Best Large Area Rugs to Brighten and Harmonize Your Indoor Lifestyle

Recommendation No. 1
Persian Area Rugs 4620 Cream 8 x 11 Area Rugs
  • Made in Turkey
  • High Quality polypropylene
  • Brand New rugs
  • Actual size: 7 feet 10 inches Width by 10 Feet 6 inches Length
Recommendation No. 2
Safavieh Hudson Shag Collection SGH281B 2-inch Thick Diamond Trellis Area Rug, 9' x 12', Grey/Ivory
  • Safavieh's stunning Hudson Moroccan Diamond Trellis rug - now with 1,600+ reviews
  • Moroccan inspired trellis motif adds a beautiful geometric touch
  • Stylishly versatile, this rug works in the bedroom, living room, foyer, dining room, nursery, or home office.Avoid placing plants directly on top of area rugs and immediately blot dry any water spillage
  • Refined power-loomed construction and enhanced polypropylene fibers ensure an easy-care and virtually non-shedding rug
  • Luxuriously plush 2-inch pile height for sink-in comfort.Direct sunlight will cause the colors in your area rug to fade over time
Recommendation No. 3
Artistic Weavers Chester Grey Area Rug, 7'10" x 10'3"
  • Designed to withstand everyday wear, this rug is kid approved and pet friendly. Perfect for high traffic areas of your home such as living room, dining room, kitchen, and hallways.
  • Machine woven with polypropylene fibers for maximum durability.
  • Functional medium pile allows for convenient placement in entryways, underneath furniture, and will not obstruct doorways.
  • Stylish and neutral, this Moroccan inspired rug adds a modern, chic look to your space.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, we recommend vacuuming regularly and spot cleaning with a clean cloth. Always test a small area first.

Seeing a large area rug in a home is becoming a more common occurrence, especially as the trend of polished concrete flooring, tiles, and bare wood is taking off. While such flooring looks beautiful, in the colder months, it can be cold and uncomfortable to walk on. Of course, underfloor heating is also widespread, but it can be expensive to run. Therefore, people often prefer to purchase a large area rug, adding it to a shared space for additional levels of comfort.

However, there is a range of other benefits associated with the ownership of a large area rug. It can add a sense of ambiance to space, it can brighten up a room, add a focal point, and when it’s the right color, can tie in beautifully with your home’s décor.

When you buy a large area rug, it’s important to pay attention to the exact size, materials, and color. You may find that the area you had in mind for your new rug doesn’t quite work, or the materials and color don’t tie in as well as you thought it would.

If you’re in the market for a large area rug, consider any of these nine options below. You’re sure to find the contemporary mix of colors, sizes and styles will more than suit your requirements.

9. iCustomRug Large Area Rug (9’x12′)

Sometimes all a living space needs is a large area rug to lift it from being an “okay” space to becoming something extraordinary. There’s every possibility the range of rugs from iCustom can achieve just that. If you require something soft and luxurious underfoot, these rugs will more than fit the bill.

They are made out of 100 percent polyester that has been hand-tufted, and they feature plush piling to feel soft and luxurious underfoot. If you’re worried about scratching or rubbing on your beautiful flooring, there’s no need. The back of this large area rug is soft felt, meaning it protects your flooring rather than damages it.

Even though this rug has a pile height of one and a half inches – making it both look and feel exceptional – it’s not difficult to clean or maintain. Most vacuum cleaners will run over it with ease, and it’s durable to last for years to come. Choose from a range of different colors and enjoy how vibrant this large area rug makes your living space, dining room, or bedroom feel. You will be surprised.

8. A2Z Large Area Rug (9’x12′) for Any Home Décor

When you’re looking for a large area rug that adds a touch of culture to any room in your house, consider the many different options from A2Z Rug. With 34 rugs to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice when you require a rug for a bedroom, office, living room, dining space, or even a kitchen.

A large area rug can often be necessary for bringing an area of your home to life, and these rugs more than achieve that. By using a range of traditional and contemporary colors and patterns, you can enjoy a cultural and vibrant feel in your home, while keeping your feet warm in the process.

What’s more, the material combination is sure to be a big success for cleaning, durability, and maintenance. Each of the rugs are made of power-loomed polypropylene yarn, which is extra durable and soft to suit any home perfectly.

Whether you need a quality rug for your dining room, children’s room, office, or living space, you can rest assured a large area rug from A2Z rug will more than satisfy your requirements.

7. nuLOOM Ehtel Medallion Large Area Rug (9’x12′)

Typically, this style of large area rug costs thousands of dollars. They were usually found in large mansions and homes of well-to-do people and were out of reach of standard homeowners. However, today, these beautiful vintage rugs made in Turkey are priced to be affordable for many different homeowners, not just those of affluence.

With a vintage design in either ivory, rust, or red, you can rest assured that any space in your home can be lifted immediately. Emanating luxury and an air of class, they are a beautifully made Turkish rug that ties in with any décor beautifully. Made of 100 percent polyester, they are a dream to clean and maintain, while the large size of nine feet by 12 feet ensures it’s going to suit the majority of living spaces, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

Whether your bare floor needs some color or you’re tired of your bare home, add a large area rug, machine-made by nuLOOM, and notice the difference.

6. A2Z Over-Dyed Vintage Area Rug (9’x12′)

If you’re not quite sure what kind large area rug your home requires, rest assured there are an abundance of options available to suit any space – be it a living room, dining area, bedroom, or office. With over 30 color options available – from neutral contemporary through to vibrant, you are sure to find the very rug that ties into your current home’s décor beautifully.

What’s more, the quality of these rugs is unparalleled. Each rug is power-loomed with polypropylene yarn, and this gives the rugs more durability while being extra soft underfoot. As it’s half an inch thick, you can also rest assured that while it feels luxurious, it will be easy to clean with any vacuum cleaner.

All rugs, regardless of the color you choose, are also resistant to stains, and this feature alone is reason enough to consider purchasing one. Instead of spending all your time making sure you don’t spill anything on them, you can spend more time admiring the “pop” it gives to any standard space.

When it comes to the price tag, you will continue to be impressed. While rugs usually are entirely unaffordable, this large area rug isn’t. Given its broad nine foot by 12-foot size, you get value for money. When you’re in the market for a new rug to liven up your home, there’s every reason to consider the many options from A2Z.

5. nuLOOM Persian Medallion Santina Area Rug (9’x12′)

Large area rugs are typically quite conservative in their color scheme, and it can be tricky to find one that matches both your vibrant personality and your home. However, this rug will tick all the boxes without being too “over the top” for visiting guests.

Featuring a traditional design, it’s reminiscent of standard Turkish rugs but features a modern, vibrant pink color to boost any living or dining space. It’s made in Turkey to reinforce the “quality made” aspect, while being machine-made with polypropylene to ensure it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Given its large size, of nine feet by 12 feet, it’s also exceptionally versatile. Whether you require a vibrant rug to add a focal point to your living room, or your office needs a touch of character, you’re sure to find this large area rug ticks all the boxes.

Turkish rugs have long been a staple in many homes of wealth, but it’s only recently they are becoming affordable for every standard home. Rest assured that you can add that look of wealth to your home without spending an exuberant amount of money. These rugs are priced competitively, and you’ll be impressed with the overall quality and style as well.

4. Gertmenian Shag Large Area Rug (9’x12′)

If you want a large area rug that both looks stunning and means something at the same time, consider the many different rug options from Gertmenian. Each of these rugs is inspired by astrology and feature six different colors that each represent a blessing.

However, it’s not just the underlying message that will attract you, but the comfort, warmth, and character. Whichever large area rug you choose, you will be amazed at how well they lift any area of your home, while adding unparalleled comfort at the same time. They are made of thick polyester, have fine fibers to make them feel fuzzy underfoot, but are also very silky in texture. To describe them, it would be like saying there is air underfoot.

If members of your household suffer from allergies, it’s crucial to choose a rug that won’t harbor dust mites, bacteria, or skin cells. Rest assured this rug ticks all the boxes. It’s hypoallergenic thanks to the fiber quality and is also easy to clean. Therefore, you can add this large area rug to your home knowing it’s not going to be at the detriment of your family’s health.

Made in Turkey and featuring a pile height of 1.2 inches, you will love how this rug will transform your home.

3. A2Z California Collection Area Rug (9’x12′)

If your home has an airy, breezy, Boca feel, you need a large area rug to match, so why not consider a California collection rug from A2Z? Featuring natural colors such as beige, gold and gray, as well as more calming hues such as green and blue, you will love how easily this rug ties into your beach and Boca-themed home.

At nine feet by 12 feet, it’s the perfect size for most living rooms as a focal point, and the 1/3-inch thick piling will feel glorious underfoot. What’s more, it’s made of hardy, robust yet luxurious power-loomed polypropylene yarn, which delivers on both durability and softness.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, you will find it takes just seconds. You can vacuum it with a standard household vacuum while being able to spot-clean it as well. However, the real winning feature is that it’s both fade-resistant and stain-resistant. As such, it will look brand new for years to come. It also won’t shed, meaning you won’t be picking up carpet piling around your home as you do with many other rugs for sale.

If you’re ready to transform the shared spaces in your home, it’s time to purchase a large area rug from A2Z.

2. Rizzy Home Southwest Large Area Rug (9’x12′)

To give your home that Southwest cultural feel, sometimes it’s essential to bring in a large area rug that can transform any space. This rug from Rizzy is sure to fit that bill. While it’s a little more pricey than other machine-made mats, you do get what you paid for – exceptional quality.

It’s made from 100 percent wool, has a pile height of 0.59 inches, and is designed to transport you to an exotic country. What’s more, it’s hand-tufted with love, making it a unique piece that livens up any area in your home.

This beautiful rug is suitable as a focal point in your living room, dining area, office, bedroom, or even your kitchen. Its earthy tones will suit any home décor style beautifully while adding a touch of ambiance and warmth at the same time.

If processed rugs made on a production line aren’t the look you’re going for, then consider adding a hand-tufted Southwest area rug from Rizzy to your home.

1. A2Z Abstract Modern Area Rug (9’x12′)

Modern homes with neutral color schemes are beautiful, but without a vibrant large area rug, they can begin to look bland or sterile. If you want your house to look like a home, these abstract rugs from A2Z are a must. Featuring a range of vibrant rainbow colors such as blue, yellow, pink, orange, red and ivory, they are manufactured with the highest level of care to ensure they make any room “pop.”

They are power-loomed with polypropylene yarn, are exceptionally luxurious underfoot, and are durable to ensure you spend more time enjoying your home rather than maintaining your rugs.

What’s more, whether you’re in socks or bare feet, this half-an-inch thick rug will feel very comfortable underfoot. You can add it your living space as a focal point, or why not set it up in your bedroom or office instead? If you have a room in your house that requires a contrasting color to give it a lift, these abstract rugs can indeed achieve that, and more.

However, there is more to these rugs than just vibrant colors. They are also priced affordably for all. Almost anyone can afford to add a dash of color to their home, making these rugs a highly sought after product.

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