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Recommendation No. 1
Whitehall Products Nite Bright Address Sign, 16" x 4.5", Black Numbers White Reflective Background
  • Color : Black numbers - Reflective! !
Recommendation No. 2
Beautifully Handcrafted and Customizable Slate Home Address Plaque (12'x8” 12'x6' or 16”x10”) Personalized House Sign with and mounting hardware. Improve the curb appeal of your property
215 Customer Reviews
Beautifully Handcrafted and Customizable Slate Home Address Plaque (12"x8” 12"x6" or 16”x10”) Personalized House Sign with and mounting hardware. Improve the curb appeal of your property
  • Our Slate House Sign enhances the look and feel of your Home adding curb appeal to your property.
  • Fully customizable by you - add numbers, names or any other customization you like!
  • Measures 12" Wide 8" Tall and 1/4" Deep
  • Drill hole options to screw into a wall or hang from a strap (see photos) Mounting hardware is included
  • Click the Customize now button to personalize your plaque.
Discount: 49%Recommendation No. 3
SUNGATH Lighted House Address Numbers Sign,Solar Powered House Numbers Light for House and Yard (Height 35 Inches, 1 Pack)
192 Customer Reviews
SUNGATH Lighted House Address Numbers Sign,Solar Powered House Numbers Light for House and Yard (Height 35 Inches, 1 Pack)
  • ☼【SMART CONTROL】The solar number sign is controlled by Smart circuit, which automatically turns on 10 hours every night, the first 6 hours brightness is 25 lumens, the last 4 hours brightness is 10 lumens, and it use the super large battery (1200mAh 3.2v lithium battery). After fully charged, it can work continuously for 2 days. Even in the rainy and snowy weather, you don't have to worry. You can adjust the rotated 270° solar panel based on where you're installing it for better charging.
  • ☼【2 LIGHTING MODES】 The solar house number sign has 2 lighting modes: warm white and cool white, which are switched by buttons.
  • ☼【HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS 】 The solar number sign body is made of high quality aluminum alloy and ABS material, which is durable and waterproof. The solar panel adopts the polysilicon laminate to improve the conversion efficiency of light and to quickly charge the battery.
  • ☼【APPLICATION】 If you live in the country or just on a dark street, so it is difficult for visitors to see your address house number at night. Now the bright solar number sign can provide accurate guidance, and delivery drivers and friends can quickly find your house. And In the event of an emergency at night, ambulance drivers is easy to locate your home.
  • ☼【 EASY TO INSTALL】 Customize your house sign with the 3 Sets of 0-9 Numbers and the letters N, S, E, W, the material is plastic, it's easy to paste. And using a Aluminum alloy mounting pole and stake to display the sign on your lawn.

If you want your mailman to have no excuses about delivering your post to the wrong address, it might be time to invest in address plaques. At the best of times, some postal delivery people find it challenging delivering mail to the right addresses without clear signage. However, with a customized address plaque which both stands out and looks classy, it’s going to be more than visible to those who need to see it.

When you’re looking for a new plaque for your home, you’ll be more than impressed by the vast selection. You can choose from various metals such as cast iron and aluminum or opt for stone or even wood. In all cases, the plaques are custom made with your exact address in elegant lettering.

Depending on the material you purchase, the price can differ substantially. Typically, however, the more robust the metal is, the more expensive it is. In essence, you pay more for something that will last longer.

When the time comes to add a touch of elegance to your property, you’ll want to look at these options below.

9. Montague Metal Address Sign Plaque

For both contemporary and classic builds, this address plaque from Montague Metal is going to suit your home beautifully. It “pops” on a sleek new build yet blends in beautifully with a more classic property with a lot of charm and elegance. When you buy this plaque, you benefit from not only a high-quality product that helps your property to stand out but one that will continue to do so for many years to come as well.

As a two-line plaque, it’s capable of holding up to five large numbers at the top, then up to 17 smaller letters or numbers underneath it. Centered beautifully in a high-quality gold finish, it’s quintessential elegance you’ll love adding to your home.

The plaque itself is also something special. It’s built in a sand mold and is hand-cast with recycled aluminum. As a result, it’s more eco-friendly than several other plaques on the market. The finish is exceptional, and you also receive all mounting hardware. Therefore, you’ll find it effortless to install this anywhere in your home.

8. Whitehall Personalized Rectangle Cast Metal Address Plaque

If you want to boost your home’s curb appeal without spending a lot of money, this address plaque from Whitehall could be the answer. Not only does it help postal services deliver goods with far more accuracy, but it adds a sense of class and elegance to any home.

The rectangle design is also going to meet the mark for your needs. It features gold lettering for exceptional elegance, and these look striking on the bronze background. The generous 11-inch size also means it’s going to look well balanced when adhered to any part of your home.

While you can only add numbers to this plaque, you will be impressed with how they help your property to stand out. What’s more, even though it’s competitively priced, it’s built to last the distance. As an all-weather plaque, it can handle all kinds of weather conditions and is coated in robust aluminum to reiterate this fact. Made here in the USA and a firm favorite with many homeowners, there’s every reason to consider purchasing it today.

7. Clarus Crystal Engraved Stone Address Plaque

While an aluminum address plaque looks okay on some homes, it’s not going to suit them all. However, if you were to look at an engraved stone version, you’re sure to find it works in beautifully with your property’s overall look.

Aside from the competitive pricing, which means more people can afford to buy them, these plaques are exceptionally elegant from start to finish. You can choose from three options, personalize them how you wish, then even receive a proof once you purchase one online.

All you need to do when considering this plaque is choose from black granite with gold or silver lettering, or light stone with black lettering, then let Clarus Crystal take care of the rest. They use either Trajan or Futura font to suit your requirements before deep-carving your address details into the stone then painting those letters for the final touch.

This plaque is a high-quality product, but what appeals the most is the proofing process. Rather than hope they spelled your address right, you can see it in a digital version before they proceed. With all these benefits, it’s well worth your while to consider this plaque as your next home purchase.

6. Whitehall Personalized Cast Metal Address Plaques

When you’re looking for a new address plaque, it can be challenging to find one that will suit your home’s décor. While black works with most properties, sometimes trying to tie the plate in with another color component of your home is going to have the best effect. However, not every plaque supplier offers different color options.

If you buy this robust cast metal plaque from Whitehall, however, you can rest assured the entire process from start to finish is customizable. You can choose from various colors such as black, red, green, white and bronze and can then decide on the font color from different online choices as well. Rather than choose what everyone else has, you can make a decision that suits your home and your preference.

Aside from the customizable aspect, you will be impressed at the quality and durability of this plaque. You get bang for your buck in many ways, and it’s competitively priced. You can choose up to five numbers to sit on the top line, 17 on the bottom, and benefit from a robust aluminum coated finish to ensure it lasts the distance. No weather conditions are a match for this plaque.

Once you know your address, buy the plaque then wait for a digital proof. You can then rest assured knowing the product that arrives is identical to the one you approved.

5. Sassy Squirrel Handcrafted Slate Home Address Plaques

If you want an address plaque you can hang or adhere to a surface then you will find this one from Sassy Squirrel ticks all the boxes and more. Slate is fast-becoming a popular option in address plaques due to its striking appearance. It will tie in beautifully with both contemporary and classic homes, all the while making sure light-colored font stands out on the dark surface.

Competitively priced as well, it’s not going to break the bank to boost your curb appeal or provide a more legible address for your postal service.

When you buy this plaque, you can choose the numbers and names as you see fit, then get what you ordered in the mailbox. The printing on this plaque will not weather or fade, and it’s crafted to last the distance.

You are also sure to find that this plaque is a universal size to not look out of place no matter where you put it. It’s 12 inches long, six inches tall, and is a robust quarter-inch thick to make it easy to adhere to a wall. It also comes with drill hole or wall hanging options so you can choose which you prefer. While there are many plaque options on the market from which to choose, you are sure to find that slate looks far classier than several others on the market.

4. Montague Metal Classic Oval Address Sign Plaque

As you browse the internet for a new address plaque, you’ll come across a myriad of rectangular options but very few in other shapes. However, for some homeowners, an oval address plaque is going to look far better than any different size or shape. When you come across this one from Montague Metal, you will be more than impressed with the sheer elegance and style on offer.

It’s available in the highly sought after oval shape and is handmade out of recycled aluminum as well. Not only is this better for the environment, but the finish is exceptional, meaning it’s built to handle all kinds of weather conditions. When you buy this address plaque, you also receive mounting hardware. Any person of any ability will find adhering this plaque to a surface is a breeze.

While it’s not as big as other plaques on the market, it does meet the mark for making sure your address is visible. You can customize it with five characters at four inches in size which could be a mix of numbers and letters if you so choose. If the classic elegance of black and gold appeals to you and your home, then you may find this plaque ticks all the boxes for your needs.

3. Sassy Squirrel Slate House Number Sign

If you want a house address plaque that’s as elegant and as classy as your home, then this one from Sassy Squirrel might be worth your consideration. Rather than opt for a plain aluminum one, or an address plaque that’s small and crowded, you can instead select this high-quality and generous-sized slate one.

While most of the address plaques you find will only allow you to put your house numbers on it, this one enables you to add digits, streets, and more if you desire. It’s entirely customizable and measures 11-and-a-half-inches wide to ensure you have more than enough space with which to work.

When it comes to hanging this address plaque up, it doesn’t take an expert either. You can decide whether you want to be able to screw it to your home or hang it. The choice is yours. The plaque material is also a point worthy of mentioning. Given its dark coloring and exquisite texture, it helps your address information to stand out – perfect if you’ve been having postal delivery problems.

2. Whitehall Allendale Address Plaque

If you’re on the hunt for a new address plaque, most of the options you’ll find are rectangular, and you may even locate some that are oval. However, while these options are okay for most homes, they don’t add a point of difference. If you want an address plaque that bucks the trend while looking classy and elegant, this one with scroll work from Whitehall could tick all the boxes.

Reminiscent of days gone by with its Victorian-era styling, it emanates quintessential elegance at every turn. What’s more, even though it’s made from recycled aluminum and is affordable for all, it’s a delicate looking address plaque that’s built to last the distance. The address work is permanent and won’t weather, and the entire plate features an aluminum shielding product to stop it from wearing out over time.

However, the benefits don’t end there. At 14 inches long, it’s generously proportioned to allow more than only your house numbers. Below your digits, you can also include your street address. For the price tag, this is excellent value.

1. Whitehall Oval Standard Address Plaque

An oval address plaque can help your home to stand out from the crowd. Whether your property is contemporary, classic, or a mixture of both, you will find an oval address plaque will suit anywhere you decide to put it. While this is, in part, due to the shape, it also has a lot to do with the various options from which to choose.

Rather than go for typical black or similar shades, you can select antique copper, black with gold, black and silver, bronze and gold, green and gold, pewter and silver, red and gold, and white and gold. As a result, it won’t matter what color your mailbox, door, or home siding is; there is sure to be an oval address plaque to suit your home’s style.

Aside from the style, the durability is also worth mentioning. It’s made out of robust aluminum which means that it’s going to be able to weather all storms. What’s more, it features a shielding protectant which acts as a barrier against weathering and wear and tear. When the time comes to upgrade your address plaque, this one is going to be a good option for you.

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