Best Pet Cat Beds For Indoors

Recommendation No. 1
Love's cabin Round Donut Cat and Dog Cushion Bed, 20in Pet Bed for Cats or Small Dogs, Anti-Slip & Water-Resistant Bottom, Super Soft Durable Fabric Pet beds, Washable Luxury Cat & Dog Bed Gray
  • DESIGN FEATURES: Love's cabin cat and dog beds feature nest-like walls filled with high-loft down alternative that surround pets to promote feelings of security,round pet bed offers a safe, cozy place for a cat or small dog to snooze
  • BED SIZE: the round pet bed allows pets to curl up while the raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support. The 20 inch round pet bed is perfect for cats, small dogs and other pets up to 15 lbs.
  • HIGH QUALITY FABRIC: Made of premium quality cut pile fabric , stuffed with soft durable superior suede fabric, offers maximum comfort and warmth for your furry friends.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Easy wash and care, wash the entire bed on the gentle cycle with cold water and tumble dry in low heat
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We will provide a 1-year warranty to replace any defects in our product, 30 days no-hassle refund/return and customer support from Love's cabin.
Recommendation No. 2
Love's cabin 20in Cat Beds for Indoor Cats - Cat Bed with Machine Washable, Waterproof Bottom - Grey Fluffy Dog and Cat Calming Cushion Bed for Joint-Relief and Sleep Improvement
  • DESIGN FEATURES: Love's cabin cat and dog beds feature nest-like walls filled with high-loft down alternative. The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, Cat bed could let them feel the envelopment of love and warmth, offer a safe & cozy place for a cat or small dog to snooze.
  • BETTER SLEEP: Made of premium faux shag fur, our fluffy cat bed is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat! Paired with deep crevices that offer maximum comfort and warmth for your furry friends.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Our pet bed is very esay to clean. No zippers to fuss with, just throw whole bed in the machine and choose gentle cycle. Do not bleach, To prevent matting, you'd better to dry the bed in the DRYER on low heat after washing.
  • BED SIZE: When choosing your dog bed, we suggest the 20x20” bed for dogs and cats up to 15lbs, The 24x24” bed for dogs and cats up to 25lbs, If you have any problems or questions, Simply reach out to our customer service team
  • DEDICATED CUSTOMER SERVICE: Love's cabin Trademarked Products - NO risk shopping. Love's cabin strives to provide 1-Month return and replacement service & life-time free customer service - We want our customers to be 100% happy and satisfied!
Recommendation No. 3
BODISEINT Modern Soft Plush Round Pet Bed for Cats or Small Dogs, Mini Medium Sized Dog Cat Bed Self Warming Autumn Winter Indoor Snooze Sleeping Cozy Kitty Teddy Kennel (S(19.7”Dx7.9 H, Dark Grey)
  • Material:Make of attractive luxurious faux fur,macarons color donut shape.Round pet bed offers a safe, Ideal for a cat or small dog to snooze.Your little furry friends will feel surrounded by love and warmth, allowing them to experience truly restful sleep. restful sleep for improved behavior and better health.
  • Choose size: We suggest the 19.7"x7.9" (S) bed for pets of small size up to 20lbs.Suit :for all age of cats,small dog breeds puppy Chihuahua,Yorkshire,Schnauzer,Poodle,Bichon Frise,Miniature Pinscher.
  • COMFORT AND SUPPORT: Filled with a high-loft recycled polyester fiber.Self warming fleecy fabric keeps your kitty or doggy warmer in winter.
  • Water-resistant and non-skid bottom:Small pet bed's non-skid dirt resistant bottom keeps pet bed in place for worry-free placement on tile and hardwood floors in the home/living room .
  • The cover can not be removable:To avoid matting of the fur, it is important that the bed is thoroughly dried in DRYER directly after washing. Do NOT AIR DRY.

Cats are finicky creatures that require a bed to feel safe and comfortable. Cats spend at least 19 hours per day sleeping and while they love the comforts of your bed, the couch, or a safe corner, they also like coming indoors to a comfortable cat bed they can call their own. When it comes to finding the perfect cat bed, that’s entirely up to the cat. What you believe is comfortable, they might not. Therefore, it’s crucial to take note of your cat’s current sleeping habits and find a cat bed that matches what they prefer.

However, this is easier said than done. There are so many beds to choose from thus making a decision is all the more challenging. Some are designed to be cave-like, providing a safe and dark environment, while others are out in the open, wall-mounted, suitable for window sills, or in the shape of a tunnel. The options are endless for how you can spoil your cat. Therefore, we’ve listed nine potential bed options below that are sure to appeal to your cat’s tastes. You may find that at least one will deliver everything your cat requires for a better day and night’s sleep.

9. Best Pet Supplies Tent Bed for Pet Cats

If you want your cat to be exceptionally comfortable in a cat bed while deterring it from using your furniture, you’ll be impressed by this bed from Best Pet Supplies Inc. Designed for use by both cats and small dogs, it’s a tent-shaped and luxurious indoor bed for animals who spend the majority of their time sleeping.

As a comfortable tent, it’s made from robust yet luxurious corduroy and is available in beige so that it ties in with contemporary home décor. Rather than go for vibrant, bold colors that look out of place in your home, this cat bed blends in seamlessly.

What will also appeal about this cat bed is how comfortable it is for your cat or small dog. It’s sheltered and private, so they feel safe and secure every time they use it, and it’s also comfortable thanks to the inside plush pillow. No stone was left unturned in creating a cat bed that would be comfortable and well-liked by your pets.

As you know, pets can get messy from time to time, so you’ll find this bed is very easy to clean. It’s entirely machine washable without impacting the integrity or the shape of the structure. You are sure to find that when you present your cat with this bed, they will begin using it immediately.

8. Kitty City Large Cube Cat Bed

Very rarely will you come across someone who only has one cat, so why buy just one cat bed? This cat bed from Kitty City, while suitable for one cat, is stackable so you can buy more than one bed and put one on top of the other.

Considered a private, dark and safe environment, this bed features a hole in which the cat can sleep, as well as a pad on top for day naps. With sound walls that are solid when erected but can fold flat, it’s going to be your cat’s favorite resting spot in no time.

Aside from being easy to erect and easy to stow away, you will also appreciate the functionality of this cat bed. It features a pillow on the inside as well as a cover that’s easy to remove and put in the washing machine. The fur pad that sits on top is also very easy to keep clean as well.

If you find that one cat bed is not enough, purchasing another is an easy decision. Rather than take up more room in your home, you can stack the second one on top of the first and benefit from it being well balanced and sturdy as well.

This stackable cat bed is a functional and family-friendly item that your cat is sure to love.

7. Oster Sunny Seat Window-Mounted Cat Bed

A cat bed for your furry friend can take up a significant amount of space in any home, but it’s often vital for deterring them from sleeping in your bed. If you don’t have the floor space, but you want your cat to have a nice place to relax, consider this window-mounted cat bed from Oster.

Designed to offer not only a front row seat to nature but to take care of the issue of having no space, this bed is a must-have in any household. The cats will love being able to see everything that goes on while soaking up the sun, and you’ll enjoy not having to vacuum around a cumbersome cat bed.

The suction cups holding it to the window are industrial strength – requiring only a little bit of cleaning to get the perfect amount of suction, and installation takes mere seconds. What’s more, the high-grade and robust plastic frame is designed to last the distance as well.

If you prefer cat beds that you can keep clean, this is one such bed. The durable cover made of polyester is easy to remove and is easy to wash in your washing machine. Catering to up to 50 pounds of weight, there’s every reason to consider purchasing your large or small cat a high-quality window-mounted bed they can enjoy for years to come.

6. Armarkat Cave Shape Pet Cat Bed for Cats and Small Dogs

If your cat is known to be particularly nervous around new people, or in general, then it might be time to purchase this cave-like cat bed from Armakat. Designed to cater to the nervous cat who requires a dark, safe, and comfortable place to sleep, it might tick all of the boxes for your furry friend’s needs.

It’s available in an earthy hue to tie in with contemporary décor rather than detract from it, and it’s entirely machine washable as well. As a result, you can rest assured this cat bed will never get filthy or need to be thrown out as a result.

What’s more, it doesn’t matter what surface you set it on; it won’t skid around and scare your cat. The base is skid-free, and it’s made with a waterproof and plush velvet material. To ensure your cat remains comfortable during their nap, the cat bed is also fitted with a polyfill cushion. As soon as your cat realizes how comfortable this bed is, they’ll never want to leave it.

5. Easyology Original Zen Den Cat Hideout for Indoor

For the cat who wants an uninterrupted nap, this cat bed from Easyology is going to become a firm favorite in no time. It’s designed to tie in with your home’s décor, be comfortable for your cat, and provide a peaceful sanctuary for that nervous cat as well. This cat bed well and truly ticks all the boxes.

It has an extra-large entrance for bigger cats, is easy to set up from a flat pack, and is a robust and decent size of 15 inches square as well. This cat bed is designed to suit both large and small homes with ease while featuring handles to make it easy to shift as well.

When it comes to your cat’s comfort, this bed has you covered. While the outside is designed to be robust to handle all kinds of wear and tear, the inside is a plush and luxurious haven. It has soft cushioning they can cuddle up in, and this is also easy to clean as well. When you’re in the market for a cat bed your cat will enjoy using; this one is most certainly a valid option.

4. Meowfia Premium Cat Bed Cave

If you’re looking for a new cat bed for your beloved furry friend, you will find the majority of them are made out of synthetic materials. While there is nothing wrong with these materials when it comes to your cat’s comfort, there are some more natural options out there which might appeal.

This bed from Meowfia is one such option. Made from 100 percent Merino wool, it’s a comfortable and luxurious bed your cat is sure to love. The best part is, it’s handmade with love. When you buy this cat bed, you will know that many hours and a lot of attention to detail has been put into its creation and it’s a bed your cat will enjoy using.

It’s exceptionally spacious – meaning cats of all sizes can use it, and it’s entirely eco-friendly. As a result, it’s safe for you, your pets, and the world in which we live. It’s also shaped and designed to be very contemporary, helping it to tie in well with your home’s décor too.

What will appeal the most about this cat bed, however, is its level of convenience. While the cat is sure to love it, so too will you when you realize how easy-care it is. Because Merino wool is a natural product, it’s designed to deflect stains, odors, and dirt. It’s also entirely flexible and luxuriously soft. Therefore, it’s very rarely going to get dirty. When you’re looking for a cat bed with a difference, you’re sure to find this one answers all of your questions.

3. Milliard Premium Comfort Plush Pet Bed and Cat Cave

Buying a cat bed knowing they may not use it is a risk many people have to take. However, the less you can spend, the better it is. Therefore, this bed from Milliard might tick all the boxes. While it’s exceptionally comfortable to heighten the chances of your cat using it, it’s also very affordable. Therefore, it’s not a significant loss if you find they still prefer sleeping on your bed or the couch.

It offers comfort from bottom to top, has plush walls and cushioning throughout, and it’s also suitable for all sized cats. You can use it as a standalone bed in your home or even as an accompaniment to a travel crate. The options are endless for how versatile this bed can be.

What’s more, it’s made of a material that’s designed to be robust, hardy, long-lasting and comfortable. Your cat can hide away in the comfort of the cave, sleep to their heart’s content, and you can benefit from peace of mind that your bed is no longer covered in cat fur.

When it comes time to wash it, you will enjoy how easy this process is. Remove the cat, put the cat bed in the washing machine then hang it to dry. It will come out looking as good as new once more. This cat bed will be a welcome addition to any home where the cat rules the roost.

2. Cat Craft Tunnel Bed with Wooden Legs

Not every cat bed you find on the market is going to be suitable for your or your cat’s needs. Some don’t tie in with your home’s décor, while others are not functional enough for your pet’s requirements. This one, however, will tackle both problems that pet owners face. It bucks the trend by looking like an everyday piece of furniture but is also going to be loved by your pet in need of a decent nap.

It’s a robust and stable tube shape that’s seamless in its design and also features solid wood legs to keep it off the ground. What’s more, the material encompassing it is stylish and even akin to what you’d find on any expensive or luxurious lounge suite. However, while it suits your home beautifully, it’s also going to satisfy your cat.

Given its tube shaping, it’s designed as a hiding spot for any cat who requires privacy, while also emanating comfort at every turn thanks to the interior plush cushioning. After several months of use, you can then remove this cushion for washing with ease. Priced affordably yet stylish enough to look a million dollars, it’s a cat bed that will surely be a favorite on your wish list.

1. PawHut Banana Leaf Condo Pod Cat Bed

If your house follows a particularly tropical theme, then why let your cat bed ruin that? Instead, buy a bed from PawHut that complements that theme rather than detracts from it. This affordable, stylish and unique cat bed is designed for both seamless installation into your home and the comfort of your cat.

It’s elevated off the ground so your cat can feel safe and it even features banana leaf on the exterior that has been handwoven to suit your home décor. What’s more, this banana leaf is sure to be enjoyed by your cat’s claws as well.

When it comes to the comfort factor, this bed will tick all the boxes. While it’s hard and robust on the outside, the inner is filled with a cotton cushion that’s soft, removable, and easy to wash as well. Remove it from the bed, put it in the washing machine then hang it to dry. Maintaining a cat bed has never been easier. Buck the trend and purchase a cat bed with a difference.

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