeps it there for as long as you need.

Aside from being rugged and robust to last the distance, this magnetic phone holder for cars is also very convenient when it comes to viewing. Merely push the holder with your finger, and it will move to the desired angle. It’s that easy! This affordable magnetic phone holder for cars is a popular addition to the family vehicle, and it’s easy to see why.

6. Mpow Car Phone Holder with Strong Grip Magnetic

The number one requirement any cell phone owner has when it comes to owning a magnetic phone holder for cars is that it has to be strong. It must be able to handle unpaved roads, plenty of bumps, and even emergency stops. There could be nothing more dangerous than having a phone fly off the windscreen because the magnetic phone holder for cars wasn’t strong enough to last the distance.

That’s why this Mpow phone holder is so popular – because it has been tested and retested to ensure it meets the needs of all consumers. This magnetic phone holder for cars has been through six different tests to ensure it stands up to the pressure. It’s durable in high or low temperatures, can handle vibrations and pulling, and it won’t drop from the four strong magnets, either. It’s a force to be reckoned with.

Aside from being easy to mount to your windscreen with a suction pad, it also rotates 360 degrees for easy viewing, while being fitted with a gooseneck cord you can bend and curve to suit your viewing needs.

Each component has been made out of high-quality materials, and even your phone’s safety has been put to the fore, with the magnetic head being made of rubber, so it doesn’t leave any scratches or marks.

Everything has been thought of with this powerful magnetic phone holder for cars, so why not add it to your shopping cart today?

5. VAVA Magnetic Phone Holder

There is nothing more frustrating than your magnetic phone holder for cars losing grip of your device at the worst possible time. Considering they are supposed to be able to be durable and long-lasting, it can make you feel less than confident with what the market has to offer.

However, this Vava magnetic phone holder for cars will restore that faith in an instant. Not only is this holder capable of holding your phone securely for as long as you need it to, but it can take care of any device of up to 6.6 pounds in weight. Whether you’ve got a cumbersome tablet, or a phone in a tough case – this magnetic phone holder for your car will more than tick all the boxes.

Its strength is one decent feature, but it has many more, making it one of the most preferred magnetic phone holders for cars on the market. It can sit on any vehicle’s dash securely with a 3M adhesive patch, and won’t leave behind a sticky, nasty residue once you remove it either. What’s more, it offers 360 degrees of rotation, meaning that whatever angle you need to view your device from, it’s no problem for this holder.

Installation is also a breeze. Just touch your phone against the holder and let go. When you need to grab it again, you can have one hand on the steering wheel, removing the device with your other hand. It’s safe, secure, and simple to use.

4. Linycase Magnetic Adjustable Dashboard Phone Holder for Car

This affordable and efficient magnetic phone holder for cars is taking the market by storm. So much so that it’s considered Amazon’s choice. Instead of adhering to your dash or windscreen with an adhesive pad or suction cup, this magnetic phone holder for cars takes adhesion to the next level. It hooks onto the edge of the dash, is made of quality ABS plastic, magnets and silicone to take good care of your phone, and is secured at the perfect height for viewing while driving.

Suitable for a range of devices (although not all, so please check), this phone holder has four strong magnets which easily secure your cell phone in place. A metal plate is attached to the outside of your phone case, and you just need to attach it to the holder – it’s as simple as that!

This phone holder is also very easy to adjust and offers 360 degrees of rotation for your convenience. There’s no need to worry about it being at the wrong height or angle – just modify it to suit! This low-cost magnetic phone holder for cars is proving popular for thousands of drivers, and it’s easy to see why.

3. Maxboost Phone Holder with Extended Adjustable Arm

If you’re tired of substandard magnetic phone holders for cars causing your phone to drop to the floor of the vehicle and become damaged, then it’s time to invest in Maxboost. You’re not only choosing a convenient phone holder to help make using the GPS function easier, but you’re also deciding to keep your phone free of damage and scratches as well!

This is because Maxboost magnetic phone holders for car use powerful magnets to hold your phone in place. Universal and suitable for both dashboards and windshields, it can safely and securely keep your device in place with far more efficacy than several other magnetic phone holders for cars on the market.

It comes with a suction cup pad to ensure no sticky residue is left behind, and it’s secure enough for you to move the phone around on the stand for better viewing. It’s flexible on a jointed arm, and you will have no problem using your phone as a GPS to get you from A to B.

Within this phone holder are six strong magnets, and these are all built into the mount itself. A metal plate is then added to the phone, and this talks to the mount’s magnets to keep it in place. Be warned, the metal plate may interfere with wireless chargers, so remove the plate before you intend on charging your device.

2. FitFort 360-Degree Rotation Magnetic Car Mount Holder

This funky and fun FitFort magnetic phone holder for cars is taking the market by storm, and drivers of all ages and abilities will love what’s on offer. Not all magnetic phone holders for cars are universal, but this one is. It’s suitable for all mobile phones, tablets, and GPS devices under 10 inches in size, and it’s not just limited to use in your vehicle either.

Whether you’re in the car, the office, or at home, you will find this magnetic phone holder for cars ticks all the boxes for holding your phone securely. Use it in the kitchen while you’re reading a recipe, or even attach it to your bedside cabinet so you can read an Ebook at night; the options are endless.

You also don’t need to worry about the magnetic phone holder dropping your device either, for the magnets are stable, robust, and will not falter. These magnets stick to the metal plate you mount to your device, and work in conjunction with the 3M adhesive pad to keep your device secure at all times. However, users must remember to keep the metal plate away from credit cards, pace markers, and wireless phone chargers.

1. Ikopo Magnetic Cell Phone Holder for Car

While this magnetic phone holder for cars from Ikopo is a little larger than other holders on the market; it will indeed suit your requirements to a tee. Free your hands up while driving and use this magnetic phone holder for cars to safely and securely hold your device. You can use it as a GPS, keep your tunes running through the speakers, or just let it carry your phone so you don’t lose it down the side of your seat.

You can attach this device to your windscreen or dashboard, and enjoy the benefits of strong and robust magnets holding your phone in place. It offers 360 degrees of rotation so you can view from whichever angle you desire, and it’s easy to install and uninstall as well!

Get your phone off your seat and instead, opt for this magnetic phone holder for cars. It’s well worth its price tag.

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