Best Safety Flammable Cabinets

Recommendation No. 1
Sandusky Lee SC300F Yellow Steel Safety Cabinet for Flammable Liquids, 1 Shelf, 2 Door Manual Close, 30 Gallon Capacity, 44"Height, 43"Width, 18"Depth
  • Safety cabinet can be used to store safety cans containing flammable liquids, with 30 gallon capacity
  • Double-wall 18 gauge welded steel construction with 1-1/2" air space for strength and to help reduce the risk of fire
  • Has two 2" vents with a fire arrestor and cap to help internal vapors escape and prevent liquids inside cabinet from igniting
  • Galvanized steel shelf with 500 lb. per shelf capacity adjusts in 2-1/2" increments to fit the height of stored items
  • Locking handle with three-point key lock to help secure contents and prevent unauthorized access
Recommendation No. 2
Mophorn Flammable Cabinet 17" x 17" x 18", Galvanized Steel Safety Cabinet, Adjustable Shelf Flammable Storage Cabinet, for Commercial Industrial and Home Use
  • 【KEEP-FIRE-AWAY CONSTRUCTION】- This safety cabinet adopts the double-walled cold-rolled steel with 1-1/2" air space for strength to reduce the risk of fires.
  • 【DURABLE MATERIAL】- The cabinet is made of galvanized steel, which is resistant to rust, dents, and certain chemicals. Keep a long service life.
  • 【SUPERIOR DETAIL DESIGN】- This inflammable cabinet is designed to ensure the safety use and make the full use of it. Leak-proof sump, locking system and vents keep everything secure.
  • 【WELDED STRUCTURE】- This cabinet features all-welded steel body (no rivets, no screws, no tack welds). This no riveted structure makes it robust and durable.
  • 【INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION】- This yellow hazardous storage obtains multiple international certifications, including ROHS, CE, explosion protection certificate and so on.
Recommendation No. 3
Sandusky Lee SC16F Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet in Yellow, 44" Height, 23" Width, 18" Length
  • Each shelf holds 500 lbs
  • Fits conveniently under counter tops fume hoods windows or other compact areas
  • Tough powder coat finish
  • Construction meets nfpa code 30 and osha standard 1910.106 for storage of class i ii and iii liquids
  • Ships with flammable keep fire away label

If you’re working with hazardous materials on a daily basis, or you’re looking for somewhere safe yet accessible to store your chemicals and other flammable liquids, you need a flammable cabinet.

In a standard home environment, it’s common to store cleaning products and other chemicals out of reach of children. Typically, they are kept on high shelves, or under the kitchen sink. While this is safe enough in a home environment, in a commercial or industrial setting, it’s recommended that all such hazardous and dangerous products be stored in a flammable cabinet.

Flammable cabinets come in five different colors, and these colors help to determine what is stored in them. They are commonly found in industrial and commercial businesses who deal with hazardous items. Most importantly, the majority of them are resistant to fire and acid to ensure those dangers within are kept safe. Yellow cabinets are for flammables, you store corrosive fluids in blue cabinets, white for waste, red is for combustibles, and silver cabinets are typically found in a laboratory environment.

Some flammable cabinets are made of double-walled steel, while others are made from polyethylene. You will also typically find that they either have sliding doors or hinged doors.

When you’re looking for a new flammable cabinet for either your industrial, commercial, or home environment, be sure to opt for one that meets both the National Fire Protection Association and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. You will find nine top-rated examples below.

9. Eagle Flammable Cabinet with One Manual Door

If your place of business requires the use of flammable liquids, you are sure to need a flammable cabinet to house them, and this Eagle cabinet could be the very answer. Made of 18-gauge galvanized steel, it’s built to resist rust, some chemicals, and dents and is double-walled to reduce the risk of a fire getting to the dangerous substances inside.

It’s yellow to show that it’s for flammable liquids, and is also powder-coated to look pristine for many years to come. Once you open the cabinet door, it’s clear to see this is a flammable cabinet of quality. It has a button latch and three-point key lock to keep it secure, it has adjustable shelves capable of handling up to 350 pounds in weight, and there is even space under the four-inch legs to encourage air flow for additional safety.

What’s more, the vents within this flammable cabinet have fire baffles to reduce the risk of fluid igniting during a fire, and it also has a ground connection to prevent static sparks. One of the most important things to look out for when you’re purchasing a flammable cabinet is its safety compliance, and you can rest assured this cabinet ticks all the boxes. It meets both OSHA and NFPA standards, giving you peace of mind that all flammable liquids can be stored away safely.

8. Eagle Workbench Flammable Liquids Safety Cabinet with Self-Closing Doors

If you’re looking for a flammable cabinet that meets NFPA and OSHA standards, all the while being affordable, this might be the cabinet you need. Designed to store flammable liquids safely, it features all the high-quality features you would expect a cabinet of this caliber to have.

It’s constructed of double-walled 18-gauge steel, offers self-closing doors, and even has capped vents.

When you want to be extra confident your flammable liquids are safe; this flammable cabinet will deliver. It locks securely with a three-point lock, has a leak-proof base, offers safety messages in three different languages, and even has a ground wire connection to ensure there is no static build-up.

Weighing in at 364 pounds, this heavy-duty and dependable flammable cabinet is capable of catering to 60 gallons of hazardous material.

This is ample for many different commercial and industrial situations. Affordable, safe, and with every precaution taken, there’s every reason to consider purchasing this flammable cabinet from Eagle.

7. Durham Approved Safety Flammable Cabinet

Whether you need to store flammable liquids away from the children in your home environment, or you have workplace requirements that require the storage of up to 12 gallons, this Durham flammable cabinet is a good option. Small, compact, yet robust and compliant, you are sure to find it suits your needs well.

It is made from 16-gauge steel, it’s double-walled to reduce the risk of a fire getting to the flammable liquids within, and it’s secure with a 3-point locking system and recessed paddle latch that locks as well. If you’re worried about leakage, don’t be, for this flammable cabinet has you covered. It features a 2-inch leak-proof base, has ventilation thanks to air vents that are bunged, and is designed to handle being damaged and knocked around thanks to the yellow powder coating.

It will sit securely in any home, industrial or commercial environment, and has robust shelves to handle many different flammable fluids with ease. This flammable cabinet is well worth inspecting if you’re in the market for a sturdy cabinet to store your flammable liquids safely.

6. Durham Flammable Cabinet with 2 Manual Doors

This Durham flammable cabinet with a manual closing door will tick all the boxes for your commercial or industrial workplace in need of an FM approved cabinet for the storage of flammable liquids. Not only does it keep them safe and locked away with a 3-point locking system and inset paddle latch, but it’s robust and hardy to withstand fire for a period of time, as well.

It’s made of 16-gauge steel, is double-walled, and has legs that allow ventilation to run underneath it. The door isn’t self-closing, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less capable of catering to your safety and security requirements.

It requires no assembly, is powder-coated yellow to show what it’s used for, and is capable of withstanding rust, scratches, and dents with ease. What’s more, it has a leak-proof base that’s two inches deep and comes with one interior shelf to hold up to 30 gallons of flammable liquid. This flammable cabinet is also adjustable, with four-inch centers, and has all the necessary warning stickers to both warn and alert people to what’s inside. If you’re in need of a compliant, robust, yet affordable flammable cabinet, consider this safety cabinet from Durham.

5. Eagle Safety Flammable Cabinet with 2 Manual Doors

Most industrial and commercial businesses are required to have a flammable cabinet if they will be using flammable liquids, or have any on site. Not only is it for the protection of staff and the general public, but it’s so in the case of a fire, those flammable liquids are protected – thus protecting your place of business.

If you’re in need of a flammable cabinet, consider this Eagle option which is available in 45, 60, or 90-gallon capacities. Each shelf within this NFPA and OSHA compliant cabinet is capable of holding up to 350 pounds, and the flammable cabinet itself is made of 18-gauge galvanized steel to handle all kinds of wear and tear. It’s powder-coated in yellow paint to identify what’s inside, and this coating also enables it to stand up to rust, scratches, some chemicals, and dents.

It has two doors that close manually, and these are kept securely shut with a button latch and three-point lock. Equally as beneficial are the hardy piano hinges that are stronger than standard hinges, as well as vents with fire baffles to reduce the risk of liquids from igniting. For further protection, this flammable cabinet is grounded to prevent sparks and has vents from which vapors can escape.

Keep the flammable cabinet level with adjustable feet, and ensure all staff knows what this cabinet means with alerts and warnings in three languages. This flammable cabinet could be precisely what you need in your commercial or industrial workplace.

4. Justrite Sure-Grip EX Flammable Safety Cabinet

At home or work, this flammable cabinet from Justrite will make your storage of flammable liquids a far safer experience. This cabinet, in particular, can be a standalone unit, or it can be placed alongside larger Justrite cabinets for additional storage space.

It’s tall and narrow, which means it fits into the smallest of gaps, and it’s well-priced in comparison to the space on offer. It also comes with three shelves, can hold 22 gallons of flammable liquids, and does so with your safety to the fore.

This OSHA and NFPA certified cabinet is built from highly durable 18-gauge steel, is double walled to protect the contents from fire, and has self-latching doors, as well. When you need to close the cabinet, it locks up with ease thanks to the three-point latching system and U-LOC handle with cylinder lock which is not only durable but fail-safe.

If you find yourself in a hazardous situation, such as a fire or power cut, your flammable cabinet will be highly visible to all. When shined with a torch, the reflective warning signs show up vibrantly, and the powder-coated paint stands out, as well.

For additional peace of mind, this flammable cabinet has a bottom sump for leaks, has flame arresters within the dual vents, is grounded, and has chemical resistance thanks to the epoxy powder-coat. What’s more, if a fusible link melts due to fire, the self-closing models will shut and lock automatically. This safe flammable cabinet is well worth considering for the safety of your team or family.

3. Eagle 1992 Safety Flammable Cabinet

This small and compact flammable cabinet could be the very thing your workplace or garage needs to store flammable liquids safely and securely. Its two shelves can hold 90 gallons of flammable material, and it’s made of 18-gauge galvanized steel to protect it well. This flammable cabinet is also resistant to rust, dents, some chemicals, and scratches to ensure it remains in premium condition for as long as you need it to.

Being double-walled, it also adds an additional layer of protection from fire, and it’s OSHA and NFPA certified for your peace of mind and insurance requirements. The shelves are adjustable and can support 350 pounds of weight each, and it even has vents that stop vapors from building up inside. However, the door’s sill is designed to be two inches high, and this helps to keep moisture out.

To further enhance the safety aspect and reduce the risk of fire reaching flammable liquids, this flammable cabinet is grounded and has vents with fire baffles as well. As such, all aspects are covered when it comes to making sure flammable liquids are safe in emergency situations. There are also warning labels in three languages which helps staff understand what’s inside.

This cabinet is affordable, durable and safe, and is well worth considering for the storage of your flammable goods.

2. Justrite One Sliding Door Self Close BiFold Flammable Cabinet

Whether you’re storing flammable liquids in a home or business environment, or you need a flammable cabinet for a laboratory, this gray safety cabinet from Justrite could be… just right.

It’s made of steel, has a self-close sliding door for your safety, and offers 45 gallons of space for all your dangerous substances. This flammables cabinet also has two adjustable shelves, suits any garage, commercial or industrial environment well, and is priced affordably on the market too.

This flammable cabinet meets all safety requirements, is powder coated to protect it from dents, scratches, rust and wear and tear, and is also grounded to prevent sparks. You can also benefit from peace of mind that it has a recessed 3-point lock, and can be locked securely with ease. There’s every reason to consider this Justrite flammable cabinet.

1. Eagle ADD-15 Stackable Safety Flammable Cabinet

This stackable flammable cabinet from Eagle is going to suit most business owners’ needs perfectly. Not only can it be stacked on a bench or another safety cabinet, but even its small size doesn’t mean it’s any less capable of catering to the safe storage of your hazardous fluids and materials.

It can house up to 15 gallons of flammable liquid, is made of robust 18-gauge steel, and is resistant to rust, dents, scratches and some chemicals as well. Its yellow powder coating also helps give it additional protection, all the while allowing it to stand out.

If safety is a big priority for you and your business, this flammable cabinet has you covered. It has robust hinges, a button latch, a three-point key lock, and even has warning signs in three different languages. Being double-walled, it has additional protection from fire, and it’s grounded to prevent static sparks too. Every feature of this stackable flammable cabinet is high-quality and convenient, so why not find out whether this is the perfect cabinet for you?

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