Best Sport Gym Bags For Women And Men

Recommendation No. 1
Ultimate Gym Bag 2.0: The Durable Crowdsource Designed Duffel Bag with 10 Optimal Compartments Including Water Resistant Pouch (Black, Medium (20"))
  • DURABLE: We listened to feedback and reinforced stitching at key stress points and added a water resistant bottom panel. Drop and stress tested, its ready for use.
  • OPTIMAL COMPARTMENTS: Fits One 32oz Water Bottle AND One Protein Shaker. Inside Pocket Fits Oversized Phones. 10 total compartments to keep your equipment organized!
  • 2 WET POCKETS: Hidden water resistant pocket for wet items PLUS full length shoes/sweaty clothes pocket that can fit the largest shoe sizes.
  • BIG MOUTH OPENING: Main pocket opens completely for easy access.
  • CROWDSOURCE DESIGNED: We poured over reviews of existing gym bags and designed ours around user ideas and feedback.
Recommendation No. 2
Puma Men's Contender Duffel Bag
  • Strap drop: 27.5 inches; Pockets: 2 exterior
  • Removes excess dirt and dead skin cells to leave skin feeling refreshed and even
Recommendation No. 3
Sports Gym Bag with Wet Pocket & Shoes Compartment, Travel Duffel Bag for Men and Women Lightweight, Mint Green
  • Dry & Wet Compartment Separation: This gym tote delivers spacious storage with 1 large main zippered compartment for dry & clean clothes or everything for gym & traveling you necessary, and 1 upgraded waterproof PVC lined pocket (16.5” x 13”) with zipper for wet items alongside the main compartment, in addition, 1 front external small zipper pocket for easy, on-the-go storage
  • Shoes & Water Bottle Pockets Design: This sports duffel features a separated zipper compartment on the left side for shoes, laundry or dirty gear storage. Two slip-in mesh pockets on the right side are each sized to fit a water bottle( 800ml)
  • Size & Durable Construction: Dimensions when full: 19” x 12” x 10” with 38L capacity, folds flat 13” x 10” x 1.2”, weights only 1lbs, which is 30% lighter than traditional gym bag. Made with durable, water-resistant material with premium zippers. It features dual handles and an adjustable, detachable and padded shoulder strap for total comfort. The sturdy polyester body makes this bag ideal for long-term use
  • 3 Carrying Options: over your shoulder, behind your back or by the bag's dual handles. You can use it as a sports gym bag, a carry on bag, a travel bag and a daily bag, perfect for workout, rides, gym, yoga, beach, pool, camping, practice days or weekend trips
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: If you're not satisfied for any reason, please contact us immediately and we will give you a reply within 24 hours

Gym bags can add a whole new element of convenience to your life, even if they just seem like another bag. When you’re an avid gym-goer, the first purchase you should make – aside from a quality pair of gym shoes – is a gym bag. It might not seem like a worthy investment, but have you ever thought of how challenging it is to make sure you’ve got everything you need without one?

Gym bags can be used for more than just the storage of your gym clothing with which you’d rather not stink your car or house out. They can also carry your shoes, drink bottles, fitness trackers, snacks, and more. However, not just any bag will do. A plastic shopping bag is not enough to act as your gym bag, nor is a standard school backpack. A gym bag is called just that for a reason – it’s suitable for use at the gym.

Typically, a gym bag has a waterproof base in case of accidental drink bottle leakages, and it also has several different pockets. Your shoes can go in one pocket, your food and beverages in another, and there is often an entirely separate compartment with anti-microbial properties to ensure bacteria and mold don’t grow in it. After all, gym clothing can get a little sweaty and smelly after use.

If you’re in the market for a gym bag to revolutionize your gym experience, consider any of these nine options below. Retire the school backpack and upgrade to something a little more functional for your needs.

9. Adidas Oroginals Santiago Duffel Gym Bag

Available in different color combinations to suit your preference, these Adidas gym bags are a real favorite. Created by a well-known sports brand, they feature everything you need to hit the gym in style – while being convenient at the same time.

They are made out of 100 percent polyester, have a substantial main compartment to fit all your gear with ease, and also have two side zip pockets for items you don’t want mixing with your sweaty clothing.

Aside from being stylish duffel bags with Adidas branding, these gym bags are also exceptionally functional. They come equipped with a carry handle, but also feature an adjustable shoulder strap should you wish to carry it on your shoulder. Whether you’re heading to the gym or a sports game, you’re sure to find these gym bags more than tick all the boxes for your needs. What’s more, they even come with a lifetime warranty.

8. Adidas Diablo Duffel Bag

If you’re looking for gym bags that are both compact and stylish, this duffel bag from Adidas could be the answer. However, as Adidas is such a popular bag, you may be second-guessing whether it’s the right move to make. Rest assured, your uniqueness is covered with this bag. There are 19 different color combinations to choose from, so the likelihood of anyone else at your sports game or local gym having the same bag as you are slim.

You can opt for a vibrant pink and black or purple and black combination, or why not choose something a little different, such as green and magenta, or gray and white?

However, there is more on offer than just a bright color palette. These bags will suit your gym or sports game requirements perfectly. They are made of 100 percent robust polyester to handle daily wear and tear and are comfortable with padded handles and adjustable shoulder straps too. If you’re looking for gym bags that last the distance, these are it.

What’s more, you can benefit from a convenient central compartment you can access from the top of the bag, as well as brilliant and vibrant Adidas branding to help your bag stand out from the crowd.

The next time you head to the gym, do so with gym bags from Adidas. These bags are designed to make life just that little bit more convenient.

7. Adidas Originals Unisex Duffel Gym Bag

Gym bags are typically quite compact, and it can be challenging to try jam all your gym gear, shoes, and drink bottles into the bag at once. Adidas has come to the party with a large, unisex duffel bag that’s designed to suit those heading to the basketball court or the gym.

It’s made out of sturdy polyester that can handle being thrown around on a daily basis, and it also comes with a lifetime warranty for any manufacturers faults. What’s more, the base is waterproof to prevent spillage from a leaking drink bottle, while having a pocket specifically for your valuables that’s lined with tricot – a delicate knitted fabric.

If you’re worried about your shoes dirtying your clothes or vice versa, you will appreciate the convenient layout of these gym bags. They have a substantial main compartment, while also offering a separate shoe tunnel to separate the two areas with ease.

When you’re getting your gym bags from A to B, you also want it to be a comfortable experience, and this bag more than meets the mark. It has two easy-to-use carry handles, as well as a shoulder strap that’s comfortable and adjustable. Getting your gear ready and hitting the gym has never been easier than with these gym bags from Adidas.

6. Apera Performance Duffel Gym Bag

Available in black, graphite, and powerberry, these are gym bags you’ll want to own now and into the future. Aside from being a functional gym bag that you can take with you anywhere you go; they also have many different quirky features which many other bags can’t offer.

They are made of sturdy polyester to handle being thrown in and out of your car, and they have a substantial storage capacity of 43 liters. What’s more, the waterproof base will protect your gym bag’s contents from getting wet should it land in a puddle.

However, the features don’t end there. The bag is sanitized to prevent the formation of bacterial odor, while also featuring vents to help your bag to stay healthy and ventilated. What’s more, you even get a titanium free fit product when you purchase this bag.

If you’re looking for a bag that will continue to satisfy your requirements now and into the future, consider these Apera gym bags.

5. Adidas Diablo Small Duffel Gym Bag

If you’re looking to downsize your current gym bags to something a little more manageable, but you don’t want to compromise on features or quality, this Diablo duffel bag is well worth your investment.

They are available in a substantial range of color combinations, all the while being compact enough to not look out of place if you take it with you to the office, or on public transport.

If you do, however, need to transport it, you can do so with ease. It has comfortable webbed carry handles with padding, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap. Carry all your gym gear within this comfortable gym bag, and you’ll never be happier.

Once you get to the gym, the convenience of these Adidas gym bags doesn’t end there. You can then benefit from accessing the contents from the top while realizing your bag is very easy to spot in a room full of others due to the gorgeous color schemes.

Don’t settle for cheap gym bags when a compact, high-quality polyester gym bag from Adidas is available. You’re sure to love everything this bag has to offer.

4. Gonex 45L Travel Duffel Sports Gym Bag

If you want gym bags that can double as travel bags, consider this expansive travel duffel from Gonex. Designed to handle up to 45 liters of contents, it can more than meet the mark as a reliable and robust gym bag option for you.

It’s water-resistant, made of robust oxford polyester, and has comfortable handles and removable shoulder straps. What’s more, there is also an additional strap enabling you to slide it over suitcase luggage for easy transport. Whether you’re going to the gym or on a plane, you’re sure to love the versatility of these gym bags.

The inner workings of this bag will also impress. There are two large side pockets for shoes, drink bottles, food, and more, as well as one large area for all your gym clothes. A top pocket also has a zip and mesh for ventilation, while four front pockets with zips can house those all-important items such as jewelry, phones, and wallets.

Three inside pockets will also ensure they’re kept well-hidden from prying eyes at the gym. If you require a multi-functional bag that will do you well for all your travel and gym needs, consider these gym bags from Gonex.

3. Kuston Sports Gym Bag with Shoes Compartment

Did you know that gym bags can be both functional and stylish? These Kuston gym bags prove just that. Made of high-quality oxford cloth and featuring many different pockets, you are sure to love how convenient this bag will be for your trip to the gym.

It’s durable to last the distance, is waterproof, and is breathable to ensure those smelly gym shoes get all the airing out they need. What’s more, it has a large capacity pocket in the middle, front pockets for rackets for ball sports, and even inner pockets for items in need of protection such as wallets and phones.

There is more to these gym bags than just great pockets, however. You can also benefit from how comfortable and functional it is to take with you everywhere you go. It has two comfortable carry handles, is stylish enough to be used for everything aside from just trips to the gym, and has an adjustable padded shoulder strap as well.

If you desire a bag that’s more than just for the gym, consider this sports bag from Kuston.

2. Nordshield Gym Duffel Bag

Whether you’re going to the gym or away for a weekend, you’re sure to find these gym bags, available in blue or gray, will suit your requirements perfectly. Aside from the spacious interior with room for clothing, shoes, and more, there is an abundance of features that are sure to appeal.

These gym bags have many different compartments, and this is helpful when you’re looking to store items safely and securely. There is one large main zipped pocket for your clothing, a front pocket for smaller items, a pocket for your shoes, and even interior and exterior pouches for drink bottles, wallets, phones, food, and more.

If you plan on using these gym bags every day, you will also appreciate how hardy they are. Built to last, they are made from oxford polyester and feature water-resistant properties. The zips are curved and smooth to move, the shoulder straps are adjustable, and they even have dual carry handles for making transportation a little more comfortable.

These unique yet gorgeous gym bags are sure to catch your eye and prove their worth. Enjoy the many features on offer and enhance your gym experience.

1. IX Fitness Sport Small Waterproof Gym Bag with Shoes Compartment

Not everyone needs gym bags that are large, cumbersome and make travel to and from the gym a little tricky. If you like to keep your gym gear to the bare minimum, consider these gym bags from IX Fitness Sports. Designed to be compact and lightweight yet convenient and functional, they are well worth your consideration.

What will first catch your eye is the styling. They open from the side and have a convenient side pocket for shoes. On the other side is another pocket for wet or dry clothing, offering separation for dirty and clean items within your bag.

Aside from the main pockets, you also get to enjoy an outer zipper pocket which is perfect for housing jewelry, phones, wallets, and anything else you don’t require during your workout at the gym. This bag is also exceptionally lightweight, allowing you to head to and from the gym without feeling like you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders.

If you don’t need a large, cumbersome gym bag to house all your worldly possessions, this IX Fitness bag might just do the trick.

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