Hot Summer Fun Toys You Should Have For Your Kids To Enjoy

Recommendation No. 1
pindaloo Skill Toy + 2 Upgraded Balls. The Latest Craze to Hit The U.S.A. for Kids, Teens and Adults. Lots of Fun, Develops Motor Skills. for Indoor and Outdoor Play
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  • WHO IS IT FOR? The perfect active toy for kids and adults, boys and girls, 9 years old and up. Great family fun, interactive and competitive game for children, teenagers - ages 12 13 14 15 16, men, women, and parents!
  • DOES IT HELP CHILDREN WITH DEVELOPMENTAL ISSUES? Playing activates both sides of the brain, improving eye-hand coordination, balance, gross motor movement, and fine motor skills. Kids, teens, and adults with ADHD, autism or other educational, learning, or writing disabilities may find it a cool form of therapy for the relief of daily stress. Best of all it helps develop focus, creativity and creative thinking for everyone.
  • WHERE TO TAKE IT? Almost anywhere Pindaloo can improve kids' determination, memory, and visual attention span! It's a single and social bonding game made of 100% durable high quality waterproof recyclable plastic that can be played indoor or outdoors. A MUST in your pe equipments for school, amazing for parties, office, beach, garden, pool, camping and yard game.
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Recommendation No. 2
Novelty Place Led Badminton Shuttlecock Set Birdies for Yard Games, Outdoor Indoor Sports Toys (4 Pack)
  • FUN TO PLAY AT NIGHT - This LED badminton set is perfect for playing in the dark night. It just makes badminton even more fun for kids or adults. Enjoy!
  • ONE BUTTON ACTIVATION - The light turns on by a switch inside the birdie and stays on during the games. Extremely fun to play at night!
  • PERFORMANCE QUALITY - Lightweighted goose feathers, soft and bouncy cork, durable quality for kids and family to play a long time.
  • PACK OF 4 - Comes in 1 box of 4 shuttercocks in 4 different light colors. (Red, Green, Blue, and one Flashing)
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Recommendation No. 3
Funsparks Jazzminton Paddle Ball Game with Carry Bag - Indoor Outdoor Toy - Play at The Beach, Lawn or Backyard - 2 Wooden Racquets - 4 Shuttlecocks - 1 Ball
  • FULL SET INCLUDES: 2 fluorescent wooden paddles 1 ball and 4 birdies; 2 red birdies for slow play, 2 yellow for fast and a durable carry bag. Jazzminton paddle game is an exciting, fast paced outdoor game for kids and adults. Get outdoors with Jazzminton
  • QUALITY MATERIAL: Paddles are 7-layer plywood with water resistant paint and moisture wicking soft rippled foam grip handles for comfort and long lasting use. The fluorescent paddle is 12.8” (32.5cm) long and 7.3” (18.6cm) wide
  • RELIABLE BIRDIES: Our shuttlecocks are made from real feathers that are attached with water resistant glue to ensure nothing breaks if playing at the pool, beach or even if it rains
  • BEST OF ITS KIND: Jazzminton Paddle Ball has 5 versions to choose from for whatever indoor or outdoor occasion you are looking for; for ages 6+
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There’s nothing worse than having bored children during summer vacation. You’re taking a well-deserved rest from work, the kids are off school, and you’re hanging out at home enjoying peace and rest. While mom and dad love relaxing in the sunshine with a book in hand, the kids are less likely to want to do the same. Instead, they want fun toys, action, and plenty of summer activities.

If you want to make sure the kids don’t get bored and irritable this summer, then make sure they have at least a few of these 11 hot summer fun toys below.

1. Water Guns

What are Water Guns?

Water guns mimic the look of a real gun, but instead of shooting bullets, they shoot water. They are available in all different sizes, styles, and colors, with varying capacities of water as well. Most water guns for sale are colorful, bright plastic to appeal to kids. In the past, however, they were made out of metal and had rubber bulbs to send water through the nozzle.

Why Do You Need Water Guns?

Cooling Down

Summer temperatures can skyrocket, and it can seem impossible to cool down. Water guns can help. The kids can run around and burn off energy, but they can become sodden at the same time. The cold, fresh water will surely make them feel less hot and sticky.


You don’t walk with a water gun as a child; you run. Therefore, water guns are ideal for families who want their kids to be active, run around, and have fun. The more people involved in the water gun fight, the more exercise they get.


When the kids are off school and out of a routine, it can be a challenge to keep them entertained. They are so used to being away from home and with their friends. If you’re not going away on vacation, then water guns can be a fun activity you can do at home.

2. Inflatable Pools

What are Inflatable Pools?

Inflatable pools are swimming pools you can inflate for summer then deflate for winter. They often feature plastic or vinyl, and you can use a water pump with them if you wish. The most common color for an inflatable swimming pool is blue, but you can get all manner of options for the kids. They also come in different sizes, and with inflatable components such as slides.

Why Do You Need Inflatable Pools?


The kids need something interesting to do during the holidays, and a pool can be the answer. They can invite their friends over, cool down, and be out of your hair for the day! An inflatable pool can keep the family entertained for hours.

It’s Temporary

The best thing about inflatable pools is that they’re temporary. You don’t have to invest thousands into a permanent pool that lies dormant over winter. You fill an inflatable one, then deflate it and store it over winter.


Kids prefer not to learn when they’re not at school, but they can do it without knowing. An inflatable pool offers you the opportunity to teach the kids how to be water safe and swim.

3. Floating Mats

What are Floating Mats?

Floating mats are large, closed cell foam mats that float on top of the water.  They come in many different sizes and colors, but the technology doesn’t vary too much from one mat to the next. Some offer enough space for one or two kids, while others could fit a whole sports team! The goal is to let them float around on a mat above the water, not in it.

Why Do You Need Floating Mats?

Group Activity

If the kids want to do something fun with their friends in summer, then a sizeable floating mat is the answer. If you buy one big enough, you can then head down to the local swimming hole with your children and their friends to have fun. They can all climb on the mat and fool around as kids do. A floating mat also gets your children out of your hair for a few hours.


Many kids prefer to stay inside on their screens during the holidays, but a floating mat gets them outside and active. There is a lot of exertion involved in setting up a floating mat in a pool or lake, then jumping off it and back onto it.


Floating mats are affordable for many families, but they offer heaps of fun for everyone in the family. The cost in relation to the fun factor is minimal, making it a worthwhile option for your next summer vacation.

4. Inflatable Play Center

What is an Inflatable Play Center?

An inflatable play center is a large, blow-up fun playground for kids. Some of them are made for water, while others are ideal for jumping in, playing with plastic balls, and more. Most of them feature bright colors and are suitable for one or more children at a time. You can inflate them then deflate them once you are finished with them.

Why Do You Need an Inflatable Play Center?


An inflatable play center often comes with many things to do and experience. It’s a fun, colorful enclosure first and foremost, but there are often fun things you can do with them and inside them. Some have blow-up slides, while others have basketball hoops, tunnels, and things you can climb. An inflatable play center can stimulate all your child’s senses.

Group Fun 

Kids often complain about how there is never anything fun to do at home, so they prefer not to invite their friends around. If you had an inflatable play center, you could change that. You can inflate it in the backyard and let the kids have fun together.


Most inflatable play centers are easy to put up and take down but offer hours of entertainment for the family. It’s a convenient and altogether cost-effective option for kids who live by the motto “I’m bored!”

5. Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat

What is a Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat?

A sprinkle and splash mat is a large, flat mat that has holes all around it. You insert a hose, and the water comes out those holes. Children love sprinkle and splash mats because they get to do as the name suggests – splash! They are also available in different colors, sizes, shapes, and styles. Some have inflatable components, while others are entirely flat.

Why Do You Need a Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat?

To Cool Down

Summer temperatures can be quite intense, especially if you’re not used to them. If you want to cool the kids down without heading to a jam-packed swimming pool or lake, then a sprinkle and splash mat is the answer. It has just enough water to get the kids wet and allow them to have fun.


Water toys can be expensive, and if you have cats or dogs, easy to destroy! Thankfully, a sprinkle and splash mat tends to have very few areas where an additional few holes will matter. You can spend a little bit of money, buy the flat mat, then let the hose do all the work. It’s an affordable answer to your summer vacation activity woes.


If you need any reason to purchase a sprinkle and splash play mat, let it be that it’s fun. Don’t you want your kids to enjoy their summer vacation? Such a play toy gets them out of the house and into the yard, enjoying the sunshine and getting much-needed fresh air and exercise.

6. Underwater Swimming Pool Toy Sets

What are Underwater Swimming Pool Toy Sets?

If you want your kids to be competent and confident swimmers, then consider purchasing underwater swimming pool toy sets this summer. Underwater toys are an activity, rather than random toys you put in your pool. They are often rings, balls, or similar, and are placed in the water with the intent of diving to get them. There are many different types of pool toy sets on the market that are well worth a look.

Why Do You Need Underwater Swimming Pool Toy Sets?

Swimming Education

Children learn to swim at a young age, but knowing how to float is not enough. Take it one step further by teaching them to feel confident underwater. If you buy an underwater swimming pool toy set, they have to dive, go under the water and feel confident hunting around for items.


If you want to unleash the competitive streak in your children and their friends this summer, then underwater swimming pool toy sets are the answer. Who can get the most in a certain amount of time? Competition is healthy, and if your kids don’t win, it can teach them how to be humble.


Summer vacation activities can cost a fortune, especially if you plan on going somewhere else. Why not make use of your pool at home and purchase underwater pool toys instead? They are affordable yet allow for hours of fun at home. There is much you can do at home for a fraction of the price of leaving it!

7. Inflatable Water Slide

What is an Inflatable Water Slide?

Water fun is a huge part of summer vacations as it helps you to cool down. That’s where an inflatable water slide comes in. Such a toy usually consists of vinyl or a similarly robust material, and they come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Most of them are quite large, with a slide and lots of water. They are also bright and have at least one other activity you can do on them.

Why Do You Need an Inflatable Water Slide?


Children get bored quickly, but that’s unlikely to occur any time soon with an inflatable water slide. Such a product stimulates all their senses. They will enjoy the colors, the activities that come with them, and the exercise from running and sliding down the slide.

Group Activity 

Children often don’t like to play outside alone, so such a toy promotes friendship. They can invite their friends over to play and learn valuable skills such as how to wait their turn and share their toys.

Outdoor Fun

It’s all too easy to park the kids up in front of their tablet or TV and let them spend the day inside. But when it’s warm outside, shouldn’t they be there to enjoy it? They won’t be able to resist jumping into their swimming gear and playing on an inflatable water slide.

8. Tree Swing for Kids

What is a Tree Swing for Kids?

If you’ve got a lovely, large tree in your backyard, then why not use it to its full potential? A tree swing for kids can be the answer. There is all manner of options that might appeal. Some are traditional tires, while others are wood, plastic, or other material.  You hang them up by the rope, secure it to the tree, then let the kids swing on it and have a blast.

Why Do You Need a Tree Swing for Kids?


Many kids don’t spend nearly enough time outside, but a tree swing for kids provides an opportunity. They get to explore their backyard, be close to the trees, and enjoy nature. It’s a welcome break away from a TV screen.


When two or more children get together outside by a swing, their imaginations can run wild. They can take turns, role play, and create a unique and exciting scenario that keeps them entertained for hours in the sunshine. You can also buy tree swings for kids that are large enough for more than one child at a time.


Electronics can cost a fortune, but a tree swing for kids doesn’t! If you want to give your kids an excuse to spend more time outside this summer, then a tree swing is the answer. It’s affordable, yet provides as much fun and excitement as any of their favorite TV shows.

9. Water Play Mat

What is a Water Play Mat?

A water play mat is a fun outside activity for the kids to enjoy during their summer break. It features a vinyl or a similarly robust material, and you only need a hose to make it a fun activity. They come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors as well, which means you won’t have any trouble finding one to suit your kids.

Why Do You Need a Water Play Mat?

To Cool Down

It can be hard to cool down in the intense summer sun, but a water play mat can help. They don’t have to run and jump around, but they can slide through the water at a leisurely pace and enjoy the relief from the sunshine.

Easy Set Up

Many inflatable water toys take a long time to set up and are even more complicated to put away for winter. A water play mat is easy! It doesn’t have much, if any, inflatable points, and it’s straightforward to fold. You just have to dry it off then fold it up in a cupboard or shed until summer rolls around again.

Group Activity

Many summer toys are only suitable for one child, but a water play mat is ideal for many. The bigger the mat you purchase, the more kids that can enjoy the water. The kids also have an opportunity to let their imaginations run wild.

10. BBQ and Grill Play Set

What is a BBQ and Grill Play Set?

Summer is a time of outdoor fun, which means cooking on a barbeque or grill. Such an appliance is unsafe for children, but that’s no reason why they can’t “cook” alongside you. Let the kids get involved with a BBQ and grill play set. It looks like the real thing but isn’t. It’s generally made out of wood or plastic and has the same coloring as mom or dad’s grill. The kids can feel like they’re part of the action.

Why Do You Need a BBQ and Grill Play Set?


Even though the kids aren’t really cooking on a barbeque, you can teach them valuable skills all the same. They can learn about how to cook meat, turn it, and keep their hands and body away from “hot” parts.

Family Time 

Just because the kids can’t help with the actual cooking, that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy family time. Bring them outside with their BBQ and grill play set and let them use it alongside mom and dad on the main one. They will enjoy feeling grown up.


Kids love to watch what their parents do then copy it. A BBQ and grill play set allows them to do that. Let them play with other kids and form their own imaginary world. You will be amazed at how much fun they have.

11. Play Tent

What is a Play Tent?

A play tent is a fun, magical place that allows kids to let their imagination run wild. They are often made of cotton, nylon, felt, or polyester, and come in many styles, shapes, and colors. There are princess castles, farmhouses, and many other fun, bright, and colorful play tents. They are also suitable for different age groups, depending on the size of the tent.

Why Do You Need a Play Tent?


It’s essential to promote play through creativity, and that’s what a play tent allows. It’s a blank canvas for kids to turn it into something that suits their game at the time. A play tent is an integral part of summer play as they can set it up outside, invite over their friends, then come up with a fun and exciting storyline.


Play tents are both fun toys for the kids and forms of shade. You can set them up in the yard and enjoy peace of mind that the sun isn’t beating down on them. They are also ideal for taking to different events – or the beach – so the kids have somewhere to escape the sun.

Birthday Parties

If you want to make your child’s birthday party extra special, then consider a play tent. It can be the main focus of the party, giving the kids somewhere to sit and hide. It’s also ideal for the storage of toys, or as a place for the children to sit and eat birthday cake.


It’s easy enough to entertain the kids indoors when it’s raining. Technology ticks all the boxes for rainy day fun. However, it’s a bit harder to find something for them to do at home in the summer. You want them to be outside to enjoy the sunshine, but what can they do once they’re out there?

Some of these hot summer fun toys for kids can help. They are affordable, promote friendship, and allow the kids to burn off all that pent-up energy in a safe environment. Consider adding any of them to your shopping list today.

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