Best Circular Saws For Wood, Metal & PVC Cutting

Recommendation No. 1
DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Electric Brake, 15-Amp (DWE575SB)
  • Imported from: China
  • Commercial Brand: DEWALT
  • Lightweight and compact 8.8-Pound
  • Electric Brake
Recommendation No. 2
SKIL 5280-01 15-Amp 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Single Beam Laser Guide
  • Powerful 15-amp motor delivers 5,300-RPM for greater speed and faster cuts
  • 7-1/4-in carbide-tipped blade included. Spindle lock for easy blade changes.
  • 51 degree bevel capacity for a wide variety of cuts. Arbor size: 5/8 inches, cord length: 6 feet
  • Lightweight 6.95-lb design reduces fatigue
  • Dust blower keeps line-of-cut free of sawdust for improved visibility.Anti-snag lower guard reduces snags when making narrow cut-offs
Recommendation No. 3
Makita 5007Mg Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw
  • Magnesium components create a lightweight saw (10.6 pounds) that is well balanced and jobsite tough
  • Powerful 15.0 AMP motor delivers 5,800 RPM for proven performance and jobsite durability
  • Two built in L.E.D lights illuminate the line of cut for increased accuracy
  • Large cutting capacity (2 to 1/2 inches at 90 degree) and bevel capacity (0 degree to 56 degree) with positive stops at 22.5 degree and 45 degree
  • 1 year warranty

If you intend on cutting a range of different materials – either as a DIYer or a builder, then you may require circular saws. A circular saw, which is also known as a skil saw, chop saw, or table saw, has been around in varying styles since the 18th century.

By the 19th century, they were commonplace in sawmills across America. While the styles and power options for the circular saw have evolved, the general purpose has not. You can use them to cut through wood, masonry, metal, and plastic while using various cut options such as rip-cuts or cross-cuts.

Electricity or batteries power most circular saws you find for sale, but there are now heavy-duty options on offer for those who need to make significant cuts on a regular basis. These options tend to be powered by fuel or hydraulics – perfect for when there are no power sources nearby.

If you believe a saw is what your workshop is lacking, or you think your DIY requirements may warrant its use, consider any of these nine top-rated options below.

9. DeWALT DCS391B Li-Ion Circular Saw

If you’re an avid DIYer or a builder, this circular saw from DeWALT will become a firm favorite in your toolbox in no time. Not only is it priced affordably as a bare tool, but if you have other DeWALT tools, you can interchange the batteries between this circular saw and your other devices.

Aside from this convenience, this saw is packed full of convenient features you are bound to love. Firstly, the power is exceptional. It has a robust motor that delivers both power and speed to the tune of 5,150 RPM, as well as the ability to cut through a range of materials. As it has a carbide-tipped blade, it will also provide you with the added aggression you require to cut through metal, plastic, and wood. What’s more, this blade enables you to cut at both 90-degree and 45-degree angles, while offering more cuts per charge than other blade materials.

With such power on offer, you also require your circular saw to be comfortable and easy to use, and this one is. It has a magnesium high-strength shoe to make your cuts far more accurate, and it also has over-molded grips as well. As a result, you benefit from both balance and comfort throughout the entire cutting process. If you need a saw that will be reliable, easy to use and versatile, then it’s fair to say this one from DeWALT is a keen contender.

8. Bosch CS5 Circular Saw

There could be nothing as frustrating as trying to cut through metal, plastic, or wood, only to find your circular saw isn’t up to the task. However, if you purchase this one from Bosch, you can rest assured it will more than tick all the boxes.

As it’s both sturdy and durable, it’s able to tackle the toughest of tasks you give it, all while relying on the 15-amp motor to provide the power you need. It’s built to last, has a competitive price tag, and all its components are well made so you can rest assured it lasts the distance.

Aside from its power and durability, you’ll also be impressed with how easy it is to use. It has a better line of sight than most other circular saw options on the market, while also being left-handed in its design for ultimate user convenience.

If you’re safety conscious – as you should be, then you’ll be happy to know Bosch is as well. This circular saw even features an anti-snag lower guard to ensure there’s a reduced risk of running into any hiccups. What’s more, if you find the blade has gone blunt and you’re pressed for time, you’ll be pleased to know the spindle lock lever makes it easy and quick to change the blade.

As a quarter-inch saw that runs on 120-volts of power, you’ll be pleased with how well it ticks all the boxes for your needs. There’s every reason to consider adding it to your toolbox today.

7. SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw with Single Beam Laser Guide

If you’re a long-time owner of a SKIL circular saw, but you’re ready for an upgrade, then you might be onto a winner with this one. From the well-respected SKIL brand, this circular saw is designed to be leagues ahead of its own previous model. You can expect more power thanks to its newly developed 15-amp motor, and even better performance as well.

However, the benefits don’t end there. With resin motor housing and dramatic improvements, you can also benefit from a significant weight reduction. As a result, you are less likely to suffer from user fatigue than you did with the SKIL 5680 model.

When it comes to cutting, you are also going to be impressed. It’s fitted with a laser beam so you can make a more accurate cut, the arbor size is 5/8-inch for your convenience, and it even has a higher cut capacity than the previous model as well. It has a 51-degree bevel as well as a stop at 45 degrees for your benefit.

Once you’re finished using this high-quality saw, you can unplug the six-foot cord, then store it in the supplied carry bag. If you’ve owned a SKIL saw before, this new model will be a significant improvement on it.

6. Makita 5007MG Magnesium Circular Saw with 24T Ultra-Coated Framing Blade

If you work in construction, you will no doubt be aware of how crucial it is to have a high-quality circular saw. While of course, all tools of the trade need to be high-quality, but when it comes to cutting, it needs to be more than accurate. Luckily, with this Makita saw, you can rest assured it will do the job right.

As a lightweight saw of a little over 10 pounds, it’s more than suitable for both professional worksites and home users. Because some of the components are made out of magnesium, you can benefit from less user fatigue because it’s far lighter than other saws on the market. However, aside from its weight and exceptional balance, as a result, there are also several other features packed into this saw.

Its 15-amp robust motor delivers 5,800 RPM, it’s a tried and tested circular saw that runs rings around its competitors in the workforce, and it’s a preferred saw by many builders as well. Even the blades are quality. All the blades are coated to reduce the risk of pitch build-up, and because of the “M” shaped teeth, there are two cutting points as opposed to the standard one. If you’re in the market for a quality saw that’ll get the job done, set your sights on this one.

5. PORTER-CABLE PCC660B Lithium Bare Circular Saw

A battery-powered circular saw is becoming a popular accompaniment in many homeowners’ toolboxes, and it’s clear to see why. They are a convenient tool to have, you can take them anywhere, and they can handle all manner of materials. This one from PORTER-CABLE, however, is leagues ahead of its competition.

Not only is it competitive on price – being available as a bare tool for a fraction of the cost of others, but it’s packed full of convenient features as well. Whether you’re a DIYer renovating your house, or a professional on a building site, you will find this circular saw more than delivers from every angle.

It has a robust and powerful motor that delivers 4,000 RPM, it’s well known for its aggressive cutting, and it even has carbide blades as well. These blades can provide a cutting capacity of 2-1/8-inch, all the while being precise and smooth in its cut.

What’s more, because of its bevel shoe, it can pivot up to a 50-degree angle. However, while this circular saw is undoubtedly ready to deliver on performance, it’s also ticking all the boxes for comfort as well. Rather than succumb to fatigue, you can use this saw for as long as you need to while benefiting from the support of the ergonomic and over-molded handle. If you need an affordable saw that does everything you need it to do and more, this one is the answer.

4. SKILSAW SouthPaw SPT67M8-01 Magnesium Left Blade Circular Saw

Not everyone likes a battery-powered circular saw, so why not go for the corded variety instead? This hardy, robust, and affordable saw from SKILSAW will more than deliver for your needs. It has a long cord so that you can use it anywhere you need to, and it also comes packed full of convenient features as well.

No longer do you have to put up with inaccurate cuts with an old saw. Instead, you can rest assured that this SKILSAW saw, with its sidewinder, offers improved cut line accuracy and far better visibility as well. What’s more, given its magnesium components, it’s also very lightweight. As a result, you can benefit from reduced user fatigue.

However, you will also be impressed by how quickly it gets the job done while lasting the distance as well. It has a dual-field motor, better cooling capacity than several other saws on the market, and exceptional speed when cutting too. Everything you need as a DIYer or professional builder is within this one saw from SKILSAW.

3. Evolution Power Tools Multipurpose Cutting Circular Saw

For the busy professional builder who requires a circular saw to take care of all cutting requirements, this tool is for you. Designed to tackle steel, wood, aluminum, steel, and even plastic, it’s a multi-purpose cutting saw you’ll be pleased to add to your toolbox.

It cuts through most materials like a knife through butter, can make cuts at angles of up to 45 degrees thanks to its bevel tilt, and you can even adjust how deep you’re cutting as well. As a builder, this is a feature that’s well worth having.

While you’re sure to be impressed with its cutting ability, you will also appreciate the comfort and convenience on offer as well. If you’re spending countless hours on the end of a power tool, you need it to be comfortable, and this one is. It has an ergonomic handle to reduce user fatigue and even has a fence guide as well. Therefore, while you’re comfortable using the tool, you can also ensure the cut is accurate as well.

This saw operates with a 10.5-amp motor, produces 3,900 RPM, and has a convenient six-foot cord. It’s sure to tick all the boxes for the avid DIYer or construction worker.

2. Milwaukee 2731-20 M18 Fuel Circular Saw

Finding a circular saw that will suit your needs as a builder or DIYer is challenging, but it’s not impossible. This saw from Milwaukee, while basic in its design, is packed full of convenient features that are sure to make your cutting experience that much better.

It’s effortless and comfortable to use – with reduced user fatigue as a result, and it’s also durable as well. All parts and components are well made, and it even comes with a battery as well. Most battery-powered saws on the market come as a bare tool, so this saw stands out in a league of its own on that point alone. However, along with arriving with the battery, you also get to benefit from the peace of mind that it comes with a three-year battery warranty too.

Aside from the battery power which adds a sense of freedom as to where you can use the saw, you also benefit from a quality cut every time as well. The blade is made out of high-quality materials, it can cut through wood aggressively yet smoothly, and you can benefit from an accurate cut each time you use the saw as well. There’s every reason to consider purchasing this saw today.

1. Makita 5402NA Circular Saw

This circular saw from Makita is one of the most popular options for both builders and DIYer, and it’s clear to see why. Not only does it offer everything you require to get the job done right the first time, but it also comes as a full set, rather than just a bare tool. It comes with a saw storage holder, a rip fence, a carbide-tipped blade which can extend your battery life, as well as a blade wrench. What’s more, it’s a powerful and efficient saw you’ll be pleased to add to your toolkit.

When it comes to making that first cut, you will be more than happy with the power from the 15-amp motor. It delivers 2,200 RPM, can cut through the hardest pressure-treated wood, and does so at both 90-degree and 45-degree angles.

What’s also sure to impress is its comfort and versatility. It’s quiet so it won’t hurt your ears as much as other saws do, it weighs just 32 pounds, and has a substantial support handle as well. Therefore, you can balance the weight out well while you work on the task at hand. With a competitive price tag to seal the deal, you will love everything this saw has to offer.

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