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Recommendation No. 1
TIMPROVE T600 Universal Car HUD Head Up Display Digital GPS Speedometer with Speedup Test Brake Test Overspeed Alarm TFT LCD Display for All Vehicle
  • 🚙【WORKS FOR ALL VEHICLES】– Unlike other Car HUDs, you do not need to worry about the compatibly, T600 could work for ALL vehicles, no matter which brand or which model all over the world cause T600 is based on the GPS module inside.
  • 🚙【TFT LCD DISPLAY】– T600 HUD is equipped with a high definition 2.2'' TFT LCD screen, which displays the information more clearly than the windshield HUD, companied with a multi colors switching function, it may make you feel more comfortable to monitor the speed and bring more fun to your driving experience. With a 30° angle supporting design, it's a good view to read the information directly without moving your eyes from the road, no need to paste any reflecting sticker on your windshield.
  • 🚙【RICH CONTENTS】– Almost everything you may need to read during driving will be shown by this HUD, including vehicle speed, driving direction, voltage, driving distance measurement, driving time, low voltage alarm, over speed alarm, satellite time and number, altitude, freely switch between kilometers and miles. A great partner for your driving.
  • 🚙【MULTIFUNCTIONS】– T600 HUD has been upgraded with new functions which make it different and more competitive than the traditional HUD in the market. Because T600 is based on the GPS module and satellite, so it can be used to speedup test, brake performance test and other car data information reading. A mutifunctional tool to help you know about your car.
  • 🚙【One-Year Assurance】 - Support email:
Recommendation No. 2
BLUERICE 7 Backlight Universal GPS Speedometer 0-120Km/h 0~80MPH 85MM GPS Speed Odometers Speed Gauges Indicators
  • 85mm or 3-3/8" install diameter
  • Universal GPS speedometer for Car, motorcycle , boat, truck
  • Indicating Range:0-120Km/h, 0-80MPH , 7 different background light.
  • Easy install, Quick location confirmation,Short start up time, Gets GPS consistent quickly, Speed displays accurate
  • IP68 protection grade, gauge body 100% waterproof
Recommendation No. 3
VJOYCAR C60s Digital GPS Speedometer Car Hud Head Up Display with Speeding Alert Fatigue Alarm, 100% Universal for Vehicle Truck Motorcycle SUV Pick-up Scooter and All
  • 【What’s GPS Speedometers?】Collecting speed from GPS satellites. No relation with the car engine, therefore, it’s 100% universal for all vehicles include car, truck, pick-up, suv, scooter, train, motorcycle, bike, boat..
  • 【What does the GPS HUD display?】Driving Speed, Single Driving Time and Mileage. Single Driving Mileage is the mileage from ACC is on to ACC is off. If you want total Driving Mileage - Odometer, please choose model C80 or C90.
  • 【What’s the speed unit?】KM/H and MPH. Long press the Enter Button, if you see number 100 shown on the screen, which means the speed unit is KM/h, if you see number 161 shown on the screen, which means the speed unit is MPH.
  • 【What other functions?】Over-speed alert. Default setting alert value is 120. Adjust the over-speed setting, once over value, it will give a warning. If want to off speed warning, just adjust the over-speed value to a very impossible high value.
  • 【How accuracy?】 As usual, it’s 2-5MPH/KMH off from the car engine speed. The display speed could be calibrated by hand easily. Make it 2-5 miles ahead to avoid speed ticket. Fast assistance:

A GPS is not a new phenomenon, dating back as far as 1960, but a GPS speedometer is a more modern piece of technology on the market. Also called a positional speedometer, it’s able to calculate your speed based on the distance you move in a period of time. They can provide accurate speed readings using what is known as a “Doppler shift” and offer continual updates on speed to the user.

Most people who use a GPS speedometer do so to find out what speed they are going. However, more recently, companies have been implementing them to keep track of their employees when using fleet vehicles. Using software, an employer can ‘flag’ employees who exceed the speed limit, giving them the appropriate warning or punishment for doing so. In essence, a GPS speedometer is all about promoting better safety on the road.

The main reason why people would choose a GPS speedometer over a more traditional one is its accuracy. The speedometer in your car is not always going to be accurate due to many factors. Your tires, tread, the temperature, and even the size of your wheel can all mean your speedometer isn’t giving you an accurate reading. Precise readings can be crucial to ensure you remain within the law.

If your line of work means you need to show an accurate speed reading at all times, or you merely wish to have more control over your speed, it might be time to invest in one. We’ve included several high-quality options below to suit your needs.

9. LeaningTech Digital Universal Car GPS Speedometer

If you or a family member have trouble staying under the speed limit, it might be time to reign in that lawbreaking with this GPS speedometer from LeaningTech. Designed to get you on the right side of the law, it’s a compact yet useful device that will provide you with accurate speed ratings.

Considered a ‘plug and play’ device, you can plug it in easily while benefiting from real-time speed capturing thanks to the GPS satellite. What’s more, it’s compatible with all cars and trucks. It measures both your distance and time, gives you an alarm warning when you go over the speed limit, and has a green light display to ensure it’s not a hindrance while you’re driving at night.

What people also appreciate about this GPS speedometer is how functional it is. You can display your speed in either kilometers per hour or miles and adjust the brightness of the screen with the plus or minus arrow. It’s also affordable for a wide range of people, meaning more drivers can benefit from keeping their finger on the pulse of vital driving information. If you’re too close to getting a speeding ticket and want to make a change, this GPS speedometer can help.

8. NikoMaku Heads-Up Display for Car GPS Speedometer

A speeding ticket can be expensive, but what isn’t expensive is this GPS speedometer which can prevent that ticket in the first place. If you’re a little heavy footed, you may find this speedometer is what you need to take back control and stop giving money to the justice department. This small compact unit plugs into your cigarette lighter, then immediately starts providing you with all the information to drive safely. Even better, it’s suitable for all 12-volt cars.

While your inbuilt speedometer can give you a realistic reading of your speed, it’s not as accurate as a GPS speedometer. This one provides you exceptionally accurate results with no speed delay and real-time results. As a result, if you find your built-in speedometer is not precise due to the type of tires you have, or the conditions, you can correct the problem with this ‘plug in and play’ model.

Alongside the speed reading, the driver can also benefit from the distance traveled, the time, and even the voltage reading. These readings are available in a green color which is less harmful to the eyes when driving at night.

If you’re heavy footed, the speed alarm will stop you in your tracks. All you need to do is set your speed limit on the unit then listen out for the bell when you exceed it. Such a feature is perfect if you find yourself outside of the law.

Don’t spend any more money on speeding tickets and instead, choose this compact and affordable GPS speedometer from NikoMaku.

7. Pyle Universal Head-Up Display Vehicle Speed and GPS Navigation

When your inbuilt speedometer is getting you into trouble with the law because it’s inaccurate, it might be time to invest in this GPS speedometer from Pyle. As a high-quality and exceptionally accurate speedometer, it provides real-time speed to keep you on the right side of the law.

It tells you the direction in which you’re heading, the speed at which you’re traveling, and does all this from a full-color screen adhered to your windscreen. Rather than rely on a speedometer which is out of sight and out of mind, you can benefit from it being right there in front of you.

Aside from its convenient placement, you will also benefit from how packed full of features it is. It powers on and off for when you’re no longer on the road, and you can switch between kilometers and miles to suit your preference as well. What’s more, because it has an alarm to tell you when you’re going over the speed limit, your lawbreaking days are over.

Whether you’re driving during the day or at night, you will find this GPS speedometer becomes your best friend. Plug it into the cigarette lighter then immediately benefit from speed tracking whenever you find yourself behind the wheel.

6. SEI GPS Head-Up Display Speedometer

When you know your inbuilt car speedometer is not accurate, it’s all too easy to drive too slow or too fast – but not if you purchase this GPS speedometer. Manufactured by SEI, this speedometer is designed to offer more accuracy to everyday driving. Whether you’re heading to the shops or on a long journey, you will find this compact unit more than delivers on its promise to provide accurate speed measuring.

It requires no installation, plugs directly into your cigarette lighter port, and immediately begins tracking your speed. You can change the settings to provide readings in miles or kilometers, and it will even tell you when you’re going too fast. What’s more, you will find this GPS speedometer is suitable for use at night and during the day. The brightness automatically adjusts to suit the exterior light level, and it adheres seamlessly via a mounting bracket to your windscreen.

If you’re too close to getting a speeding ticket, it might be time to invest in a GPS speedometer. This one, with a one-year warranty, could save you a significant amount of money.

5. AUTOLOVER OBD II Head Up Display

A GPS Speedometer is a convenient device to have in any car, but what if there was a device that could do so much more? This head up display from AUTOLOVER could be the answer. While it’s a high-quality GPS speedometer to keep you within a safe driving speed on the road, it can also track several other components of your car. If you have an OBD II or EOBD-compliant vehicle, this is the device for you.

Plug it into your OBD II port and immediately notice the benefits. You can learn your speed, water temperature, the voltage of your battery, your average and current fuel consumption, fault codes, and more. What’s more, you can even learn if there’s a problem with your engine, the car’s running too hot, or you’re driving too fast. In essence, this device is a problem solver – alerting you to problems before they occur and making you and your vehicle safer on the road.

Aside from all its convenient features, it also encourages you to be safer. If you have been driving for four hours non-stop, it will remind you to take a rest. It will also tell you to change up a gear to save fuel or switch between miles and kilometers to suit your needs.

It’s a GPS speedometer to help you drive safer, but it’s also your in-car mechanic 24 hours a day. There’s every reason to consider adding it to your shopping cart today.

4. AUTOOL X100S Solar Digital GPS Speedometer

If you want a GPS speedometer that offers plenty of versatility and options, then this is the unit for you. While you can power it from the convenient cigarette outlet, it’s also not a problem if you don’t have one. Instead, you can plug it into your OBD II port, or even run it on solar power. The options are endless.

Aside from the various options for powering this unit, you will also be impressed by how much convenience it offers. It’s easy to set up, has a blue light display for better nighttime driving visibility, and it will even calculate your distance. Therefore, while you’re using this GPS speedometer to track your speed, you can also set it to measure particular journeys.

When it comes to alarms, this thing has you covered. It will tell you when you’re going over the speed limit and will even warn you about the dangers of fatigue as well. After five hours of continuous driving, it will tell you to take a break. This GPS speedometer wants to promote better driving habits, so why not buy one for every member of your family?

3. Latnex Waterproof Backlight GPS Speedometer

Whether you have a car, truck, boat, or motorcycle, you are bound to see the benefits and rewards of owning this GPS speedometer from Latnex. Rather than spend time guessing your real-time speed and distance, you can rely on this compact and affordable unit to provide accurate results in real time.

It will display and measure your speed, provide high and low-speed limit alarms to set you on the right track, and refreshes the results every 0.2 seconds as well. What’s more, it’s a high-quality unit that far surpasses its competition on so many levels.

It’s easy to install, it uses minimal power, and it’s both dustproof and waterproof as well. As a result, you can use it in your boat or motorcycle without the worry of the weather damaging it. The display screen also features a green light, making it comfortably visible during both the day and night.

When you find yourself unable to use your traditional speedometer, or you know it’s not accurate, this GPS version comes to the party. There’s every reason to consider purchasing it today.

2. AndyTach GPS Speedometer with Speed Recall

Rather than select a GPS speedometer that takes up space on your windshield, why not install one correctly so that it looks like it has always been there? Whether you want a more accurate speed and distance reading for your car, tractor, boat, or bike, you will find this high-quality unit from AndyTach ticks all the boxes.

It can display the speed in miles, knots, or kilometers, has a memory recall so you can find out what speed you’ve reached previously, and it will even show you where you are on the compass as well. What’s more, if you want to know the distance it is from one place to another, you can tap the trip meter and get the measuring started.

Rather than put up with highly reflective screens you usually get on other GPS speedometers, you can also benefit from a non-reflective screen. This unit offers flat glass which reduces the sun glare and provides better overall visibility. Suitable for all manner of vehicles and situations, all you need to do is attach it to your alternator or battery and immediately reap the rewards.

1. SkyRC Quadcopter GSM-010 GPS Speedometer

If your friends don’t believe that your remote-control helicopter or plane is as fast as you say it is, then let them see it for themselves with this GPS speedometer from SkyRC. While you might know your remote-control toys are fast, the guesswork is a thing of the past thanks to this unit.

It can record both speed and altitude, records the data on its built-in memory, and it even comes with a rechargeable battery. All you need to do is adhere it to your remote-control toy then benefit from 150 minutes of speed and altitude checking in either kilometers or miles. While you can read the results on the unit itself, you can also connect it to your PC. As a result, you can compare the data as you make modifications to your toy.

Whether you’re passionate about speed or remote-controlled toys, you will find this GPS speedometer more than plays its part in the equation.

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