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Recommendation No. 1
Calvin Klein Men's Straight Fit Jeans, Allie Indigo, 32W x 32L
  • Our updated straight jeans sit below the natural waist, straight through the hip and thigh, and straight from the leg to ankle
  • Hint of stretch that allows for easy movement and comfortable all-day wear
  • Straight jeans are perfect for the guy who wants ultimate comfort in his jeans while retaining a stylish look. Whether the design is clean-cut or ripped destructed, these jeans are well-crafted and will be a new staple in your closet
  • Updated logo hardware in a light nickel uniform finish with leather logo tag on back
  • Offered in multiple n
Recommendation No. 2
Calvin Klein Men's Relaxed Straight, Cove, 32W x 30L
  • Relaxed Fit Jean sits slightly below the waist, relaxed through the hip and thigh, and roomier fit from the leg to ankle
  • Features a zip fly with button closure, 5-pockets with the signature omega stitch on the back pockets, a belt loop waistband, and a 17.5" leg opening
  • Fabrication contains just a hint of stretch that allows for easy movement and comfortable all-day wear
  • The relaxed fit jean is perfect for the guy who wants ultimate comfort in his jeans while retaining a stylish look
  • The Calvin Klein Relaxed Fit Denim Jean sits slightly below the natural waist, relaxed through the hip and thigh, and roomier from the leg to ankle. Offered in multiple inseams with a 17.5" leg opening
Recommendation No. 3
Calvin Klein Men's Relaxed Straight Jeans, Boston Blue/Black, 34W x 30L
  • Our updated relaxed fit Jean sits slightly below the waist, relaxed through the hip and thigh, with a roomier fit from the leg to ankle
  • Hint of stretch that allows for easy movement and comfortable all-day wear
  • Relaxed fit jeans are perfect for the guy who wants ultimate comfort in his jeans while retaining a stylish look
  • Updated logo hardware in a light nickel uniform finish with leather logo tag on back
  • Offered in multiple inseams

When you’re looking to update your wardrobe, there are so many reasons why Calvin Klein Jeans could be the best place to begin. Jeans are a staple in any wardrobe because they are exceptionally versatile and come in many different styles. You can opt for skinny jeans, straight cut, slim straight, or even other jean attire like jackets or shorts.

However, when you’re purchasing new jeans, there are significant differences in quality when you opt for low-quality brands or high-quality brands like Calvin Klein jeans. Low-quality jeans tend to feature poor stitching, buttons that come off, and the material is not as thick or as robust. Reputable brands such as Calvin Klein Jeans, however, are more likely to last the distance, being suitable for years of use.

While you do sometimes pay a little more for a better brand, you will replace them far less often than you would something that wasn’t produced to the same high standard. When the time comes to purchase new trousers, pay attention to the price tag, stitching, material, and the overall style. Several features can help you to determine which will be the better purchasing decision.

9. Calvin Klein Jeans for Men Slim Straight Fit

Everyone is sure to own a pair of trusty old blue jeans, but these Calvin Klein jeans are taking trouser ownership to a new level. Not only can you opt for your faithful first choice of blue, but then you have 31 other options from which to choose. Rather than purchase only one pair as well, you can buy several of the same styles, just in a different color.

Aside from the vast color selection, shoppers will also be impressed by the slim straight fit of these jeans. When you put them on, they sit a little below your waistline, hugging your thighs and legs, before becoming even more narrow in the ankle. To make them even more comfortable than they already are, they are also made out of both cotton and lycra. You can move in them easily while remaining comfortable when you’re sitting and standing.

While they are functional and comfortable Calvin Klein jeans, they are also stylish. They feature both a button and zip closure, come with five pockets, and have a stunning omega stitch design on the back pockets. What’s more, they have a generous 14-and-a-half-inch leg opening to suit a wide range of men.

When you are looking for new jeans to add to your wardrobe, you’re sure to find these are an excellent option.

8. Calvin Klein Men’s Relaxed Straight Leg Jeans

Made of a mixture of cotton, elastane, and denim, these Calvin Klein jeans are set to impress. Not only are they made of out of a robust selection of materials to ensure they last the distance, but they are styled and priced to appeal to all manner of men.

When you put them on, you will notice that they fit best below your waistline. They are then quite roomy around your hips and thighs, continuing through to the legs and ankles. If you’re not a fan of skinny jeans, these straight leg Calvin Klein jeans are certainly going to appeal to you.

The style is one of the many standout features, but the functionality and comfort are equally as important. This pair of jeans ticks all the boxes.

They have a convenient button and fly system, feature stunning Omega stitching on the back pockets, and contain enough elastane to provide that little bit of stretch for comfort. What’s more, there are 17-and-a-half inches of room in the legs, meaning men of most builds will find a pair of Calvin Klein jeans to suit their body shape.

When you require more space in the hips, thighs, legs, and ankles, this pair of jeans is going to be a winner for you.

7. Calvin Klein Slim Straight Jeans for Men

If you’re looking for a pair of casual men’s jeans that will look both smart yet low-key, then this pair of Calvin Klein jeans may tick all the boxes. While they’re priced so more people can afford to buy them, you aren’t compromising on quality in the slightest. They bear the Calvin Klein jeans name, and feature the same high-quality components you know and love from the brand.

These slim straight jeans are made from 100 percent cotton for durability and comfort and have a zipper closure with a button. Rather than worry about all those domes and buttons several jeans have, you have a simple closure system that is reliable to last the distance.

They feature slim straight legs that begin from your lower waist through to your ankle and even have a generous leg opening of 15-and-a-half inches to suit more wearers. If you were to compare them to another brand to ensure you get the right pair, they bear the most resemblance to Levi’s 513 men’s jeans.

While they are casual in styling, you don’t miss out on all the best features. You can use all of the five pockets, and for extra class, there is an Omega stitch on the back. Don’t waste time on low-end brands that rip and wear out, purchase these Calvin Klein jeans that both look the part and last the distance.

6. Calvin Klein Men’s Denim Trucker Jacket

Calvin Klein jeans are popular with men around the world, but did you know their denim jackets are just as well-loved? This block jacket with exquisite styling is going to appeal to all men looking for a robust and stylish jacket to wear out on the town. While it seems delicate in its design, it’s sturdy enough to last for many years to come, no matter what wear and tear you put it through.

It closes with robust, well-sewn buttons, has a stunning style that will help you to stand out from the crowd, and has long sleeves and a stylish collar to look on-point no matter where you go. However, it’s not just the styling that will appeal, but the easy-care approach as well. Rather than have to worry about dry cleaning, you can put this jacket in the wash then hang it to dry. It will look as good as new.

The next time you’re hitting the town, put on Calvin Klein jeans then pair it with this jacket. You will stand out from the crowd in no time.

5. Calvin Klein Jeans Men’s Slim Straight Sateen Pant

For a classy casual look that very few other jeans can achieve, these Calvin Klein jeans deliver. Not only are they suitable for semi-formal occasions, but they’re also comfortable enough for you to wear around home as well.

They can handle everyday wear and tear thanks to the 97 percent cotton and three percent elastane, and they are durable enough to handle being washed in the machine as well. What’s more, rather than deal with a myriad of pesky buttons, a simple button and zip closure system helps to make putting them on and taking them off far more natural as well.

While they come in a few different colors, you also benefit from the stylish Calvin Klein patch on the waistband as well. Therefore, everyone will know just how much taste you really have. For a formal occasion, you can wear these Calvin Klein jeans with a button-down shirt, or a t-shirt if you’re going for that more casual appeal.

This versatile pair of Calvin Klein jeans is going to be your go-to pair for any event, so why not give them a try and find out how comfortable they are for yourself?

4. Calvin Klein Men’s Slim Fit Denim Jean

If you are proud of your legs and want the world to know it, you may find these Calvin Klein jeans can help you flaunt those legs in style. Not only do you benefit from a classy cut of jeans you can wear for any event, but a myriad of colors for every occasion. Therefore, there’s every reason why you could buy more than one pair, knowing they’re quality and made to last.

Not every pair of denim jeans you buy are going to be comfortable, flexible, and durable, but you’ll be satisfied by what these Calvin Klein jeans have to offer. They are made of a mixture of elastane, cotton, and denim, are slightly stretchy so you can sit and stand with more comfort, and they’re well crafted and made with care.

When you put these on, which is easy thanks to the high-quality zipper system, you will immediately love how well these jeans accentuate your legs. They sit a little under your waistline, have a nice, slimming fit, and flow in tightly against your hips and thighs. For that extra slimming appeal, the material then tapers in to hug your ankles. However, even though they’re a slim fitting pant, they are also very comfortable to wear thanks to that touch of elastane in the material.

When you want pants that are versatile for every occasion, and you can buy several pairs of due to competitive pricing, these Calvin Klein jeans more than tick those boxes.

3. Calvin Klein Jeans for Men Skinny Fit Denim

Some jeans you come across can be quite drab, so if you want something a little bit different, these Calvin Klein jeans are sure to be the answer. Rather than opt for everyday jeans that work with everything but don’t “pop,” you can select these skinny fit denim jeans with heaps of character and style.

They are well-crafted, exceptionally well stitched, and are designed to both handle daily wear and tear and be versatile for all manner of occasions. What’s more, unlike most typical jeans on the market, they’re ever so slightly stretchy so that they have that comfortable edge you usually wouldn’t expect.

These Calvin Klein jeans have plenty of standout features you need to experience for yourself. When you put them on, they hang below your waist and taper down through your hips and thighs down to hug your ankles. They are easy to do up thanks to the zip and button, and then feature five pockets for your wallet, phone, and other items as well.

What’s more, they feature belt loops so you can look the part with a stylish belt, while being 13-and-a-half inches in the legs for a more tapered, sleek look. What shoppers also love about these Calvin Klein jeans are the knees. Rather than feature everyday denim, they are textured patches which help these jeans to stand out from the crowd.

Rather than go with the flow, buck the trend and try something stylish and new with these Calvin Klein jeans.

2. Calvin Klein Jeans Men’s CK Logo Sweatpant

If you own plenty of Calvin Klein jeans, then you are going to love the style, durability and extreme comfort on offer from these Calvin Klein sweatpants. Whether you’re heading into town with friends, going to the gym, or lounging around home, you will find these pants more than suit the occasion.

Made of polyester and cotton, they are made to feel and look luxurious inside and out, while also featuring the coveted Calvin Klein logo for extra class. What’s more, if you find they’re getting a little loose around the waist, you can use the drawstring to tighten them up a little bit.

For that tapered skinny look, shoppers will also enjoy the cuffed hems. These hems not only help to keep your pant legs in place but look stunning with a pair of skate shoes or sneakers. There are pockets in the front and back, they are priced affordably on the market, and you are sure to find they will suit your every need to a tee.

1. Calvin Klein Jeans for Men Slim Straight

Finding a pair of plain, straight slim jeans can be challenging, but luckily for you, these Calvin Klein jeans will tick all the boxes quite nicely. Rather than opt for that skinny look that doesn’t suit everyone, you can purchase these straight cut jeans that are perfect for every occasion.

You can dress them up with a button-down shirt and cute shiny shoes or dress them down with a t-shirt and sneakers. Whatever the occasion, you are sure to be impressed by the versatility of these Calvin Klein Jeans.

However, trouser functionality is equally as necessary, and once again, CK impresses. They feature five pockets, are made of an elastane and cotton blend for better stretch and comfort, and you can wash them on a general wash in the machine as well. You can also benefit from generous leg room to cater to more men, as well as the secure zip closure system. When all you need is a simple pair of pants to go with everything, these Calvin Klein jeans will tick the boxes.

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