Best Elliptical Trainer Machines For Climbing And Walking

Recommendation No. 1
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer with 8 Level Resistance and Digital Monitor
  • Product Dimensions: 28" L x 17" W x 57" H | Weight: 60.78 lb
  • Weight capacity: 220 lb
  • RESISTANCE: Easily adjust the intensity of your workout with the twist of the precise micro-controller equipped with 8 levels of magnetic resistance.
  • DIGITAL MONITOR WITH PULSE: Follow along with your workout progress on the digital monitor that displays your time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse.
  • ANTI-SLIP HANDLEBARS AND FOOT PADS: Complete a safe and stable workout thanks to the anti-slip handlebars and footpads.
Recommendation No. 2
Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Machine w/Device Holder, Programmable Monitor and Heart Rate Monitoring, 330 LB Max Weight - SF-E3912, Silver
  • DEVICE HOLDER: Keep your favorite media devices close to you during your workout sessions when you place them on the built-in device holder.
  • RESISTANCE: Challenge yourself with the programmable magnetic resistance when you power on this elliptical. Complete smooth strides as you engage the internal flywheel and the belt-drive mechanism.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: This machine is designed to be stable during challenging workouts. Take advantage of it 330 lb. weight capacity and its floor stabilizers, which will keep the elliptical steady.
  • PERFORMANCE MONITOR: Use the onboard, back-lit display to track your Speed, Time, Distance, Calories Burned, Rotations Per Minute, Watt Generations, and Magnetic Resistance Level.
  • POWERFUL WORKOUTS: Take advantage of 24 unique workout modes, including manual, pre-program, watt, body fat, heart RATE, and user programs.
Recommendation No. 3
Bowflex M3 Max Trainer, Black
  • Combines the easy low-impact motion of an elliptical with the calorie burning power of a stepper
  • Max can deliver the cardio benefits of interval training in as little as 14 minutes
  • Max’s unique burn rate display shows how many calories burned per minute and sets activity level targets
  • Target zone and burn rate indicators motivate you by setting targets to help you achieve your goals
  • Interactive backlit display features 2 workout programs and 8 resistance levels

Now you can do climbing, running, or walking with an elliptical machine at home.

Do you know there is a machine that can jump-start your fitness level and reduce body weight with minimal effort? Will you like to have firm muscle and maintain your body shape without stressing out your body? This article might be of help. Old or young, we all crave for a slim, fit body that signals a healthy lifestyle.

However, the best advice you can get is to eat well and exercise your body regularly. The first may be as easy as pie, but the second is easier said than done as most people throw in the towel when pain set in after a strenuous exercise. The good news is, there is a machine that gives easy workout on the body. Introducing elliptical machine, a remarkable revolutionary invention, which has changed the way people exercise their bodies.

Since its entry to the market in the 1990s, it has become a go-to workout machine and a popular brand in its class. This is no surprise; its friendly, quiet and comfortable appeal soars it above its alternatives and separates it from the flocks that litter the marketplace.

Elliptical machine, also known as elliptical trainer is a non-moving exercise machine that simulates climbing, running or walking without causing pressure to the body joints. It stresses the cardiovascular system, builds the muscle, reduces weight and makes you fit all the time, the best part of it all is that, it gives you all these benefits and many more on a platter of gold.

With many brands and types of elliptical machines available in the marketplace, buyers often face a big hassle when deciding the best one to purchase. “How do I know the right machine to buy?”, “What features should I look out for?”, “Are these machines really worth their prices?” These and many other questions are what trouble the prospective buyer’s mind. Regretting after making a decision is just like crying over spilled milk. However, you can save yourself the “had I know” if you carefully read this article and follow the guide that comes with it.

The information contained in the article will open your eyes to the top 9 best elliptical machines on the market, their salient features and prices. That is not all; it also comes with a detailed, easy-to-follow buyer’s guide that will assist you in making the right decision. Read on, as we help you get back to the healthier and fitter you.

9. Harison E1160APP Elliptical Machine

Turn your home to a fitness studio with this amazing trainer. An excellent design with an easy-to-read LCD with which you can monitor up 14 feedbacks. This durable, compact and mobile exercise bike weighs 276 pounds and possesses a 3-piece cranking system that helps to maintain momentum and gives top-line performances.

It features a streamlined console, which provides an effective training plan that keeps all the vital information in view during workout sessions. It comes with a non-slip foot platform that prevents your feet from slipping even during a vigorous exercise.

This movable trainer boasts a flywheel that is 20 pounds in weight and can be moved into a corner or closet with ease. In addition, it has a frictionless magnetic resistance to give a quiet, smooth operation. You easily track out and maintain the heart rate of your choice using this elliptical machine, Note: the longer and steadier the increased heart rate during a workout session, the more body fat is lost.

8. Precor Elliptical Trainer EFX 222

Precor is a well respected, top-of-line brand that holds the elliptical machine patent. Being a commercial-grade machine, it is a bit pricey but it is well worth the price. Its strongest appeal lies in durable, hitch-free, comfortable design.

This well-built trainer allows you to keep a straight body posture and comes with 3 adjustable stride lengths and 3 ramp angles. It boasts a high white and blue LCD system and 3 incline levels that are easy to adjust. It has a movable handlebar that ensures a full-body workout and a simple and streamlined design that is easy to maintain with amazing features that will keep you focused and motivated during workout sessions.

Use the built in sensor or chest strap to monitor your heart rate zone .You can determine your heart beat rate by using inbuilt contact sensors or by donning a chest strap. It gives you a club-level training in the comfort of your home.

7. Octane XT3700 Fitness Elliptical Machine

Though most elliptical machines are built for minimal impact training, Octane ellipticals run so smooth that they are often advertised as a “ zero-impact” trainer. Benefit from the unique features of this well-thought-out design such as a patented Multigrip and converging handlebars that facilitate more upper-body exercises in various positions, a challenging 30 pedal resistance level, forward and backward pedaling.

It comes with advance programs such as MMA, 30:30 Interval and CROSS Circuit that help to build stamina and improve your performance. The beauty of this design lies in its smooth motion and top-of-line performance. XT3700 comes with a 10” viewing screen that offers options like mobile phone charging, TV or movie selection and Web browsing. With this sturdy, compact trainer, you can enjoy a club-quality performance at home.

6. Exerpeutic Air Elliptical Machine

Need an elliptical that take little space? Then getting this compact design is the right thing to do. Lightweight, smooth running trainer that can be carried about with ease. It boasts of exciting features such as adjustable dial tension that provide magnetic resistance, an LCD screen on which you can monitor your speed, calories burned, elapsed time and distance covered.

It has handlebars that ensure that you enjoy, full body exercise, and an anti-slip foot pedals that prevent you from slipping no matter how vigorous the training is. The trainer provides both upper and lower body workout with dual action and allows forward/ reverse movement. Despite being 55 pounds in weight, It can support users that weigh up to 260 lbs. An affordable, space saving, noiseless machine that gives high-level performance.

5. Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

Coming from a well-respected manufacturer in the fitness world, Schwinn elliptical machine is well worth the hype. Unlike most trainers, which allow a maximum of 2 user’s profile, you can create up to 4 users profile on this well-built exercise trainer.

It comes with amazing specs like 25 resistance levels, dual monitor, variety of adjustable workout programs (29 preset programs), easy-to-read LCD system to monitor your performance and progress, large footplates that keep your feet in place and 5 automated incline levels to make the workouts more challenging. Schwinn 470 features a good sound system to entertain you.

This elliptical machine supports mobile device charging via a USB and a has static and moving handlebars. This easy-to-assemble design that can accommodate user weighing up to 300 pounds and comes with a water bottle holder to keep you refresh during workout session. You can easily transfer distance covered, calories and time to a fitness app of your choice via Bluetooth.

4. NordicTrack Elliptical Machine

Enjoy a smooth, natural ride on NordicTrack trainer. With preloaded 26 workouts, you will never be bored with this machine. Benefit from the exciting features of this design such as adjustable incline and stride at a press of a button to optimize your workout result, 22 resistance levels that will take your workouts to a whole new level.

It also features an Autobreeze fan that adjusts its speed to match your intensity level, thereby keeping you cool all the time and you can easily move it about with its flywheel. It also comes with CardioGrip sensors on the handles with which you can maintain your heart rate and a good acoustic sound system for your entertainment.

You can keep track of your progress with the 5-inch backlit display screen and the trainer can carry a user that weighs 325 pounds. It has an automated console that displays distance, time, calories burned and speed.

3. Exerpeutic Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

Exerpeutic 5000 is a lightweight, compact design that operates on 2 flywheel systems to create a smooth-striding motion and better momentum. At just 84ls in weight, it is easy to move about and boast of 18’’ stride length to make tall (6 ft and above) user comfortable.

It has impressive features like a mobile app tracking that is compatible with android device and iPhones, which allow users to track their workout results and progress anywhere and a rock-solid, sturdy 3-piece cranking system to ensure high-end performance. Its foot pedal, was designed in a way to prevent slipping regardless of the resistance level and It comes with a wide LCD screen that displays distance covered, elapsed time and burned calories.

It can accommodate a user that is 270 in weight and has transport wheels that enhance space-saving capacity. To crown it all, it is available at a very affordable price.

2. XTERRA FS5.9e Fitness Elliptical Machine

This impressive design features 13 preloaded programs that align with your fitness goals. With a 20 stride length, the machine provides a smooth, natural elliptical motion in both forward and backward directions. It has a magnetic resistance system which is friction-free and allows quiet, steady operation.

And an easy to read wide LCD screen on which you can easily track your speed, time, calories burned, level and distance covered. A good audio jack and speaker was built on the console to keep you entertained during workout sessions.

It also has a large cushioning pedal that is easy to adjust and 20 incline level that makes workout session interesting and challenging. Pulse sensor can be found on the handlebar which you can use to monitor your heart rate. An amazing design that allows lower and upper body movement to yield better results.

1. Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Machine

Best fitness elliptical produced by body solid is widely regarded as one of the best elliptical trainers in its class. Featuring 17 resistance levels and 21-inch stride, it provides challenging and exciting workouts. It is preloaded with 12 exercise programs that meet and exceed your fitness goals.

It boasts of an LCD system to keep track of your time, level, speed and distance. Weighing just 215 pounds, it has 275 user weight capacity and has a dual action movement that ensures full body workout. Its pedals were properly spaced to minimize fatigue. This durable, compact design is movable and can be easily stored without taking much space.

Now that you are familiar with the top 9 Best elliptical machines on the market, You may be thinking, “Yeah, they all look great, so how do I know the best trainer to buy?” This comprehensive buyer’s guide comes in handy.

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

An educated buyer is indeed a happy buyer, so before you head to the store or press that order button, here are the things you need to do:

First off, ask yourself this questions:

  • What am I buying the machine?
  • What are my fitness goals?
  • How is it going to be powered?
  • How much can I afford?

These and many more questions will open your eyes to the things you need to look out for and assist you to make the right decision.

Second, you need to test the water.

Experience, they say is the best teacher. Therefore, it is advisable to try out these machines and have a first-hand experience of how they work. Who knows, you may observe a problem with the design, you can’t notice just by reading reviews or product description online.

Below are the important factors you need to consider:

Available Space

Most elliptical machines usually take a lot of space; this could be a big deal if space is not something have a luxury of. Therefore, it is expedient to measure the space available and compare it with the dimensions of the trainer of your choice before dashing to the fitness store. If you are worried the trainer of your choice will take much space, you can rethink and purchase the one without a handle. Though this will not provide a full body workout, elliptical machines without handle are usually cheaper; this will save you a lot of money and space.


Variety is the spice of life. When you practice the same training session for long, the excitement level decreases and your muscles adjust to the same motion. Spring up your workout session by purchasing elliptical machines that come with adjustable incline and stride length if you can afford it. When you can easily shuffle between resistance and level, your metabolism becomes active and you burn calories quickly.

The Flywheel and Resistance Level System

Together with the brake, the two systems are one of the most important things you need to consider while purchasing an elliptical machine. This is because these systems control the loudness, overall feel and durability of the machine. So when choosing a trainer, it is good to opt for the ones that create resistance using magnet because they have the smoothest type of brake system. It is equally important to consider the flywheel weight as trainers with heavy flywheel provide smoother stride.

Your Budget

Before making a purchase, you need to analyze your budget to ensure that you don’t break the bank. It is normal to be enthusiastic and go to the store for cost, sophisticated trainer. And you may end up with a trainer you can hardly operate. Note, cheap machines are user-friendly, therefore compare and contrast different elliptical machines before making your decision.

Other things you may consider are:

  • The drive system
  • Console
  • Warranty

Final Words

I hope this article has assisted you in making your decision and choosing the most suitable elliptical machine to meet and exceed your fitness needs. Jim Rohn says, “ Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live.”

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