Hynes Eagle Vintage Leather Backpack Review

Special cool canvas backpack with high-density material, spacious main compartment, additional outside pockets and quality leather design. Inside back wall zip pocket is for safe storage and easy access. You can go to school or travel in smart style with such vintage cool backpack.

Committed to producing high quality but stylish products for the fashion conscious, the Hynes Eagle brand caters to men, women and children with a line of attractive and sturdy bags, including backpacks, sling bags, duffels, and more.

Stand out from everyday designs with something more outdoorsy and rugged, like their  Vintage Canvas Leather Rucksack. It looks like something you’d bring on a camping trip or outdoor adventure – but with the functionality of an everyday bag. They make a particularly good choice for college students who need something pleasing on the eyes, but practical enough to bring around on campus. The bag is also versatile enough to be used for day-to-day travel, to carry headphones, clothing, electronics and other essential items.

Build and Durability

We all know the struggle of school or college: laptops, thick books, stationary and what not. Go on any campus and chances are you’ll see at least one college student with a bag that’s crammed fit to bursting.

The Vintage Canvas Leather Rucksack offers convenience and portability, with plenty of room for storage. Measuring 11 inches (width) by 6.3 inches (length) and 16.5 inches (height), the bag has a spacious main compartment and smaller pockets for easy compartmentalization. It has a medium capacity of 19L. Although official specs state that they can fit laptops up to 13.3 inches, there is a little leeway for electronics of up to 15 inches, with room to spare for smaller items like wallets, smartphones, MP3 players a few books. Its robust construction is made to endure rough handling and abuse.

A look inside the bag reveals loads of pockets – so no more rummaging around frantically for keys, accessories and small items.  There are two cell phone pockets, an IPad sleeve, a credential pocket for keeping tags or name cards, as well as a zippered compartment to help keep valuables securely in place. The zipacts as an extra precaution against theft. All the inner pockets are padded to keep your valuables and electronics safe against knocks or drops.

The outside, on the other hand, has a total of three pockets – two on the side and one at the ‘back’. The side pockets can be used to hold water bottles or a thin tumbler. For users who prefer placing their small items on the exterior so that they can retrieve them conveniently (such as car keys, make up, tissues, etc), the pockets are also zippered for added protection.

On its own, the Canvas Leather Rucksack weighs about 2lbs. Canvas tends to be heavier than material such as polyester, but the Hynes Eagle’s ergonomic design helps to distribute weight evenly across the shoulders, so many users have reported that the bags don’t feel very heavy, even when filled with items. They can easily carry weight of up to 8kgs, making them perfect for campus use.

The shoulder straps are adjustable with a drop length of 35 inches, so users can have them long or short depending on preferences. They are also stuffed with cotton padding so that the straps won’t cut into your shoulders. The back of the bag, being the point of contact with the user’s back, is also padded with the same material for added comfort.

Stitches are the ‘glue’ that holds a bag together, and they hold up very well in the Canvas Leather Rucksack. The seams holding the straps to the bag are machine-stitched, durable and should not fray or break easily, even when carrying heavier weights.


The name itself says it all – Canvas Leather – so users should have an idea of what to expect. 90% of the bag consists of high quality cotton canvas, while the remaining 10% is genuine cowhide leather trim. As the bulk of the construction is made from canvas, the bag is breathable, sturdy and long-lasting. The cotton is eco-friendly and high density, so the bag is able to carry heavy items without tearing. The material is water-resistant, but not waterproof. They can probably take a splash or two if you accidentally spill water on them, but they won’t be making the cut as a pool-side bag any time soon. Although the canvas is stiff, the bag’s tall height means that it won’t be able to stand up on its own.

Maintaining the bag so that it lasts longer is fairly easy. Users should wash it with clean water at ordinary temperature before hanging out to dry. They should avoid washing it in hot water or alkaline detergent as the color will fade. To prevent staining, wash separately and keep away from prolonged sun exposure.


With a focus on ‘urban mobility’, the brand distinguishes itself from other models on the market with their simple but rugged-looking designs.The Canvas Leather is dubbed a ‘rucksack backpack’ – and that’s what the bag is: a cross between a rucksack and a backpack. The rucksack part is mostly due to the drawstring closure, which helps the bag to expand for added capacity. Meanwhile, a flap closes over the opening and has metal buckles, although these are mostly for show. Instead, the flaps are secured by magnets at the bottom of the straps.

True to their ‘outdoor’ theme, the Vintage Canvas series come in a choice of four colors; namely coffee, black, army green and khaki, with matching accents. The black, for example, has light brown straps and tanned accents, while the khaki has a light shade with dark brown straps. Bronze metal accessories lend it a classy, modern finish.

Pros and Cons


  • Suitable for day-to-day use
  • High quality canvas with genuine leather accents
  • Spacious main compartment, many smaller compartments for convenient storage
  • Double security with flaps and drawstring closure
  • Top can be expanded for more room
  • Padded at the back and on the straps for added comfort
  • Easy maintenance
  • Classy design, stylish


  • Drawstrings are lengthy and will dangle over the exterior compartment


There are hardly any cons to the Hynes Eagle Vintage Canvas Leather Backpack, making them a great value for money purchase. For its affordable price point, the quality is on par with more expensive bags in the same category. Their simple but modern design ensures you’ll be attracting some envious stares wherever you go, but most importantly, they are able to carry heavy loads with ease.

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