Best Golf Bags with Stands Reviews

Recommendation No. 1
TaylorMade 2017 TM 5.0 Stand Golf Bag, Black/White
  • 4 way organizational top
  • Anti split stand system
  • Garment pocket
  • 11 Pockets
Recommendation No. 2
Izzo Ultra Lite Stand Bag, Grey/Lime
  • Weight: 3. 2 lbs
  • 4 way top for organization
  • Customizable ball pocket
  • Features: Umbrella Holder, Integrated SmartGRIP Handle, Dual Strap, Rain Hood
  • High Strength 4200 Polyester Fabric
Recommendation No. 3
Cleveland Golf Stand Bag Blk/Charcoal/Wht
  • 9. 0” 14-way divider
  • 8 grab handles for easy loading
  • Waterproof zipper valuable pockets
  • Insulated cooler bottle pocket
  • 13 Convenience pockets

Believe it or not, choosing the best golf bag for your requirements is almost a science. It requires plenty of forethought, knowing what you will be using it for besides golf, and having a budget in mind. While, of course, a golf bag is used to store your golf clubs, some people also use it to store their clothing, drink bottles, and more, alongside their clubs. Therefore, it’s crucial to find a bag that suits your needs the best.

There is no one size fits all approach to choosing the best golf bag, as everyone has their preference. Some people prefer staff bags or cart bags, while others are fonder of carry, stand, or travel bags. Some people like their golf bag to have dividers, pockets, a rain hood, a putter well, an umbrella hood and other such convenient features, while others don’t. If you carry your golf bag around in a cart, your needs may differ, also, from someone who carries theirs by hand around each hole. Therefore, it’s easy to ascertain that your golf bag requirements may not be the same as someone else you play golf with.

If your golf bag is looking a little worse for wear, there’s no time like the present to consider an upgrade. We’ve included nine potential bags that could tick all the boxes for your requirements.

1. Wilson NFL Carry Golf Bag

This lightweight golf bag in a vibrant color scheme will more than impress prospective purchasers. Designed as a carry bag, it’s a lightweight golf bag that provides no end of ease and convenience as you carry it around the golf course.

It has a four-way divider at the top, two of which go the full length of the bag, and it has oversized handles and grips for easy carrying and transportation. Users will also enjoy how lightweight this bag is, as well as the flat base and stand to ensure it stays upright when you need it to. What’s more, it holds more than just your clubs.

This golf bag has a garment pocket that runs the length of the bag for all your clothing, a pocket for valuables, and eight pockets in total. You will enjoy the range of options available to cater to various items such as water bottles, rangefinders, and more.

For extra convenience – particularly in bad weather – the towel ring, glove holder, and rain hood will all come in handy, as will the comfortable shoulder strap with four points to ensure your bag is well balanced as you carry it. This bag well and truly packs a punch and offers ultimate bang for your buck.

2. Titleist Lightweight 4-Way Golf Bag with Backpack Strap

Not only is this golf bag affordable for a range of buyers, but it’s also designed to stand out from the crowd with both its color scheme and its features. Featuring splashes of lime green, black, and white, with the logo printed nicely on the side, it’s a bag that’s set to impress.

It features conveniently placed zipper pockets for all of your tees, golf balls, and valuables, and also has a stand to keep it upright as you tee off. Further adding convenience are the adjustable and comfortable straps for portability around the green, as well as the four-way divider for seamless and secure storage of your clubs. These dividers run the length of the bag, ensuring that your clubs are snug, safe, and free of scratches at all times.

The robust material from which this golf bag is made will also give consumers peace of mind, ensuring that it lasts the test of time – even after endless 18-hole rounds of golf. This functional, aesthetically pleasing bag will more than tick all the boxes for the avid golfer.

3. Titleist Men’s 14 Way Golf Bag with Stand

Any golf bag aims to be comfortable and convenient, and you’ll get all that and more with this Titleist bag. While it doesn’t have all of the features of a higher-end bag, it does tick all the boxes for the hobby golfer who requires a well-made bag in which to store their clubs.

It features a dual strap system for better balance and comfort as you travel around the course, and even features eight pockets with zips and three without to ensure your gear is within easy reach and organized at all times. What’s more, it has robust stitching, a sleek and contemporary design, and is affordable for a range of golfers. There’s every reason to consider adding this bag to your watch list.

4. OGIO Shredder Gold Bag

While this golf bag is competitively priced on the market, it doesn’t mean you get any less value for money. In fact, this golf bag packs a punch regarding what it delivers for such a small price. It’s available in black, blue, and orange, has a sleek design to make traveling the course so much easier and is packed full of convenient features you’re sure to enjoy.

Firstly, the flex foot base and leg stand are sure to impress, as this enables you to have confidence in its ability to stay upright at each hole. It then ticks all the boxes with a premium suspension strap system, a pocket for your valuables lined with fleece, as well as an eight-way divider for all of your clubs. This divider features three full-length sections as well.

However, the benefits don’t end there. You can reap the rewards of six pockets with zips to keep them closed, a subtle strip of velcro to attach your gloves to, and a holster for your water bottle which is easy to reach while walking. Walking with this golf bag is also made easier thanks to the exceptional balance as well as the comfortable double shoulder straps. Golfers can rejoice in finding a golf bag that has everything you need for a game while being priced in reach of most sportspeople.

5. OGIO Press Golf Bag with Stand

For sale in red, green, and black, these OGIO golf bags stand out in a league of their own for many reasons. Aside from the competitive price tag – which ensures any avid golfer can afford it – it’s also a sleek, stylish and comfortable bag that’s more than suitable to carry all your golfing gear.

It has a seven-way divider for all your golf clubs, a valuables pocket which is both discrete and lined with fleece, and even an insulated water bottle pocket to keep your beverages nice and fresh. The best part is, this pocket is easily accessible as you traverse the golf course.

For your comfort at all times of the game, the four-point shoulder strap will tick all the boxes. This strap makes the golf bag easy to carry, all the while balancing out the weight for less pressure on certain parts of your body. It’s well made, is suitable for a range of golf clubs, and will be a welcome addition to your much-loved game of golf.

6. TaylorMade Lifestyle Flextech Golf Bag

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd on the green, this golf bag from TaylorMade can help you achieve just that. While, of course, it’s a functional, affordable golf bag that will carry all your golf gear with ease, it can also double as a fashion statement.

This bag is available in blue or gray plaid, canvas, houndstooth or paisley, and is set to impress. While most other golf bags on the green will be in standard colors and styles, this one will look stylish, funky, and give you the ultimate edge.

Aside from the delightful style, however, this bag stands out in a league of its own for a number of other reasons. It features a stand system to ensure clubs aren’t crowded or stick together and even has a subtle suede lining to protect items from both scratching and lousy weather. Also protecting your items are the pockets – one of which is water resistant, one for a drink bottle, and another that’s zipped and embroidered for golf balls.

Equally as inviting for those looking for a new golf bag is the comfort. This bag features a dual-density strap which means it features two different types of material for additional support and a well-balanced feel. Stylish, functional and affordable, this is an excellent bag for the avid golfer.

7. TaylorMade Golf Bag with Stand

If you’re new to golf, or you’re looking for a cost-effective golf bag that will store your clubs securely, this TaylorMade bag could be suitable for you. While it’s a low-cost addition to the market, it doesn’t mean you compromise on quality when you buy it. Designed for beginners all the way through to professionals, it’s a high-quality bag you will grow to love.

This golf bag is available in a range of color options, has an anti-split stand to keep it upright at each hole, and is packed full of features to make your game of golf a little more convenient. It features a four-way divider, a pocket for your clothing, and even offers six pockets for a range of items. Even better are the two pockets explicitly designed to hold your golf tees and balls.

When it rains, you also don’t need to cancel that game. Instead, put the matching rain hood and umbrella sleeve to use and carry on with the round. What will also impress is its level of comfort. Even though it’s housing your golf clubs and everything else you require for an 18-round game, you are sure to find this bag is comfortable from the first hole to the last. It has a soft shoulder strap and is well-balanced to make you feel more at ease as you walk the bag or carry it.

At such an affordable price and with so much on offer, you will love what this TaylorMade golf bag can offer.

8. Callaway Hyper Lite 5 Golf Bag with Stand

Some golf bags are designed to hold your clubs and not much else, but this Callaway golf bag well and truly bucks the trend. Available in a range of colors to suit your tastes, it then offers a variety of convenient storage features designed for providing you a genuinely comfortable golfing experience.

It has seven dividers for clubs, a comfortable carry strap, an alignment stick holder and eight pockets including a waterproof one for your valuables. What’s more, this bag even has a bottle opener, towel hook, and the added option of a double strap for extra comfort.

You are also sure to be impressed by how well balanced the weight is, and how convenient it is to carry around the green. Then, once you set it up, it has a stand on which it can lean as you land that hole-in-one. There’s every reason to consider adding this high-quality Callaway golf bag to your shopping cart today.

9. Callaway Capital Golf Bag with Stand

Priced affordably so that any avid golfer can afford to make the investment, this Callaway golf bag may tick all the boxes. It’s available in a range of different color combinations, is a stand bag for standing by itself by each hole and is packed full of convenient features to make your life on the green that much more comfortable.

This golf bag has five pockets – including one for your valuables – and even takes it one step further by offering a pocket for clothing, a sleeve for your water bottle, a pocket for gloves, and even a specific pocket for your golf balls. Everything will fit seamlessly into this golf bag.

What’s more, it offers a divider system with five sections to separate your clubs, as well as a rain hood and towel loop to further reiterate its label as a conventional golf bag. What sets this bag apart the most, however, is its comfort. It’s designed to be both lightweight and comfortable thanks to its padded shoulder straps and even weight distribution, and also has a mesh hip pad to soften the areas of your body golf bags are known to typically touch.

If you decide to purchase this golf bag from Callaway, you will be more than pleased with what’s on offer.

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