Best Fishing Shirts

Recommendation No. 1
Hanes Men's Long Sleeve Cool Dri T-Shirt UPF 50+, Large, 2 Pack ,Light Blue
  • Rapid-dry interlock jersey knit wicks away moisture to keep you cool and dry
  • Contemporary fit
  • 50+ UPF rating provides excellent protection against harmful UV rays
  • Double-needle stitching in neck, sleeves and bottom hem for added durability
  • All the comfort of Hanes with our famous tag-free neckline
Recommendation No. 2
Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II Short Sleeve Shirt, Gulf Stream, Large
  • SUN PROTECTION: Columbia's signature Omni-Shade UPF 30 fabric blocks UVA and UBA ray to help prevent sunburn and longter skin damage during long hours in the sun.
  • HANDY FEATURES: This men's Columbia PFG Bahama short sleeve fishing shirt features two handy chest pockets with velcro closure for conveinent storing.
  • COMFORT & BREATHABILITY: This short sleeve fishing shirt features hidden vents at shoulders and 100% nylon quick dry fabric for ultimate breathability and comfort.
  • RELAXED FIT: This men's Columbia PFG short sleeve shirt features a relaxed, lightweight fit for maximum comfort during fishing activities
  • Columbia's PFG Bahama II Short Sleeve shirt is the ultimate accessory to day out on the water.
Recommendation No. 3
BALEAF Men's UPF 50+ Sun Protection Shirts Long Sleeve Dri Fit SPF T-Shirts Lightweight Fishing Hiking Running Blue Size L
  • 【Sun Protection】Rating UPF 50+ protects your skin from the sun's harmful UVA/UVB rays
  • 【Ultra Breathable】Technical Non see through fabric wicks moisture away from your skin, breathes freely and dries quickly for cool comfort
  • 【No Chafe】Flatlock seamlines minimize and no tag collar reduce chafing and increase comfort
  • 【Relax Fit】Baleaf shirts is lightweight and fitted without being too tight. Raglan sleeves provide fullRange of motion
  • 【Occasion】Great for a day of athletic workout,fishing, sailing, swimming, hiking and any other of your men's favorite sports

Do you love to spend your time in outdoor activities? If yes, you sure know how much difference your dressing material can make! And when considering going out for a fishing trip, what you wear needs more attention than ever!

In this article, the focus would be on fishing shirts which are not only suitable for avid fishers but can be perfect attire for any other outdoor activities too!

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A Fishing Shirt vs. a Normal Shirt

But the concept of getting a fishing shirt may sound fishy to some. After all, one may wonder if at all, what’s the difference between a fishing shirt and a regular shirt? Well, let’s get into a bit of detail to understand the stark contrast between the two.

First of all, the material used to design a fishing shirt are unique. The basis of choosing the fabric for a fishing shirt revolves around its weight, sweat absorption, quickness of drying, fabric durability, and quality of the dye, etc.

The bottom line is your fishing shirt carries much more burden than a standard shirt would. So, it needs to be sturdy, durable, and possess a higher capacity to survive in unfavorable weather conditions while providing you the maximum possible comfort.

Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect fishing shirt, but once you go through this article, you’ll pretty much have a better idea of which kind of fishing shirt is the most suitable for you.

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Types of Fishing Shirts

The best fishing shirts come in both short sleeve and long sleeve designs, and yet it is the material of the shirt, which plays a significant role while picking the right product for yourself.

Based on Style

The long sleeve shirt doesn’t have any buttons, pockets, or zips either. Their biggest asset is protecting you from the scorching heat of the sun and possible bruises from the wild bushes.

The other kind of fishing shirt is the button up style. Unlike the long sleeve fishing shirt, this one has pockets and comes with more breathing space. But it never compromises on the features like sweat absorption, lightweight, and safeguarding from the soaring temperatures.

Based on Material

When considering the types of fabric, the fishing shirts are either made with nylon or polyester. The nylon shirts are lightweight. Nylon is a synthetic material that qualifies as a sturdy outdoor material.

The polyester fabric is also synthetic but is a bit different from nylon in that polyester is more comfortable during summer or in usually hot locations. It absorbs the sweat more quickly, and the fabric doesn’t stick to the body.

Why Get a Fishing Shirt?

What goes without saying is that you can put on these shirts for any other outdoor occasion too. Having a good fishing shirt gives you an advantage over several things.

Protection from Heat

Fishing means spending lots and lots of time under the sun. This could result in the burning of your skin and other skin irritations. A fishing shirt is designed keeping this aspect in mind.

Especially the long sleeve shirts add a safe layer to your body. What’s more! They also come with different UPF sun protection that acts as a sunscreen.

Sweat Absorption

Heat and sweat are two sides of a coin. Imagine wearing something wet with your sweat and clinging all over the body. Well, a fishing shirt would make you forget that you could sweat!

Fishing shirts are manufactured with fabrics that soak up all the wetness quickly and keep your skin fresh and dry. Thus, they also minimize the chances of any skin problems, such as itching and rashes, etc.

Guards the Skin

A fishing location is not always smoothly accessible. At times, you’ve to cross the mountains, trek a lot, and deal with harsh thorny bushes to get your way. This is where the best fishing shirts come into play.

The fishing shirt material gives you extra protection from the possible cuts and bruises while their stitches and fabric are much more durable than a regular shirt which would end up getting torn within a minute.

Lightweight Fabric

All the sweat and heat may make you feel heavier and wear down your energy levels. But that’s not the case with these fantastic fishing shirts. Fishing shirts are exceptionally light and fit so well that they almost feel like a part of your body.

More Breathability

The fabrics in any superior quality fishing shirt are woven in such a way that they allow the air to pass through easily. In other words, the shirt eases the ventilation process and helps the body stay cooler and more comfortable even in challenging physical environments.

Odor and Stain Proof

When it comes to the color and print stability, the fishing shirts have the upper hand over the usual daily wears. They are much resistant to stains and color fading. Due to their fabric style, fishing shirts also prevent the formation of odor and leave you with a refreshing feeling all the time. Apart from that, the washing and drying process is also quite more straightforward.

How to Pick the Best Fishing Shirt for You

You’ve got a basic idea about what distinguishes a fishing shirt from a regular shirt! We’ve also shared the unique features and perks of having a fishing shirt on your body. Now, it’s time to get down to the buying guide for you.

Fishing shirts come in plenty of styles, ranging from different kinds of fabrics to sleeve lengths, weight, and brands in the market. The selection of a fishing shirt largely depends on the specific needs of the user. What may be perfect for one person may not work out that well for someone else!

Let’s check out the factors to consider when finalizing a fishing shirt for yourself.

Weather Conditions

Nylons and polyester are high for cold weather. These materials may also be perfect for somewhat hot climatic conditions. However, for sweltering and humid temperatures, it is better to opt for fishing shirts made with cotton fabric.


The one thing you can’t compromise on is sun protection. Make sure your fishing shirt offers the ultimate UPF sun protection as you’re bound to spend long hours standing under the sun.

Personal Style

Preferring the comfort doesn’t always mean cutting short on your taste and style. Find out what looks best on you. This may include the fitting of the shirt, its sleeve length, collars, and pockets, etc. Once you dive into the research work, you’d be amazed to see the full range of styles in the market.

Comfortable Fabric

Style and looks are useless if you don’t feel comfortable in that fabric. While making a pick, choose the material wisely. It should have high absorption capacity and still feel lightweight. A good fishing shirt would be easy to wash and dry!

Waterproof and Stain Resistant

The idea of fishing itself is enough to give us a picture of water. Combining the heat of the sun and wetness of the water body is discomforting enough to imagine. Having a waterproof fishing shirt is a must for you. Don’t forget to check if it’s stain resistant too.

Branded Material

Whatever you choose, don’t go for something other than a branded material. Having a cheap item comes at a price. Look for a brand that guarantees all the necessary features and is worth every penny!

In this guide, you’ll learn about the best fishing shirt brands and the overall features they offer. So, let’s get started.

1. Koofin Men’s Performance Vented Fishing Shirt

Size and Design

If your next fishing trip has you fishing in the blazing sun, then you’ll want to buy this shirt. Designed to ensure that you remain relaxed and protected during a long day of fishing, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll love this shirt. Available in small, medium, large, XL, XXL, and 3XL sizes, This KOOFIN performance shirt provides seam free placement and a flatlock stitching to allow you to freely and easily move in a garment that fits closely but not tightly.

With its UPF 50+ shielding those harmful rays, you can rest assured that you’ll be protected during your daytime fishing outings. Built of an ultra-comfortable stretch-flex and lightweight fabric, this KOOFIN men’s performance shirt will keep you fresh through full length with its top mesh vent panels which allows enough airflow to pass through it. It also features mesh side vents to cool you down while still shielding you from the sun. It’s, therefore, the best shirt for feeling good, looking good, and shielding yourself from the elements.

Fabric Quality

Made from 90% polyester plus 10% Spandex Stretch-Flex Fabric, this shirt is designed for maximum airflow, so you keep calm while fishing in the sun and feel protected when the sun goes behind a cloud or two. Also, it’s lightweight and unbelievably soft.

Additional Features

In addition to its UPF 50+ sun protection, it’s also designed in such a way to move moisture away from your body and prevent overheating without being too loose or clingy. With its All Over Dye Sublimation Print, it will never fade or crack. As a machine washable shirt, it lacks underarm seams and has a stylish fading pattern. Besides, it’s stain resistant, anti-microbial, quick dry, and cooling technology.

Summary of the Key Features

  • Cool for fishing, running, hiking, swimming or any other outdoor activities and also comfortable on the body.
  • UPF 50+ Sun protection, quick dry, and cooling technology.
  • 90% polyester + 10% Spandex stretch –Flex Fabric, lightweight, very soft and breathable.
  • All-Over Dye Sublimation Print hence will never fade or crack.
  • Machine washable.

2. Columbia Bahama Sleeve Shirt

Size and Design

Adored by many people, Columbia PFG is specifically made with anglers in mind. Being the topmost choice for enjoying a day out in the water and sun, this unique shirt is not only comfortable but functional as well. Made of UPF 30 to shield you against harmful UVB  and UVA rays, long term skin damage, and sunburns, it’s one of the best shirts especially if you usually spend many hours in the sun.

Columbia’s long-sleeved shirt also comes in a variety of colors and sizes. To make sure that the size you’ve chosen is the best, you need to use their sizing chart and take measurements across the shoulders down to the sleeve.

For instance, for the sleeves, you need to start the measurement at the center back of your neck then measure across your shoulder down to the sleeve.  However, for the chest, you need to measure at the largest part of the area of the chest, under the armpits while ensuring that the tape measure is level and firm. Made specifically for the needs of anglers, this durable lightweight nylon shirt dries very fast.

It also has mesh-lined cap vents at the back of the shoulders to keep you cool and a UV protection that will ensure you are ready for anything. Plus, it features buttons at the arms that you can use to convert it to short sleeves during hot days. For convenient storing and roll up sleeves, it has two handy chest pockets with Velcro closure.

Fabric Quality

Made from 100% nylon, this unique shirt is not only lightweight but also dries quickly to ensure that you remain cool. What makes it special are the high-quality materials used to make it. This Men’s PFG shirt also has the unique UPF 30 fabric that helps to block the UVA rays to prevent sunburn and skin damage when under the sun for a long time. More so, it has a tight construction of weave with absorbent yarns to shield you from harmful UV rays.

Additional Features

Since it’s dry and comfortable, it’s been designed for active sports enthusiasts who are looking for a lightweight, comfortable and quick-drying option. If you are exposed to water splashing, rain or sweat, its quick-drying option can significantly help to boost your comfort. Since it’s a relaxed, lightweight fitting shirt, it’s the ultimate choice shirt for those casual days or any activity out of water.

Summary of the Key Features

  • 100% Nylon.
  • FM7048-316 closure
  • Its signature UPF 30 protects against UVA and UVA rays.
  • It comes with hidden vents for comfort and breathability.
  • Since its lightweight, it’s a very relaxed outfit.
  • Its OMNI SHADE shields you from UVA and UVB rays and protects from long term skin damage and sunburn.

3. Columbia Terminal Tackle Hoodie

Size and Design

One of the best ways to enjoy nature is to spend a day on the lake or inside a boat. If you are looking forward to staying dry and protected, then this Columbia’s Men’s Terminal Shirt will provide you with the best option.

For anglers who need high protection against UV rays, cold and water, these long sleeve hoodies offer exactly that. The Columbia Men’s Terminal Tackle has also been designed for any outdoor sports enthusiast who is looking for a lightweight, comfortable, and quick drying long sleeve shirt.

Apart from that, this hoodie is also designed with an ultra-wicking fabrication and a quick-drying technology that ensures you remain cool and comfortable while outside or inside water. It also comes with a high neckline for optimal coverage and streamlined hood that’s slim enough to layer, under a ball cap and a sun cap for complete coverage of your ears and neck.

Available in multiple sizes ranging from small to XXL it also comes in different colors including the bright beach, blue chill, cypress, collegiate navy, island orange, and green mamba. In addition to this, it features the legendary Columbia Logo and PFG branding on the sleeve and the chest.

Fabric Quality

As a high-performance hoodie, this shirt is manufactured from high quality 100% polyester fabric that has followed the highest manufacturing standards that will keep you comfortable on the water for long periods. To keep you dry and comfortable, it has both ultra-wicking fabrication and UPF 50 Protection.

More so, it features a Columbia Omni Shade sun protection technology and fabric that’s been engineered to shield you from both UVB and UVA rays. More so, its Omni- Wick can quickly move moisture from the skin into the fabric and spread it across the surface so that it can quickly evaporate.

Additional Features

If you want a stylish men’s hoodie shirt, then it’s among the best. Made with a comfortable, lightweight fit, it’s quite suitable for an outdoor enthusiast. It also has the ultimate moisture technology for the outdoors.

Summary of the Key Features

  • With its ultra-wicking fabrication and UPF 50, you will remain comfortable and dry for long.
  • It’s been manufactured with a comfortable fit to be lightweight, stylish, and quick for drying.
  • Its features a PFG branding and the legendary Columbia logo.
  • It has an Omni Shade sun protection technology and fabric that’s meant to block UVA and UVB rays.
  • It has the ultimate moisture technology for the outdoors.

4. Huk Men’s Icon Camo

Size and Design

Whether you are at work, on water, or just enjoying an outdoor activity, the HUK’S Men’s ¼ pullovers keep you comfortable all day long. As one of the most popular fishing shirts currently available in the market, HUK’S Men’s Icon shirt is a shirt worth buying. Any time you put on this rugged, comfortable sun blocking +30 UPF quarter zip shirt, you’ll be wearing a cloth that’s not only attractive but also built from a state of art fabric.

Just like all the other sportsmen, fishermen sweat a lot. Thankfully, this HUK’S antimicrobial treatment prevents and kills the odor-causing microorganism common among those who sweat a lot.

It also comes with a special stain release treatment that not only enables stains such as dirt, oil guts, and others to be easily washed away but also prevents oily substances from getting into it. More so, to regulate your body temperature it has mock neck, integrated underarm, and lower back mesh.

Fabric Quality

Made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex, it offers the best breathability, high-performance moisture transport, fast drying, and a UPF to protect you from harmful UV rays. HUK’S Men’s Icon Camo ¼ ZIP also features superior breathability to ensure that you remain dry and comfortable while inside water.

Additional Features

Its synthetic materials not only allow air to pass through but also contain water hating or hydrophobic quality within the fibers of the material to move the sweat to drier areas away from the skin to the exterior part of the clothing where it can be able to evaporate more easily.

Summary of the Key Features

  • Premium 90% polyester and 10% Spandex blend.
  • SBF protection from UV rays.
  • Advanced moisture transport.
  • Anti-microbial odor elimination.
  • Lower back vents and mesh under the arm.
  • Enhanced stain release innovation.
  • Superior cooling and breathability technology.
  • Excellent mild temperature outer layer.

5. Columbia Men’s Tamiami II Short Sleeve

Size and Design

Whether you are a professional angler or simply cherish spending some time in the water wearing a breathable, comfortable, and cooling short sleeve shirt can significantly improve your experience. Made for functionality and comfort while fishing or just enjoying the outdoors, this Columbia Men’s Tall Tamiami shirt comes with a sun-shielding fabric, wicking and versatile look hence making it the ideal shirt for any outdoor activity or fishing.

Featuring plenty of raw profile pockets and a rod holder, this unique shirt can significantly free up your hands while in water Since things can become messy while in water it has antimicrobial features to protect you from any bacterial growth.

Made for functionality and cool comfort over the long haul, this performance button-up shirt is made specifically for the outdoors. More so, its Omni Shade UPF 40 offers maximum protection for long in the sun.

Fabric Quality

Columbia Men’s Tamiami II Short Sleeve fishing shirt is made from ultra-light ripstop fabric that’s ideal for sun shielding and wicking. Made from 100% polyester material with an Omni Wick material, it has high-performance fabric that you’ll definitely enjoy using.

Additional Features

Columbia Men’s Tamiami II shirt also has an Omni Wick technology that actively breathes and pulls the moisture far away from your skin. As a modern classic fit, you will feel comfortable wearing it. Plus, it has a mesh-lined vent at the center back to ensure that it’s breathable.

Summary of the Key Features

  • 100% polyester.
  • Omni Wick technology that actively breathes and removes moisture away from your skin.
  • It has a mesh vent at the back.
  • It’s a modern classic fit.
  • Has antimicrobial treatment that protects it from any bacterial growth.

6. American Outdoorsman Men’s Long-Sleeve Fishing Shirt

Size and Design

If you are looking for a good shirt that will fit just well then this is the ideal fishing shirt to buy. This American Outdoorsman Men’s Long sleeve Fishing shirt will not only provide a great fit that will keep you dry but is also very comfortable whether its summer, winter, fall or spring.

With this shirt, you no longer have to deal with heavy loose, baggy shirts that make you look unpolished and sloppy. As a matter of fact, when you wear them, they will look as if they’ve been specifically tailored for your body. Coming in a variety of colors including stone ridge, dusk blue, raven and jungle green you not only have a variety of colors to choose from but also a range of sizes.

Since they’ve been designed to offer UPF 30 sun protection, they are ideal for a casual weekend out of fishing. Since you’ll be near water they are designed with a quick dry and moisture wicking properties. Coming in medium, large, extra-large and extra extra large, for breathability they’ve been made with rubber grommets and underarm eyelets.

Also, they come with 4 handy pockets that you can use to store your pocket knife, keys, impart items, wallet, and other items. Whether you fish, hunt, camp, shoot, you’ll realize that this is the perfect piece of clothing for your next adventure.

Fabric Quality

These shirts can also be described as the highest quality products made from the highest quality materials. Made from 96% cotton and 4% spandex they are created using a stretch ripstop fabric to ensure that they give your outdoor activities a fashion that will last.

Additional Features

They come with a pocket in the chest area that you can use to store other things. Apart from fitting well they also feel good when you put them on.

Summary of the Key Features

  • 96% cotton and 4% spandex.
  • Quick dry and moisture wicking.
  • UPF 30 Sun protection.
  • Underarm eyelets for breathability.
  • Four pockets in total.
  • Rubberized buttons and utility loop.
  • For extra durability and ease of movement, they’ve been built with stretch ripstop fabric.

7. Columbia Sportswear Big and Tall Bonehead

Size and Design

Although the fish might be smart, you’ll definitely realize that Columbia Sportswear Big and Tall Bonehead is smarter. Columbia Sportswear Big and Tall has a mesh-lined cap vent at the back shoulders which are meant to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your outdoor activity.

It also has a hook and loop at the collar tip that allows you to turn the collar up to protect your neck from the sun. For easy care, it’s machine wash warm and tumble dry. Coming in different colors and variety of sizes including medium, large, X large and XX large, this shirt will suit you just well.

The Columbia Sportswear Big and Tall Bonehead shirts are also nice and breathable without being see-through material. If you have other shirts around, you’ll notice that they are quite different. Although they absorb moisture, they do not show unless there is a lot of moisture. The good thing is that they air dry very quickly.

They also come in a variety of colors including Backcountry dark mountain, Fossil, gulf stream, key west, moxie, Skylar, sunlit, sunset red, thyme green, vivid blue, white cup, bright peach, collegiate navy, cypress, hydrangea, SAGE, clean green, island orange, commando, sorbet, salmon, spring, Miami, purple lotus, night tide, beet, cherry blossom, kelp, kettle, pond, tribal, wildwood green, opal blue, Valencia, blue heron, riptide, dark lime, deep marine, peach, satin pink and steel.

If you are buying them for the first time, you’ll definitely love them. They are, therefore, highly recommended for anyone who wants to stay cool and dry in the humid or hot working environment while remaining professional.

Fabric Quality

Made of 100% cotton poplin, this unique shirt provides features such as a hook and loop closed fly box pockets at the chest, loop and rod holder that frees up your hand and tool holder plus utility loop.

Additional Features

According to customers, everything about this shirt is just fine. It has deep pockets, generous cut, breathes well and wicks pretty well. More so, whether you iron them or not, they won’t look as if they’ve been slept on. You can also wash them on cold water and dry them on cool until they are dry before hanging them uncrowned. Having almost no wrinkles, you’ll definitely love them.

Summary of the Key Features

  • 100% cotton.
  • Vented in back shoulders.
  • Imported or made in the USA.
  • Has a rod holder on the chest.
  • Comes with a utility loop.

8. Piscifun Performance UPF Long Sleeve Fishing T-Shirt

Size and Design

Piscifun, the Best Buy fishing brand available on Amazon, brings this wonderful fishing t-shirt that makes for a perfect experience on every use. Available in six popular sizes from small to XXX-Large, there is a perfect fit for you.

The full-sleeves design of the t-shirt makes it the best summer merchandise and it won’t let you sweat out on those hot summer days. Available in a mix of white and blue shades, the t-shirt also features an attractive sports print on the shoulders to make it look more appealing.

It really makes for a perfect sunscreen alternative as it won’t just protect your body against scorching summer sun but won’t also leave you with that icy feel in the evening.

Fabric Quality

No matter how you want to use this fishing t-shirt from Piscifun, it’s going to deliver ultimate performance with its 100% polyester fabric. It dries out quickly and breathes enough to ensure you feel comfortable in it all the time.

The Omani-shade UPF 30 offers the protection you need during those long hours spent in the sun. The lightweight and super soft fabric ensure that the wind goes right through killing the heat from the scorching sun on hot summer days.

Additional Features

The Fishing T-shirt from Piscifun comes with a wonderful design and Omani-shade UPF 30 protection making it perfect to use anywhere, be it on a boat, at a beach, or even by the pool. It will comfortably keep you cool and covered throughout the day.

You can additionally use this wonderful t-shirt for different outdoor and indoor sports as well including cycling, soccer, racquetball, riding, golf, tennis, and boating. Even if you just want to keep yourself cool on a fishing day out, it will make your perfect companion.

Summary of the Key Features

  • Omani-shade UPF 30 protection
  • 100% Polyester fabric
  • Lightweight, soft, and comfortable design
  • Perfect for use in different sports on a hot day
  • Available in 6 different sizes to fit every need

9. Columbia Terminal Tackle

Size and Design

This wonderful long sleeves tee from Columbia men is available in a variety of amazing color options and features the best wicking design. The t-shirt is available in 5 different sizes and you can choose one that fits you snugly. From Small to XX-Large, choose whatever size you feel comfortable in.

Besides an amazing variety of colors, the t-shirt has a simple design overall with just the Columbian Men signature logo printed on the chest as well as the sleeve on the left side. Available in a classic fit, you can have perfect fitting no matter which size you choose for yourself. It will look gorgeous for sure.

Fabric Quality

Made with high quality 100% cotton fabric, this t-shirt uses advanced technology to ensure high performance no matter when and where you want to wear it. Columbia Men has used Omni-Wick wicking fabric in making this wonderful t-shirt in order to ensure high performance both in sun and water.

It breathes actively and pulls away from any moisture from your skin. It also comes with Omni-Shade UPF 50 sun protection to ensure that you have the coolest experience no matter how long you have to spend outdoors on those hot summer days.

Additional Features

This Columbia Men PFG Terminal Tee is made with quick-dry fabric that offers extreme breathability no matter what activity you are involved in. It will keep you cool and comfortable no matter if you are in the water or outside.

It offers UPF 50 sun protection and will make sure that you stay dry and comfortable no matter how long you have to wear it in the sun.

The t-shirt will work perfectly for you in a variety of different settings and activities you may like to perform on a daily basis. Whether you want something to add to your Fishing Gear or you want the best Tee to hit the gym, Columbia PFG has got you covered.

Summary of the Key Features

  • Omni-shade UPF 50 Sun Protection
  • 100% cotton fabric with advanced wicking technology
  • Offers extreme breathability in all sorts of activities
  • Perfect for a fishing day or any other activity
  • Available in a classic fit

10. Huk Subphantis Double Header

Size and Design

This Huk Subphantis Double Header Vented shirt is just tailor-made for those interested in performance fishing gear while making sure they don’t have to compromise on their stylish looks. Available in 6 different sizes from small to XXX-Large, the long sleeve t-shirt comes in a variety of colors and amazing design with textured sleeves.

The front and the back of this t-shirt is plain with HUK’s logo printed on the chest and on the left sleeve. The round-neck design gets a further stylish look with that beautiful print on the sleeves. It really looks beautiful on any day.

Fabric Quality

The shirt is made with high quality imported polyester blend and uses HUK’s technology to offer extreme breathability. It lets the air to go through and take any sweat to other drier areas on the exterior so that it can efficiently evaporate.

The synthetic materials used by HUK combine with this unique ability to draw any moisture away from your skin really makes it a wonderful choice on any hot day.

Additional Features

HUK uses its scientific research to bring practicality into its fishing gear and this t-shirt is no exception. No matter if you are having a beach holiday or exploring those cool mountain streams, this vented long sleeves shirt is just tailor-made for you. It helps ensure optimal performance while making sure that you stay cool, dry, safe, and stain- and smell-free.

It comes with a stain release treatment and offers resistance against oily substances. The anti-microbial treatment inhibits the growth of any microorganisms. It also features additional +30 UPF protection to keep you cool and comfortable even in the scorching sun.

Summary of the Key Features

  • Antimicrobial treatment to inhibit bacterial growth
  • +30 UPF protection from harmful sun rays
  • Performance-engineered technical gear
  • Imported Polyester-blend
  • Stain-release treatment for an easy wash every time
  • Synthetic materials for easy moisture transport

11. Koofin Performance Fishing Shirt

Size and Design

KOOFIN Performance Shirt comes in various sizes that can best fit you no matter your body shape or size. The sizes include small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large, and 3x- large. KOOFIN Performance Shirt is built to be lightweight and also ultra-comfortable stretch-flex fabric.

KOOFIN Sun shirt keeps you very fresh because of its full-length, fine-mesh vented panels which allow the proper flow of air through the material, hence keeping you cool and highly refreshed. Enjoying the water, wind, and sun all at once without allowing your skin to pay the price is what KOOFIN Performance Shirts offer.

KOOFIN Performance Long Sleeve Shirt has in its mesh side vents to cool you down during the day without compromising sun protection. Looking good is good business; therefore, KOOFIN shirt is the solution to looking good, feeling so good, and also protecting yourself from many harmful elements during your daily activity.

Fabric Quality

KOOFIN Performance Shirt is made up of 90% polyester, plus 10% Spandex Stretch-flex Fabric. It has an unbelievable light weight and allows proper breathing and air flows, which keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable during the day and your sporting activities be it indoor or outdoor sports. It is suitable for sporting activities like running, fishing, swimming, hiking or any of your outdoor favorite activities.

KOOFIN Performance shirts provide you with a flat-lock stitching and seam-free placement, which allows you to move very freely and efficiently in a garment that closely fits yet not tight on the body. Also, KOOFIN Performance shirt is designed in such a way that it wicks away moisture from the skin, and has an anti-odor technology that enables and controls the scent from the skin surface.

Additional Features

Having yourself one of this KOOFIN Performance Shirt guarantees being safe from the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. This is because UPF 50+ shields those harmful UV rays away from you; you can be assured that you will be adequately protected during the daytime and in your fishing experience. It is strong in color and will never crack or fade.

Summary of the Key Features

  • Quick dry and cooling technology
  • +50 UPF protection from harmful sun rays
  • Will never crack or fade and is machine washable
  • All-Over dye sublimation print

12. Koofin Performance Fishing Hoodie

Size and Design

The Performance Fishing Sunblock fabric come in various sizes to fit you ideally no matter what your body shape or size looks like. It has many varieties of size ranging from small, large, medium, X-Large, XX-Large, and 3X-Large.

The Performance Fishing sunblock has its design on the neckline to provide optimal coverage and also a streamlined hood fits slim enough to layer under a hat for maximum protection over your neck and even your ears.

Fabric Quality

The UPF 50+UV/SUN Protection Stretch-flex fabric is designed to give you maximum comfort and shield you away from the harmful effect of the sun.

The performance-Fishing-Sunblock Fabric is designed to be lightweight, breathable, and super soft against the skin. It has no shoulder seams. So you see, with this perfect designs, you are assured of a safe covering.

The availability of moisture-wicking Technology on the fabric moves aways precipitation from the skin, which may cause discomfort, thereby keeping you very dried and comfortable on the surface.

Four-way stretch for improved range of motion. UPF 50 fabrication protects your skin during all your outdoor activities by making sure it prevents harmful Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B rays (UVA and UVB). The pullover hoodie is a lightweight knit and with long sleeves.

Additional Features

KOOFIN Performance Fishing Shirt is excellent for any outdoor sun protection. It features UPF 50+ protection from extremely damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun and a supremely comfortable lightweight breathable 4.1 oz.

It is made out of 90% polyester and 10% spandex fabric that always keeps you cool and dry on or off the water with moisture wicking technology.

It fits in the body quickly, and also gives a comfortable and relaxed wearing ability for a very long time during motion or when sitting at a place.

Summary of the Key Features

  • Highly recommended for day fishing, surfing, and diving, etc.
  • Comfortable, dry, and odor free.
  • PURE-tech moisture-wicking and antimicrobial technology

13. Habit Men’s Belcoast

Size and Design

When it comes to men’s comfort, Habit has figured it all out. The new Men’s Belcoast Short Sleeve River Guide Fishing Shirt is the perfect match for every man who likes being active outdoors.

You are into fishing, kayaking, strolling through the forests, or even gardening? You want to stay stylish, yet fully comfortable in your clothes all day long? Then these shirts are the perfect fit for your needs.

The design encompasses elegance and functionality. The loose sleeves facilitate effortless movement; the airy fabric helps you stay cool in heated situations and guarantees you wrinkle-free experience throughout the busy day.

Habit Men’s Belcoast Short Sleeve River Guide Fishing Shirt is available six sizes and eleven colors. Choose from bright white, through classic green and black, to the brave flame scarlet. Which one would you choose?

Fabric Quality

High-quality 100% textured polyester distinguishes Habit’s Belcoast Short Sleeve River Guide Fishing Shirt from regular shirts. The light fabric regulates the body temperature accordingly: it creates a cool feeling in hot weather and keeps you warm while fishing in chilly mornings. No more freezing early-mornings, or sweaty afternoons.

The 40+ ultraviolet protection factor of the fabric is another feature to ease your convenience. You will no longer get that feeling of sunburned skin during sailing, hiking, or preparing the barbecue on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Comfort comes first. Choose it with Habit!

Additional Features

Additionally, Habit’s short sleeve shirt features dual chest pockets that ensure enough space for your valuables such as keys or smartphone. The vented back gives you a feeling of freshness while being busy with your everyday tasks. Finally, the mesh lining aids in the air circulation process underneath your shirt, thus helping you stay cool and prevent excess sweating.

Summary of the Key Features

  • Created for active men;
  • Comfortable design to ease your movement;
  • Easy-dry UV-protected high-quality 100% polyester;
  • Mesh lining to regulate the body temperature;
  • Vented back construction;
  • Has cargo chest pockets to store your belongings.

14. NAVISKIN Men’s Outdoor Long Sleeve Shirt

Size and Design

Do you like outdoor activities? You are into hiking, camping, fishing, boating, running, or being out in nature? You are searching for comfortable, yet reasonably priced and quality wear? NAVISKIN Men’s outdoor long sleeve shirts provide you with all you need from outdoor clothing for an active person.

The sizes vary from small to XX-large. The loose design is perfect for all kinds of activities that require mobility and flexibility. These shirts will provide you with space and comfort needed, set in four different colors – blue, bluebell, khaki, and light green.

The long sleeves can be easily transformed into middle sleeves by rolling them up, thus adjusting the shirt for warmer weather. The roll-up sleeves are easily secured from unfolding with button tabs situated conveniently above the elbows.

If you want to stand out in the crowd and feel perfectly comfortable in your clothing at the same time, this is the best shirt for you!

Fabric Quality

The unique sun-protection fabric provides you with the highest ultraviolet protection factor – 50+. The fabric reflects the harmful UVA and UVB rays, thus preserving your skin and allowing you to enjoy the sun safely.

The shirts are made from 100% high-quality nylon. The fabric is soft, light weighted, and breathable to ensure your comfortable feeling throughout the day. The material is moisture-wicking and dries out easily, thus keeping you cool and dry. Another advantage is the small space that the shirts take when packed, which allows you to take them in your small hand luggage.

Additional Features

Several additional features distinguish the shirts and provide unbeatable advantages.

The collar flips up for ultimate neck protection from the burning sun. The vented back with mesh-lining allows free circulation of fresh air, which gives you a feeling of coolness and freshness during your daily activities.

Finally, two chest utility pockets give you enough space for your belongings. Keep your smartphone handy in one of the pockets, and secure it with the hook-and-loop-closures. The shirts also feature a tool holder, sunglasses hanger, and a utility loop.

Summary of the Key Features

  • Comfortable loose design to foster easy movement, perfect for the active man;
  • 100% nylon UVA and UVB protected fabric;
  • Soft, lightweight, breathable, easy-dry material;
  • Vented mesh-lined back for a cool feeling;
  • Roll-up sleeves with tab holders;
  • Two chest utility pockets with secure closures;
  • Tool holder.

15. Jessie Kidden Men’s Short Sleeve Fishing Shirts

Size and Design

Perfect for a day out, our men’s short sleeve shirts are exactly what you need to keep you comfortable and good-looking while being busy with your outdoor activities.

Whether your outdoor hobby includes being around water, in the sun, or simply lots of movement, the shirt will give you the comfort and freedom you need. Designed a bit loose-fit to ease mobility, the shirt comes in six different eye-catching colors to choose from.

The relaxed and lightweight fit fosters your comfort even further during fishing, camping, cycling, climbing, and even running! The shirt is available in six sizes to help you find the best fit for your body type.

Fabric Quality

The shirt is produced out of 100% light weighted nylon, thus giving you a feeling of nimbleness. Moreover, the soft and thin fabric provides your skin with further comfort, perfect for people with sensitive skin type.

Another major advantage for your skin is the UPF 30+ sun protection provided by the shirt. Whether you plan on staying on the beach for several hours, go fishing in a stifling summer day, if you are the traveler who never stops exploring even though it is burning hot outside, the shirt’s built-in sun protection factor assures your comfort throughout the day by blocking the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Moreover, you can flip up the collar to protect even your neck from the hot sun.

The fabric does magic for you in case you are spending your day on a boat. The durable nylon dries out fast and improves your comfort when exposed to rain, water splashes, and even sweat.

Additional Features

The shirt provides you with further comfort with the aid of several additional features. One of the best advantages is the vented back and shoulders with mesh lining that allows air to flow freely around your body and thus prevents you from sweating in heated situations.

The two chest utility pockets, secured with hook-and-loop closures are the ideal place for storing your must-bring belongings. You will no longer have to worry about dropping your keys, your smartphone, or your sunglasses.

Last but not least, this shirt is easy to maintain and can be easily washed in the washing machine.

Summary of the Key Features

  • Stylish and easy to maintain relaxed fit short-sleeve shirt, perfect for outdoor activities;
  • Comfortable 100% nylon;
  • Soft and thin fabric perfect for sensitive skin;
  • Machine washable and easy to dry;
  • 30+ UVA and UVB sun protection;
  • Vented back and shoulders with mesh-lining that allow breathing and give you a cool feeling;
  • Flip-up collar;
  • Two chest utility pockets, secured with hook-and-loop closures.

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