Best Full Body Massage Chairs

Recommendation No. 1
Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner with Bluetooth and Led Light, Blue and Khaki
  • 2020 Updating favor 03 plus: Add Bluetooth audio play and changing Led light, 6 auto modes, more functional and affordable.
  • Full Body Pain Relief: 8 massage neck back waist rollers, 50 airbags placed to the shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and feet, lower back heating, and foot roller massage, whole body massage covered.
  • Real Relax: One button zero-gravity design, feel virtually weightless, add Bluetooth speakers, Relax both in spirit and Physical.
  • Able to customize manual massage: Use the remote to set rollers and airbags massage specific body parts, 3 levels of speed, and strength, adjust the backrest up and down.
  • Comes with 2 boxes, easy to assemble, timer up to 30 minutes, height limit; 6.1 foot, weight limit: 400 pounds. Please check the chair’s size before buy.
Recommendation No. 2
Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat Therapy Air Massage System Stretch Vibrating for Home Office Living Room PS4,Black
  • ★【ADJUSTABLE MASSAGE CHAIR】: You can adjust the angle of the massage chair according to your needs. Speed control, width control, intensity control have 3 levels.Air massage pressure have 4 levels.Four massage points work together with other areas to provide a completely relaxing massage.Supports, neck, shoulder, waist, back, leg, and foot massage with heating(back and foot). Your heart can work less and you can relax more.
  • ★【AIR MASSAGE SYSTEM with HEAT THERAPY】: There are total 21 air bags which are strategically located in the arms, hips, shoulder, thighs, calves, and feet. Combined with heat therapy system(back and foot), your muscles and joints will recover faster with increased blood circulation and less pain and aches.Multiple Air bag for your hip and your waist line which inflates for compression massage to align lower back and pelvis area.
  • ★【COMPUTERIZED BODY SCANNING】:Smart body scan technology scans your body to detect your body size for individual custom fit massage.Built-in sensor automatically measure the length of spine and knows where to massage. 11 signal tset switch and holt sensor work tegther to test user’s body height and up/down distance of massage machine for massage range.Automatically adjust massage intensity according to user’s body weight.Allow the massage chair to fit perfectly different figure.
  • ★【FUNCTIONAL DIVERSITY】:7 Massage Modes: kneading, tapping, stretching ,shiatsu, combo,air pressure,heating .9 preset auto massage programs have different massage methods to give you the best massage experience.Including special stretching programs for full body stretching are suitable for most,but you can also choose manual massage functions to control your own massage.
  • ★【What You Will Got】We guarantee that you will like this massage chair. If you are not satisfied with this massage chair, please contact us and we will be happy to give you a 100% refund! If you have any questions for massage chari, please feel free to ask!
Recommendation No. 3
Nager Electric Massage Chair Massage Sofa Zero Gravity Recliner Full Body Shiatsu Massage with Heat, Khaki
  • 【NOTE!】The chair are packed in 2 different boxes and the delivery time could also be different. Please wait 1-2 more days if you only received 1 package. Please read the instructions carefully before assembling the massage chair. The foot part of this massage chair is designed with airbags and protrusions with heat, without rolling massage balls.
  • 【Warranty Policy】We provide free replacement parts and guide maintenance, but due to the large size of the product and the expensive shipping cost, we do not accept unreasonable return or exchange. Please consider carefully before placing an order, thank you for your cooperation.
  • 【Full Body Massage】14 round fixed massage, eight massage points inside of the backrest with other areas provides a complete massage to comfort and relax from head to toe. Deep Stimulation, Relieves Exhaustion, promoting blood circulation and improve metabolism.
  • 【High Quality Materials】Made by Top-Grade leather to ensure a soft and comfortable surface; Equipped with heater inside of the seat; Airbag on both shoulder and arm part; Full wrap leg airbag massage to help release pressures and painful of body.
  • 【Advanced Design】Newest Zero Gravitation Design will let you feel fully relaxed, both physically and mentally. Zero-gravity, pressure, vibration and the entire massage airbags as well as heating will provide you an enjoyable professional level of massage.

If you lead a stressful lifestyle or you like to relax when you get home from work, then it might be time to look into the many benefits of a massage chair. While your lounge suite is probably suitable for everyday use, there’s nothing quite like getting home from a labor-intensive job, putting your feet up, and experiencing unparalleled relief from pain, and comfort, thanks to a massage chair.

If you’ve decided that life is for living and you have to be comfortable, then it’s time to go shopping for a new chair with massaging features. Before long, you are sure to come across at least a dozen options to pique your curiosity and have you reaching for your wallet. However, it pays to realize that each massage chair has a different set of features. Therefore, you need to do your research to find the right one for your needs.

If you look at these options below, you’re sure to find there is at least one which will tick all the boxes for both your comfort and your pain relief.

9. Kahuna Full Body Massage Chair with Yoga and Heating Therapy

Who would have thought that it would be possible to own a massage chair that can help you to do yoga as well? While this chair is designed to be one of the most luxurious massage chairs on the market, it’s also packed full of other convenient features too.

It’s made of synthetic leather, has a timer button for massage sessions of up to half an hour, and also comes with airbags and a remote as well. However, there’s so much more to this chair than meets the eye.

It scans your body with Smart Body Scan technology to ensure the massage settings are right for you, offers three stages of gravity, and six different programs as well. What’s more, it enables you to carry out yoga programs on this chair, while featuring dual foot rollers to make the process far more comfortable too. These rollers are both detachable and easy to clean.

If you want heat therapy, this chair ticks all the boxes here too. You can make various adjustments to the settings on the remote to find the perfect massage position for your requirements. There’s everything to love about this massage chair, so it’s well worth closer inspection.

8. Mr Direct Electric Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair Recliner

If you’re in the market for a new massage chair, but you’re not interested in paying top dollar for it, then it might be time to consider this one from Mr Direct. While it’s very well made, luxurious and premium in quality, it also has a very competitive price tag. What’s more, it’s packed full of features you’re bound to enjoy on a daily basis.

You can benefit from 35 different airbags around your legs, arms, shoulder area and back, as well as eight central massage points as well. Both the airbags and massaging points work together to give you a full body massage. It also has preset massage programs that enable you to choose the massage experience you prefer, rather than having to find your favorite settings every time.

Aside from the technological advancements that make this massage chair useful for pain and stress relief, there are also many other convenient features on offer. You can extend the footrests if you are taller than average, it has a zero-gravity design, and even comes with an HD VFD display screen as well. You will find this massage chair covers all of your needs perfectly.

7. BestMassage Full Body Massage Chair Recliner Stretched Foot Rest

Working full time – either at a desk or in a labor-intensive job, can take its toll on your body, especially if you don’t get to come home to a massage chair. If you’re serious about treating yourself to something to relax you at night, then this chair from BestMassage could be the answer.

Not only is it competitively priced for all, but it’s packed full of convenient features that offer value for money. Designed as a shiatsu massage chair, it’s designed to reduce muscle stress and fatigue while rejuvenating your body and mind. What’s more, it also helps to improve your mobility, posture, and flexibility as well. Who would have thought a massage chair could provide all that?

To further accommodate your comfort, this massage chair also comes with more than 30 airbags, a heat therapy system, a neck massage feature and a roller system. As a result, every part of your body, while sitting in the chair, can get a full massage experience. While you may not have been in a hurry to get home to your standard sofa, you’ll be running home to sit in a luxurious massage chair.

6. Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

If your lounge suite is black leather, there’s every reason to purchase this massage chair to match. With high-quality, soft, and black upholstery, it will tie into your lounge suite like it has always been there. However, the design factor is just one of many features of this chair.

It has a zero-gravity design, enables you to feel entirely relaxed, and massages your body from neck to legs whenever you require it. It can achieve this thanks to the various massage points in the headrest and throughout the chair. If your muscles are tight, your body is fatigued, or you’re tense all over, you will find that the massage components coupled with the heating function will more than satisfy your requirements.

Sit in the chair, turn on the heat and massage function, and get ready to experience unparalleled comfort. When your TV show is over, and it’s time for bed, you can then head off to sleep knowing your body is sufficiently relaxed and comfortable. When you purchase this massage chair, you will be more than impressed by everything it has to offer.

5. Real Relax Full Body Massage Recliner Chair

Before you settle for a standard lounger, consider how beneficial a new massage chair could be. This one from Real Relax is going to impress all who view. It features a sleek premium design, eight massage rollers including foot rollers, and 50 airbags around the seat, legs, shoulders, and arms as well. As a result, your entire body can benefit from a real massage experience.

However, the benefits don’t end there. When you purchase this massage chair, you will notice a difference in your stress levels, muscles, and even your pain levels. You can come home from work, sink down into the comforts of the luxurious recliner, then use the remote to choose your favorite settings. Then, you benefit from loosened muscles, reduced stress levels, and better blood circulation and metabolism thanks to the built-in waist heater.

With a three-year warranty, a detailed user manual to put the chair together in less than half an hour and an installation video, you can be enjoying your new chair in no time.

4. Official-Medical Breakthrough 4 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner

If you only want the best when it comes to the health of you and your family, then there’s every reason to consider purchasing this massage chair from Official-Medical Breakthrough. Designed by pain specialists, doctors, surgeons and chiropractors, it’s the crème de la crème of massage chairs on the market.

Given its premium status, you would think the price tag of this chair would be out of the question, but you’ll be surprised at how competitively priced it is. What’s more, for that low price tag, you get an abundance of features that help to make your relaxation time something special.

You can adjust the chair’s aspect, choose from different massage types, and benefit from a body scan as well. When you sit down, the chair scans your body to help select the best massaging positions for your needs. With its zero-gravity system, it then balances your body weight to suit the massage rollers, ensuring it targets all the right areas.

The massage experience doesn’t end with only rollers either. This chair also features airbags which help to stretch your back muscles, relieve tight muscles, and boost your overall spinal health. When you choose this chair, you are choosing one that has been designed and recommended by many health professionals. Therefore, there’s every reason to consider purchasing it today.

3. ORKAN Zero-Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Headset

Akin to something from the future, this high-tech massage chair from ORKAN will become a firm favorite in your household in no time. If you suffer from back pain, stress, tight muscles or tension, then there’s every reason to sit back, relax, and let this chair work its magic.

When you first receive this chair, you will find that it’s straightforward to put together. Add the leg rest with one tool, then benefit from a seamless installation process to add it to your living room. All the hard work has been done for you. When you sit in it, you will also be amazed at how many features it has to offer. It has airbags on both shoulders and arms, full wrap airbags around your leg area, and 14 different massage options as well. It can add pressure, vibrate, massage the airbags, and provide you with an overall enjoyable experience.

While the massage from this chair feels exceptional, it’s also beneficial for your health. You receive a full body massage which can help to relieve your exhaustion or fatigue as well as promoting better blood circulation as well.

If the daily toil of work has you feeling sore and uncomfortable, it might be time to take a closer look at this massage chair from ORKAN.

2. Kahuna Superior Massage Chair, New SL-Track, with 6 Rollers

If you’re a sportsperson, love yoga, experience immense pain or have general tension, you may find this massage chair from Kahuna Massage Chairs ticks all the boxes for you. Designed to cater to a broad group of people while being competitively priced on the market, it’s a chair that’s bound to meet the mark for most people.

It features triple hip airbags to promote better mobility, comes with a two-year warranty for your peace of mind when making a large purchase, and the remote has even seen upgrades since the previous chair model. In essence, it’s a massage chair that has seen several advancements to become a popular option on the market.

When you desire comfort and relief, that’s precisely what this chair delivers. It has nine different automatic programs to suit various people and provides a unique massage experience every time. Some of these programs are even designed to cater to yoga stretches, recovery, pain relief, athletes, relaxation, and more.

Whether you work in an office, on the football field or in a labor-intensive job, this massage chair will fit well into your living room. Don’t live in pain and discomfort. Instead, invest in a chair that can have your muscles feeling looser and your body feeling nimbler than ever before.

1. Luraco iRobotics 7 Chocolate Brown Medical Massage Chair

If you don’t trust massage chairs because you don’t feel they’ve been researched or developed enough, then it might be time to dig deeper into this massage chair from Luraco iRobots. When it comes to your health, you need to be sure that any products you use are going to be beneficial rather than dangerous – especially when it comes to spinal health. This massage chair is the only FDA, and UL listed chair that has been approved for safety and use.

It has been thoroughly researched, assembled and developed right here in the United States and also features some of the most technologically advanced features as well. In essence, it’s a chair that’s going to benefit your health and comfort in so many ways.

You can choose from chocolate brown, black, or cream, select from the various intensity and massage types, and even benefit from an easy-to-use smart-touch remote as well. What’s more, if your family like to use this chair too, you can all have different memory settings, so you never have to play around to get the setting you like the best.

If you want a comfortable place to relax or you’re in pain from an injury or strain, you’ll find this approved massage chair could tick all the boxes for your family.

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