Best Closed Toe Sandals for Women

Recommendation No. 1
Earth Origins Nellie Women's Alpaca 2 8 Medium US
  • Leather upper
  • Ankle strap with elastic goring for an easy on and off
  • Smooth leather lining for an abrasion free foot environment
  • Multi density cushioned footbed with arch support for added comfort
  • 1 inch heel
Recommendation No. 2
KEEN Women's Whisper Sandal, Black/Magnet, 7.5 M US
  • Secure fit lace capture system
  • Metatomical EVA footbed
  • Non-marking rubber outsole
Recommendation No. 3

Sandals are something that hangs between flip-flops and sneakers or boots. This group is less fashionable but offers more performance than a flop, and at the same time provides more breathability and versatility than proper shoes.

Uncomfortable shoes can not only be painful for your feet but also ruin your vacation too. You cannot climb the Spanish Steps with straps cutting into your ankle or walk around Venice with a blister on the heel. There are no perfect shoes, but the closed toe sandals will treat your feet right during the adventures and yet help you look sharp while spending a night in the town! “We have also written a complete guide about best open toe sandals for women“.

Types of Women’s Sandals

These are great for spring and summer when the weather is hotter than other months of the year. It’s important to understand the categories to find the best fit complementing your body shape, outfit, and feet comfort. Remember that all of these can be broadly put into two classes – closed toe and open toe. “We have also written a complete guide about best closed toe sandals for men“.

Flip-Flops and Thong Sandals

These are the ultra-casual types that are widely used for hanging at the beach or lounging around. They are perfect for a fun vacation in Hawaii or a Caribbean island because you can have them in plenty of colors and patterns. Nevertheless, they don’t provide much support for long hours of walking because of their flat and strapless design.

Slide and Slip-on Sandals

Just like the flops, these are open-toe and backless sandals but have one or two bands across the foot. Sliding on and off is a cinch, and they come in numerous fashionable and sporty styles.

Platform Sandals

These are easily distinguishable because of their unique platform that is made of cork, rubber, plastic, wood, or other materials. You will find them in a variety of heel shapes and strap designs. They are mainly used for their thick soles.

Gladiator Sandals

The design inspiration of these sandals has been drawn from the shoes worn by the hunky Roman gladiators. They feature multiple straps extending between the ankle and knee height. They are perfect for everywhere – a party, roaming around the city, or walking on the beach.

Wedge Sandals

The most distinguished part of these is the sole that is higher underneath the heel but keeps becoming lower towards the front. They look stylish and versatile with various designs. Besides, their unique sole design makes heavy ankle appear slimmer.

Sports Sandals

The closed toe versions typically fall under this category. Some are designed exclusive for water activities, some are for hiking, and others share the qualities of both the worlds. These have solid soles, better traction, supportive arch, and comfortable fit. They are designed to protect your feet on outdoor terrains, in the water, and on slippery slopes.

The Uses of Closed Toe Sandals

If a perfect vacation means to you exploring a city or walking on wild trails without having it ruined by sprained ankle or blisters on the foot skin at the end of the day, the closed toe sandals are the perfect option.

Suitable for Hot Climate

If you love to wander around the cobblestone road villages in Florence or some European hill towns, you’ll surely appreciate the ventilation of these sandals. You don’t have to remove them to give your feet some air. The adequate airflow and the use of breathable fabrics will keep the feet fresh with minimal odor and stress.

Better Foot Protection

These usually come with a stout sole and deep tread. As they leave less of the foot exposed and have a solid construction, they are likely to provide excellent protection on rugged terrain and in water sports. Lots of models also have toe cap protection, which is handy because you never know when someone runs a wheelie bag over your toes.

They also feature better drainage system than sneakers and boots. So, stream crossings, kayaking, or other water activities are more fun while you put on a pair of closed toe sandals.


The lightweight yet sturdy construction of the closed toe models have made them more preferable than boots. They are ideal for hiking in hot weather, water sports, and around the campsite. Mountain climbers and backpackers will love them because they will put the minimal weight on their gear. They are probably not the most fashion-forward, but there’s no doubt about their functional and comfortable status.

Characteristics of Good-Quality Closed-Toe Sandals

If you have decided to buy a pair of closed toe sandals, you should keep these features in mind.

The Design View

‘Hip’ and ‘cool’ will better describe the closed toe design rather than ‘trendy’ or ‘fashionable.’ They won’t come near to gladiator, slide-in, or wedge sandals in terms of style but are better looking than the clunky hiking boots.

In addition, you will find them in plenty of colors and design variations. So, they are not probably party material but will definitely complement your existing wardrobe. Just find the style that flatters you.

The Comfort Level

Even if a pair of shoes looks great, you should not buy them if the sole pinches your feet. They should feel highly comfortable given that you will wear them for adventurous activities and long hours of walking.

It’s important to check how the footbed interacts with the bottom of the feet and if the straps cut into the skin of the top and sides of the foot. The feet should not hang off any side – front, back, or sides. If your plan is to walk a lot, choose a pair that ensures good arch support.

In addition, avoid bulky models as they are uncomfortable for backpacking conditions and are going to put stress on your foot.


The qualities like traction, shock absorption, the strength of the sole, toe guard, etc. are the yardsticks to measure the performance level of closed toe sandals. You should choose them depending on the activities you have planned. For example, a pair with the high-level of traction will come handy for some tough activities such as mount climbing. On the other hand, a simple day hiking does not call for high-performance shoes.

Nevertheless, your pair of closed toes needs to feel stable and secure for city walking and all types of outdoor setting. The sole should feel light but not flimsy, the straps should be fitting, and a thick tread to stabilize your stride.

1. Teva Women’s Omnium Sandal

Teva has been a front-runner in manufacturing walking sandals for the past two decades. The brand produces footwear that provides adequate comfort and support for the foot without curtailing the freedom of exploring the wild terrains. The TevaOmnium is an excellent option for the outdoor lovers. They are expensive as a pair can cost you more than $100 but the quality won’t surely let you regret.

The Design View

The Omnium features a hybrid style because of the combination of toe protection with the breeziness of light sandals. Billed as hiking and water shoes, they look like almost sneakers but with plenty of side and rear holes for proper ventilation.

The slate color with baby blue accents will camouflage with outdoors without attracting much attention.

Comfort Level

The Omnium provides more support and coverage than most water sandals. They have a breathable upper made of grosgrain webbing overlays. Furthermore, the quick-dry mesh lining and several drainage ports help them to dry quicker than many sports sandals. However, they are still nothing near to high-quality water shoes,but you should not complain given all the foot protection. Besides, these are definitely a better option than wearing wet tennis shoes all day long!

Spider Rubber Outsole has excellent traction, and the heel features the shock-absorbing ShocPad technology. So, you don’t need to fear of causing strain in the foot even if you have to jump or run on uneven terrain. The molded EVA foam midsole is highly comfortable and offers good arch support.

The adjustability of TevaOmnium is excellent. The clever lacing system takes just one pull to get the right adjustment. The Velcro strap with quick release plastic buckle at vamp makes it a breeze to get in and out. The hook-and-loop backstrap is ideal for those with a narrow heel.


The TevaOmnium is ideal for light summer hiking and water activities including kayaking, rafting, canoeing, etc. because of the excellent outsole and lightweight construction. The Spider Rubber Outsole offers a better grip on off the beaten tracks.

The heel and toe protection features will save your feet from dirt, dust, cobbles, or getting sunburns. Besides, their Microban antimicrobial technology will keep you stay free of bacteria and fungi no matter if your journey takes you to the most unusual of places.


  • Ideal for city walks, hiking, water adventures, and daily use
  • Several adjustment options for a better fit
  • ShocPad technology
  • Antimicrobial feature to stay protected from germs


  • Expensive
  • Don’t have the most fashionable of looks
  • Dirt that enters through the openings cannot be cleared without removing the shoes

2. KEEN Women’s Clearwater CNX Sandal

The Clearwater CNX from KEEN is one of the top picks out there for adventure travel. These provide the strength and protection that the brand is known for but break the tradition with a lightweight design. With a price point that hovers around $200, the model is on the higher side of the cost spectrum. Nevertheless, it will seem reasonable once you discover their exceptional quality and versatility.

The Design View

Most of the women’s sandals that are designed for sports and adventures don’t measure high on the style scale. The Clearwater CNX is a surprising exception! These have a sleek profile and the flirty, bright color options such as celestial, fusion coral, and barberry seem quite refreshing. If your preference is a low profile, choose the shitake, black, or gargoyle version.

The toe box of this model is less bulky than other KEEN products, which gives it a more feminine shape. However, if you are all up for style and nothing else, go for Merrell Siren Wrap.

Comfort Level

The Clearwater CNX is light and nimble despite having a foot bumper made of hard plastic. It’s possible to walk on them for hours without putting any extra weight on your foot.

The polyester webbing upper nicely shapes around different foot shapes. The PU midsole is comfy enough and does not have any specific pressure point to cause footsore. These provide good arch support around the heel.

The outsole is synthetic that protects the ankles from shakes and jolts. The deep tread and the TPU stability shank make the insole feel good beneath the feet. In addition, the sandals feature flex grooves that help the foot interact with the ground in a good way.

However, the adjustability might be an issue as these have just a single bungee lacing with a cord toggle for customizing the fit for the upper and midfoot. There’s no option to modify the fitting for the toe and ankle areas.


The Clearwater CNX is a strong performer across the board. You can trust its stability and durability in both land and water.

The model does not have the Vibram rubber sole, but its versatile tread pattern does an excellent job in providing the grip and support needed for adventurous activities. You can walk steep slabs or slippery slopes without any issue. In addition, the insole has good traction too that prevents foot slide within the shoe while descending or ascending on a challenging track.


  • Available in plenty of color options
  • Stylish
  • Lightweight and nimble
  • Give great performance on both land and water


  • Lack ankle adjustment
  • Expensive

3. KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal

KEEN is renowned for manufacturing innovative outdoor footwear. The brand’s Women’s Whisper Sandals also live up to that standard with versatility and a number of features. They are perfect for the whole gamut of conditions and terrain – whether it be the city walking, beach, or easy hiking trails. They are not cheap, but that’s a small sacrifice to make for such excellent quality.

The Design View

The Whisper features a hybrid design that shares the attributes of both shoes and sandals. The closed toe, shoelace-like lacing system, sturdy sole, proper ventilation, and an excellent footbed will give you the comfort of both worlds.

The outdoor footwear is criticized for looking too athletic. However, the Whisper sandals have a more feminine shape and come in plenty of color choices. They are available in bright, soft, and dark shades, catering to the taste of every woman.

Comfort Level

Considering KEEN’s reputation in manufacturing highly comfortable outdoor footwear, you can expect superior coziness from the Whisper sandals.

The upper is made of synthetic fabric, but the inner part has a foamy covering to feel soft on your skin. Compression molded EVA goes in the making of the footbed that is currently the best material for ensuring comfort. In addition, the Metatomicalfootbed design provides excellent arch support by being shaped to the natural foot contour.

There’s a bungee lacing system that is enough for adjusting to your preferred fit. You just need to pull it on and lock with a toggle at the right length.


The Whisper is best suitable for walking, backpacking, and any light outdoor adventure. You can go wading the waters, cave along the cliffs, or hike on the trails. The sandals will provide phenomenal grip and superior comfort on all occasions.

You can freely use these for any water activity. The side holes and the hydrophobic mesh lining will help in quick draining and drying. The good aeration system and the use of Aegis Microbe Shield will even reduce odor. The non-marking rubber outsole ensures a tight grip on any surface.

Another great feature of the shoes is that they are machine washable. No matter how dirty they are, just wash with a small amount of detergent and air dry. They will be as shiny as new.


  • Fashionable and plenty of color options
  • Bungee lacing for adjusting the tightness
  • Excellent arch support
  • Hydrophobic mesh lining
  • Good aeration system


  • Not easy to take out once sand or rock gets inside
  • Expensive

4. Clarks Women’s Tuvia Melon Fisherman Sandal

If you are hunting a pair of sandals that provides a great toe protection, excellent grip, and goo ventilation, the Tuvia Melon Fisherman Sandals from Clarks might be the right choice for you. Equipped for all types of outdoor activities, once your lace them up, they will take you through any warm-weather condition with perfect security and comfort for the feet.

The Design View

The shoes look beautiful though their shape is more athletic than feminine. These really hit the mark if your choice is something that combines the support of sneakers but the coziness and aeration of sandals.

The sturdy materials, sporty style, and synthetic look make these the ultimate choice to many women for outdoor adventures. Furthermore, they come in seven different colors, to the delight of all the fashion-forward adventurers.

Comfort Level       

These are the perfect choice for any girl looking for easy-wearing comfort and breathable design.

The upper is made of synthetic fabrics with holes and mesh patches on the sides, which allow your feet to breathe in hot conditions. Besides, the neoprene lining inside will wipe away moisture and protect your feet from sweating.

The sandals feature a contoured footbed that nurtures the sole of your feet and ankles. The all-around support won’t let you feel any pain even if you have a strain on the heel or back area. Rather, you will get a foot massage at every step due to the bendable technology.

These have a single-pull bungee lacing that you can use for tightening and loosening the fit. There’s also and hook-and-loop backstrap for adjusting the ankle side. However, these might feel a bit tighter if you have wide feet. Solve this problem by going for a half size up. A bigger size won’t be a problem since you can use the lace and Velcro strap to adjust the fitting.


Made with synthetic fabrics and featuring sport-tech detailing, these Clarks sandals are suitable for various types of tasks – for camping, backpacking, trekking in the country trails, walking along the beach, or roaming around the city.

The rubber outsole is flexible and offers versatile traction for showing a solid performance on the rough or slippery terrain. The tread is also deep enough to provide decent protection from small rocks. In a word, these are perfectly designed for all types of hot weather outdoor activities.


  • Sport design
  • Multiple colors
  • EVA contoured footbed
  • Versatile traction


  • Might feel tight on wide feet

5. Northside Savannah Sandal

Searching for a pair of sandals that will keep your feet protected during the summer vacation? Go for the Savannah from Northside. These are reasonably priced as you can grab a pair at less than $50! These are made of advanced technology to provide all day comfort and keep you safe for long days on the trail.

The Design View

The Savannah features a hybrid design that feels more like sandals and less like shoes because of featuring more webbing and less neoprene than their competitions such as KEEN or Teva.

These are available in two color combinations – black/purple and gray/aqua. They look so nice that you can step off a trail and go into a restaurant or a store right away. Instead of raising eyebrows, they will earn you compliments from strangers and fellow travelers.

Comfort Level

Featuring lots of advanced technologies, you can expect superior comfort from the Savannah Sandals. The cushioned footbed is lightweight molded EVA that not only relaxes the feet but also shapes around their natural contour. The design is impeccable for providing enough arch support, so you don’t feel any pain even after walking miles after miles.

The breathable upper and perforation all around ensure proper ventilation while the rubber toe guard gives protection for the toes by keeping the rocks and debris away.

Getting a customizable fit on these shoes is a breeze, thanks to the drawstring lacing and the hook-and-loop closure. The Velcro strap will tighten or loosen the fitting around the ankle while the bungee lacing will help to shape the sandal nicely around the rest of the foot.

There’s one drawback though. The lacing will be useless if the toggle stopper comes off or stops working.


The Savannah sandals are great for outdoor activities such as walking, backpacking, camping, hiking on less challenging trails, etc. The Northside bills them as suitable for water sports too. However, while you can walk through shallow water puddles and wet grass, soaking them thoroughly into the water poses the risk of ungluing of the upper sole from the lower part.

These are more suitable for summer backpacking and light outdoor adventures in hot weather. The outsole offers excellent traction on wet and slippery tracks. Besides, the ventilation system and the nylon/neoprene upper keep the feet aerated and odor-free.


  • Cushioned footbed
  • Rubber toe cap provides excellent toe protection
  • Bungee lacing and hook-and-loop closure for better fitting
  • Rubber sole offers good grip on surfaces


  • The lacing will be useless if the toggle stopper fails
  • Not suitable for water sports

6. AgowooWomens Athletic Sandals

Who wouldn’t like to get a pair of walking sandals that can take from wet to dry and from urban streets to rough country tracks without sacrificing comfort or support? The Agowoo Women’s Athletic Closed Toe Sandals is the best choice in this regard. You can also bring them on backpacking trips to get better protection than a pair of single-layer Rainbow! The price is also reasonable as you can grab a pair at less than $50!

The Design View

The sandals are mostly open except for a closed design in the toe area. The upper is made of thick fabric and leather materials. The style quotient of these shoes is quite poor as they look clunky with the solid construction and the thick synthetic sole. The three color options – coffee, green, and brown – could be the saving grace, but they still can’t compete with most other closed toe models in the market, fashion wise.

Comfort Level

If you compare with the KEEN and Teva products, these Agowoo sandals won’t come near in terms of comfort. They are solid, no doubt, but not as cozy as other high-end closed toe models.

The thick upper fabric is coarse may feel rough on the skin during the breaking in period. However, the synthetic sole is soft and offers comfort for the bottom of your feet. The toe guard is excellent in protecting your toes from an accidental stabbing on sharp objects.

These offer three Velcro straps for better adjustment – at the toe, vamp, and heel areas. So, you will have plenty of options to continually reassess and modify the fitting for different types of activities.

The sizing is standard but if you have somewhat wider feet, order a half size up to get the perfect fitting.


The Agowoo sandals are great for traveling, road trips, and anywhere where you want to give your feet a break with a closed toe design. They are not suitable for the winter season because of the open design except for the toe guard. Besides, expect tiny rocks will enter between your toes on gravel surfaces, which is annoying as the sandals are not easy to get on and off because of so many straps.

You can bring the pair for the camping trips but don’t get your hope high and go hiking on challenging terrain.

The outsole is soft rubber that is hard-wearing and anti-skid. The tread is thick to absorb shock when you run and jump.


  • Solid construction
  • Synthetic sole absorbs shock
  • Inexpensive


  • Don’t have a great look
  • The upper material is thick but coarse
  • Not suitable for professional hiking

7. ECCO Women’s Biom Delta Offroad-W Sport Sandal

The Biom Delta Offroad-W from ECCO is a practical, stylish sandal to add to your summer wardrobe. These look good and deliver comfort and durability too. The excellent quality of the shoes has made them expensive (around $150), but the money is worth what you get in return. You will get a pair of sandals that will provide all-day walking comfort and such an exceptional fit that they will just feel like an extension of the foot!

The Design View

The Offroad-W is all in all an outdoor sports footwear that is built like a rock! The shoes can kick any obstacle without losing rhythm.

The athletic look beautifully combines with the stone/moon rock color combo. The cool leather material on the upper, bungee lacing, toe guard, and the hook-and-loop closure – all add to their groovy appearance. They will let you take your outdoor sports like a pro and walk into the urban area with style.

Comfort Level

Any active junky will be thrilled to wear these sandals because of the high level of support and comfort they provide. You will have enough foot coverage and a PU toe cap to protect the feet from scrape and stabbing, but the breathability and ventilation are superior too for better aeration and killing the odor.

The footbed is TPE microfiber-covered that gives your sole a cushioning feel the whole day. It also has antimicrobial properties to kill germs and formation of molds. The PU midsole also does the same job of providing amazing walking comfort.

The sole construction is low, which is helpful in promoting a better contact between the feet and the ground. It also helps in superb ground adaptation.

The fit of the sandals is excellent too. The Yak nubuck leather in the upper does not feel rough on the skin. The bungee lacing and the closure behind the heel are useful in getting a tailor-made fitting!


The use of Yak leather and the advanced technology have made these sandals great for outdoor activities. They provide excellent durability and wearability. You can cross deserts, plow through wild forests, stroll on dry creek beds with these, and will not be disappointed. The rubber outsole is pliable and offers outstanding grip on different types of terrains.


  • Sporty design
  • Yak leather in the upper
  • PU toe guard
  • TPE footbedprovides cushioning for the feet all day
  • Customized fitting with bungee lacing and a Velcro closure


  • Available in only one color option
  • Expensive

8. Wentsven Women’s Closed Toe Outdoor Hiking Fisherman Sandals

The Fisherman Sandals from Wentsven can be your trusted companions for the summer adventures. This hybrid model is the first thing you should put into the backpack if your travel itinerary is booked with bike riding, paddle boarding, beach walking, and light trail hiking.

The Design View

The sandals look a bit rough with a solid construction and the blend of thick fabric and leather as the upper materials. However, the brown and khaki color options look cool and hipster if not trendy in combination with a thick two-colored sole and toe guard design.

The hybrid design is minimalist inspired. So, rather than making you look club-footed, they just appear like an extension of your feet!

Comfort Level

The upper is made of coarse fabric, which will feel rough on the skin. Nevertheless, the thickness of the material makes the sandals great for water activities. Wentsven claims it to be waterproof, which seems unlikely though it will take time for them to get entire soggy. Similarly, they will take a long time to dry out once get wet. Nevertheless, these are built for fun in the water. The rubber toe guards will help protect toes while crossing streams and rivers.

The fitting is nice with the options of bungee lacing and a hook-and-loop closure. They allow for a more customizable fit. You just need to pull the cords and lock with a plastic cord toggle at the desired level. The Velcro strap at the vamp offers slip-on ease with an easy adjustment.

The rubber sole is pliable enough to improve the ground contact while the siping at the bottom provides high traction on slick and wet surfaces.


The athletic shoes are a nice option to be used for outdoor and athletic activities. Beach walking might not be the best choice since sand and dirt are likely to get inside through the side holes.

Nevertheless, if you are thinking of a Europe tour, especially in France, Italy, and Spain, which involves walking for miles and miles every day, these sandals will be your savior. They will feel comfortable all day and are completely appropriate for visiting cathedrals and museums. Even if you need to go barefoot to a sacred shrine, the hook and loop closure makes getting on and off a breeze.

The outer sole is rubber that is non-slip and allows flexibility when you run or walk on uneven tracks.


  • The rubber sole is non-slip and pliable
  • Bungee lacing and a hook-and-loop closure
  • Toe protection


  • Don’t look very stylish
  • Take long time to dry out

9. Teva – Terra-Float Travel Lace

The Terra-Float Sandals from Teva are surely to ignite your adventurous spirit. Girls who love to spend time in the wild by rafting, exploring forests, or climbing mountains will find such a pair extremely handy because of their durability and excellent traction. They will cost you money (around or over a hundred buck), but you will be rewarded with an outstanding comfort with every step.

The Design View

Teva has designed the Terra-Float line for women exclusively. So, they are absolutely lightweight, and their sleek profile looks feminine than other traditional sports sandals. Their style quotient can be described as cool rather than chic because of the dark color options. They are available in black, chocolate brown, and smoked pearl. All the versions have different accent colors that look fun but not outlandish or funky.

Comfort Level

The sandals feature FloatLitefoam midsole that is ultralight and durable. You can say goodbye to your ankle sprain or footsore because of its lightweight construction, comfortable footbed, and excellent arch support. Furthermore, the ariaprene lining will feel highly comfortable against the skin, requiring absolutely no time for breaking in.

These will provide outstanding foot cushioning that is ideal for long walks, jumping, and rock climbing activities. Your feet will get a high-level of protection as well as the toes because of the TPU toe bumper.

However, don’t take long beach walks while putting on these sandals because the open design allows sand, shells, and rocks to get inside. These things can irritate the skin if you don’t remove them for a long time.

The sandals provide a customized fitting with a bungee lacing system that you can lock at various lengths with a cord toggle. In addition, there’s a sock-like wrap around the heel to keep the foot in place.


The Terra-Float is the kind of travel shoes that can handle it all! The waterproof upper, tough but flexible outsole, and a soft interior lining have made them a complete package. Whether you love land or sea, they can be your trusted companions on slick trails, valleys, and riverbanks.

The ariaprene upper with waterproof leather featuring tiny preformation allow for easy flow of water in and out. The Durabrasion outsole supplies optimal traction and can take abuse like a pro. The heel has the ideal height to not to let you feel the sharp objects under your feet.


  • FloatLite foam midsole ensures lightweight construction
  • Durabrasion outsole is pliable and extremely durable
  • Bungee lacing system for custom fit


  • Don’t look stylish
  • Expensive

10. Clorts Women’s Closed Toe Amphibious

Since 2006, Clorts has been manufacturing innovative shoes that are ready for exploring the outdoors. They produce every type of shoes that can take on a huge swath of tasks, from hiking to paddle boarding and running errands. The Amphibious Athletic Water Shoes are specially designed for kayaking and water sports enthusiasts. These are the way to go if you are looking to enjoy the best outdoor experience with good foot protection and comfort.

The Design View

Featuring a hybrid design, the Amphibious looks just like sneakers except for three tiny holes on each of the sides. Available in a flirty purple color, the sandals are meant to stand ahead of the crowd. The stylish and colorful appearance is enough to switch the holiday mode on!

Comfort Level

The sandals are made of mesh and PU leather materials. The inside has a foam cover that feels super comfortable on the skin. They are very lightweight too, so you won’t feel any weight or pressure while trying to cross steep terrain.

The rubber outsole is resistant to shock, and the midsole is also shock absorbing EVA. The insole features sanitized Actifresh technology. You won’t experience any footsore or bad smell even if you have to put them on for the whole day.

The model has just a fast lacing buckle that you just need to pull on to adjust the feet. It’s a great feature for those who hate long shoelaces or multiple adjustable straps. The single lacing system has made it easier to put on and remove the shoes.


You can use the Amphibious Sandals for any outdoor occasion, especially for water activities such as fishing, boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, rowing, etc.

The upper is made of a breathable mesh material and an anti-hydrolysis PU. Even if they are completely drowned in water, they will dry out quickly. So, cross as many streams as you want and enjoy all the water sports during your vacation without the fear of staying with the wet foot the whole day.

The outsolesare rubber and featureoctopus’ suction cup-like holes. They are skid-proof, abrasion-resistant, and provide excellent traction. They are also shock-absorbent. So, you can do everything from running on rugged tracks to walk in wet and slippery conditions.


  • Can be used as sneakers too
  • Available in a beautiful purple color
  • The single lacing system facilitates a quick put on and off
  • Super breathable and lightweight
  • The outsole has suction cups for excellent grip on surfaces
  • Affordable price


Less ventilated than other traditional closed toe sandals

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