Best Jumpsport Trampolines for Fitness and Fun

Discount: 20%Recommendation No. 1
BCAN 40' Foldable Mini Trampoline, Fitness Rebounder with Adjustable Foam Handle, Exercise Trampoline for Kids Adults Indoor/Garden Workout Max Load 330lbs
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BCAN 40" Foldable Mini Trampoline, Fitness Rebounder with Adjustable Foam Handle, Exercise Trampoline for Kids Adults Indoor/Garden Workout Max Load 330lbs
  • Folded Size Less to 1/4 - Unique design allows you to fold the trampoline twice while wearing the safety pad, help you to store conveniently under the bed, in the car trunk or the closet, etc.
  • Closed Designed Steel Spring - Compared with other trampolines using the band to attach the mat, BCAN chose the commercial steel spring to attach the mat and use the closed design to avoid sharp part displayed for safety.
  • Anti-Slid and Waterproof - Covered by anti-slid rubber material, the steel tube not only make the trampoline safe but also make the jumping quiet. PP Mat consists of a waterproof material which is easy to clean.
  • Efficient Indoor Exercise - BCAN trampoline is always taken as cardio equipment with high efficiency and fun. 10 minutes bounce exercise equals 1-hour jogging, 30 minutes cycling or 20 minutes swimming.
  • Lifetime After-Sale Service - As long as you order the BCAN trampoline, you will get 1-year warranty including the mat, safety pad,frame and handle, etc, 24/7 after-sale customer service.
Recommendation No. 2
JumpSport 550F PRO | Folding Fitness Trampoline | Easy Transport | Fitness Professionals' First Choice | Stable Non-Tipping Arched Legs | Top Rated Quality & Durability | 4 Music Workout Vids Incl.
  • THE TOP CHOICE OF PROFESSIONAL FITNESS INSTRUCTORS and gyms across the world for higher intensity workouts. See our mini trampoline videos!
  • ALMOST FULLY ASSEMBLED! Be bouncing within minutes of opening the box. Just attach the easy-on legs and go.
  • BUILT EXTRA TOUGH for the rigors of group fitness and personal training, as seen in gyms everywhere. The 300 series comes with our strongest frame.
  • MORE REBOUNDING CORDS! By adding 6 more cords to the PRO than standard, you get 36 of our premium (8mm) EnduroLast cords cycle-tested to millions of bounces, 3x to 6x longer life than all competitive products.
  • ULTRA-QUIET, NO SQUEAKS BOUNCE. You gain unmatched reliability and a longer. Comes with the added comfort and protection of cord-covering overlapping padded petals providing over 51% more exercise surface area and space to comfortably move.
Discount: 22%Recommendation No. 3
JumpSport 350 Home Bundle | 39” Arched Legged Fitness Trampoline + Adjustable Handle Bar + Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Board | Keep Moving Throughout Your Day (with Ocean Blue Maui Board)
  • Sturdy and Stable: Designed with a black powder-coated 39-inch frame with a 32.5-inch Permatron jumping surface. Arched legs providing additional stability, resist tipping, and make for easy storage. Weight rating of 275 pounds
  • Premium Bungees: EnduroLast 2 elastic cords are tested to millions of bounces and give users a lively but cushioned bounce. Has the virtually silent FlexBounce System which is a gentle and smooth bounce in comparison to steel springs
  • Supportive Handle Bar: Excellent addition to increase stability. Aids in training coordination and balance. Stay centered on the trampoline while you watch TV!
  • Medium Size Standing Desk Board - Measuring at 30.6 x 16.6 inches, has a lightweight design making the anti-fatigue mat weigh only 3 pounds, and has a slight curve that helps you move more.
  • Bundle Includes: Trampoline which comes almost fully assembled to get you bouncing quickly and easily, Adjustable Handle bar, Maui Wurf board for standing desks, Free 60-Day Extended Trial to online workout videos, 4-in-1 DVD, BONUS 3-in-1 DVD

JumpSport Trampoline

For a number of years, JumpSport trampolines and other brands have been a family favorite. They provide children with hours of entertainment and are even excellent options for fitness and health. There are many different JumpSport trampolines on the market – including those for fun, exercise, and a smaller version for children. What sets JumpSport trampolines apart, however, is how easy they are to put together, and how well-made they are.

Features will vary for each JumpSport trampoline, but you can expect instructions for installation that anyone can follow, long-lasting cords that last a million bounces or more, and an ultra-quiet mat for silent bouncing. With most models, you can even enjoy arched legs that reduce the risk of it tipping, as well as a durable frame that lasts the distance. All components are also engineered, designed, and manufactured in the United States – giving you much-needed peace of mind that your new JumpSport trampoline is built to last, and manufacturer warranties will be honored.

However, there is also an abundance of other trampolines that are on-par with JumpSport trampolines when it comes to both quality and price, so it’s always a good idea to shop around to see what’s out there.

Whether you’re bouncing for fitness or pleasure, you’re sure to find one of the many trampoline options will suit your requirements nicely. To help make the purchasing process a little easier, we’ve also included nine top-rated options below. Get jumping!

9. JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 370

If you’re looking to improve your fitness, this JumpSport trampoline for fitness will definitely help. Aside from the many different health benefits this trampoline offers, it’s also substantially more stable and beneficial than many other fitness trampolines on the market.

It has EnduroLast cords that will provide over one million bounces, and you can even adjust the tension to suit your weight and your performance requirements. When it comes to stability, this trampoline trumps them all. The shape of the legs, called No-Tip, are arched to stop it tipping over as a standard trampoline may. What’s more, it arrives almost fully-assembled which means you can get bouncing sooner rather than later.

Whether you’re bouncing for pleasure or fitness, you are also sure to appreciate the spacious bouncing area on offer, as well as the petals that cover the cords for safety. Priced to reflect its quality, you are sure to enjoy everything this JumpSport trampoline has to offer.

8. JumpSport Fitness Trampoline 200

Walking or jogging for exercise and weight loss is okay, but if you want something more efficient, consider this JumpSport trampoline. Designed for fitness, it’s a premium product that’s designed and manufactured right here in the USA.

It’s made out of only the finest materials and has bungees that last twice as long as many other trampoline brands for sale. When you’re jumping for exercise, you also want to make sure you feel completely stable, and this JumpSport trampoline offers just that. It jars, on average, 80 percent less than a standard trampoline, and provides a superior bounce every time. If you were also having a hard time deciding whether to walk around the block or jump, consider jumping. You can burn up to 20 percent more calories than if you went for a quick jog.

If you’re worried about being stable as you exercise or play, JumpSport has thought of everything. Their hinges are reinforced with locks which means the trampoline won’t wobble or move. It also has skirt covers for the cords for safety, while offering around half as much extra exercise space as other brands of trampolines. There’s every reason to consider this JumpSport trampoline for your workout routine today.

7. JumpSport PowerBounce Trampoline

If you’re looking for a great birthday or Christmas gift for your family, consider purchasing this JumpSport trampoline. Aptly named Power Bounce, it provides your family with hours of safe and fun entertainment. It has 128 springs that stretch further than most other trampoline springs and is suitable for use by children or adults. What’s more, you can adjust the tension and be confident in its ability to handle up to 245 pounds of weight.

The enclosure surrounding this JumpSport trampoline is also of premium quality. It’s stronger than several other trampoline enclosures on the market and includes many different safety features to ensure your children and family are safe while having fun.

Entry and exit onto any trampoline can be quite dangerous, especially if it’s in use by other people. JumpSport trampolines thought of this and provided an extra safe entry and exit point that completely eliminates the risk of people falling out. Parents, this is an affordable, robust trampoline for your children, and you can rest assured all the bases are covered.

6. JumpSport SkyBounce Trampoline

As a parent, you want your children to be safe, but you also want them to have fun – you can achieve that with a JumpSport trampoline. Combine fun with safety with this premium 10 or 12-inch Sky Bounce trampoline that’s designed to handle years of daily use. If you were to compare it to a standard trampoline for sale, you’re bound to be impressed. The padding is thicker, the enclosure straps are safer, and it also comes with a safety enclosure. This safety closure is the crème de la crème of safety enclosures as it includes several safety features which other trampolines don’t have.

The mat is also exceptional, with decent bounce, and a weight rating of up to 225 pounds. If you’re worried about accidents and injuries as a result of people entering or exiting the enclosure, you can put your worries aside. This JumpSport trampoline features an overlapping doorway that completely eliminates the risk of someone falling out while the enclosure is open.

Some trampolines on the market aren’t designed to handle the elements, but this one is. It has robust galvanized framing to handle wet conditions and is even easy to put up. Avoid instruction frustration and purchase this JumpSport trampoline for your family today.

5. JumpSport StagedBounce Rectangular Trampoline

Whether you’re a budding athlete, looking to improve your fitness, learn some cool new flips and moves, or just have fun, this JumpSport trampoline is for you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner with trampolines or an expert, the shape, size, and capacity of this trampoline will prove popular in any situation.

For those looking to perfect their moves – either as a cheerleader or an athlete, you will enjoy the specific landing zone on offer. This area gives you somewhere to aim for and offers plenty of space surrounding the target to land. Even if you’re a little off-kilter, you will be 100 percent safe thanks to the robust netting that stops you falling off the side.

The bouncing capabilities of this JumpSport trampoline are also out of this world. The springs stretch further than many other trampolines on the market, and the outcome is a safer bouncing experience. Designed as a safe trampoline overall, any user can feel secure as they practice their moves. What’s more, it comes with a 10-year warranty for any manufacturer’s faults.

Not all framework on trampolines is created equally, and it can be a cause for concern for parents. However, with JumpSport trampolines, you don’t need to be worried. The frame is heavy-duty, robust and secure, and is made from rolled steel to stop it moving or becoming a health hazard.

4. SportPlus Silent Fitness Mini Trampoline

While JumpSport trampolines are in a league of their own, you will also be impressed by what SportPlus has to offer. This silent, mini fitness trampoline with a handle will more than satisfy your requirements when you’re looking to get in shape.

It’s affordable, well made, is suitable for fitness workout routines, and is even easy to store away. The best part is, however, is that it’s safe. It comes with a foam balance bar for aerobics workouts, has a safety bungee to protect you while you jump, and it even has a handrail to stabilize you. This can then be removed when you are storing it away.

With this trampoline, you can also benefit from complete silence while you jump. Its springs are silent, and the UV resistant pad works seamlessly in conjunction with them. Designed to handle weights of up to 286 pounds, there’s every reason to add this fitness trampoline to your home or commercial gym today.

3. Ancheer Rebounder Fitness Trampoline

While JumpSport trampolines are a preferred option for many, not everyone’s budget will stretch to that price tag. However, there are other quality trampolines available on the market such as this Ancheer rebounder trampoline.

It’s priced affordably, arrives promptly once you purchase it online, and it’s available in black, blue, red, and gray to suit your preferences. When not in use, you will also appreciate how quickly it can be folded away for storage. It also has rubber covers on the legs to prevent scratching of floor surfaces or injuries and has a non-slip design for your protection on tiles or another flooring surface. What’s more, it’s easy to assemble. One person can have the entire trampoline put together in less than 15 minutes, but if you struggle, you can contact Ancheer for an instruction video.

While it’s not a JumpSport trampoline, this Ancheer trampoline is suitable for both leisure and exercise and is designed for people aged 10 and above. It’s quiet to bounce on, is ideal for cardio workouts, and has a weight limit of 220 pounds.

Everything about this Ancheer trampoline says fun and convenient, so consider adding it to your wish list today.

2. UpperBounce Rectangular Trampoline with Fiber Flex Enclosure Feature

If you want something a little different than what JumpSport trampolines have to offer, consider this 10 x 17-foot trampoline from UpperBounce. When you want your family to enjoy themselves, but you want them to be safe, it’s a good idea to choose a trampoline with top-quality safety features, and this one delivers. It has a flexible enclosure system to keep children safe while playing, and the mesh netting is weatherproof to avoid perishing in intense sun or rain. What’s more, the mat has eight rows of stitching which enables it to maintain its structural integrity.

All materials used in this trampoline are designed to handle outdoor use and are water and UV resistant. Even the frame is high-quality. It’s made of robust, heavy-duty coated steel with a 500-pound weight limit, and will provide years of faithful service while enabling your family to have fun. There’s every reason to consider purchasing this fun trampoline for your family.

1. JumpSport AlleyOOP Trampoline with Enclosure

When you’re looking to purchase a new trampoline for your family, and you’re tired of substandard trampolines that haven’t lasted the distance, consider a JumpSport trampoline. Many trampolines on the market fail before their time. The mats rip and tear, the netting perishes, and the frames rust away until there is almost nothing left. With a JumpSport trampoline, you can rest assured that your children will always have fun on a trampoline that’s safe and robust. In fact, such is the confidence JumpSport has in its trampolines, that it even offers a lifetime warranty for manufacturer’s faults.

When you’re playing on your trampoline, it’s always much more fun to play with friends. However, most trampolines on the market aren’t designed to handle more than one jumper. This one is. It features what is known as “Double Bounce” technology, which manages shock absorption entirely thanks to its double mat. As such, your children can play together safely with minimal risk of injury.

The bouncing quality of this JumpSport trampoline is also far better than many other brands. It has high-performance springs that provide a jumping experience like no other. Your family is sure to love how fun this trampoline is, but they will also enjoy the safety aspects too. With high-quality materials, an overlapping doorway to eliminate people falling out, and exceeding impact performance test standards, there’s everything to love about this trampoline.

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