Best Cooktop Electric Hot Plates for Cooking

Recommendation No. 1
Maxi-Matic Single Electric Flat Cast Iron Heating Plate Burner Power Indicator Light, Non-Skid Feet, Easy To Clean, Black
  • Adjustable temperature control with Off, Warm, Low, Med, and High settings
  • 1000 watts of power for faster cooking
  • Easy to clean heavy duty cast-iron flat heating plate
  • Cool-touch base and non-skid rubber feet for stable cooking
  • Power indicator light
Recommendation No. 2
IMUSA USA GAU-80305 Electric Single Burner 1100-Watts, Black
  • Can Be Used for Cooking Outdoors or in the Office
  • Features a Temperature Regulating Knob with Heat Distribution Coils
  • Power Indicator Light. Non-slip rubber feet prevents product from sliding
  • Slim Space Saving Design
  • This item shouldn’t be use for more than 60 minutes in a 2-hour period as indicated in the manual
Recommendation No. 3
SUNAVO 1500W Hot Plates for Cooking, Electric Single Burner with Handles, 6 Power Levels Stainless Steel Hot Plate for Kitchen Camping RV and More Silver
  • 1500W HIGH POWER HOT PLATE - SUNAVO’s latest hot plate is 1500W high power with 6 levels of precise temperature control.Meet all your cooking needs such as to keep warm,boil water,cook pastas or steaks etc.
  • WORKS WITH ALL COOKWARES - SUNAVO hot plate works with flat cookwares such as Frying Pan,Steak Plate,Stone Pan,Aluminum Cookware,Stainless Steel Cookware,Glass Cookware,Ceramic Cookware.
  • EXCLUSIVE HEATING TUBE TECHNOLOGY - Different from traditional heating coil , our heating tube technology is more stable and anti-rust.It has improved heat efficiency by 20%, which means a longer service life and shorter cooking time.
  • HEAT INSULATED & PORTABLE HANDLES - It’s easy and safe to move anywhere with handles, perfect for party, kitchen renovation,camping, RV or dormitory.
  • CERTIFICATION - Our products have passed ETL CERTIFICATION making it durable and safe to use.

Electric hot plate is paving the way for an innovative and new style of cooking. No longer do we have to battle with cooking systems that don’t cook food evenly. In fact, no longer do we even have to be limited to the kitchen, at all. Electric hot plates are the perfect addition to the kitchen as an additional hot plate for when four on a standard cooktop just isn’t enough, but they are also convenient for outdoor entertaining.

Instead of relying on a messy, dirty, greasy barbeque that smokes out the yard and your guests, you can opt for a more refined cooking method. There are many benefits to owning a hot plate, but the main one is that most are perfect for induction cooking. You merely need to use induction cookware, and your food cooks evenly and correctly.

Most also have built in timers, so your meal is cooked perfectly every time, and offer the same heat ranges as standard cooktops. For outdoor cooking, many offer extra long cords for your convenience, all the while being easy to wipe down and stow away for next time. They sit beautifully on your kitchen bench, but they’re also compact and versatile for you to put it anywhere you need it to be. The future is here now. Electric hot plates are the latest and greatest piece of technology for any home cook or entertainer.

9. Duxtop LCD 1800-Watt Portable Cooktop Electric Hot Plate

When you’re looking for an electric hot plate that’s both affordable and is ready to take your meal preparation to the next level, this Duxtop electric hot plate could be for you.

It plugs directly into any household power outlet, offers a built-in digital timer to help you get that dinner “just right” and even has a sensor control panel to make using settings a breeze. However, there’s more to this hot plate than meets the eye. It has a child safety lock, which, unlike your standard oven, can make cooking around children so much safer, and has an error message system to help you troubleshoot when things don’t go quite right.

The most beneficial feature of this hot plate is the fact that it’s also an induction cooktop. The energy that the hot plate produces is then used by your induction cookware to cook your food. It will then alter the size of the magnetic field to suit the size of the pan or pot you are using.

Food is cooked fast, efficiently, and you can use any induction cookware with it – not just Duxtop branded. The sky’s the limit for how versatile and convenient this electric hot plate can be.

8. Cusimax Ceramic Infrared Cooktop Electric Hot Plate

Cooking away from your kitchen environment can be challenging, but only if you don’t have an electric hot plate from Cusimax. This affordable and innovative infrared hotplate uses no radiation, is harmless, can reach a maximum heating temperature in just minutes, and retains heat so you can leave meals on it to stay warm once the controls have been turned off.

You can barbeque on it, simmer soup, fry food, and do anything a standard oven can do. The best part is, you don’t need a particular type of cookware to use it. Just use what you have, and reap the rewards of well-cooked food on an affordable electric hot plate.

This electric hot plate is suitable for use at home as an extra cooking bay, in your RV, for outdoor entertaining, in hotel and motel units, and even at the office. Wherever you go, it can go – as long as there is a standard household outlet.

If you’re worried about inconsistent cooking such as what you get when you use a gas cooker or barbeque, rest assured this is no longer a problem. You can adjust the temperature by using the knob and benefit from stable cooking at all times. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and even easy to store. This compact, lightweight electric hot plate will be a winner in your household immediately.

7. Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop

When you’re cooking festive feasts, or catering to a large group of people, sometimes it’s necessary just to have one extra hot plate. This electric hot plate from Duxtop can save the day. It’s suitable for use in all standard homes and can be used both in your kitchen and outdoors for entertaining. Whether you’re catering for one or ten people, you are sure to enjoy this induction electric hot plate for its ability to cook all food thoroughly, evenly, and consistently.

It’s compatible for use with all induction cookware and is also easy to handle and store due to being so lightweight and compact. Just turn it on, set it to one of the ten power levels and temperatures, and enjoy your cooking experience being a breeze!

Once you remove your cookware, it then turns off after 60 seconds due to the sensor knowing when it’s not in use. This electric hot plate is taking convenient cooking to an entirely new level, and you will appreciate how safe, cost-effective and convenient it is to use.

6. Restaurantware Portable Induction Cooktop

In both home and commercial cooking environments, it’s crucial to have an electric hot plate that lasts the distance. It must cook food thoroughly, quickly, and must also be compact and convenient to use. This Restaurantware electric hot plate is all that and more.

Designed to last the distance, it uses induction technology to ensure your food cooks evenly, without wasting energy in the process. When customer or family satisfaction is essential, you need an electric hot plate that will help you achieve that goal. This hot plate is made of quality stainless steel, is easy to clean, and offers an LCD screen to alter temperatures and adjust settings. The best part is, you can even change from degrees-Fahrenheit to degrees-Celsius at the tap of a button. Cooking has never been easier.

It automatically shuts off when no cookware is detected, can be used in all kinds of environments where quality cooking is crucial, and even has a timer set for between zero and 240 minutes for your convenience. Cooking with hot plates just doesn’t get better than this.

5. NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop

If you thought your oven was intelligent, then you haven’t used this NuWave electric hot plate. Designed to work with all induction cookware, it offers the flexibility you need in complicated recipes with 52 different temperatures, and six pre-programmed settings. It enables you to cook from between 100 degrees-Fahrenheit through to 575 degrees-Fahrenheit, all the while allowing you to adjust the cooking temperature in increments of ten degrees to suit your needs. Even if you need particular settings at all times, this electric hot plate offers 100 hours of memory to enable you to access those precise temperatures at the touch of a button.

While many people use electric hot plates to work alongside the standard household stove, this NuWave electric hot plate could almost even replace it. It uses less energy than a standard electric range and can cook all manner of items, in all kinds of ways. Sear, slow cook, stir-fry, deep-fry, grill, barbeque and more. Whatever you need to do with your food, this hot plate can do.

Unlike the standard range in most homes, this electric hot plate is also very safe. It offers technologically advanced features that enable it to turn off when it senses no cookware on its surface, and it will cool down quickly. You can even buy a NuWave pan separately.

Whether you’re at home, in your RV, camping, entertaining, or looking for cost-effective cooking appliances for a motel or hotel room, you’re sure to find this hot plate will more than tick all the boxes.

4. NutriChef Electric Warming Tray

If you’re in the meal preparation or catering business, you will find this NutriChef electric hot plate / warming tray will add a new element of convenience to your daily tasks. If you’ve ever been to a buffet, you will know just how inconvenient it is to finally reach that hot food dish, only to find in just minutes it has become stone cold. It’s uncomfortable for the guests, but it’s also highly frustrating for the cook.

This electric hot plate / warming tray aims to be a game changer. Whether you’re hosting a fun party or a serious meeting, you will enjoy the benefits of hot food staying at a warm, consistent temperature for the entirety of the gathering. It’s safe to be placed on tables, has heating elements that heat quickly, and doesn’t use a lot of power, either.

Just add a heat-safe dish to the tray, turn up the temperature of the electric hot plate to around 200 degrees-Fahrenheit, and let your guests enjoy hot food at all times. It’s also resistant to stains, doesn’t take up much space, is easy to clean, and even has handles that are cool to touch. No one will need to walk around with oven mitts! Serving guests just got so much easier with this hot plate / warming tray from NutriChef.

3. Cuisinart Cast Iron Double Burner

Those who have used electric hot plates will know just how convenient they can be, but how much more convenient would they be if there were two electric hot plates in one? This double burner from Cuisinart is taking an already versatile electric hot plate and is revolutionizing it to make your time in the kitchen that much less stressful.

It features two cast iron electric hot plates, heats up using 1800 watts of power, cooks food consistently, and offers two wattage levels to suit your requirements. Use the main electric hot plate for cooking, then use the second electric hot plate for warming. How easy is that?

This electric hot plate also has two temperature controls with six settings each and has non-slip rubber feet to ensure it remains safe and secure on any flat surface. If you thought one electric hot plate in your kitchen or place of entertaining was easy, have you tried two? Convenient, compact, and lightweight, it has all the attributes of home appliances you love, without the unaffordable price tag.

2. Restaurantware Portable Induction Cooktop

For the professional restauranteur who needs quality cooking appliances to produce quality food, this Restaurantware electric hot plate is just right for you. In a restaurant kitchen, time is of the essence. Your patrons don’t want to wait for their food, so you need a quality electric hot plate that’s fast, precise, and cooks food correctly and consistently. This hot plate is the answer. It’s made of durable stainless steel that will stand the test of time, and it’s designed to be easy to clean as well.

As it’s an induction cooktop with a crystal cooking surface, it’s easy to wipe down and is encompassed by an easy-to-clean shell as well. Aside from being a breeze to maintain, this electric hot plate is also easy to use. Just turn it on, set your temperature onto Fahrenheit or Celsius, and watch as your food is cooked before your eyes.

Adjust settings to suit your meal on the LCD screen, then wipe down after use. Don’t settle for poorly made electric hot plates that don’t cook food thoroughly. Instead, opt for this Restaurantware electric hot plate that’s built to provide you with many hours of perfect cooking.

1. Cadco Portable Cast Iron Electric Hot Plate

Sometimes simple yet effective is best, and that’s what this Cadco electric hot plate offers. While it doesn’t have LCD screens or various setting features, it does provide a hardy, robust and straightforward approach to quality cooking that’s sometimes forgotten in the kitchen.

The best chef is one who can create a work of art from basic, yet quality cooking appliances, and you are sure to cook up a storm on this electric hot plate.

It features a cast iron element, a thermostat for heat control, and even has a glowing signal during a heat cycle. It’s small, compact and lightweight to fit into the smallest of kitchens, all the while being straightforward to use and easy to clean.

Most importantly, it’s reliable. Just get your cookware out of the cupboard, prepare your ingredients, and cook to your heart’s content. Once you use this electric hot plate, you’ll never choose another.

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