Best Floating Water Mats for Kids and Adults

Recommendation No. 1
Rubber Dockie 18x6-Feet Floating Mat
279 Customer Reviews
Rubber Dockie 18x6-Feet Floating Mat
  • SUPERIOR SAFETY: We use a bold and highly visible green and orange color combination to provide the ultimate visibility in high traffic areas
  • TEAR PROOF: Our Tear-Stop inner matrix prevents full length lacerations
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The TUFF-HIDE outer layer provides protection from everyday use while remaining easy on the skin
  • INCLUDED: 12 feet Elastic Bungee Tether to Anchor the Dockie to Docks or Other Stationary Objects, a Pair of Custom Loop and Hook Storage Straps with Metal Buckles
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
Recommendation No. 2
Goplus Floating Water Pad for Water Recreation and Relaxing, Tear-Resistant XPE Foam Floating Mat for Pool, Beach, Ocean, Lake (9' x 6' x 1.5' Yellow)
33 Customer Reviews
Goplus Floating Water Pad for Water Recreation and Relaxing, Tear-Resistant XPE Foam Floating Mat for Pool, Beach, Ocean, Lake (9' x 6' x 1.5" Yellow)
  • 🌊Three-layer Tear-resistant XPE Foam -- Our floating water pad is made up of three layers of tear-proof XPE foam, which is of good quality, does not absorb water and is not easily deformed. This environmentally friendly material is odorless, bouncy, safe, and smooth surface can make you more comfortable.
  • 🌊Rolling Pillow Designed for Relaxation -- Rolled up rolling sleeper design allows to reasonably support your head area and relax your body. You can lie comfortably on top to enjoy life and release stress. It can bring you cool and fun on a hot summer day.
  • 🌊Convenient to Roll up and Store -- this floating water pad is lightweight and easy to handle. Two straps are included to help secure the floating pad after rolling up, which is convenient to carry and store. When not need it, you can store it in a small area without taking much room.
  • 🌊Easy to Anchor & Clean -- Our floating pad can support large weight and is suitable for 3-5 people. You can use two 4.9’ bungee tethers to secure the floating pad to a dock or other fixed object. And the smooth surface brings more coolness and makes easy to clean.
  • 🌊Enjoy Fun on the Water -- Our floating pad is perfect for entertaining and relaxing in water parks, lakes, beaches and the sea. It is the best gift for parents, children and friends to have fun. You can use it for water games, parties, vacations.
Discount: 42%Recommendation No. 3
Fun Float Floating Water Mat, 9x6 feet, Swimming Island,Aqua Pad,Used in Lake,Pool,on Beach,for Relax, Vacation,Water Activities,Sports,Recreations,Parties,with Mooring Device,Rolled Packed, L-PWB
17 Customer Reviews
Fun Float Floating Water Mat, 9x6 feet, Swimming Island,Aqua Pad,Used in Lake,Pool,on Beach,for Relax, Vacation,Water Activities,Sports,Recreations,Parties,with Mooring Device,Rolled Packed, L-PWB
  • 【WALKING ON WATER】It is really a fun to spend some time on water with your family or friends, especially in summer. This 9 FEET x 6 FEET floating mat, provided by Fun Float, or you may call it LILY PAD or AQUA ISLAND, could enable you and your family or friends to have activities, water sports, recreations, relaxation and even have party on water. When you are planning a summer vacation outdoor on a BEACH or to a LAKE, our floating pad could provide you lots of floating fun.
  • 【CONVENIENT USE】 our floating mat could be used ANYWHERE. Wherever you’re having a time on the BEACH, by side of a LAEK or a RIVER, or in the POOL at your backyard, you do not require any other floatation device or air (not inflatable – maui mat floats without the hassle of an air pump, NO PUNCHTURE worries); This big and durable aqua lily pad comes with a banding belt with buckle and heavy-duty MOORING DEVICE easily anchored your BOAT or DOCK; you just untie and throw it onto water, and enjoy
  • 【SAFE & DURABLE】 this lily pad is made of high density cell foam and high tensile strength center core material; it is TRIPLE layered in three colors – PINK, WHITE and BLUE, measuring 1.38 INCH THICK; Tear-Stop nylon inner rebar matrix enhances the safety and duration; This float mat is strong enough for multiple kids and adults to have fun at one time. KIDS MUST BE WATCHED AND GUARDED BY ADULT(S) WHEN USING THIS WATER FLOATING MAT.
  • 【INSIDE PACKAGE】 the water pad is rolled and fastened by a nylon banding belt with buckle in a carton, easy for setup, storage, takedown and transportation. Besides, inside the package, there are (1) mooring device, you can use it to anchor the floating mat to your boat or dock; (2) pillow DIY belts, you could create a pillow at end of the mat, lying your head (or your feet) on the pillow for rest with more fun.

No summer holiday or waterfront fun is complete without floating water mats. Floating water mat is fun, versatile and easy-to-use inflatables that make time in the water that much more enjoyable. They come in all shapes and sizes, with all different price tags, and many are versatile to be used in a range of situations.

From being a lounger to relax in the water, to providing safe passage from a boat to the shore or vice versa, they are a popular option for those who enjoy spending time on the water. The aim of water mats is to be as robust and as flexible as possible. They are stable to walk or lie on, inflate and deflate quickly, and are made of heavy-duty PVC or foam.

Some even enable you to connect them to other floating water mats to make one large mat. You can also use them as a launching pad in the water. The options are truly endless for how to use floating water mats.

If you love water and want to make the most of your time in it, then consider one of the nine options below. You are sure to find a floating water mat that more than ticks all the boxes for you and your friends.

9. Aquaglide Sun Seeker Floating Water Mat

If you’re gearing up for summer fun on the water, then don’t forget to arm yourself with floating water mats. While spending time on the lake or at the beach is fun on its own, when you add a floating water mat to the occasion, it’s an entirely different experience.

This Aquaglide floating water mat will more than meet your requirements. It’s affordable for many people looking to add to their recreational experience, and it’s large enough for four adults to stand or lie on. Walk on it, rest on it, or play on it, the options are endless for what you can do with this mat.

Made of heavy-duty PVC to withstand harsh water conditions, you will be more than impressed by the robustness of this mat. It’s built to last, is quick to inflate and deflate, and you can even connect it with a zip to several other floating water mats. Build a platform and enjoy time with friends and family in the center of the lake.

What’s more, this mat can also be used as a walkway from one boat to the next, to the shore, or as a launching pad for watersports. Stable, fun, and affordable, there’s not much else you could ask for in a floating water mat.

8. Fun Float Floating Water Mat with Mooring Device, Rolled Package

Most floating water mats on the market are inflatable. While this enables them to float rather than sink, it doesn’t give you much confidence when it comes to hidden obstacles in the water that could puncture your mat at any time. If this is a concern for you, consider these floating water mats from Fun Float.

Unlike other water mats on the market that are made of PVC, these mats are made from high-density foam with a high-tensile and strong center core. They require no maintenance, no patching, and even remove the worry of making sure you don’t scrape them on rocks or other surfaces.

Tow it behind a boat, sunbathe on it on the lake, or sit on it with friends and family during a floating water party. The options are endless for the fun these floating water mats from Fun Float offer. What’s more, they have an anchor system, are UV protected, and roll up into a convenient bundle that takes up virtually no room in your boat or car.

When you need to use it, just unroll it, roll it in reverse to remove the kinks, and give it some time to return to full buoyancy. In only a few minutes you can then be sunning yourself on the lake, at the beach, or on the river. It’s a fun, cost-effective way to enjoy the water during the summer months.

7. Fun Float Floating Pool Bed for Outdoor Relaxing, Swimming, or Pool

Not all floating water mats are designed to make you comfortable while you use them, but this one from Fun Float is. Made from vinyl-coated closed-cell foam, it features a headrest, a skid-proof surface to stop you sliding off, and comfort galore.

Whether you sit on it or lie on it, you will find that this easy-to-clean water mat will more than satisfy your needs when you wish to relax on the water. The material is resistant to sunlight, moisture, mildew, and chlorine, and the vinyl coating ensures it’s quick to clean after each use.

What’s more, these Fun Float floating water mats can be used in many different ways. Enjoy them at the pool, at the lake, on the boat, or even during a yoga class. Just roll them up after each use then roll them out again. They’re compact, take up minimal space, come in a range of color options and are affordable. There is every reason to consider buying these floating water mats today.

6. Rubber Dockie Floating Water Mat Pad

Aside from the clever play on words, these floating water mats from Rubber Dockie have a lot to offer any family. As they are both affordable and suitable for every member of the family, they are a popular option throughout America and further afield.

These vibrant floating water mat pads are made from 2-ply closed-cell foam with a tough exterior and an even tougher interior. They are designed to withstand the pressures of everyday use, while deflecting dirt and grime from being outdoors, as well.

If you’re worried about the wear and tear of these floating water mats, don’t be. Due to the exceptional membrane treatment and tear stop technology, the risk of lacerations, tears, rips, and punctures is minimal.

All you need to worry about is having a good time with friends and family. Just unroll your high-visibility floating water mat pad, tether it to a stationary object or dock, and enjoy!

These floating water mats come with a bungee rope, custom loops, hook velcro straps and metal buckles. Get yours today and enjoy more fun in the sun!

5. Noodlemon Chillraft Floating Water Mat

If your summer holiday adventures are taking you to the waterfront, and there are plenty of people to entertain, you need floating water mats from Noodlemon. This chillraft is designed to entertain you, your family and friends for hours, and is considered a “floating island of fun.”

These floating water mats are made out of highly durable closed-cell foam with solid anchors that don’t pull out. Attach it to the dock, a boat, or another stationary item, and let the fun begin! You can run, jump, or just relax on it, and benefit from hours of fun in the sun.

What’s more, these robust floating water mats feature a weave texture that reduces the risk of dents, wear and tear, rips, or chips, and even have UV protection to prevent it from fading due to intense sunlight.

Using these floating water mats is simple. Just unroll it, let it settle, anchor it, and let the fun begin! Once you’re finished for the day, roll it back up and secure it in a boat or the trunk of a vehicle with ease.

4. Rave Sports Floating Water Mat

These 20-inch floating water mats are the gateway to a whole lot of fun on the water for your entire family. Not only do they provide hours of entertainment on their own, but once connected to a range of other Rave watersports equipment such as Splash Trax and Water Whoosh, you’ve got your own floating water paradise!

With a 2,000-pound weight limit, these floating water mats are also suitable for five adults or eight children. As such, you can take it with you on a family holiday, and no one has to miss out! It also has strong anchor points to attach to docks, boats and other stationary objects, keeping it safe and secure in the process.

These floating water mats are durable for many years, and you will be impressed by their structural integrity. They are made of commercial grade material and are suitable for use on the water as a wakeboard platform, a relaxing lounger, and even a slip and slide.

Whatever your plans this summer, be sure to look into floating water mats. They are sure to provide your family with hours of entertainment.

3. Kwik Tek Inflatable Floating Mat

If you want a party on the water, you’ll get all that and more with floating water mats from Kwik Tek. These revolutionary “Airhead Gang Planks” are designed to cater for you and five friends and are suitable for a range of activities.

Whether you want to relax on it, run, jump, or play, these floating water mats will deliver. They even have a zip on the sides so you can connect more than one together for the ultimate pool party!

What can often be a cause for concern when it comes to floating water mats is the durability, but that’s not a problem with these. Made of 30-gauge PVC, they are designed to handle the roughness of water, and everyday wear and tear as well.

It comes with four grommets so you can attach it to the dock or a boat, and it even has a reversible color scheme so you can choose to party on the white side or the blue side.

Whether you’re on the lake, the river, or in the swimming pool, you are sure to find these floating water mats will create hours of entertainment for you and your friends. Affordable, durable, and innovative what’s not to love?

2. Great River Hill Inflatable Floating Fitness Mat

Unlike anything on the market, these floating water mats will have you experiencing endless fun in no time. Large in size yet compact to store and affordable to buy, these mats tick a range of boxes for many consumers.

They are also very different to other floating water mats on the market in the respect that they cater for groups of people with handles around the outer edges, and they can be used for more than just water.

While they are fun and suitable to be docked up to the pier, a boat, or another object, they are also usable for yoga, and during balance exercises. They are floating water mats, but they are also exercise inflatable mats for home and commercial gyms as well.

What’s more, once they are no longer needed, they are easy and quick to deflate and store away. Just flatten them, fold or roll them, and put them away. There has never been a more convenient water mat, and it could be yours for a very competitive price tag.

1. Soistice Two-Person Swimming Pool Floating Mattress

Whether you own a pool or you’re heading to the lake, these floating water mats for two people should be added to your shopping list. Designed to cater to two people looking to relax in style, it’s a fashionable, reliable and cost-effective inflatable toy that will provide hours of entertainment in the water. It even has a see-through window on the headrest!

However, the durability of this floating mattress is a standout feature. It’s made of heavy-duty vinyl to handle wear and tear and even features wavy textures to ensure you can relax in comfort as well.

Being made of vinyl means it’s also easy to clean, dries quickly, and is easy to store. You just need to deflate it, wipe it dry, and fold it up for next time. What’s more, it’s not prone to mold or mildew as water can’t seep into the fabric.

When you go to use it again, you unfold it, reinflate it, and enjoy it once more! It’s a quick and easy process to use these floating water mats, and you’re sure to enjoy the competitive price tag that goes with it.

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