Best Gaming Backpacks

Recommendation No. 1
Alienware 17" Vindicator 2.0 Gaming Laptop Backpack, Black (AWV17BP-2.0)
  • Armored gear:: resilient high-density nylon encases the backpack, sheltering your gear from harm. The back panel is molded and vented to provide Air circulation to keep you cool and comfortable
  • All-around protection: a reinforced, weather-resistant, non-slip base provides added protection against the elements while easily Bearing the weight of all your gear
  • Internal Defenses: dedicated, padded pockets protect your laptop and tablet Device in addition to the included power adapter Bag to help keep your accessories protected from Scratches
  • Plenty of space: with the Vindicator Backpackers 3 large, main compartments and several additional pockets, you can be sure that you can bring all of your gear with you.Cubic Inches:2,483
  • A reinforced, weather-resistant, non-slip base provides added protection against the elements while easily Bearing the weight of all your gear
Recommendation No. 2
Mobile Edge Razer Tactical Pro 17 Inch Laptop Gaming Backpack, Black, Rugged Ballistic Material, Padded Laptop Section, Molle Pocket Front, Water-resistant, Hideaway Rain Cover, RAZERBP17
  • Holds up to 17. 3” laptops; 1680 Ballistic Nylon; Tear and water resistant exterior; Scratch proof interior; Removable headphone storage pouch; Padded computer protection compartment
  • Dedicated tablet pocket; Built-in, hideaway rain cover; (2) Razer specific Velcro logo patches; Multiple Interior pockets keep your gear easy to grab
  • Dedicated workstation for USB keys, pens, cards, etc. ; Razer inspired green/black ventilated back panel
  • Computer Compart Dimensions: 11. 8" x 1. 9" x 16. 3"
  • Padded shoulder straps and ventilated back panel; Adjustable chest strap
Recommendation No. 3
Laptop Backpack 17 Inch Waterproof Extra Large TSA Travel Backpack Anti Theft College School Business Mens Backpacks with USB Charging Port 17.3 Gaming Computer Backpack for Women Men Black 45L
  • ✈【FUNCTIONAL DESIGN】Laptop backpack offers a convenient on-the-go access to portable power, with USB charging port outside and a set-in charging cable. Great for charging your phone or other electronic devices while walking. (Please note that the power bank is not included in this USB laptop backpack) And the headphone interface is a easy access to your earphone usage. And lay-flat design is for easily organized and get your items via opening up to 180 degree when through the airport security.
  • ✈【LARGE CAPACITY & MULTIPLE POCKETS】External dimensions: 14.1*8.3*18.5 Inches(L*W*H). Capacity: 45 L. 2 main padded compartments with dual zipper fit for 15.6, 17 and up to 17.3 inch laptop.(Since the laptops' appearance of different brands is different, this backpack is suitable for most 17.3-inch computers, but if laptops' form is too large, it may not be suitable.) More than 15 functional pockets ensure you to keep your personal belongings well-organized and get them easily whenever you need.
  • ✈【DURABLE MATERIAL】17 inch computer backpack is made of waterproof and high-quality polyester fabric. This college school backpack features a double-sided smooth zip and reinforced stitching for durability. It provides more secure and protection for your items in the rainy days. Dual metal zippers are designed for your daily commute. Serve well as a durable travel backpack for men. And Breathable mesh back is perfect for comfortable carrying.
  • ✈【COMFORTABLE CARRYON】1 smart luggage sleeve helps to free your hands and back when travelling. You can hold this business backpack by sliding through the trunk’s handle tube for easy travel. Anti-theft zipper pocket on the back is to keep your valuable items safe. Easy card zipper pocket offers a easy access to your keys, cards an coins. And a small sleeve on the shoulder strap of rucksack is designed for packing your sunglasses.
  • ✈【MULTIPURPOSE BACKPACK】This mens backpack can be used as a laptop backpack, 17-inch portable backpack, college backpack, high school student backpack, travel backpack, weekend bag, overnight trip backpack, business laptop,backpack for men and women, personal carry on for adults. This practical extra large laptop backpack is ready for anywhere. And it is a ideal present for teenager boys back to school.

Gaming backpacks are designed to carry gaming consoles, laptops and other electrical devices. They have special features and qualities for the safety of your precious belongings, and for your comfort and ease of use. Gaming equipment is usually very delicate and expensive, by investing in a good and sturdy gaming backpack, you can ensure its protection from falls, bumps, spills and other damages. The best gaming backpacks also helps you in properly organizing everything in one place, and making it easy to carry around and store. In this article, we will tell you about the best gaming backpacks available in the market and how to choose the one that meets your requirements.

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Features of High Quality Backpacks

The best gaming backpacks should all have the following features.

  • High Storage Capacity – The ultimate purpose of any backpack is to provide ample storage for all your belongings and valuables. When it comes to the gaming backpacks, the storage should have proper sectioning, suspension systems and compartments with secure zippers to not only store, but keep everything properly organized and safe.
  • Lightweight – The gaming consoles, laptops and other devices are usually quite heavy on their own. The best gaming backpacks shouldn’t add to this weight and be lighter yet sturdy to hold everything well.
  • Waterproof – it is very important for a gaming backpack to be waterproof in order to keep all the devices safe, as even a little moisture buildup can cause problems with the integrity of your device and damage them beyond repair. The best gaming backpack should also provide protection against varied weather conditions.
  • Padding – The best gaming backpacks should have ample amount of padding, as it provides a certain degree of cushioning to your back and shoulders, and also make the backpack shock absorbent and impact resistant. Sufficient amount of padding can protect your precious belongings against bumps, falls and collisions.
  • Ventilation – You don’t want your back to be drenched in sweat when you are carrying the backpack around. A fine and high quality material that allows good ventilation and prevents moisture buildup can allow you to feel more comfortable and dry.
  • Durability – The durability of a gaming backpack depends on quality of the materials used in its production, as well as the hardware including zippers and handles. The best gaming backpacks should be durable and sturdy, with materials that are resistant to wear and tear.
  • Compatibility – The gaming backpack should be compatible with the devices you own. It should have proper space and sectioning to carry the gaming consoles and other electronic devices. Some gaming backpacks even come with charging capabilities.
  • Anti-Theft – This feature is mostly overlooked when buying gaming backpacks, but a little attention to detail can save you a lot of money in the long run! A cut-proof and sturdy material, concealed pockets and internal zipper closures are the anti-theft features that your gaming backpack should have for safer commutes.
  • Attachments and Buckles – Buckles and straps make it easier to carry a heavy backpack without putting excessive pressure on your back and shoulders. Some gaming backpacks also have compression straps and zippers with expandable volumes to increase the capacity when required.

Types of Gaming Backpacks

Gaming backpacks can be broadly divided into the following types.

  • Gaming Laptop Backpacks – These gaming backpacks are designed for large gaming laptops that are used over a desk or needs to be carried around for work. They are longer in length to accommodate big laptops and keep them safe and secure for the commute.
  • Tactical Gaming Backpacks – These gaming backpacks are suitable for long commutes and hold well against turbulence and other activities along the way. They have many impressive features and external ports, with radio antennae, earphones and nozzles.
  • Heavy Gaming Console Backpacks – These large and robust backpacks are specially designed to carry heavy gaming consoles like Xbox or PS4. They have balance strap system and suspension systems to evenly distribute heavy weight and make it easier to carry around without destroying your back.
  • Gaming Backpacks with USB Charging – These gaming backpacks are also suitable for long commutes where you’ll need to recharge your devices to keep them going. The external USB comes with a charging cable that’s connected to a power bank inside the backpack. 

Benefits of Gaming Backpacks

You might wonder why you need a gaming backpack in the first place, when an ordinary backpack can do the job just as well, without costing you those extra bucks. If you are a gamer, you’ll understand the need of a backpack with specialized features for the safety of your precious and expensive consoles and heavy devices.

An ordinary backpack is not equipped to carry such loads and keep them safe, especially for longer or daily commutes. Investing in a good gaming backpack will give you the peace of mind and security you need without worrying about your devices. You can safely store your controllers, games, VR headsets, mouse, keyboard and laptop, all the while sipping on that energy drink that you carry in the external pockets.

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How to Choose the Best Gaming Backpack

When selecting a gaming backpack that’s best for you, take the most important features in account, as well as the quality of the backpack itself. Here are some of the factors to consider before making your purchase.

  • Price – The prices of some high end gaming backpacks can reach up to $1000 or more. This shouldn’t discourage you from buying one for yourself. The best gaming backpacks should have a good balance between functionality and affordability. You don’t have to go for the one that has the most impressive features, especially when you won’t be needing it for the devices you own. Invest in the quality, functionality and storage capabilities of the gaming backpack that best feeds your needs.
  • Style – We all have our own personal style and preference. No one wants to walk around with a dull and bulky backpack strapped on their backs all day long. Styling is very important, and the gaming backpacks don’t disappoint in this front. They are much more than just a means to carry your belongings from one place to another. The useful pockets, organizational systems and compartments along with a sturdy and stylish exterior should all be taken into account when making your purchase. Go for a color and design that compliments your personal aesthetics.
  • Quality – The best gaming backpacks are reliable and durable. The quality of a gaming backpack depends on the brand you go for, as well as the pricing and the materials used for its construction. The zippers and handles should be strong enough to survive daily use. The material should be somewhat stretchy and breathable, as well as durable with repeated use. Your laptop and other gaming consoles can be susceptible to damage through spillage, heat, cold, bumps and falls. Adequate padding can help prevent these accidents. The fabric should be waterproof and shockproof.
  • Comfort – After ensuring the safety and protection of your belongings, think about your own comfort and safety as well. Walking around with a heavy backpack strapped to your back is not an easy task. The back plate and straps should be designed keeping your comfort in mind. They should have enough cushioning, breathability and an overall lightweight design. Additional waist or chest straps can also make it easy to carry the gaming laptops and distribute the weight evenly.

1. ASUS Republic of Gamers Nomad Backpack for 17-inches G-Series Notebooks

ROG Nomad is one of the best gaming backpacks with great features and quality. It is quite stylish, sturdy and light in weight. The gaming backpack is ideal for storage of 17 inch notebook along with compartments and space for other gaming consoles. It helps you keep everything safe and organized with internal suspensions and pockets. The generous amount of padding is easy on your back and keeps your belongings secure against bumps and falls. Enjoy the high quality and impressive features of this gaming backpack for years to come.

Tailored Compartments

The ROG Nomad gaming backpack has many separate pockets to store adapters, camera, mouse, cables, keyboard and headphones and keep them organized and easy to find. The internal suspension is well padded and can accommodate 17-inch notebooks safely during long commutes. The backpack also has hanging hooks for your headsets, and is compatible with several models like Vulcan, ROG Orion and many more. The pockets are labelled for your convenience and ease, and the compartments are roomy and voluminous with packing space.

The generous amounts of padding in the internal compartments as well as the back and shoulder makes it very easy to carry the heavy loads around without straining your back muscles and shoulders. The light mesh design and proper ventilation makes the materials breathable and cool.

Design and Materials

The gaming backpack is made with 1680D ballistic nylon and rubber that’s waterproof and light in weight. It is also quite durable with heavy loading of consoles and laptop for daily commutes. The gaming backpack has an impressive and stylish design with the ROG DNA logo that looks like a gladiator’s helmet in distinguishing red and black colors.

The backpack also has a chest buckle for even weight distribution, and multiple external pockets with secure zippers. The backpack can carry up to 30kgs load and has 8 liter capacity.


  • Sufficient internal and external padding for comfort and safety.
  • Durable and water resistant material.
  • Internal suspension system for laptop.
  • Multiple compartments and labeled pockets.
  • Light in weight and breathable.


  • The pocket are small and not very durable.

2. Razer Tactical Pro Backpack Fits Notebooks of up to 17.3-Inch

Carry your belongings and valuables safely and in style with the Razer Tactical Pro Backpack. The gaming backpack has a trendy and modern design with a tasteful logo and edgy construction. It has many exciting features and a rugged construction that can take a beating and still go strong! Use it for daily commutes and keep everything well organized and secure with multiple compartments and pockets.

Durable Exterior

This gaming backpack has a tough and rugged exterior made with 1680D ballistic nylon that’s somewhat stretchy and very durable. The material of the backpack is resistant to wear and tear with everyday use, and waterproof and dustproof. You can use the backpack in all weathers and for long commutes without any worry.

The back panel of the gaming backpack as well as the shoulder straps are lightly padded for your comfort. It doesn’t hurt the back or shoulders and allows you to walk with heavy weights comfortably. It also has an adjustable chest buckle to secure the backpack safely and evenly distribute the weight.  The Velcro modular webbing front secures everything in place.

Storage Capacity

This gaming backpack is ideally built for a 17.3 inches laptop. It can hold a lot of devices and keep them safe and organized. The interior is also padded and scratch proof. It protects your delicate devices from bumps, falls and hits. The interior laptop divider also has a headphone holder along with many small to medium sized utility pockets that are great for keeping all the accessories and small devices organized and easily accessible.

The backpack has 2 large internal compartments along with 2 small modular front pockets. The small side pockets are great for water bottles and mobile phone. There is also an underside hidden pocket compartment, and a weather proof bag cover that shields the backpack from rain and dust. All the pockets are secured with Velcro flaps on top.


  • High storage capacity.
  • Multiple pockets and compartments.
  • Weather proof and durable exterior.
  • Padded shoulder and back panels for your comfort.


  • The compartments are a little tight.

3. Targus Steelseries Gaming Backpack for 17-Inch Laptops, Black (TSB941BT)

The Targus gaming backpack is designed by gamers themselves, so the features and designs of the product stay true the actual needs of a gamer. The backpack offers superior capacity to hold all your devices, laptop and gaming consoles in one place and well organized for easy accessibility. The unique and advanced features along with hidden pockets give you the safety and security you need in a gaming backpack. Use it for daily commutes in comfort and style without overburdening yourself.

Protective and Durable Exterior

The Targus gaming backpack has a durable and robust exterior that holds up well in varying weather conditions and rugged daily use. The laptop compartment is well padded to be shock proof and keep the laptop safe against bumps and falls.

The gaming backpack features SafePort Sling, which is essentially a suspender for the laptop in the interior compartment to hold it in place and prevent any moving or damage during the commute. The compartments and pockets have ample padding and protection to keep your tech gear safe from any kind of damage.

The gaming backpack also has detachable pouches. It is a very convenient feature as it helps you customize the backpack according to your requirements. You can detach the pockets to make the load lighter and carry the compartments separately if needed. It also has an integrated reflective rain cover which enhances visibility and keeps your devices dry and secure.

Storage Capacity

The SteelSeries gaming backpack has a lot of storage capacity. You can keep your laptop, keyboard, controllers, mouse, gaming mat, headphones, power brick and all the small accessories in one place and well organized.

The multiple pockets range from small to medium sizes and are protected with zippers. The gaming backpack is compatible with laptops that are 17inches or under, and can hold up to 29 liters of load in one go. The sternum straps, ventilated back panels and ample padding in the back and shoulder keep you comfortable and relaxed.


  • Detachable pockets with secure zippers.
  • Sternum straps and padded shoulder and back panels.
  • Tethered rain cover.
  • Hidden pockets.


  • Some of the storage pockets are too small.

4. Acer Predator Gaming Hybrid Backpack – for All 15.6″ Gaming Laptops, Travel Backpack, Multiple Pockets

Take care of your belongings and expensive tech gear by investing in the strong and sturdy Acer Predator gaming backpack. The exterior of this gaming backpack is made to withstand rough weather conditions and daily commutes without causing any damage to your personal devices and tech gear. It is capacious and well segmented to keep everything organized and easy to find. The cushioned compartments and back panels keep you comfortable and prevent damage due to falls and bumps. Enjoy this stylish and sleek gaming backpack in black with teal accents and a nice finish.

Rugged Exterior

The exterior of this gaming backpack is tough and built to withstand wear and tear. You can use it for daily commutes or long journeys without a worry. The high density polyester exterior is somewhat stretchable and resistant to wear and tear. It is water and dust repellent, so it can carry your valuables safely in all weather conditions and protect them against mud and rain. The material is fairly light in weight and doesn’t put strain on your back or shoulders.

The back panels of the gaming backpack are well ventilated to prevent sweat or moisture buildup and keep you comfortable and dry while you carry it around. The shoulder straps and back panels are lightly padded and the backpack has an adjustable chest buckle that helps in even distribution of the weight. It keeps you relaxed and comfortable and doesn’t compromise on functionality.

Multi-Functional Features

The gaming backpack has good storage capacity with a 15.6 inches laptop compartment cradle. It also has a headset strap, inner bottle pockets and a show pocket. The pockets range from small to medium sizes and can be used to store gaming gear, small devices, work stuff and sportswear.

It keeps everything organized and safe due to the paddings which absorb shock in case of bumps and falls. It is a trolley pass through design and can be compressed when less space is required.


  • Water resistant fabric.
  • Well cushioned with ventilated back panel.
  • Comfortable to carry around.
  • Lightweight and durable.


  • The zippers are not very durable.

5. Razer Rogue 15.6″ Backpack – Protective Black Laptop & Notebook Backpack – Tear and Water-Resistant Exterior

This gaming backpack is produced by gamers, keeping every need and use of gamers in mind. You can get full advantage of the many wonderful features and rugged design of this gaming backpack. Razer caters to customer needs by continually improving the design to bring you the best quality and functionality. The materials are made to last, with durability and wear resistance. This gaming backpack is made essentially for Razer Blade 14 inches, and all laptops that fit the same dimensions. The trendy and stylish design sets you apart from the crowd with sleek black color and vibrant Razer logo in the front.

High Quality Materials

The exterior and interior of the gaming backpack is made with high quality materials that are able to withstand scratches, wear and tear, and other bumps and falls. The quality materials combine utility with durability to fit your needs perfectly. You can use it for daily commutes and keep all your tech gear and gaming consoles well protected and organized at all times. The minimalist and classy design is resilient and very sturdy.

The interior has a TPU lining which is a scratchproof and smooth material that allows easy placement of your valuables. The compartments are lightly padded to keep your devices safe as the padding works as shock absorbent to dissipate the harmful forces. The primary compartment is for the storage of laptop and the secondary compartments store all the tech gear and consoles, including laptop accessories and other valuables.

Comfortable to Carry

The gaming backpack has a frameless design along with padded back panel and shoulder straps that doesn’t strain your body during long commutes. The backpack evenly distributes the weight and the chest straps ensures that you are not fatigued while carrying heavy weights on your gaming backpack. The material is breathable and allows good ventilation to prevent moisture buildup or sweat.


  • Stylish matte exterior which is resistant to wear and tear.
  • Water resistant.
  • Ample amount of padding.
  • Durable and comfortable to carry.


  • The zippers are not high quality.

6. Mobile Edge Razer Tactical Pro 17 Inch Laptop Gaming Backpack, Black, Rugged Ballistic Material, Padded Laptop Section

Razer is a well-known brand, popular for its high end and durable products that are well suited for a gamer’s needs. This gaming backpack comes with updated features, high capacity and a stylish and rugged design. It has multiple pockets and large storage compartments along with a very sturdy exterior that can hold large amounts of weight without any wear and tear. It comes in a sleek black color with bright green, vibrant logo of Razer.

Padded Compartments

The compartment of this gaming laptop can be used for laptops up to 17.3 inches in length. It is well padded and shock absorbent, and prevents your valuable tech gear from external harmful forces due to falls and bumps. The multiple interior pockets are great for keeping everything well organized and in place. You can keep your small devices, business cards, keys, cables, and other small accessories protected and organized. There is also and additional integrated Microfiber lined pouch that can be used for tablets.

The second largest pocket of the gaming backpack has a strap which functions as a headphone holder so you can easily stow your headphone on the go. There are military style, tactical front panels with integrated Molle-system which enables you to add, move or removed the two front pockets of the backpack.

Weather Resistant Exterior

The exterior of this gaming backpack is made with ballistic nylon that is somewhat stretchable and highly resistant to wear and tear. It keeps all your belongings safe and secure at all times. The back panel is ventilated to allow a steady air flow and prevent moisture build up, especially during hot and humid days.

The back panel and shoulder straps are well padded to keep you comfortable and prevent any strains on the upper body. The D-rings are attached for water bottle or keys and the straps are adjustable to evenly distribute the weight.


  • Water and tear resistant exterior.
  • Removable storage pouches.
  • Well-padded compartments.
  • High capacity with multiple pockets.


  • The Velcro on the outside pocket doesn’t hold well.

7. CTA Digital Universal Gaming Backpack for Xbox One X/XB1S/PlayStation 4 Slim/Wii U/XB1/PS4/XB360/PS3

This is the ultimate gaming backpack for all the gamers out there. The seamless and unique design and storage capacity of this gaming backpack makes it universal and multifunctional. It is compatible with most of the gaming consoles commonly used by gamers, such as Xbox Once, PS4, Wii U, XB1S and many other. The cushioned compartments and well-made straps and exteriors keep your belongings and gaming console safe and well organized so they are easily accessible to you at all times. You can use it for long travels as well as daily commutes and keep all your controllers, games, cables, power supple and other gaming consoles well protected.

Advanced Features

The main reason why this gaming backpack is universal and convenient is its storage capacity. The compartments are highly spacious and well-padded to protect your valuables and expensive tech gear. It also has a removable slim console zipper pouch as well as three divided and zipper sealed layers.

The gaming backpack also has six disc organizers and small to medium pockets for mobile, cables, controllers, mouse, headsets and other small accessories. There are 5 storage pockets for all the accessory storage. The dedicated and well-padded console sleeve fits large gaming consoles easily.

Comfort and Ease of Use

The back panel is well ventilated to promote steady air flow and keep you clean and dry. It also helps with moisture control and sweat buildup. The shoulder straps and back panel are well cushioned to prevent any strains or pressure on the back or shoulders. The sternum strap ensures equal weight distribution and ultimate comfort.

The D rings are useful for carrying your keys and water bottle outside and easily accessible. The rubber top carrying handle is sturdy and can hold heavy weights. Hook and loop fastening straps make it easy to carry the backpack and keep the weight well distributed to not strain your upper body or cause any discomfort.


  • High storage capacity with controller securing straps.
  • Universal cushioned console protection sleeve.
  • Multiple accessory storage pockets.
  • Durable and sturdy.


  • The plastic base is not high quality.

8. FreeBiz 21 Inch High Laptop Backpack fits Under 19 Inch Gaming Computer Notebook MacBook for Men Student (18.4 inch)

This gaming backpack is known for its large storage compartment for laptops up to 19 inches in size. It is very roomy and capacious, and easy on the pockets, which makes it an ideal gaming backpack for gamers. The high storage capacity works well with the rugged and tough exterior of the backpack to keep everything secure and protected at all times. It is easy and comfortable to carry it around with well-padded compartments and a light mesh back panel and shoulder straps. Use it for daily commutes or long journeys and keep all your expensive tech gear and accessories well organized and protected.

High Storage Capacity

This gaming backpack is quite big and spacious. It is one of the few backpacks that can store large sized laptops with room to spare for other equipment and accessories like headphones, cables, wires, mouse, keypad and chargers.

The most attractive feature of this gaming backpack is the two external USB ports along with built in charging cable. This comes in handy for longer commutes when you need to charge your devices. The wide straps on the back can be firmly fixed with a trolley suitcase when you have to travel.

The backpack has numerous compartments that are made with super light and durable nylon material that is a little stretchable and very sturdy and resilient. The laptop compartment is well padded and shockproof. It also has a mezzanine large storage compartment along with multiple small to medium sized pouches and mesh pockets to hold your accessories, cards, wallet and water bottle.

Easy to Carry

The shoulder straps and back panels have a mesh lining for breathability and ventilation. They are well padded to keep you comfortable and not put strain on the back and shoulders during long commutes. The gaming backpack also has adjustable straps and buckle to fasten it safely and for equal weight distribution.


  • High storage capacity with large laptop compartment and various accessory pouches.
  • Rain cover and shockproof.
  • Two external USB with charging cable.
  • Lightweight and durable.


  • The front zippers are not durable.

9. Markryden Anti-theft Laptop Backpack Business Bags with USB Charging Port School Travel Pack Fits Under 15.6 Inch Laptop(Contrast Color 2.1)

The gaming backpack by Markryden is multipurpose and universal. It can be used for a number of purposes and has advanced antitheft features to keep your valuables and expensive tech gear safe and well protected. The gaming backpack is made with high quality materials that are long lasting and durable. It also has a removable USB cable for charging your devices and a flexible and resilient main pocket that can be opened up like a suitcase. Enjoy this gaming backpack and sleek and stylish design and contrasting grey color with the logo embossed on the front.

Anti-Theft Design

This is the best feature of this gaming backpack and gives you the safety and security you deserve. Each pocket of the backpack comes with concealed zippers along with hidden backside zippers where you can store important business cards, credit cards, keys and mobile phone.

The fabric is tough and resistant to cuts and scratches. It is also waterproof and dust resistant, so you can use it in varying weather conditions without any fear. It is a great design and can be used for gaming consoles, as well as for business trips, camping retreats, school, family or office use.

Storage and Durability

The main storage compartment of the gaming backpack can store a laptop up to 15.6 inches in size. It also has an iPad compartment for 9×10.5inches tablet or other devices of the same dimension. The main pocket is resilient and flexible. The zipper goes around 90 to 180 degrees to open it fully like a suitcase and make it easy to access and organize your accessories. You can store your pen, wallets, headphones, camera, clothes, glasses, charger, cables, wires and sportswear easily.

The gaming backpack homes with high quality USB charging port which is removable. The new generation upgrade materials are waterproof and resistant to wear and tear. The padded straps keep you comfortable and doesn’t strain your neck, back or shoulders.


  • Anti-Theft design with cut proof material and concealed zippers.
  • High quality and durable construction.
  • Removable USB cable.
  • Flexible main pocket.


  • The side pockets are too small.
  • Front pockets don’t have hidden zippers.

10. ENHANCE Universal Console Laptop Gaming Backpack for PS4 Pro, Xbox One & VR Systems

Rise above the rest with Enhance universal gaming backpack for a variety of gaming consoles and tech gear. It provides premium high quality construction and is sponsored by competitive sports teams from all around the world. It has a very convenient and easy to use design and is compatible with most gaming consoles such as Xbox one and PS4 as well as PC and laptop along with accessories and other valuables. The sleek and stylish design comes in a solid black color with blue accents.

Key Features

The exterior of the gaming backpack is durable and made from high quality materials. It is made to withstand varying weather conditions and is impact resistant and shock absorbent against harmful forces that can damage your expensive tech gear.

The metal zippers are heavy duty and durable. They keep the pockets well protected and can hold against heavy weight. The padding is dual layered to dissipate harmful forces and also give you comfort and ease while carrying the gaming backpack for long commutes. The three point locking enclosure along with high storage capacity makes it a great choice for daily commutes and to keep all your accessories and gear well organized and easily accessible.

Storage Capacity

You can store games, cables, controllers, mobile, discs and other valuables in this backpack and keep them organized. It comes with 4 controller storage along with Game CD organizer and HDMI and power cable pockets. There is a gaming headset storage compartment that fits most sizes of gaming headphones securely with scratch resistant fabric and well-padded interior lining.

You can use it to store virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Rife, HTC Vive etc. The Large console compartment is good for laptops under 17 inches, Xbox and PS4. The padded dividers keep everything safe and secure. The shoulder straps and back panels are moisture wicking and well-padded for your comfort.


  • Moisture wicking and weather resistant construction.
  • High storage capacity.
  • Front opening storage.
  • 3 years warranty.


  • The disc compartment is not padded.

11. Mobile Edge Core Gaming Laptop Backpack, Molded Front Panel, 17 – 18 Inch, External USB 3.0 Quick-Charge Port

The Mobile Edge Core gaming backpack is built specifically for gaming consoles and laptops. The new core gaming backpack design has advanced features and skillful craftsmanship to bring you the best quality and durability. It has large storage capacity with well divided and secured compartments to keep your valuables and expensive tech gear protected and organized. The most exciting feature of the backpack is the pre-wired power bank and external battery for charging your devices during long commutes.

Advanced Features

The Mobile Edge Core gaming backpack has a number of advanced features that sets it apart from other backpacks and gives it an edge. The gaming backpack can hold up to 17 inches laptops along with gaming consoles such as Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One etc. The backpack has three individual sections to store file, keyboard and laptop and/or consoles along with various accessories and personal items like keys, mobiles, cables and wires.

The backpack comes with external USB 3.0 1uick charge compatible port along with built in charging cable to charge your devices and mobile during long commutes. The prewired universal power bank pocket can be used for all chargeable items.

Capacity and Durability

The exterior of the backpack is tough and sturdy. It is well padded to protect all your sensitive gears and devices against bruises, bumps and falls. It also provides a certain degree of resistance against rain and dust, and is very easy to clean and maintain.

The checkpoint friendly laptop compartment is quite spacious and well padded. There are separate fleece lined pouches for tablet, iPad or e-readers along with headphone holder and a lot of space and pockets ranging from small to medium size for accessories and personal items. The durable ballistic nylon along with well-padded back panel and straps make it very easy to carry around and left. It also has a trolley strap for traveling.


  • High storage capacity.
  • External USB charge port.
  • Well-padded with air mesh shoulder straps and back panel.
  • Durable and high quality.


  • No padding between zipper and laptop/gaming consoles.

12. Mobile Edge ME-AWBP2.0 Alienware Orion ScanFast Checkpoint Friendly 17.3-Inch Backpack

This gaming backpack is designed for gamers who are always on the go and need a durable and reliable backpack to carry all their expensive tech gear. The Alienware Orion gaming backpack keeps all your valuables well protected and organized for long commutes. The high quality and classy design compromises of heavy padding and proper dividers and compartments to carry all your belongings in one go and keeping them well organized and easily accessible. There is a compartment and multiple pockets for all the accessories and valuables. Travel with ease and comfort, and enjoy the trendy and sleek design of this gaming backpack for years to come.

Tough exterior

This gaming backpack has a tough and durable exterior with the stylish Alienware logo in the front. The panels are lined with air-mesh material that makes the backpack light in weight and very easy to carry around. The air mesh also promotes a steady air flow all day long and is moisture wicking.

The ergonomic shoulder straps and back panels are padded and have air mesh lining to prevent sweat and keep you comfortable and relaxed. They allow equal weight distribution to not cause any stress or discomfort especially in your neck, back and shoulders. It offers maximum comfort and durability along with a lifetime warranty.

Storage Capacity

The padded laptop compartment of the gaming backpack can fit a laptop 17.3 inches in size or smaller. It has large dimensions and several compartments to keep all your consoles and accessories in one place ad well-organized. There are medium to small sized pockets to store the mobile, mouse, keyboard, headphones, cables, wires and other stuff in one place. The design of this gaming backpack is checkpoint friendly so it allows fast screening when you are traveling at airport security checkpoints.

The interior pockets are great for carrying small items and keeping them easily accessible at all times. The material is high quality and easy to maintain and clean.


  • Well-padded laptop compartment.
  • Checkpoint friendly design.
  • Lightweight and moisture wicking.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Doesn’t have a waist/chest strap.

13. Titanfall 2 Officially Licensed OGIO Backpack

OGIO gaming backpack has an innovative design with rustic accents and a trendy exterior that gives it an edgy and timeless look. The backpack is reliable and sturdy, with good storage capacity, protective features and a durable construction. The officially licensed OGIO backpack will be your friend during daily commutes and long journeys and keep all your valuable and expensive tech gear safe and organized. It can be used for laptops, PC, gaming consoles along with many accessories and valuables all in one place and ready to go. Enjoy the funky and edgy colors and design, with the logos and patchwork on the exterior of the backpack.

High Storage Capacity

This gaming backpack comes with tons of storage capacity. The main compartment is quite big and can store laptops up to 17 inches in size or less. You can also use it for gaming consoles or other heavy devices. This compartment is also padded to make the devices secured against harmful forces due to falls and bumps along the way.

There are smaller compartments for the tablets, iPad or e-readers. All compartments are padded and secured in place with zippers and Velcro straps. The zippered fleece lined top pocket along with other small to medium sized internal, front and side pockets hold all your accessories and small devices in place and make them easily accessible. The design of the backpack is enhanced and styled with Titanfall Velcro Badges that are easily removed and can be reapplied.

Rugged Exterior

The gaming backpack has a tough and durable exterior with breathable mesh lining in the shoulder straps and back panel. They allow good ventilation and prevent the buildup of moisture. The exterior is also resistant to scratch, wear and tear and repels dust and water, so it can be carried around safely in all weathers. The straps around the width of the backpack can be used to compress and tighten it and it also helps with equal weight distribution without straining your back and shoulders.


  • Stylish design with removable Velcro badges.
  • Good storage capacity.
  • Padded shoulder straps and back panel.
  • Zippered fleece lined top pocket.


  • Small and tight side pockets.

14. KALIDI Travel Gaming Laptop Backpack 18.4 Inch with USB Charge Port

The Kalidi gaming backpack is multi-functional and universal. It can be used as a school bag, for business purposes, daily commutes, family outings, and of course, as a gaming backpack. It has good capacity and can store laptops and other gaming consoles. The simplistic design with edgy colors make it great for everyday use and to keep your valuables organized and protected.

High Quality Materials

The gaming backpack is made with durable and high quality materials. The exterior is made from anti-scratch and waterproof, Oxford fabric with polyester lining that is resistant to dust and water. This makes the backpack universal and safe to use during all weathers. It also makes it easier to clean and maintain the exterior. The compartments and pockets are safely fastened with high quality zippers that won’t disappoint. They are durable and sturdy, and the gaming backpack can carry heavy loads in one go.

The ample amounts of padding both internally and externally makes the gaming backpack shockproof and resistant to wear and tear. It dissipates the harmful forces and protects your expensive devices and tech gears against bumps and falls.

Storage Capacity

The large main compartment of the gaming backpack can fit laptop up to 17.3 inches in size or smaller. It can also store gaming consoles along with accessories like wires, cables, mouse, keyboard, headsets, chargers, mobile and much more. All the compartments are padded and have dividers to keep everything organized.

It is very convenient to carry around with padded shoulder straps and back panel along with mesh lining to allow ventilation and prevent moisture buildup. The luggage belt design of the back panel can be strapped on a luggage trolley. The small pockets are ideal or cards and mobile phones. The backpack has five cycling reflectors along with a headphone hole to keep your headphones safe while you enjoy cycling.


  • Creative and convenient design.
  • Anti-scratch and waterproof material.
  • Shockproof and well-padded compartments.
  • High quality zippers.


  • No padding in the front.

15. AmazonBasics PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset Backpack

This gaming backpack is designed for hardcore gamers and newbies alike. It has a very trendy and sleek look that gives you an edge and keeps all your valuables well protected and safe at all times. It is built specially for PS4 and its virtual reality headset. Bring it to parties, conventions, traveling, off-site gaming, tournaments, or use it for daily commutes and long journeys. The waterproof and shockproof design keeps everything safe and easily accessible to you at all times with multiple compartments that helps with organization and safety of your tech gear.

Key Features

This is a custom gaming backpack that’s durable and high quality. It has a protective and sturdy design, and allows you to carry your tech gear around safely and confidently. The material and construction is reliable and sturdy and can hold heavy loads in one go.

The main compartment can store gaming consoles and there are various individual pockets ranging from small to medium sizes along with slots for accessories and other gaming devices.

Durable exterior

The exterior has a sturdy and rugged construction with water resistance and wear and tear resistance. It is easy to clean and maintain and doesn’t scratch or wear out with repeated use. It is built to protect your expensive tech gear with tough polyurethane, EVA and pearl wool shell and a high density ballistic nylon exterior that maintains the structural integrity of the gaming backpack. The dimensional design is sleek and trendy, and can hold special gears and controllers. The side saddle compartments and well-padded holsters and pockets can hold headsets, mobile, bottles, cables and other accessories.

The gaming backpack comes with customizable slots and compartments. The shoulder straps and back panels have good ventilation and light padding to prevent any strain on your back, neck or shoulders while you carry it around. It also allows equal weight distribution and provide shock proofing.


  • Protective and sturdy, durable design.
  • Customizable slots and pockets.
  • Structured and waterproof exterior.
  • Durable and comfortable.


  • Not compatible with other gaming consoles besides PS4.

16. Fashion Laptop Backpack Contains Multi-Function Pockets, Tocode Durable Travel Backpack with USB Charging Port

Tocode gaming backpack is a multi-functional and versatile product that can be used for office, school, sports, travelling and storing gaming consoles. The modern and stylish design gives it an edgy look, and the high storage capacity makes it a great travel companion for long journeys as well as daily commutes. It helps you keep all your tech gear and valuables organized and easily accessible at all times.

Reinforced Exterior

The exterior has a reinforced stitching design to make the gaming backpack durable and sturdy. It won’t fall apart with long and repeated usage. The ergonomic and rugged top handle can carry heavy loads comfortably. The zippers come with an anti-theft lock for free to keep all your belongings safe and secure.

The shoulder straps are adjustable and help with weight distribution so that you don’t strain your back, neck or shoulders. It is very comfortable to wear, with breathable and comfortable exterior. The durable metal key rings can be used for water bottles and keys. The straps are present in the bottom as well to tighten and compress the backpack.

The exterior is waterproof and shockproof. It is made with oxford material with reinforced stitching that’s perfect for outdoors and daily commutes. The weight balance makes it lighter in weight. The exterior has a thick and breathable mesh padding that promotes steady ventilation and prevents moisture buildup.

Functional Design

The gaming backpack has a storage capacity of 35L. The main compartment can hold a laptop of 17inches or less, and is made with cellular elastic foam that prevents damage from falls and bumps. The three other functional compartments can be used for accessories and other tech gears. There are two mesh pockets for water bottle, mobile, umbrella or wallet. There are also small to medium sized internal pockets to keep everything organized, as well as an external USB 2.0 charging port with built in charging cable.


  • Functional pockets.
  • Sleek and modern look.
  • USB 2.0 charging port.
  • Breathable and water-resistant.


  • The chest strap is small.
  • Zipper is not as sturdy as the exterior.

17. MSI Urban Raider Gaming Laptop Backpack, Quick Access, Padded Mesh, Lightweight Polyester Exterior

The MSI Urban Raider gaming backpack is light weight and durable. It is made from high quality polyester fabric that makes the backpack resistant to wear and tear, and waterproof and dustproof. It is versatile and keeps your tech gear and other valuables safe and secure in all weathers. The shiny black exterior gives it a nice and sleek look with a stylish logo in the front and bright red accents. The edgy look combined with functionality and comfort makes it a great investment.

Key Features

The gaming backpack has a large padded compartment for small to medium sized laptops under 17 inches in length. Along with the main compartment, there are also several accessory slots to keep all the devices organized and easily accessible. You can store the mouse, keyboard, cables, wires, headphone and other small items within the backpack.

The side mesh pockets are great for carrying water bottles, and there’s a top quick access storage for small items. The gaming backpack also has a base pocket along with a trendy dragon logo rain bag cover to be used in wet weather conditions or dust. This also protects the exterior and the integrity of the backpack.

Durable and Comfortable

The gaming backpack has a sturdy top handle carrying strap that can bear heavy loads easily. It also has an adjustable chest strap for weight distribution and a roller luggage strap for airports. The back panel and shoulder straps have mesh lining to promote ventilation and prevent buildup of sweat and moisture.

It is padded to prevent the back, neck or shoulders from straining under the weight of the backpack. The padding also functions as shock absorbent by dissipating harmful forces that can damage the tech gear and laptop from bumps and falls. The exterior is tough and water and dust repellent.


  • Multiple pockets and good storage capacity.
  • Water and dust repellent.
  • Durable and high quality construction.
  • Sleek and stylish design with dragon logo on the front.


18. Fresion Laptop Backpack Travel Business Anti-Theft Large Capacity USB Charging Port College Backpack for Black 15.6” laptop 1 pack

Fresion is a well-known brand, famous for bags and backpacks in several designed and for multiple purposes. The gaming backpack by Fresion is designed with creative features and high quality for the comfort and convenience of gamers. It helps you keep all your tech gear and gaming consoles organized and easy to access at any time. Carry it around with you for parties, daily commutes, work or travel. The high quality and multiple safety and anti-theft features keep your valuables well protected at all times.

Storage Capacity

The gaming backpack comes with three main well-padded compartments. These compartments can be used for storage of laptop or PC under 15.6inches in length, along with clothes or sportswear and other tech devices. There is also a top zipper pocket for small accessories, one iPad pocket of 10 inches, seven inner slots to keep all your accessories organized and inner zip pockets.

The outer pockets include two small to medium sized slots on shoulder straps as well as two external pockets for mobile, wallet, keys and water bottle. The back pocket has concealed zipper and the exterior is cut proof which makes it an anti-theft backpack. Store your ID card, credit card and money in the back pocket without a worry.

Other Features

The gaming backpack has a removable USB cable which you can connect with a USB charger (not included). The exterior has a waterproof and dustproof construction and is made from high density, durable polyester oxford which is 600D leather film material.

It also has an addition polyester cotton lining along with padded shoulder straps that are adjustable to relieve stress and equally distribute the weight throughout the backpack. It has 26L capacity and a total of 18 pockets both externally and internally. The handle and zippers are heavy duty and reinforced straps are comfortable with a breathable mesh lining to prevent moisture buildup.


  • Durable and high quality construction.
  • Waterproof and highly functional.
  • Adjustable and breathable shoulder straps.
  • USB charging port.


  • Bottom doesn’t have enough padding.
  • Side pockets are too tight.

19. Laptop Backpack, Travel Laptop Backpack Anti-Theft College School Computer Bag w/USB Charging Port

This gaming backpack is truly versatile and comes with a lot of attractive features. It can be used for traveling, school, work, family, outdoors and for daily commutes. The high capacity along with travel friendly features, USB port, high storage capacity and dividers to keep everything organized, makes it a great investment for gamers. You can store laptop along with gaming consoles and other expensive tech gear securely.

Durable and Anti-Theft Exterior

The exterior of this gaming backpack is made from waterproof and durable, eco-friendly polyester fabric along with metal zippers that are heavy duty and sturdy. It also has reflective stripes and the material is fairly light in weight and easy to carry around. The light mesh lining is breathable and allows steady ventilation at all times. The top handle is foam padded to not cause any strain while lifting and the back panels and adjustable shoulder straps are also padded and breathable.

The gaming backpack comes with a durable metal shackle along with a concealed zipper design that makes it secure and reinforces the anti-theft features. The material is also shielding and cut proof. It also has built in USB charger outside with built in charging cable inside which is very convenient for long commutes and outdoors.

Storage Capacity

The gaming backpack has one large compartment for storing laptop along with three main pockets and 10 small to medium sized inner pockets. The two side mesh pockets are great for water bottles and energy drinks.

The multiple inner and outer pockets help you organize accessories and laptop gear in one place. It is great for carrying different cables, wires, mobile, chargers, pens, wallets, keys and headphone set. The material is scratchproof and well-padded to protect your belongings from bumps and falls.


  • High storage capacity with multiple compartments and pockets.
  • Anti-theft pockets.
  • Water-resistant exterior.
  • USB port with charging cable.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • It is not wide enough and can feel tight.

20. Para Digital Universal Gaming Backpack with headphone port plus Mesh Bag for Xbox One X/XB1S/Wii U/XB1/PS4/XB360/PS3

This is the ultimate gaming backpack with universal design that can be used to store and carry a number of gaming consoles and tech gear. It is compatible with PS3, PS4, Wii U, XB360, Xbox One X, XB1S, XB1 and other gaming consoles. It can also be used to store laptop and PC for daily use at work and long commutes. The exterior is well made with rugged design and the ability to withstand rough weather conditions. The gaming backpack offers maximum protection and keeps everything organized and easily accessible.

Storage Capacity

The gaming backpack has a large main compartment for gaming consoles and small to medium sized laptop. It has 3 console controller slots as well as external headphone port and 5 accessory pockets to keep everything well organized.

The backpack also has external pockets and two side pockets with mesh lining that are great to hold water bottles and energy drinks. The D-ring on the front can be used for water bottles, keychains or other small accessories.

Durability and Comfort

The compartments and console pocket are well padded and work as shock absorbent and impact resistant. They dissipate harmful forces and prevents damage to your precious tech gear. The shoulder straps and back panel have mesh lining to promote ventilation and prevent the buildup of moisture and sweat. They make the weight easy to carry by distributing is equally and preventing any strain to the back, neck or shoulders.

The gaming backpack is made with high quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear with repeated use. You can carry the gaming backpack comfortably for daily commutes, as well as for travels, work, office or parties. It can also be used for outdoor activities and camping. It stores all your valuables in one place, keeps them organized and easily accessible, and well protected against falls and bumps.


  • Compatible with multiple gaming consoles.
  • Offers maximum protection with cushioned pockets and compartments.
  • Durable and high quality.
  • Good capacity.


  • No chest or waist strap.

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