Best Kohler High Quality Kitchen Faucets

Recommendation No. 1
KOHLER K-596-VS Simplice Kitchen Faucet, Vibrant Stainless
  • Pull down kitchen faucet: Allows you to control water with one hand and reaches beyond the sink to complete other kitchen tasks
  • 3 function spray head: Includes stream, boost, and sweep spray technologies. Boost allows you to increase flow rate by 30 percent. Sweep spray has angled nozzles that create a powerful blade to clean your dishes and sink
  • Easy install: Hose and spray head pre-installed. Comes with flexible supply lines for easy water hook up. 1 or 3 hole installation with escutcheon/deck plate included
  • Magnetic docking: Docknetic magnetic docking system securely locks the spray head into place
  • Made to last: Ceramic disc valves exceed industry standards of longevity, performance that is made to last the life in your kitchen
Recommendation No. 2
Kohler K-R10651-SD-VS Sous Kitchen Sink Faucet, Vibrant Stainless
  • Single lever handle is simple to use and makes adjusting water temperature easy
  • High arch and unique exposed-spring design provide exceptional control and flexibility
  • Two-function sprayhead with touch-control allows you to switch from stream to Sweep spray
  • Sweep spray features specially angled nozzles that form a wide, powerful blade of water to sweep your dishes and sink clean
  • Ceramic disc valves exceed industry longevity standards, ensuring durable performance for life
Recommendation No. 3
KOHLER K-99259-VS Artifacts Kitchen Sink Faucet, 17.63 x 4.31 x 8.50 inches, Vibrant Stainless
  • Unique 3 function pull down sprayhead with Sweep spray, BerrySoft spray, and aerated stream
  • Sweep spray creates a wide, forceful blade of water for superior cleaning
  • BerrySoft is a light spray that gently washes fruits and vegetables
  • DockNetik, a magnetic docking system located within the spout, smoothly glides and securely locks the sprayhead into place; ProMotion technology's light, quiet braided hose and swiveling ball joint make the pull down sprayhead easier and more comfortable to use
  • Kohler's DockNetik docking system secures the sprayhead to the spout using magnetic force

Kohler kitchen faucet is known all around the world as quality kitchen fixtures that add value and style to any home. However, the brand itself is something that has grown to mean affluence, rather than start off its life like that. Kohler, which owns Kohler kitchen faucets, was started by John Michael Kohler, a businessman, visionary, and Austrian immigrant. He lived in rural Wisconsin and became known early on as a man that produced cast iron and steel products for use in various industries.

His real claim to fame, however, was building a multi-purpose product in 1883 that he called a horse trough or hog scalder. He then printed a picture of it in a catalog and said that when you add legs, it becomes a bathtub. That was just the beginning, and now the name Kohler has come to mean Kohler kitchen faucets, other kitchen fixtures, bathroom fixtures, and general parts. Whether you require a Kohler kitchen faucet for the service industry or your home, you’re sure to find these premium products, located throughout the world, more than meet the mark.

Kohler is a quality name you can trust, so why not look at purchasing any of these nine Kohler kitchen faucets below?

9. Kohler Kitchen Faucet, K-560-VS Bellera Pull-Down

For the services industry, and even your home, it’s crucial to have a Kohler kitchen faucet on which you can rely. After all, anything less than the best can compromise your ability to get the job done. This Kohler kitchen faucet, in a pull-down style, will more than meet the mark for both homeowners and those in the hospitality industry.

It has a goose-neck spout, a rotation of 360-degrees for maximum cleaning and filling efficiency and has an exceptional flow rate of 60 PSI and 1.8 gallons per minute. If that isn’t enough to impress, then the functionality is. With just one pull-down head, it can provide a steady stream of water, a sweeping spray, and can pause at your demand.

Unlike many other taps on the market, this Kohler kitchen faucet also makes your life more convenient by allowing you to manage the water temperature correctly. It has one single handle which enables you to adjust it to hot or cold to suit manually. What’s more, the head pulls out quickly, goes back in smoothly thanks to the magnetic dock, and it has a quiet nylon hose to make sure the whole process is effortless. If ever there were a Kohler kitchen faucet that was set to impress, this one would be it.

8. Kohler Kitchen Faucet, K-596-VS Simplice Single-Hole

Set to impress with three color options – matte black, polished chrome, and vibrant stainless, this Kohler kitchen faucet is going to make many homeowners very happy. Whether you’re installing a new kitchen, or you’re just looking to upgrade fixtures in your home, you can do no better than this Kohler kitchen faucet.

It has traditional styling reminiscent of past kitchen fixtures but presents elegant lines that bring it up to a modern standard. What’s more, it’s easy to maintain, clean, and use.

It has a high arch spout that rotates 360-degrees for easy cleaning and filling, and it’s versatile for all manner of kitchen tasks. Where most kitchen faucets fail to deliver on multi-function usage, this one comes to the party.

What homeowners also love about this Kohler kitchen faucet is its single control and pull-down spout. It has just one hole to take up less space on your counter, and the pull-down hose makes it even more convenient for the user.

With this hose, you can use the spray function, an aerated flow, or the pause function, depending on your needs. It also comes with a MasterClean spray face to reduce the instance of mineral build-up. Therefore, it’s an easy-care Kohler kitchen faucet that is sure to be a loved asset in your home.

7. Kohler Kitchen Faucet, R10651-SD-CP Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet in Chrome

In the services industry, it’s crucial to have easy-to-use fixtures you can rely on, and this is where Kohler kitchen faucets come in. This kitchen faucet is designed to make the most awkward cleaning or filling jobs easy and does so while being competitively priced on the market.

Packed full of features, it has a spray head that’s kept in place with a magnetic docking arm and even features scratch shielding. As a result, it can handle the roughest and toughest daily use. What’s more, you can use it with a stream or sweep option, helping you to clean up the kitchen with that much more ease. It exceeds industry standards for durability and is even easy to install by do-it-yourself experts.

The features for this Kohler kitchen faucet don’t end there, either. The spray head has a spring to make it easier to move from one area to the other, yet it still glides back into place smoothly thanks to the quality internal mechanics. When you’re tired of clunky, untrustworthy faucets and fixtures in your place of business, consider a Kohler kitchen faucet. It may be the best purchase you ever make for your kitchen.

6. Kohler Kitchen Sink Faucet, K-10433-CP Polished Chrome

Most faucets on the market are available in one color only, but Kohler kitchen faucets are bucking the trend. Not everyone wants polished chrome, especially if it doesn’t tie in beautifully with your home’s décor. Therefore, it’s easy to consider purchasing a Kohler kitchen faucet instead.

With brushed or polished chrome, brushed nickel or bronze, and vibrant stainless steel on offer, you’re spoilt for choice when you’re choosing your new kitchen fixtures. Each style on offer is presented elegantly, ties in beautifully with your kitchen, and is made of robust metal. What you can expect from Kohler kitchen faucets is an unparalleled quality that’s set to last a lifetime.

However, the benefits don’t end there. These kitchen faucets don’t rust, corrode, or have mineral buildup. They add value to your home, look classy, and you can even set a maximum water temperature to reduce the risk of scalding burns. With a single control faucet, you can also benefit from a pull-out spray head, easy installation, and a limited lifetime warranty. All these features are packed into one Kohler kitchen faucet at an affordable price, making it well worth your consideration to add them to your shopping cart.

5. Kohler Single Hole Kitchen Sink Faucet, K-99259 3-Function Sprayhead

If you like your home to have classic elements, but you’re not willing to compromise modern technology, this Kohler kitchen faucet is a healthy balance. While it offers all the contours and class of taps from days gone by, it features modern-day technology for your convenience.

Available as oil-rubbed bronze, polished chrome or nickel or vibrant stainless-steel, there are options aplenty for how these Kohler kitchen faucets can suit your home. What’s more, there’s more on offer than just a standard tap. They have a pull-down spray head with three functions – aerated stream, sweep, and soft, and each has its own unique purpose. The “BerrySoft” function, for example, is perfect for washing vegetables, while the sweep spray is beneficial for forceful cleaning.

Once you’ve finished using the Kohler kitchen faucet, you can then dock the spray head in the magnetic docking system, with a seamless braided hose that helps it to glide smoothly into place. This Kohler kitchen faucet is in a league of its own, with so many features to make your life so much easier. It’s well worth adding to your wish list today.

4. Kohler Kitchen Faucet, K-13963-CP Pullout Faucet, Polished Chrome

Whether you require a one or three-hole kitchen tap, this Kohler kitchen faucet will tick all the boxes. Sleek and sophisticated in its style, it ties into both classic and contemporary homes with ease, while being cost effective and affordable for all.

However, there’s more to this sleek and stunning kitchen faucet than meets the eye. Not only is it available in a finish of either polished chrome or stainless-steel, but it has a pull-out spray head with three different use options. Use it for a spray or stream, or even pause it when you need to take a moment to stack dishes or move items out of the way.

What’s more, this Kohler kitchen faucet is built with your convenience in mind. It doesn’t require any cleaning as it resists mineral build up, and it has an exceptional flow of 2.2 gallons per minute. Whether you’re a homeowner or in business, you’re sure to find this versatile and elegant Kohler kitchen faucet is everything you could need it to be and more.

3. Kohler Single Control Kitchen Sink Faucet, K-10412-CP, Polished Chrome

As a single control Kohler kitchen faucet, this tap stands out in a league of its own. Not only is it designed in such a way as to tie in beautifully with both classic and contemporary homes, but it’s very functional and versatile as well.

It comes with a 22-inch braided stainless-steel hose that’s both flexible and easy to use, as well as a leak-free faucet to provide you with years of faithful service. What’s more, you are sure to appreciate how much of a reach this Kohler kitchen faucet has, while gliding seamlessly back into the magnetic dock.

It’s made of solid metal, enables you to set a temperature limit to prevent scalding water, comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and has a ceramic valve to remove debris. Everything has been thought of to ensure your time in the kitchen cleaning dishes and filling glasses is every little bit satisfying.

2. Kohler Revival Kitchen Sink Faucet, K-16111-4A-BN

If contemporary styling isn’t your cup of tea, then it might be time to purchase this stunning classic Kohler kitchen faucet. Designed to suit the tastes and meet the needs of those with a soft spot for traditional styling, it’s an exquisite fixture.

This Kohler kitchen faucet has lever handles that are both ADA-compliant and aesthetically pleasing and is a one-piece unit that resists mineral buildup. While it’s designed for the services industry, this Kohler kitchen faucet is also suitable for use in a home environment and will tie in with most décor beautifully.

It has an ergonomic handle for better control of turning the water on and off and is made of solid brass to be robust to last the distance. What’s more, while it’s priced a little higher than standard, it’s well worth the money. It’s easy to clean and maintain, comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and has an exceptional GPM rate that is sure to impress. If you have an eight-inch center, this Kohler kitchen faucet is the very thing your home or business requires.

1. Kohler Swing Spout with Spray, K-7511-CP, Polished Chrome

Every homeowner needs a kitchen of which they can be proud, and this Kohler kitchen faucet can help to achieve just that. Exquisite contemporary styling is coupled with premium technology to ensure it’s a kitchen faucet that stands out from the crowd. It’s available in both polished chrome and vibrant polished nickel and provides no end of convenience to the user.

It’s easy to clean with no mineral buildup, and it has a 360-degree rotation of the spout for maximum versatility. What’s more, there is plenty of clearance underneath the spout for the filling or cleaning of large items such as pots, pans, and buckets.

What many people love about this Kohler kitchen faucet is how high-quality it is. It won’t tarnish or corrode, it has an ADA compliant lever for use in hospitality industries and medical fields, and it’s available in two sizes to suit various homes and businesses. It’s also designed to last the distance as it comes with a limited lifetime warranty as well. Even though the price is a little higher than other kitchen faucets for sale, it’s going to outlast almost all of them while looking brand new for years after its installation.

Versatile, functional, and stylish to suit many different environments, you’re sure to find this Kohler kitchen faucet ticks the boxes for many people.

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