Best Garden Seeders And Spreaders

Recommendation No. 1
Chapin 8701B Garden Push seeder With 6 Seed Plates for Up to 20 Varieties Of Seeds, (1 Garden Seeder/Package)
  • Durable powder-coated Steel frame with cushion-grip handles
  • 6 interchangeable seed plates accommodate up to 20 different types of seed
  • 30-Inch rotating wheel row marker for uniform planting
  • Plow and wide rear wheel to cover soil over seeds aiding in successful germination
  • Easy push design rolls easily over cultivated dirt and convenient kickstand helps to stabilize when not in use
Recommendation No. 2
Earthway Optional Seed Plate Set for Earthway Garden Seeder 1001-B
  • 5 Optional seed plates that supplement the 6 standard seed plates that are included with the Earthway 1001B Precision Garden Seeder
  • Plants an additional 8 vegetable varieties
  • Seed plates fit the Earthway 1001B Precision Garden Seeder
  • Seed plates are made of durable plastic
  • Earthway seed plates make evenly spaced planting easy
Recommendation No. 3
Precision GS2010 Garden Seeder
  • Seeder designed to plow, plant, and cover the seed in a single pass
  • 7 seed plates included for over 30 varieties of seed
  • Two hoppers included, one for seed and one for fertilizer
  • Concave wheel design forms a Small mound over the seed and cleats the ground for proper drainage
  • Fully assembled - no tools required

If you’re proud of your garden and yard, fastidiously maintaining it at any opportunity you get, then you could benefit from garden seeders. A garden seeder is a precision machine that enables the user to plant seeds with accuracy in rows. Rather than spend hours by hand planting seeds, which could take days depending on your garden size, you can invest in a seeder to do it for you.

Not only does a seeder drop the seeds into place, but it also opens the soil to the required depth, places the seed, then covers it with dirt. Usually, there is a front wheel which drives the entire unit, moving the shoe to open the earth. Chains or discs typically feature on the seeder to move the soil back over the seed to allow for the best possible chance of germination.

While a garden seeder is not typically necessary for small gardens or garden beds, they do come in handy for those who have significant areas to seed that isn’t feasible by hand. You can buy a seeder with various holding capacities, and it will take care of all manner of seed planting activities. If you think you could benefit from one of these machines, take a look at these options below.

9. Earthway Precision Garden Seeders with 6 Seed Plates

Gardening can be exceptionally labor-intensive, especially if you don’t have a garden seeder. Sowing by hand is not only hard on the body, but it takes hours – time you could be spending doing something else. Therefore, more and more people are beginning to realize how useful this precision seeder from Earthway is. Rather than get down on your hands and knees planting all your delicious vegetables by hand, you can use this efficient and effective garden seeder.

This machine automatically spreads the seeds out to the best spacing possible. It then covers them up ready for germination and productive growth. When you purchase this seeder, you benefit from a robust and weather-resistant structure, as well as six seed plates. You can then buy more plates if you require them.

Aside from its convenience, you will find this garden seeder is priced affordably as well. Therefore, whether you’re a commercial vegetable grower or a hobby gardener, you will be able to afford to add this seeder to your garden shed.

8. Earthway Spreader Garden Seeders with 9-Inch Pneumatic Wheels

If you’re tired of aches and pains caused by laborious gardening, then it’s time to invest in this garden seeder from Earthway. Designed to take care of one of the most labor-intensive gardening tasks, it can save you several hours and a significant amount of money as well.

This garden seeder will evenly spread the seeds over your garden space through a three-hole drop system, all the while utilizing the nine-inch pneumatic tires to ensure it travels smoothly. What’s more, these tires sit upon poly rims which are rustproof, meaning this is a seeder that’s designed to last the distance.

When you have a significant area to cover, you’ll take joy in knowing this seeder is designed to be high capacity. It has a 40-pound rust-proof bucket to cover large areas without needing to refill, and with its solid linkage, enables you to be in control of the seeding the entire time. Because of its powder-coated T-handle, you will be able to move through your garden bed without having to even get your hands dirty. For the gardener who wants the job done quickly and correctly, this garden seeder from Earthway is the best machine for the job.

7. Chapin International Garden Push Seeder with 6 Seed Plates

When you’re looking for a new garden seeder, it’s important to pay attention to the quality. You want it to last the distance, so you’re sure to be impressed by this one from Chapin International. With a powder-coated frame made of steel, it’s designed to provide you with years of faithful service, all the while being kitted out with six different seed plates. These plates enable you to plant 20 different types of seeds, and you can always buy more when you need them as well.

When you’re using this unit, you will also enjoy how comfortable it is. The handles, while solid, are cushioned to make it easier to push through soil with less fatigue. Also helping to make the process a little easier is the row marker. At 30 inches in diameter, it acts as a marker to make planting your seeds all the more uniform. The back wheel, on the other hand, helps to cover the seeds to enable them to germinate more effectively. You will enjoy not having to use a spade.

Designed as an ‘easy push’ garden seeder, it works effortlessly to roll over cultivated dirt, getting the job done in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it by hand. Then, when you no longer need to use it, it has a convenient kickstand. You can then wheel it to the garden shed, put the stand up, then enjoy the fruits of your labor in the months to come.

6. Manual Steel Precision Manual Steel Garden Seeders

If you want a no-frills garden seeder that gets the job done far quicker than what you could do it by hand, it might be worth taking a look at this one. As a compact, lightweight and convenient garden seeder, it takes care of all manner of seeding tasks – such as peas, corn, beets, carrots, and more.

This garden seeder can hold 0.75 liters of seeds, plants at a depth of five centimeters, and will plant at distances apart that you set for various crops. For example, you can plant spinach, lettuce, and carrots at five centimeters apart, or peas and beets at 12 centimeters apart. No matter what you’re planting, you’re sure to find this garden seeder from Manual Steel can take care of it.

While this unit does not come with a handle, you can attach any handle type to match your comfort level – including wood and steel. It comes with a seeder with a mounted sleeve, a bush for beets and peas, and a bush for sowing maize as well.

Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on seeders you may only use once a season, why not invest in this affordable and robust unit from Manual Steel?

5. Chapin International All-Season Residential Spreader

If you want a garden seeder that will prove to be more convenient than only for helping you in the garden, this one is the tool for the job. Not only can you use it to plant seeds in your garden, but for fertilizer application, as well as salt and halite for melting away ice and snow as well.

Rather than buy a unit only designed for one job, you can buy this garden seeder that takes care of them all. Therefore, it doesn’t sit in your garden shed not in use for months on end. Instead, you can take it out and know it will be convenient for whatever outdoor task you have.

It has an 80-pound capacity, which means you can fill it up with more seeds, fertilizer, or salt than most other seeders on the market, and it has a robust powder-coated frame as well. Therefore, it won’t rust or fall victim to the elements, and the gear system is entirely covered and protected as well.

If you want to have more control over the seeding process without getting your hands dirty, this unit allows you to do that. It has a unique gate design for more control over the seed output, as well as edge control to ensure you can disperse materials as effectively as possible.

For better stability on all terrains, you will also enjoy the robustness and control on offer from the 12-inch tires. As they are pneumatic, no ground will be a problem for this garden seeder.

When the time comes to make an active change in your gardening routine, let this garden seeder from Chapin take the lead.

4. Agri-Fab Push Broadcast Spreader

Rather than spend hours planting seeds by hand, not getting them nearly as accurate as they need to be, why not invest in a garden spreader from Agri-Fab? This robust, convenient unit is designed to take all of the hard work out of planting seeds while being affordable and comfortable at the same time.

It has a poly hopper which is both large and rust-proof, as well as an enclosed bevel gearbox and taper to ensure it doesn’t succumb to the elements. What’s more, if you want to, you can also purchase the pro kit with a shield that’s suitable for this unit as well.

However, the benefits don’t end there. The rod gate control gives you more options for stopping the seeding process, while the pneumatic tires ensure that no terrain is ever a problem. Whether you have a small cultivated plot or a large one, you will find handling this garden seeder over the terrain is effortless.

Put the shovel away and invest in a seeder that will give you more time doing the things you love.

3. Item Valley Broadcast Spreader Garden Seeders

Keeping your yard and garden in tip-top shape can be challenging, but it’s far easier if you have a garden seeder to take care of all the hard work. Rather than spend hours on your hands and knees slowly planting and covering seeds, you can let this garden seeder take the lead.

Designed to be both robust and easy-care, this seeder is suitable for all manner of tasks. You can use it for planting your latest crops, or you can even fill the 55-pound hopper with fertilizer and add some life back to your lawn. The options are endless for how quick and painless outdoor maintenance becomes.

The hopper is made of rust-proof, robust material, and the frame is heavy-duty to ensure it lasts the distance. However, even though this unit is built so that it will provide years of faithful service, it’s still very lightweight. As a result, it takes mere minutes to plant seeds in your little garden bed.

The tires flow seamlessly through the soil, and the unit even features exceptional technology for a better chance of germination with soil covering. Rather than spend hours planting seeds by hand and hoping for the best, you can have a better chance of success while cutting out the labor-intensive aspect of gardening.

2. Agri-Fab 17-Gallon Seeder

If you have an expansive garden that takes hours, if not days, to prepare for planting, then it might be time to invest in a garden seeder. This one from Agri-Fab, while affordable for all, is perfect for those larger gardens that take a little more time and effort.

The hopper has a 17-gallon capacity to prepare up to an acre of grounds, all the while making the process easy to do so. All you need to do is put your seeds in the rust-proof hopper then let the metal agitator get to work.

While it covers 40,000 square feet, it doesn’t take long to achieve quality results. You can both aerate the soil and plant the seeds in one pass while carrying out a 42-inch spread in one go.

However, aside from its quick approach to gardening, you will also enjoy the robustness of this unit. It will last for many planting seasons thanks to the galvanized metal components and is durable and high-quality with only the best materials as well. Therefore, when you buy this garden seeder, you can rest assured it’ll not only get the job done this planting season but for many planting seasons to come.

1. Brinly 175-Pound Broadcast Spreader

When time is of the essence to get a significant amount of area planted and ready to go, then you’ll find this garden seeder from Brinly is the best unit for the job. Rather than have to use a smaller seeder and fill it up countless times, this one has an expansive 175-pound hopper capable of tackling more than one acre of gardens.

If you have a lot of land to put in seed and not a lot of time, you will find this seeder can tick all the boxes. Not only does its hopper mean you spend less time refilling it, but it even offers broad spreading areas to cut down that time even further. What’s more, when it does spread your seeds, it does so in a pattern that ensures it’s even for better germination and growth.

Users of this garden seeder will also enjoy the robust stainless-steel hardware, the fully enclosed gearbox that won’t fall victim to the weather, and the shaft and agitator which works to reduce downtime. When you buy this spreader, you will be more than impressed by everything it has to offer.

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